Do we have a slur for "zionist"?

Now that Israel is in hot water in terms of international PR, the American left will soon not be able to choose to be SJW and pro-Israel. This is THE wedge issue that can peel off a viable brown/red collation. ==Make support of Israel tantamount to support of Trump and we can D&C the shit out of the kikes and SJWs.==

Let's make language work for us for a change. Let's drop a label on the smug Chuck Schumer types. We have loxist, zios, but they do not have a ring to them.

I am going to go here: the National Socialists in Germany got labeled as 'Nazi's' by international Jewry, a label that still carries weight 75 years after world war 2.

So what are we going to call these kikes? Something punchy and kinda funny.

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I believe the slur is jew.

They slurred national socialism.
Dont know probably zit?

Just call them 'jews', you'll be astonished at how they recoil, how they are injured. "I've been found out."

So why did Goebbels literally write a book called "The Nazi Sozi"?

Yes, National Socialist.

Got another threadsnipe to share. More of what may not be thunk in this place! Peruse and be enlightened. Here are your real redpills.


Did you read the book? It is debunking the word nazi to someone who refers to them that or something like that I cant remember.

Did you know there are fifty shades of “darling”? It’s a remarkably expressive word that can carry many tones.

How is the word natsoc a slur to zionism?

Go tell somebody that Hitler was a a Zionist.

I told a bunch of absurd leftist women yesterday that they voted for a body double. I got quite a reaction.

BTW fun to speculate what the actual snipe content is. I’m starting to paste threadsnipes together into one giant kaiju of unacceptable thought, lol. Was it pointing out the necessity of surveillance to institute corruption? Was it pointing out that antivaxxing is in the generational sense a rite of nephilistic obedience?

not all zionists are jews

nazi in that case

I would like to clarify, the colors of the National Socialists indeed are not facist.

In some ways, it's disconcerting to jewish and non-jewish Zionists to be called National Socialists, even though Zionism has many similarities and yet many more differences to National Socialism.

To call them that, is to attack their eternal status as victims deserving of welfare. Zionists are in a conundrum. Because they must simultaneously be conquerors and the persecuted at the same time. Those intelligent enough, such as ourselves, immediately see the contradiction. The unthinking manufactured perspectives of the masses, are incapable of detecting, or being moved enough by the contradiction to act on it.

It is one of many vectors in which to attack the concept of Zionism, to call it National Socialism, whether it is the most effective or effective at all would depend on waiting to see the result of its use, which hasn't been done in any meaningful way as of yet.

Was it pointing out that corrupt systems rely on inquisition against integrity to avoid getting dismantled by accidental rises of purer people? Was it reminding people that being harmless unto others enables defections to occur? Was it reminding people that a sufficiently honest society with present technology may literally make people physically immortal?

There are very serious defection pressures in this system! Let’s culturepower it for its own peace and wellbeing.


Not all jews are hebrews. Not all jews are semites. Jew is a cult. It's a perspective. It is not tied down by blood, as much as some here would like to think, and as much as jews themselves would like to think. To be a jew, is to be a symptom of a sick society. If there were no jews in the world today, and corruption abounded, there would be another equivalent force to fill in the position. All jews are zionists, because judaism is a cult in which Zionism is the premise to its ultimate goal.

Oops I contradicted myself there.
Here's an addendum.
All jews are zionists.
All zionists are equivalent to jews in purpose and effect.

Your Zionist conundrum is a mislabeled nazi conundrum - or it would be, if nazis were so much of a thing.

People who violently rage against and fear conspiracies (such as Jews, not that Jews conspire) are expressing a simultaneous conquest and victim need. For they want to murdilate the juice, yet they also skulk and hide in fear of the juice. They are driven by the juice in both senses.

Better anticonspiracy work is achieved by purification of the position. If you are a victim, be the victim. Forswear conquest. Be unthreatening, unworthy of being subject to conspiracy; appeal to common humanity, and offer a position such that your rise ought not be feared. Be ready to receive those who cross over unto you.

Zionists don't like middle-eastern natives
middle-easatern natives are semites
zionists are anti-semites

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I admit I smiled at that. Well done, goyl.


What if they're a gentile?

What's the fucking point?
Most normals don't even know what a zionist is, and now you want to add a level of obfuscation by introducing a slur/
Fuck outta here kike.


