German Ethics Council Expresses Openness To CRISPR

A panel of government-appointed experts in Germany agreed unanimously that the human germline — DNA that is inherited by children from their parents — “is not inviolable,” rejecting one objection to using genome editing technologies such as CRISPR to make heritable changes in the DNA of human embryos, sperm, or eggs.

So translation: CRISPR will be allowed in Germany.

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PS-I figure all the Kikes will be wanting small noses to disguise their evil agenda, so it will even out.

Personally, with my excellent genes, I'm against this.

Then again, I never figured out why adult males, mostly with some martial arts or military training, are the % of population most pro-Gun Rights, since lack of guns would increase the value of their inmate natural fighting ability.


The future is going to be white.

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Sure you can find one at the local fag bar.

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Adolf Smiling.png

Sure, user.


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These sick fucks. We're going to have to burn it all down and kill everybody involved, won't we?

We all know that when people make claims like yours that you are really a 400lb tub of lard

Yes. They will literally destroy what it means to be human and alive if they can

This. All the anti-White hatred is rooted in envy. Once these haters can safely and permanently modify themselves to be perfect Aryans, they will all jump on the bandwagon. Jews will be first in line.


The amazing thing about CRISPR is that you can use it on yourself right now to change your genes. It's not something you have to only use when creating new life. It can modify already living organisms.

You're against eugenics? Fuck that. We need to eliminate every single genetic disease there is. Perfect eye sight and aesthetics and clean skin for all.

True fact: Ammunition control matters far more than weapons control. Anyone can manufacture and assemble a variety of different guns easily, you can never stop people getting their hands on any guns they want. It's the ammunition that is tricky. If any super-jews are reading, consider a "we'll make all guns legal" if you "lets us restrict the sales of ammunition" kind of deal, and you can fuck over the goyim hard.

They banned and destroyed research on intelligence. Consequently they haven't isolated the genes that control for intelligence. So they will not be able to achieve this.

It is a good thing. If we make everyone look the same, the only thing that sets each other apart is our behavior. Suddenly all these white-looking super aryans that are behaving like retarded criminals won't have being an nigger/jew/whatever as an excuse and instead will be executed or locked up in prison and moved from the genepool. Once everyone is white, everyone is held accountable, and nobody has the "I'm not white" as an excuse for their behavior.

Whites sell out their own every day. Stop pretending it doesn't happen.
Once everyone is White, then there will be no other distractions to target against and people will be judged and dealt with solely on the merits of their own conduct.
Anyone who harms, cheats and exploits others will be fair game. You won't be able to hide behind your race card. This is a good thing.

Jews are already using technology to look more like the Aryan ubermensch. Ashkenazis regularly get nosejobs, bleach their hair and do all other stuff to appear like regular beautiful white people. They're sometimes very successful in it as well because they already look white it's just that their wrinkle lines and nose give it away every time.

There will be market demand for it anyway. Some with capital inevitably want their children to be the best possible and if they can use their money to make their kids superior to others they'll gladly do.

People aren't robots, there is something called a racial soul you rootless materialist.

Yeah the whole world should be White, then there will be no more racism!

Yeah, it's called "cultural values and practices."
It can be learned, it can be changed and it can be erased.
Where is the "racial soul" of modern day Europe?
You know nothing.

Any country that does that will be the retards of the future. Researches already know of many genes that increase or decrease intelligence, and this has already been compared racially.

It will all be irrelevant once synthetic brain enhancements are perfected.
The future will be White and super intelligent.
Nanotech will be perfected, space colonization will be realized and a post-scarcity, global Aryan baby boom will fuel our expansion into the stars.
Aryans will get the last laugh.

No it's not called that.
In every European baby that's born. But naturally you wouldn't understand any of this, you rootless burger.
Why am I not surprised.

>people already act differently AND look different. These differences match races
Jesus. Imagine being you.

Hey. Burgers are mostly Germanic and or Celtic with some Slavics. We have roots in your mom's pussy.


