New Film "Loqueesha" Causes Outrage Among Liberals & Blacks

"Loqueesha", a new film in which a white guy pretends to be a ghettofied negress on a radio show, is set to be released in July of this year.

Watch the film trailer here:

Would be funny if this movie becomes a blockbuster hit, but I doubt it.

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Aww hell na, dis sum raciss ass sheeeeit, dey needz ta cancel dis movee or i'z gunna be bussin on deez mudafuckas. Sheeeeit.

ayo mang fuk dis bullshit like yo. u for real? like u serious now? like this this real life. i aint playin witchu i aint gonna stand for no bullshit. hell naw, i aint gonna stand for no bullshit

This is the picture of the director & writer for this film, he also stars as the main character too.

Kinda looks jewish….hmmm….

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Oh that's very nice.
Well done sir!

Is this Get Out 2: The Financial Aspects of Moving Out the Hood?
If so, I would love to have Ben Shapiro talk about the oppressive boundaries set in by 1950's politics and how it has affected particular minority groups of people by moving in disadvantageous parts of town.
I would also like to learn more information about how to 'Get Out' of those very areas to let in gentrified urbanites renovate the area to become more hospitable for human lodging and commerce.

Archive, you enormous faggot.
See, not hard.
Embedded as webm.

Is this a marketing campaign?

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How did you even find out about this?

This seems like a '90s movie.

He probably made it.


Causes outrage among everyone more like it. Its a shitty movie, this isnt something to get behind just because it might offend nogs and libs, its just shitty white boomer humor. Just some shitty fucking indie flick made by a kike, who cares

Is that Shaun King?

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Hilarious, they copied that exact formula.


Ayo how cun wen dese cracka ass honkey devils make a movey it all aight n shiet but when a brotha be tryna do some shit it be all like oh hell no. Kno what im sayin? Shieet

Who remembers Soul Man with C Thomas Howell?

Meanwhile last year Antifa communist rapper Boots Riley releases "Sorry To Bother You" about a black man who uses a white voice while working as a telemarketer. Critics praise the dumpster fire of a movie as so brave and original. White guy uses exact same formula just switching races and is demonized. No double standard here goy.

is this even being released in theaters? it looks like it was shot on an iphone

This is like something straight out of 1989. C. Thomas Howell is rolling over in his grave.

I had this idea years ago about making a podcast with different black voices.

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If it is that would be encouraging that our numbers are big enough to warrant hollyjew marketing to us. Somehow I doubt it.

jew pretends to be white man pretends to be a black woman

Talcum X

it's called Amos & Andy'n'_Andy

you're about 100 years too late

You really think anyone in the (((industry))) would give any funding for this?

Kikes like to push buttons.
Whether you intended to or not, you just promoted the movie.

I wouldn't, but then again I hate most comedy movies anyway.

Even when movies are promoted all over Time Square garden and all over youtube, and in every conceivable adspace it doesn't guarantee that it will be a box office hit.

Bet on there being a moral story of white privilege, systemic racism and whatever other PC crap they can fit into 90 minutes. The controversial plot is just a hook to real in audiences. No different to the supposed mass freak-outs that occurred at Blair Witch Project advanced screenings. Funnily enough, the very 'stereotype' the main character is portraying is indeed pushed by his kike brethren. Look at the poster too. Notice how the jew always has the 'Look how crazy/awkward/zany/unhinged the character is' face on promotional material. It's almost as predictable as the small number of expressions from Disney movie characters.

>(((White Guy)))

The production quality on this one guarantees that after one showing hes made his money back. From there on, profit. And it pisses off enemies, so fuck it, I'll take it.

Amerimutts will watch anything with a superhero in it though. Just look how quick they are to fork over shekels for some cape-movie escapism.

not Italian.

Hahaha xd

you just know this is the type of hill conservatards are willing to die on

Inferior Merkel-slave detected.

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IP-switching faggot. Kill yourself.