Brenton Tarrant Memetic Warfare Thread № XI

« When they start prayin', I start sprayin' » Edition

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Russian Bro dropped this one. The soundtrack is killer. Aesthetics are good. A nice edit for orthobros/russophiles.

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Invaders must die, prodigy edit. Everyone needs this one.

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reposting the archive of the possibly larp swed effortpost.

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first one to be filtered

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Gas the kikes race war now. Smoke camels lol

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stop smoking nigger, brenton would have looked down on you for that, he wasn't a personal trainer and effortposted for you to keep smoking.

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I'm going to the gym after work. I just wanted to fuck up smokes and make them rayciss lol

what did he mean by that ?

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Pewdie Pie loves BT

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Pewdiepie plays some christ church vr

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Yeah I've seen it and asked him what the song was but didn't get a reply. You know the name?

Roland the Thompson Gunner edit

I don't. I've been asking around too and having found an answer to what song the russobro used. It's a quality track. I'd love to know too.

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take you faggot missile elsewhere cunt


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No kebab removal is complete without Vivaldi

she ain't worth it faggot


haha blaming muslims for 9/11

somebody in here smells like urine

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You're crying?
Have you subscribed yet?

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Requesting the mp4 edit of the shooting that begins with Tarrant in his car with a voice over of an actor from the film Network saying “I don’t have to tell you things are bad, everybody knows things are bad”
It’s the best edit I’ve seen yet and I forgot to save it

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I'll start looking, might have saved it

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That's a pretty rad phone cover my man.

Awesome, thank you

my eye water from time to time, something to do with being exposed to faggot bullshit.

Take your double standards and go into the oven, where you truly belong.

And that speech is over 40 years old!

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ffs, just seen the typo. so much for my mother-fucking proof-fucking-reading. fuck!

sacrifice yourself for some dumb girl goy

your post


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She's was only 11yo, retard.
It's not her fault, that Europe was invaded by (((merchants))) and their sandnigger golems.

What about Tarrant ? He's sacrificed himself for Ebba and for all White people.
Read his manifesto, lampshade.

shut up Jew, fake news

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Interesting thing, but this movie was directed by (((SidneyLumet)))

He portrait Howard Beale as paranoic conspiracy, but

Reposting a couple of my favorites

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She's a symbol. And don't call me goy.

I bet it was a "Revelation of the Method" crap.
(((They))) show us the some truth in their films, but they show it in some lunatic conspiracy light, to make us laugh at it.

Checked. Here's to more memes and disciples.

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Does anyone have the honk video?

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I only have this

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The fastest way to make this thread hit 750 is to post in any other thread. Watch, I will demonstrate.

what this 3 skulls symbol mean

it means you need three swamps to cast the spell.

That's the one. Thanks.

So I guess evil has taken over the world and now I'm killing all of you??

So you brave "National Socialist" warriors going to shoot up a non White day care next?

Maybe they will beat up some girl scouts for nor being pro shitler.

It was real in your mind, just like a Holohoax.

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When you say "National Socialist warriors" were you referring to the guy that shot up the ISIS recruitment center in Christchurch New Zealand??

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Holy shit this is good. Saved.

Saved this one too.

Orthodoxy. The snowrunes above also state "Orthodoxy or death".
t. Slav

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Oy vey! Truly a fate worse than death! Remember the six gorillion hours of overtime!

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haha noice picture mate, can anyone shop refugees welcome instead of subscribe?

thank you
+ I have transparent version

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Perfect, I'll make some edits when I get home.

good meme, HOI4 should be included in more memes imo.

this is an eye opening video that everyone here must see. Thank you for posting. Saved.,

Wow, my picture for illustrate the thread, it's an honor kek

Thanks, but I'm not a man kek

Wonderful dude, saved.

So much for "innocent", this guy was right on target.

Vanilla Little Trees are almost like the Pepe of our time.

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Like Deus Ex, a VG whose director is (((Warren Spector))).

recent 'bonus' video - Diversity Doctors and Engineers commit arson in Greece as they enter Europe, 5th April 2019

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Does anyone have new suggestions to improve the subtitles of the original video and continue the work of the previous thread?

00:00:06,000 → 00:00:09,000
Alright. Let's get this party started.

00:00:31,500 → 00:00:35,000
Remember lads, subscribe to PewDiePie.

00:01:12,000 → 00:01:15,000
[Željko Grmuša - Karadžić, Lead Your Serbs]

00:03:07,250 → 00:03:09,000
Just double check ??the vid good??.

00:03:10,750 → 00:03:11,500
Hello, lads.