Just like Star Trek, right?

read a book. No one is leaving the solar system.

That faggot doesn't know how crispr gene editing/therapy works. An Asian can never select to have Norse children unless both parents have Norse genetics, otherwise it's just going to be mixed. Same for Africans. Only optimize within the potential range provided by ancestry. Anybody that can have 140+ iq doesn't always develop it. But nobody with a cap of 100 iq can develop a 140+ iq. The benefit will be for selecting the best features from the pool. More blonde+blue and red+green and other such combos in European babies. You won't be selecting Sven intsead of Olga, though, unless you do a fuckin testtube baby.

So you would prefer keeping niggers around?

Aryans are Persians and there is no "White™".

All you can do is cling to your ancestors' heels for some kind of legitimacy. Your ancestors would spit in your face for throwing away everything they built and fought for. You were merely randomly born as European, but you possess no racial soul, nor their strength of character, nor their creativity, nor their courage. You are a coward who's done nothing in life.

Modern day Persians were browned by the Arab Muslim conquest. They still cuck to Islam.
The ancient Persians are not the modern Persians. There is no comparison.

That would be people of Celtic, Germanic, Nordic and Slavic stock. Genetically, there is virtually no difference.

If it helps you sleep at night you sickly little kikelet.

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That's all you've got?

We won't need to leave the solar system. This planet and its immediate vicinity will be able to support trillions of Aryans, not even taking the outer planets and moons, oort cloud and the spaces between them into account.
We'll be able to expand within the solar system for a long, long, looooooong time. No ftl warp drive bullshit is necessary.

CRISPR will eventually allow humans to rewrite their entire genome top to bottom retroactively.
This is already being done on microbial organisms.
You know nothing.

Bashar Assad is an Aryan.
Black-eyed "Persians" are not.

No he's not. Aryans left the Levant for Europe millennia ago.

All the "peoples" of the modern day middle east were all living in Africa at the time the Aryans inhabited that area.
Alawites are just Semites who practice a bastardized form of Islam.

I don't doubt there's some racial soul (or something more deep in the white race). Worth investigation (and preservation).

In my opinion, CRISPR should not harm these things.

CRISPR is more to help to increase whites in numbers and to improve people in general and to counter balance the world tier decay.

In my opinion CRISPR shouldn't be used to change the unknown essence of Europeans, but to help the surroundings around Europeaness like a "shield".

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It is a good thing. If we make everyone look the same, the only thing that sets each other apart is our behavior. Suddenly all these white-looking super aryans that are behaving like retarded criminals won't have being an nigger/jew/whatever as an excuse and instead will be executed or locked up in prison and moved from the genepool. Once everyone is white, everyone is held accountable, and nobody has the "I'm not white" as an excuse for their behavior.

The amazing thing about CRISPR is it's not about just making your children better, you can modify yourself with CRISPR. It's just a modified virus that is used to inject whatever genetic changes you want. In case anyone doesn't realize it, a significant portion of evolution is driven by viruses, and all viruses modify the DNA of their hosts.

This is attrocious

Not too late, but better take damned good care of your health. We’re still years out from actual rejuv, and getting stodgefucker bureacrats to understand the importance of more recreational technologies is a real pain in the tail. If you’re willing to settle, I think cybernetics will get to effective giant penises first. Not gonna be genetically yours like that, obvx, but you are not your genes.

People will never literally all be white. You neotenous fuckers are ugly. It’ll still take racial biases out once genetech gets big enough.

If you disagree that decomposing and rearranging the human genetic structure isn't the most awesome opportunity ever, you are clearly anti-science™. No, we don't want to hear out any arguments against tinkering in such a fragile and little-known area of knowledge as genetics, we will shame you if you disagree.

Reminder that the human genome was only fully sequenced in 2004. Genetic science is very young, and anyone who claims that we understand enough to start tampering with genetic code to get preplanned results is lying to you for personal gain (or they have a cultic devotion to science™). Notice as well that very little of any debate on biological topics revolves around ethics—that is, philosophy. Nobody seems to be asking the question 'should we' because they are too busy exploring the possibilities of 'could we' in their mind. Hubris will be the downfall of our species.