Islam doesn’t have as strong a historic attachment to peace as Christianity has. This is the essential reason why Islamic nations are much more corrupt. Christian martyrs die peacefully; Islamic martys die in itty bitty gibbly pieces. Islam encourages corruption to be murdered…


Corrupt people in Islamic regions are very, very good at not revealing corruption. Corrupt people in Christianity are more relaxed. This makes it easier to find corruption among Christians, which in the long-run makes it easier to reduce corruption among Christians.

My every waking moment, desire and purpose is not that of obsessing over jews. Jews are merely a symptom.
My perspective is so that I cannot possibly be a victim of a jew, for a jew is a victim of their own manufactured perspective. There is empathy, limited by my fervor to bring my race harmony and for its inevitable thriving rise to prominence. You misunderstand completely the nature of a national socialist, because you desire all things to be centered around you, while they are not. You are merely an obstacle, one of many, an aspect of corruption. You aren't the only obstacle, nor are you the worst, the last or the first.

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faggot Jew poster

The lurking threat of murder makes greedy treacherous people become obedient people who take what they’re given without complaint. To reinforce corruption in a population, murder the corrupted at every opportunity. You’ll actually have more corruption as you do.

This fortunately also tends to spell corruption’s end. Corrupt people must occasionally silence purer voices. The great contest is a contest of life. Whoever kills fewer people does less to make their enemies savvy.

Go in peace, serve well. Go in war, die in war.

If judaism is a sickness of the mind, a mental disease taken form as a perspective in which to view the world, then if someone sees fit to devote themselves to that mental illness, are they not equally mentally ill, if not worse so? Call them a jew.

Why tell a lie?
Hitler isn't a zionist far from it.
How much do libtards even know about zionism anyway.


Juden Peterstein tier psychobabble.

Okay then why not throw their slur word back at them.

I’m gloriously nobody. The promise of eternal life in this world in accordance with biotechnology is not guaranteed solely or even especially by me. I am but one person to whom people could safely turn to reveal their sins. Live, and know life is worthy!

To all who dwell oppressed, know that it is peace that buys prosperity. Join the wall against corruption that is a TRUE wall against corruption! Limit the nature of your punishments and be worthy of defectors.

So, what, are you saying he’s an honest man?


You consider Peterstein an honest man????
Holy shit.

Balfour Declaration.

Quit saying I lied Jew. Abusing the rules of the Order will only backfire on you. Even Mossad will fucking stomp on your bitch ass.

Psychobabble is inherently dishonest.

As I believe in reincarnation. You cannot be my eternal struggle. Nothing but the faults we are capable of having and expressing are. All things are in flux, a changeable force in which all things dance to a music played by trying to reach and grasp eternal truth. If you act to stimulate the blooming of ignorance and the other faults, then you are an obstacle, and obstacles must be overcome. How one overcomes an obstacle is up to the individual, and the law of cause and effect determine if the method creates more obstacles than it overcomes. Judaism is the art of viewing the world in a way to create an endless cycle of obstacles that lead nowhere. I pity you, but I also hope you find salvation, in this life or the next. Go in contemplation, jew. May you one day be a human again.

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double dubs confirm
kek has spoken

funny they give degrees for lying.

To annoy zionists: whenever you talk about Israel, refer to it as Occupied Palestine.

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Based Brahman is Atman

I know the deportations happened faggot I never disagreed with you, I only disagree with hitler being a zionist when later on he didn't endorse what the kikes were doing and was going to send them madagascar after ww2.

Shut up and get out Jew.


Maybe try to create a connection with Judas? Especially because a lot of Zionists are Christians

That's where they got their name from in the first place.

The slur is Zionist, u retard



It's literally a joke title and a book of things to say to opponents and people who use the word. Did you even fucking read it retard?

I believe the old boys used to use the appellation Fig, or Figs. Either after their export of Figs, or a standard dietary jibe such as ricey rice rice of yerro perrir. In the movie Manchurian Candidate (not the monkey one); Frank Sinatra straight up asks Janet Leigh if she is Arab; so that could almost be considered a normal post-war way of interacting on the topic while not having to say; judensau, jew, neanderkike or fig.

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Socialists HATE Jews…





Orientaline Hertzlism

Judeo-Berber Hertzlism

Afro-Asiatic Hertzlism

Post-Modernist Hertzlist

Crypto-European Hertzlalatine Interests

Turko-Hertzlist Collaborator

Hertzlist of the Cousinhood

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Yes. It's called kike. ZOG, hebe, and yid are alternatives.