00:03:15,000 → 00:03:17,000
???Let's wait a couple minutes.???

00:04:21,500 → 00:04:23,000
Alright, time's up.

00:04:32,750 → 00:04:38,000
This is for Ebba. This is for Bataclan. This is for you.

00:04:49,750 → 00:04:52,750
[The British Grenadiers]

00:04:57,250 → 00:05:00,000
Got no clue. How the fuck ??did I miss that???

00:05:30,500 → 00:05:32,500
This is some Austin Powers shit.

00:06:12,250 → 00:06:14,500
Here we go for a fucking contest.

00:07:13,500 → 00:07:14,500
That didn't work.

00:07:22,500 → 00:07:34,500
[Grün ist unser Fallschirm]

00:09:25,000 → 00:09:26,000
Ah shit.

00:09:37,750 → 00:09:39,000
Son of a bitch.

00:10:15,750 → 00:10:18,000
Looks like we won't get the burn today, boys.

00:12:12,000 → 00:12:15,000
[The Crazy World of Arthur Brown - Fire]

00:12:35,500 → 00:12:37,000
Did not go as planned.

00:12:39,250 → 00:12:40,500
Fucking bastard!

00:12:55,250 → 00:12:57,500
What a motherfucking piece of shit.

00:14:16,000 → 00:14:17,000
Fucking shit.

00:14:18,500 → 00:14:20,000
Mags dropped out instantly.

00:14:21,250 → 00:14:26,500
Either pick retention or ease of access and if you pick ease of access you can fuck yourself.

00:14:45,250 → 00:14:47,500
I ??? could just stayed longer.

00:14:48,500 → 00:14:50,000
It was time for the fuel.

00:14:52,250 → 00:14:54,500
Really wanted to burn a fucking mosque to ground.

00:14:57,000 → 00:14:58,500
But, shit happens.

00:15:02,000 → 00:15:05,000
Left one full magazine back there I know for sure. Possibly more.

00:15:05,500 → 00:15:12,000
Had to run along in the middle of the firefight, and pick up the mags that fell out pretty much fucking instantly.

00:15:08,750 → 00:15:11,750
[Manuel - Gas Gas Gas]

00:15:12,000 → 00:15:14,500
There wasn't even time to aim due to so many targets.

00:15:15,500 → 00:15:18,000
There were so many people that the car park was full.

00:15:18,750 → 00:15:22,000
So there's no real chance to get through there.

00:15:43,000 → 00:15:46,000
Got some 'Need for Speed' type shit using other cars as cover.

00:16:07,000 → 00:16:10,000
I think one of them survived, of course they all ran pretty quickly.

00:16:10,500 → 00:16:15,000
I know I scared them and the women weren't in yet. I guess the men enter first, probably a few minutes earlier.

00:16:23,750 → 00:16:25,000
??What do we do here???

00:16:26,250 → 00:16:27,500
Gotta wait for the light.

00:16:29,500 → 00:16:30,500
Here we go.

00:16:49,500 → 00:16:50,500
??Linwood is next??.

00:16:52,500 → 00:16:54,500

Mistske: looks like we might get the badge today boys.

Anyone ever figure confirm if he's able to get letters or not? I remember an user posted his cell block number and prison address.

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Here's how we need to get his contact info to write him:

Email: [email protected]

Corrections must comply with the Privacy and Official Information Acts when providing information.

If the person is in prison, we ask them for their consent to tell someone where they are. If they consent, we will let you know which prison they are in, and tell you how to get in touch with them.

If the person is not in prison, or does not give us permission to tell you, then we are unable to give any information.

I'll still stick to "burn". My conclusion on this quote from the previous thread was that there is ~70% chance, considering the context, that it's "burn". The doubt was with "birds".
"might" really doesn't fit well with the sound. "won't" is pretty much 99% confirmed.
I really need help on the ones surrounded with ? marks. Maybe we can only move forward with deep learning shit. But, I hope there is still something we can improve.

Russian Bro here. Here is your song you're looking for:
Enjoy my other video. :)))

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I hear one thing, you hear another.
I recommend you ask more anons.

You just made my fucking day. No lyrics, only on soundcloud so no way to use song identifying apps. Saved the day. Thanks Russian Bro.

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The world would be a better place if everyone who ever wronged someone would apologize. Do you think Saint Tarant will ever apologize to the families of the people he killed?

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Here is something I made for you guys

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why make it a war of religions, when its a race war?

Found the oven dodger.

I'm ??? too quick, should have stayed longer.
I ran out too quick, maybe?


why did the mods anchor the new zealand thread?

probably because they're faggot kikes.

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