Bernstein did it again!

Users — and more importantly to YouTube, advertisers — have over the past year started to hold the platform accountable for enabling the exploitation of children and exposing them to disturbing content. But this video reveals an entirely different way the platform is harming kids: by letting them express extreme views in front of the entire world. This is what indoctrination looks like when it’s reflected back by the indoctrinated.

He managed to make Youtube lock her account

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based and redpilled



That is disgusting, but I think that's in the Talmud.

just report these threads if youre tired of seeing them

Lol you're scared shitless now Joe Blockhead

I think this is the first one that wasn't complete garbage as OP didnt link to her shit and copied the entire article so as to not promote clickshekels.

A child can see that the world is wrong and points it out.
Obviously, this must mean she is part of the out-group and therefore evil.
We'll see.

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just report these threads if youre tired of seeing them

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i would very much take pleasure in seeing the fulfillment of Rabbi Samuel Hydestein's tulpa manifest into reality with (((Joe Bernstein))) receiving a fatal shot in the head by an unknown assassin who escapes and is never caught.


only one question:

JQ or no JQ? I unironically don't watch any e-celeb cancer so I don't know if she's "woke" to the JQ unlike, apparently, that kommandant thing.

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The ~18 minute video is in the webm thread:

It's a great video except that it's clearly far above the intelligence level and attention span of the average person.

I knew it!

They just hate freedom of speech.

They've been smearing white people unopposed for decades. A lil taste of their own medicine and they're screaming bloody murder, pathetic.

yes bro. every.single.time. but look: i want anons like you so blackpilled, so angry at our situation, that you decide to become the "eceleb." i want you to reach out to the public masses with the unfiltered truth, in an intelligent way, otherwise (((they))) will reach out with watered-down information, or otherwise associate the truth with buffoonery. my intentions are clear and open to dissection. wont you save us?

name 1 single redpill the girl dropped and maybe ill watch

they don't care about values like that. they're "pro-first amendment" when it comes to pornography, circumcision (with a complementary blowjob from the rabbi), gay pride parades, and all that. but as soon as you oppose any of these things, it's "hate speech" that should be prosecuted

I just heard of her yesterday, ask the gamers for more.

God damn she even says as much in her videos. It's not that she's smart or anything like that, its that the intellectual bar is so fucking low a child can imitate youtube culture and point out the hypocrisy of the world around them.

I actually don't think using racial slurs is beneficial in any way, it does tremendous damage to our image and freedom of speech.

hahaha it's a new Evalion!

But it's perfectly fine to have children express their want to cut off their dicks and staple on tits.

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No thanks I can't stand all the Debbie Downer incels preaching doom and gloom. I like our current situation and I think life is great.

Here's Nixon on the meaning of life.

Everything about this thread is gay.



Does this remind anyone else of Wonder Showzen?

It's called satire, you fucking mouth breathing niggers.

You know the worst part of the Nixon presidency and those tapes, is that he knew everything we do now and he still stuck his head in the sand. Sound familiar?

Oh, such a great "thinker". Another narcissist effort poster.

lmao what have you done with as much consequence as reaching 800k subs and redpilling them

Hey at least he said it and he knew it would become public. You have to respect how they always seem to come out on top, we better copy them or join them.

Well I've not engaged in a pointless unpopular war, so I'm off to a great start.

On top? Nixon? lol. Go suck some Buchanan cock, retard.

On top is the Jews, Nixon's just another Goy who tried to resist.

Take your meds.

Fuck off psychiatrist jew freak.

hah, never watched her stuff till now
she's hilarious

what's her reach? is she redpilling (educating) her generation? older gens?

Sorry, *bullet.

your claim to fame of not having done something, doesnt outweigh her claim of reaching / redpilling 800k ppl

I feel like she tries to act as a bridge between older generations of anons and the younger generation. I hear her brother is her ghostwriter, so he likely browses here if her content is any indicator

if you are getting "redpilled" by her videos, then you need to rethink your life.

If we're not in check mate then we're damn close.
Like William Pierce, he identifies the problem.
Jewish control of the media, here we are with the internet and the jews scrambling to to regain control. The MSM's cred is totally gone all we need is freedom of speech and the internet.

The racial slurs and all the gun nuts talking smack and these incels that snap and shoot places. Those are the things that help them, the technology is there to completely shut us down all they need is a compelling case to change the laws. Don't help them.

While you're right, she's not terrible as an entry-level redpill giver. Whether or not something like that is valuable or just counterproductive is the real question

opps forgot to add this.

Just saw that on 4ch you post everywhere huh

Everyone on 8 goes to 4, probably at the same time.

Lies, from the father of lies

I don't care if your ugly whore mother identifies the problem. He did fuck all for whites and actively argued for the suppression of iq race realism so the GOP could continue sucking white people's blood.

the more people on the alt lite pipeline the better

reminder that one of the 8ch mods archived the thread exposing a lesbian reporter who constantly tweets about sperm privately contacting this girl within 12 hours, One of the janitors is clearly on the dime of Washington Post and we need to uncover who:

Shit's creepy.

