Trump official: immigration restrictionists not "an important part of the president’s base”

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Rumpf btfo

Burn it. Burn it with fire.


Trump shills on suicide watch.

HAHAHAHA wonder who is going to be the ZOG puppet of 2020? Trump is gonna tank after all the mexicans really start smelling the big citites up, "pretty fringe" yet the fringe is what got Zognald the initial support and eventually the mainstream. Jews know no alliance, today's friend is tomorrow's enemy;Can't wait for when the kikes are gonna throw him under the bus to save their asses.

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We've always been at war with Eastasia
t. President Kushner


They used Trump to pacify the right for four more years of massive immigration. See They knew the right would relax, because they assumed the problem was being addressed by Trump. What they'll do now is rely on the demoralized right not to show up in 2020, then Trump gets blown the fuck out by a hard left challenger. The only way possibly to avert this is primary Trump with somebody like Kobach, but that probably isn't happening. The browning is about to be complete and irreversible, which means war is the only way.


It's not just a priority, IT'S THE NUMBER ONE ISSUE TO VOTERS.

I believe the polls now, Trump is going to lose the election.

Literally elected due to a 'Build the Wall' meme.

The key here is LEGAL migrants. Trump has never been against legal migration, and the wall is to prevent illegal crossings. He even said this during the debates, with his line about a big beautiful door. I trust my President.

I can't wait to see how the chesscucks spin this one.

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One of these days, I'm going to snap. And when that happens, I'm going to kill dozens of you.

You MIGAtards gone BTFO in the last thread. Just give and go back >>>/4chon/

My Panamanian wife doesn't have a problem with this per say, but she wants to know if there will be a way to filter people that might not share our values (traditionalism, allowing women to be free, etc).

The only colors I see are Red, White, and Blue. These colors don't run.

Oh thank God, it was just shitposting.

Vote harder next time, goys! MIGA!

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Fake news, he jewed America during the campaign promising a reduction in legal immigration. Even in his first few months in office there was a bill introduced that would drastically reduce legal immigration, it died before ever seeing the time of day, Trump supported it. He made the shithole countries remark saying the kind of legal immigration we need is from Norway and Denmark not Haiti and Mexico, again giving some people desperate for a change hope. And, once again, he stuck the knife firmly in their backs.

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The MIGA shills are swarming this thread already. Mods, are you going to ban them

5/10 bait

Of course they aren't, why would you even ask?

Good thing he doesn't make the decisions.

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He's done. You trusted a kike just like you trusted the lies of the kikes who made the 1965 immigration act not drastically changing US demographics.

Good, I hope ameritards to get their guns and actually shot something worth shooting. I.E: Jews.

It is beyond obvious that he is actually the one calling the shots. Trump is beholden to the Kushner's just as he is beholden to the Rothschilds for bailing him out in the early 90s.

That's never going to happen. Not as long as supermarkets are open and Netflix is on. Best case scenario is a financial collapse that turns America into a balkanized hellhole that makes 90's Serbia look like paradise. At least then, Europeans will no longer have American military men occupying their country.

Its mostly bait though, just a way to turn the pain into a smile. Just smile more user!

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Hopefully it makes traveling from Ecuador cheaper, I wish my friends there would come here more often.

Based shitskin LEGAL immigrants

Colombia and Peru are doing their part with Venezuelan immigrants.

((( )))
Fuck off kike

But the faggots have to watch to newest Avenger movie and if you kill people that won't happen, the horrrrrorrrr

In a law buried on page 700 ish of some bill if someone (Chinese) invest big in real estate (his businesses) they will be fast tracked to become US citizens.

Everything's for sale, trump is our Boris yeltsin and Google Kushner China and you'll be surprised. They're traitors and I don't mean that sarcastically.

Yes he did say those things, but his whole immigration agenda is to move to a skills and merit based system, moving away from the family based chain migration system which would be a huge win and great first step.

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Okay. It's been 2 and a half years. When is he planning on enacting this agenda? Tomorrow? A month from now? The next blood moon? Because you chessniggers keep say it's coming, just like the wall was coming until one day it wasn't.

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You're not gonna do shit, faggot. Now, sit back, spread your cheeks, and enjoy the #Trumptrain #MIGApede

Even after Trump won the presidency, Jared Kushner was embarrassed by his father-in-law, according to Vicky Ward’s terrific new book, Kushner, Inc.