And one last thing. All this talk is about 'improving' people through editing their genes. Consider the situation in Brave New World, whereby castes are formed through the systemic handicapping of healthy individuals. If you start arguing that some individuals should have their genes edited to make them more like others in an 'upward' direction (improvements), the same case could be made that some individuals are too genetically privileged and thus they too must be made more like the others (in a 'downward' direction, i.e. the systemic handicapping mentioned above).

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God, this is stupid enough that I could see people unironically advocating for it within the next decade. I want to get off this ride.

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or they'll make the next generation a race of ubermensch aryans that btfo every other race.

CRISPR has great potential for good and bad, with many potential results like you've pointed out. The technology is coming no matter what you say or think, so it's better to get on the ride and ensure that it's used right so that way we don't fuck ourselves up.

What would Hitler do?

People with genetic diseases are already fucked.

Experimenting on them trying to remove those genetic diseases can at worse leave them still fucked or help them.

Fuck you for not using this new tool to enforce eugenics.

Btw. We shouldn't do c-sections. We shouldn't raise babies on formula. We shouldn't browse computers and use technology. We should be Amish.

BUT then we'd fall behind as a race.

Really the best solution is, we're going to experiment on ourselves and on the already fucked, and we're going to create aryan super soldiers with 6x the normal strength due to gorilla genes added, and insane eyesight and heightened senses, and they're going to go on killing sprees killing muds and jews, and you can't stop it. At the same time we'll have untouched populations of Amish and normal healthy people who won't be modified.

It's a win-win situation. We get super soldiers who are getting cancer from CRISPR gene editing and other issues that are all side-effects of the technology but it won't matter because when you're a soldier you aren't exactly focused on living all that long and a couple years or even decades of killing thousands of jews is plenty of time to live.

Your logic here is retarded. The improvement must be upwards only never downwards and those who genetically damage themselves intentionally are insane.

OH BTW there's people editing their genes in their fucking garages right now. This is a technology you can't control and regulate. So deal with it. It's a pandora's box that has been opened and can never be closed. Outlaw it, oppose it, whatever; people are using it right now.

Those Swedish twins that kept getting run over on the highway and barely being even hurt and showing signs of regenerating from the injuries super fast?

There will be more like them.

Super soldiers for the fourth reich.

Anons like me will create this.

It can't be stopped. It's in the hands of lone anons with not even very much money to do these things.

He probably be against it.

He tried eugenics so I doubt it.

If you really were, you would already know it doesnt matter.

ah, perfect thread, I was reading this book, and apparently there were already gene tests done on prairy voles, regarding the AVPR1A gene, that was associated with monogamy of sorts. (many variations exists of this gene that make it worse or better even than none of the gene tho), apparently, the right gene will increase vasopressin receptors in certain parts of the brain, making it so that this part of the brain activates with much higher levels, triggering larger changes and enable pair bonding.

But I have been thinking, instead of genocide, cant we just fucking crispr away all the degenerates and their kids with the right genes so they wont become fuckboys or whores? Or doesnt this gene modification work when the human is already formed?

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I am by no means any expert in this but all human cells have practically(some differ because of replication errors) the same DNA. Gene modification therefore should take place in every human cell and many "species" of cells are very conservative(that means - they don't replicate much and are protected as much as possible) like eye or brain cells which would make modification of those cells very hard I believe.
On the other hand, maybe it is not necessary to modify every cell in human body but only the ones which produce certain hormones? It would be good if there was someone who actually is working in this field and could give feedback how reasonable it really is. But then again, probably they just cringe away from these treads after reading like 5 posts.

I think their general consensus is "shit is complicated, we have not explored everything, its probably unethical and dangerous to meddle with this crap out in the open"

but if you want to make them cringe less, go to the book threads, learn some stuff, read some more. These researchers still use plain english and often wish to share their opinions with others, as such, you often get very high grade opinions delivered to you through such forms that are not cringe. More of us do that, more of us would come here and seriously talk to us.