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BitChute is contacting her to host her vids, can anyone think of any other alternate sites she can back up her vids? We should get them mirrored on as many free hosting sites as possible to prevent censorship and encourage alternatives to YouTube.

Twitter censorship is inevitable so we should also encourage her to get on as even though it may possibly be a Jewish honeypot it seems to allow more free speech and I think we can turn it to our own ends.

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If this isn't PFFR…

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This is your daily reminder that the Jews hate free speech and are the enemies of freedom.

That is all.

Seen her around.
Shes just an articulate edgy preteen.
I work with kids, many of whom are smarter than her, BUT not many who are as edgy.
I dunno, I wanna root for her, but I feel like adults are audience….which is fucking sad.

Why the alt-right always advocates for these doesn't make any sense. Then again, most are tech retards who still use chrome. They are both closed source walled garden companies. The real solution to censorship is embracing open and federated platforms like PeerTube for a youtube clone and Mastodon or Pleroma for a twitter clone.

Seconding this.

Free speech inevitably leads to NatSoc. Any site that allows freespeech ends up becoming NatSoc.

Zig Forums wanted a ourgirl here she is. Anyway looks like joe bernstein needs to be doxxed.

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It makes me really sad that Jews would censor a cute little girl. If there really is a day of the rope, then I won't feel bad about having to deal with the Jewish kids.

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Try Bolshevism

She's just an altTHOT in training, image related.

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Source for that chart?

i like the one where she's putting neck chokers all over her face while talking about men being faggots


Soph is a weapon.

Would be a shame if someone played some minecraft with Bernstein.

He was doxxed multiple times. And you cucks are cowards that did nothing. Think about what a waste Chad Earnest was with that old kike instead of taking out someone like Bernstein.

She's not articulate off-script (see any of the interviews she's done), which isn't a surprise as her content is written by an adult. Mike Shiele hit the nail on the head with her, in that none of her content is remarkable in any way except for the fact that it's being delivered by a little girl. If whichever family member or family friend that's pulling the strings here created their own videos, they'd be a fucking nobody in a sea of identical channels.

Guarantee none of you niggers would still be watching if soph was some 40 year old dude.

I didn't cringe and i laughed a fair amount.
Put out better og content you faggot.

shouldn't we be ashamed as men that women and girls are doing what we should be? or is education and political nagging a woman's domain where war is man's?

Read between the lines faggot, she's clearly just utilizing normy social memes to D+C the left, you really think someone who complains about old Jews fondling little girls isn't lusting for and thinking she can consent perfectly to Aryan cock?

Would you be? I know I could write stuff a lot more eloquent than I could say on the fly.
prove it? She could've extrapolated her lines from a lot of catchphrases used on here, but don't we all?

A lot of her content wouldn't work without that fact. It's part of the humor and impact. What's your beef with it? Are you sad because you made YT rants and nobody cared?

It's possible her older brother is helping her meme just like that detective QT's older sister is helping her do reporter interviews. We really need to get Sophia Corviz mentoring Hilde Lysiak, pronto. Can you imagine them co-anchoring a news show together?

We would expect more from him, sure. Kind of like how a 6ft tall man lifting 100 pounds with 1 arm isn't as impressive as a 3ft tall man doing it. Why does this upset you?

Also, apparently (((Bernstein))) spends his entire work day watching videos of little girls on his computer and is probably some sort of pervert.

Trying to find the one of his mom getting fucked with the picture of his dad in the background. Somebody help me out.

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Wew with that emotional deflection it sounds like you're white knighting. You already addressed his points. You don't need to tack on bullshit questions meant to paint him as a jealous looser.

Jews care so much about our well being, don't they? Always worried about what we are watching.

Of course, but surely you're able to hold a simple conversation and let some of your inner wit bleed through. She doesn't do this at all.
She used to credit one of her writers (vapor rub boy) until he left.
My beef is that this dumb kid is being used by adults to deliver typical Zig Forums content to other adults who are only interested in her because she's a little girl.
Is it still impressive if the 6ft tall man is behind the scenes lifting the weight with a series of wires?

Found it!

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Degenerate bog dodger.

Context is key.

Why do I have the striking sensation she's Jewish?

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Imagine writing this. These people know they're fucking loser


lel you post this in literally every single trs thread on 4chan, you're either a bot or the most dedicated faggot on the planet

Every time. Who wants to send him gay pornos and midget hookers?

just report these threads if youre tired of seeing them dude haha xD sage

>Imagine writing this. These people know they're fucking loser losing

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Pissrael is going to be held accountable for their many many ongoing human rights crimes against Palestine.

Every Jew will be held accountable for crimes against ordinary impressionable white girls.

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Maybe white girls are just trash

The pigs are always busy trying to defend their criminal actions.

because you're a diversionary kike shill