In a speech to hundreds of New York bankers and businessmen on Dec. 16, 2016, Jared admitted that Trump was “easy to hate from afar.” But not to worry, he said, Trump wouldn’t be keeping his campaign promises — especially on immigration.

One banker who heard the speech was appalled, shocked by Jared’s arrogance in thinking he could “control” the president.

Joke’s on him. Turns out Jared was right. He does control Trump.

And what a blessing that’s been.

These delusional assholes not only believe Trump will get elected in 2020, they actually think Ivanka will be president in 2024 and 2028. They're that arrogant and out of touch with reality. For them the USA is Manhattan and the socialites that live there.

If the Dem's can nominate Bernie, and Bernie is in the lead right now I can actually see that commie jew winning it all.

Jared Inc doesn't portray Trump as a traitor; it portrays Trump as a foolish old Pere Goriot with an evil manipulative daughter.

He ran on the slogan America first modelled after Nazi Sympathizer Lindbergh's America first committee. Just a nice Kosher trick to get hate speech laws passed.

I don't think Lindbergh gets enough respect.
This speech Sept 11 the day of the groundbreaking ceremony for the Pentagon, wow.

Listen to that and think about what Trump's doing, we got played so fuckin hard. i didn't becuase I'll never vote republican but yea.

Are you a bot or just retarded?

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There is only one person that can counter Ivanka and Jared; Melania. Trump will obey his wife even if it means telling Ivanka to fuck off which he has done in the past.

Ironically it's only the radical democrats that can save us now by hauling in Jared and Ivanka for Congressional testimony and examining their illegal treasonous acts and violations of national security with MBS and MBZ against Qatar.

Wow that speech is amazing. If we would of listened the world would be a much different place.

Listen to all the schemes they used to get their war, the war the destroyed the white race. fuck i forgot about all that. You could get fired for not wanting war, wow.

Thanks for this; please post any other Lindbergh speeches you've got up your sleeve. I've searched for them but I can only ever find a couple of them on Jew Tube.

Eugene Debs was jailed by Wilson for making an anti war speech.

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Just wait, goys. Saying anything in opposition to the next (((war))) will be vile hate speech.

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This and war against Persia soon. Might as well vote for what's his name.

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This is the final nail in the coffin. Trump's a one-term chump, and good fucking riddance.

It will be fun to see the dismay and surprise on the Trumps faces when they get the swift boot out the door. Nobody needs Romney II with a bad haircut.

I wonder if that includes people who are against legal and illegal immigration because if so then this statement isn't even remotely on point. Trump never appealed to people who were against all forms of immigration, he's a "law and order" multiculturalist.

This encapsulates modern America. Are we going to stand up and as a people or let it all get chopped to pieces by vultures

Yeah you're shilling this spin on cuckchan, also. Pretty amazing how Kushner is the de facto president with his own internet marketing team

In Trump's own words "I want people to come into our country, in the largest numbers ever, but they have to come in legally." He never appealed to people who are against legal immigration, ever.

Does Trump actually tweet at all now or is the tweet phone in the hands of Jared and Ivanka?

Trump won't even care. He is just trying to set up Ivanka and Jared for business post-WH. This presidency is possibly one of the greatest scams of all time. We are like the USSR before it fell, and Trump is like the Bushes and Clintons. They represent various factions who recognize what's coming and are selling and stealing as much as they can possibly before the fall to set themselves up.

That's the main speech others a jew propaganda.

Soo the entire country is against the war. Jewish control of the media and a handful of Jews around Roosevelt is all it took for Roosevelt to implement dictatorial powers and give himself a third term, silence dissenters
bypass Congress a get us into war, a Jewish war.

Could you imagine everyone being against the war and getting your draft papers right after high school, fucked up. I don't remember being told about that we were a dictatorship being forced into war.

Jews and their Shabbos Goy suck, they really do.

Think of all the WWII propaganda we were raised on. Well at least the boomers were heavily indoctrinated on it. It was all pure shite.

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Except all of those countries wanted consumer-capitalism, they all wanted to live under the same type of economic system under their respective nation-states. The U.S was never formed from former nation-states, just look at that cringey neo-france threat for example, and there is no ideology that our citizens are itching for that's not capitalism. I wish we were itching for something racist and genocidal but I'm not seeing anywhere near enough of that for an adequate comparison.