What did I say was jewish?
The man quoted he disdain of what they were doing
Made free palestine speech which isn't shown or shut down by kiketube
Had his ss officer assassinated because the kikes didn't like his policies
Backstabbed and boycotted him anyway
Hitler quoted of realizing that they were going to use the land as a criminal haven and not as a homeland which is why he changed his mind back to the madagascar plan.
Lurk moar.

social-ist is a made up word, the old english term is society. DURR ist and isms started world war 1

I didn't think anons like you still existed on Zig Forums. Did you press the wrong keys? How do you function on a daily basis? Is it difficult to cope with such a disability?

zionist / jew is a slur, anything else runs off them like water off a raincoat

this board is reddit-lite these days, user, and has been since 2016, you know this.

I disagree they have been losing their grip on this board.

I use Zionazi


incorrect, redditors will always be obvious

You're arguing with kike shills. Don't waste your time.

Excellent idea, especially since many jews on the left are crypto-zionists. Zionazi should work pretty well. Don't forget to publicize the links among the Third Reich, Fascist Italy and the Zionists of the time, including Menachem Begin.

A collaborator you say?

zionist is already a slur, the word already conjures feeling of disgust and hatred even in regular people

Not enough. By associating zionism with fascism/NS your turning 70yrs of anti-German propaganda against the shekel-shavers. This will not only hurt them with the left, it will hurt them with zio-Christians who associate "nazis" with everything evil.


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Oh I get it, kind of like feminazi and Hitlery Clinton. Fuck right off with that shit.

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Dawww, did I hurt your fee-fees? Do you have any preferred pronouns you'd like me to use?

lrn24gw faggot, instead of virtue signalling. Hail Victory.

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Did you presume its water content?

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I haven't read the thread but I know the answer will be "jew"

And btw, we call them Jew


Nazi in Ashkenazi = he who commits holocaust
Nazi genocide still persists in 2019, Fascist AshkeNAZI Ethnostate murders innocent women and children
Im sure you know dear user that the derisive word “Nazi” used to ridicule the NSDAP by the media of the time was, as the jewish psychoanalist Freud would put it, a projection: a conscious or unconscious effect of seeing in others unacceptable feelings or tendencies that actually reside in one‘s own unconscious. I can justify my hypothesis that the word nazi is in facts from the root Ashkenazi by directing you to the plight of the Palestinians which is comparable to the plight of the jews as they we supposedly being exterminated by the Nazis. You would think that such a group having been persecuted by a group called Nazi would not also have the same name then go on to commit the same crimes albeit with minor differences. (low intensity genocide, open air concentration camps, intentionally killing or removing civilians from their homes, land annexation).
I suggest using Nazi exclusively for the AshkeNazi state of Israel, compare it to the holocaust of 1940s and exaggerate it just as much, muh concentration camps, muh disease, muh no food and electricity, oh those poor Palestinians there were six million of them, rip in peace never forget holocost 2020

Kill yourself kike

Zio's (pronounced similar to diode)
Example in sentence

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Nazi not as in Nationalist Socialist, but as in Nationalist Zionist?

Thats where that word comes from anyway

The jew title:
"Der Nazi-Sozi: Fragen und Antworten fuer den Nationalsozialisten" (1932)
"The Nazi-Sozi: Questions and Answers for National Socialists" (1933)

The actual title of the 1926 publication is:
'Verlag Nationalsozialistischen Briefe.'
Published National Socialist Letters.
-Dr. Joseph Goebbels

This is the same for the other "nazi" publication:
"Those Damned Nazis"
The actual title is:
'Die verfluchten Hakenkreuzler. Etwas zum Nachdenken.'
The cursed Hooked-cross. Something to think about.
-Dr. Joseph Goebbels

The word "nazi" never appears in these nor any other of Dr. Goebbels' publications.
They also never called the hakenkreuz a "swastika".

Interesting developments.

No the origin is the Bavarian country name 'Ignatius'. The insult "nazi" comes from the other side of the Alps in Italia where the name was 'Ignatzi'. It is like calling all Southerners in the US "Bubba". It is simple jew hatred for nature and farming and such. It is similar to 'Pagan' which means "past the markers" for those who didn't live in town but in the rural areas. Now they call people 'Hick' or 'Redneck'.

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These are the borders you see in the isnotreal vs palestine land map where Palestine gets smaller and smaller since jews.

There is only Mandatory Palestine


Seconding "Zit".

Thirding "Zit"

Seriously, that's damn good.

Fording zit

If ethnic kike
If non-kike
It's that simple





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like the greek kyclos?