As we are winning on other fronts, and it looks like we may have a shot to hold seats in the councils of the future…the issue on how to fix society may arise and come down to questions like this. Nobody wants to do genocide, but if you were to sell state approved crispr kits that say "eat this pill and you will have fewer thoughts of infidelity!" then it could work under the current system, without the need to overhaul everything. Which is always very alluring.

The issue with gene editing everybody into "Aryans" is that even if their looks and IQ are advanced, you can't give them an Aryan soul. That is to say, the numerous obscure genes that make up white subtleties and personalities would not be introduced into a genetically engineered nigger or kike. The essence of white people is something that formed over millennia of evolution, and can be totally lost in a decade.

Are you sure that's how it works?
CRISPR can change the DNA in a zygote, meaning that you can engineer a human before he is born, but once your are a proper multicellular human being you cannot just use CRISPR to change the DNA in every single cell of your body

cant you use other methods for adults tho?


I want to use CRISPR to become a hot anime girl.

CRISPR will make anime REAL.

If it was possible to rewrite nigger DNA completely into white DNA then I wouldn't see a problem, but I believe they would focus on superficial stuff (LOOKING white) and not edit the subtler benefits of white DNA such as enhanced intelligence and morality.

Turning niggers into white people without having them change colors is probably the smartest scheme the kikes come up with.

Why? They are an evolutionary dead end.



so new third reich when?

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When is it going to be enough, white man?

Just another sheep begging for it

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Yet another sheep thinking the Jew will improve him

What the fuck happened to Zig Forums? With Jews, you lose.

It checks out.

Gene editing is a manlet's dream.

do you have any idea what youre talking about? it has nothing to do with increasing yourself but instead your progeny. and in that case the child would be a legit 6foot+ not a "fake"

One other point.
Shills like to use the prospect of gene editing as fodder for the demoralization beast.
But what do we mean by "improvement?"
How does a nigger improve itself?
The nigger improves itself by incorporating WHITE GENETICS.
Taken to its logical conclusion and assuming unlimited technical ability, the full transformation a nigger with the money to do so would make, would be to transform himself fully into a White.
And we have Whites again.
No, gene editing does not make race redundant, it merely establishes a market for White genes.


No, it would be a fake.
The genes for things like blue eyes, blonde hair, fair skin, being tall within that race, do not occur in isolated frequency.
Simply editing your child to have one trait of a superior phenotype will leave it with all the rest of the trash that went along with your inferior heritage.
And do not imagine that fakes created in this manner won't have certain strange traits, e.g being tall but without the frame to match.

But where is the German Morals Council?

And then the muscle bellies are too short.
And then the tendons are too weak to support them.
And then the bones break after your steroid-fuelled gym sessions lead to hypertrophy that your natural skeleton never had to support
So on, so forth, ad infinitum.
An infinite regression of trying to copy something that was never in your heritage.
And women will know.

height is racial based, what are you talking about? some negro tribes are tall others very short
you can just as easily remove the trash. there might not even be that much trash, just the fact your blood line as become a little short due to the males picking small wives.
only part I agree with

And then provenance services will spring up, which offer heritage checking to women, so that they can root out the fakes.
Talk about blindness to unintended consequences.
All stemming from what? The desire to attract more women.

I like how you cut out that part of my sentence which made it clear that I wasn't saying that height is racially based.
Since I'm clearly conversing with a kike, this conversation is over.
Try being honest in future.


There are more than one single sub-species of homo sapiens sapiens.

Dogs are different because their DNA but not humans. That's like, different. (((queefs)))

l can come here and shove mine into your arse.

You can use on somatic cells as well. Problem is you need a viral vector to carry it. The other problem is that while it works 100% 3/7 times, when it works it's completely random.

Once they isolate the genes for diphallia I'll get two giant penises.

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