Those who make killing the jews peacefully impossible make killing the jews violently inevitable.

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That isn't really true. Before it all dissolved, most of the USSR actually voted to remain in a scaled down union. I think the Baltics refused to participate, and maybe Armenia, too, but for everyone that participated it was like 70%+ agreeing to stay. Then the KGB attempted their coup and the whole thing fell apart.

Did not know that.

Let's ask our potential future president pedo Joe what he knows about immigration jewry

Wrong, Bernie is the only choice. I know it's counter intuitive to some of you but there is no debate.
Bernie's the only one who isn't owned by big money.

Not (((you))) again, how many times are you gonna btfo on this retarded shilling you've been doing

You must be used to talking to really stupid people.

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Let me modify what I said. The browning is already irreversible. Trump has put in place legal maneuvers that ensure nothing can be done in the remaining two years, and he will get blown out in 2020, and that's it. It literally does not matter what happens at this point. Either whites choose war and possible survival and a future, or they get wiped out. Permanent hard-left administrations going forward means no guns, no speech at all, no resistance, just brown killing whitey. The writing is on the wall

Brutal, fuck him Wilson,and Johnson and what Bush says is mind blowing.

1999 quote fr William Pierce speech proves Bush and Trump were ZOG shills.

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The wall got funded two days ago.

It had funding on day one. It is the exclusive power and purview of the executive to oversee and direct the construction of, as necessary and seen fit, of fortifications along the frontier for the purposes of national defense and this has been the case since the Indian Wars. He does not need any money allocated from Congress. He simply orders the military to build them and the military uses the assets, logistics, and funds it already has on hand – which in the American case are unrivaled – to carry out the executive's orders.

So that leaves only two possibilities:
1) Trump does not want the wall and is engaging in an elaborate bit of theater to make excuses to his low-information voter base.
2) The military has refused direct, lawful orders from the President to construct the wall and the President is concealing this information from the country.

This is worth a read

Literally the same kike who took all his retarded college kid donations and gave it to the kings of dark money the DNC, it's probably the dumbest shill angle anybody has ever tried on this website

There's no point in debating anymore. Trump's strategy is obvious. Say one thing to get in power, and then everything shitty thing he does, he blames on someone else. He's the perfect front man for the kikes.

Not only did he not keep his word.
He did the dead opposite and to ICE the cake (no pun intended) him and the media teamed up to stoke division among the races here and the ones flooding in.

I don't think Kushner duped him, he was in on it from the start. Our best play is to not fall for the Divide and Conquer and get Bernie in to buy us some time.

Every other candidate incl trump will pass the TPP because they accept corporate money.

It's sadly desperate how they're trying to drive a wedge between Trump and his supporters.

And yet you pretend Trump is the one hauling them in when it's kike interests who are giving them the road to go down. Dems have always been about the illegal vote, so claiming it's Trump's fault is like claiming it was Trump who convinced them to vote for Hillary.

The Senator from Lockheed you mean? kek

I will kill you if I ever see your face.

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Not if I kill him first. I'm fucking sick of these MIGApede redditors.

deserved better digits tbh

and get all the "radicals" on lists

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lol even his daughter is a pozzed sjw. trump isn't a man he can't run a family and he's a damn fuckboy for pedo rabbis.

first image sums up my feelings on trump. i am not voting for him again.

I am going to enjoy watching the little kike fall apart in 2020.

as far as I'm concerned, Trump is not white. He's a Jew. Trump is as much a Jew as Kushner, he's not Christian, he's not white, he's not European.

Trump is literally Jewish, and will be known as a Jew from this day forward by ALL PEOPLEON THIS PLANET.

yes, exactly–get the dissidents to reveal themselves

Just because you're a racist Liberal, who doesn't want his property value ruined by niggers doesn't mean you know anything about the jews and (((their))) ways.

He'll probably win, notice now how he went full jew his (((approval ratings))) have shot up?

no he won't.

Why does that even matter? Both parties are the same.

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“They have bullied a lot of the most rational people out of the conversation,” this person said. So basically just called the supporters who wanted the wall the real racists! Also I seem to remember almost every Trump rally ending with people chanting "Build the wall".

Then really wants to fuck his base over as hard as possible