Trump to Tariff All Chink Imports

I dont care if you like him,
I dont care if you hate him,
The kikes do not like this.
And if you are against it, you are for the kikes.

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rare good trump news


No one makes that argument here. The argument is that the industrial base still isn't here and all the onus on moving it back here is left entirely within the discretion of the people who moved it away in the first place. The way it is set up now, it is largely just a waiting game between whether China can find some alternative outlets to soak up some excess production [or just live with a bit of a downturn] or the US is squeezed dry through higher prices before it rebuilds [assuming this is what capital wants, which it doesn't] the industrial capacity that took decades to dismantle and was dismantled explicitly to harm the people who live in the United States in the interest of zionist capital.


Trump is one and done

>(((the markets)))
Imaigine my horror

Thank you for your input, merchant.

nonnono not the stock prices! Anything but that!

When will you faggots hitler taught us in 33
The jewish money games dont mean a fucking thing when you stop playing

While i know it wont be believed here
Because this board is ran by the other sort of usless idiot that the jew invented as brother to the miga pede
the black piller
The United states has, gains over losses, and accounting for population growth, hundreds of thousands of new jobs it did not have before, largely because of the tarriffs
the industrial base you speak of could, while not completely, largely be rebuilt with the infrastructure bill Trump is currently pushing through.

Hahahhahahah you se
this right here
this is is the fucking shit
I swear half this board are as bad as god damn mother fucking cock sucking colbert watching lefty stooges
sure the words are different
but just change the word jew with "capitalist" and its all the same talking points
not a fucking one of you has the balls to admit when trump does a thing the kikes dont want

I remember back when king nigger tried to fuck over bebbin with the whole gazza thing in his last days and seeing half this board go through mental gymanistics to say it was "what the kikes really wanted all all along"
And praying to fuck that the board never got this autistic again
but low and behold
you fucking dick loving faggots in heat outdid yourselves again
approaching levels of retardation to the point where you claim that fucking protectionism is in the jews design
eat a dick you filthy fucking jew enabling communist
I never understand Hitlers policy on the mentally ill untill now
he was right
Its more merciful to put you down.

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This is great fucking news. Now we can have our industry back and give all the jobs to the 9 million beaners that will cross over this year alone!

I'm surprised that the OrangeKike is actually following through with something he campaigned on. Considering that China has become a Social-Nationalist Han Ethno-State with strict adherence to Racial Purity and Social Cohesion, it starts to make sense why it's one of the only policies that ZOGnald is implementing. Globo-Homo can't have a healthy homogeneous society, even if it's something like the PRC. Even though they've been one of the major reasons why the White-West has degenerated rapidly in the past decade, Kikes can't have a potentially bad goy state continue to grow.

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Complete nonsense. You can't do that in 3 years.

Fugg'n kikes pawned all my neighbors tools off to the Chinks to buy a trailer park in Flaridar and a condo in occupied Palestine. Tax dodger Chinks fugg'd off, won't come back and the Japs are demilitarized. Guy's got no tools megn. Really unfair.

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I feel like you do though.

China was suppose to be the fucking new world power of the kikes new world order and you fucking now it
dont fucking bullshit me
Europe invaded and in chaos
america brown, powerless and anarchic
Chinese blue helmets step in to (((Create order)))
Anyone serious has known that was their plan for decades
Dont fucking bullshit me faggot
if you arent a shill
you should be fucking less retarded then this

And yet it fucking happened
not just according to the kikes
not just according to the government
but a a fucking litney of studies, surveys and tests (many of whom had reason enough to take trump down in favor of their jewish communist candidate there running in 2020)
and yet
all of them agree on this point
As i said
you can hate him
you can love him
but the one thing this board does not let people do is deny the truth under any circumstances
US sailors did die on the USS liberty
the holocaust didnt happen
and THERE ARE hundreds of thousands of new manuffacturing jobs in the US

No, there aren't. There isn't even a remotely trained workforce to fill them since the factories have been gone for 25+ years. So any that do exist are being filled entirely with third world immigrants. Colors don't run, right? In reality, there are close to 100 million people eligible to work who aren't working in the country.

And trump could label china a currency manipulation tommorow what of it?

The only thing i give a fuck about is whether or not you accept facts as facts
I am sick and god damn tired of this board acting like an emotional women, pretending that the boy who wronged her is just the most disgusting bastard that ever lived
The tarrifs are in place
they have created manufacturing jobs in the US
and the kikes dont like it
If you are incapable of accepting this
You are an emotional faggot and or shill
and it will be easy to prove you are a shill
because if you are one
you'll respond to this post with some quipy fuckin one liner and then leave
because like any other woman
you know you cant debate for shit.

Pretty obvious this is all over the ZTE Iran "scandal"

How many billions a year do they give to Israel?

growth is a myth. 90% of jobs are makework.

Don't the npc retards you're making fun of in that pic like tarrant though?

What about all that black employment though

fucking what dude?
No shit but this doesnt change the fact that hundreds of thousands of manufcturing jobs have been created
most likely for white people i might add
since they recently became the majority of US births again, which they slipped under when king nigger was in charge

no employment matters when the country become mexico 2

nah npc retards tend to go on a lot about optics and how Democrats are the real racists

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Ayy lmao. This is gonna be good.

To bad we are getting more legal immigration than ever and birth rates are irrelevant

You're obviously a shill with your talking points in order.
All the same sources you keep citing tell us every last morsel of economic growth and job placements in the country have gone exclusively to immigrants.
A momentary blip rendered irrelevant by the swarming tidal wave emerging to combat age RIGHT now. It is beyond clear our revenge will need to be forcibly taken and people like you – the case makers – will not be spared.

*Groan*. These threads are getting really tiresome. Everything trump does is a calculated move that was planned by the kikes. It’s not 4d chess, he is not our guy. The world is beyond fucked up and the only way we win is by burning this mother fucker to the ground along with all our enemies and rebuild a new civilization from the ashes.

What good is a stock market if all it does is line other peoples pockets?
If a stock market crash leads to worse lives for you and me then why should we even support it?

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It is a fact that Trump has given Israel billions so they probably don't mind giving a few Americans jobs in exchange.

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Bro you honestly need to start counting our victories when they happen along with our losses
otherwise you'll end up painting a wall with the contents your skull
The black piller meme i posted in the OP?
Thats not just a joke, its a point.
The jew wants you like that
veiwing the future as inpossible mountain to climb
when our ancestors saw the huns, or the moores or any other army of unwashed heathens decending upon them
do you think they became depressed like faggots?
Do you think they allowed the thought of loss to even cross their minds?
in war there is no time for defeat
only victory
While this board worships him, and if you are going to have a savior, hes not a bad one to idololize.
Hitler was just a man.
An ordinary man, who lead other ordinary men to do extrodordinary things for their people.
You are no different then him,
the same blood, infact runs through your vains
you are his kin.
That is what race means.
And when you realize that
trully accept it
nothing will be outside your grasp.

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And you need to know what counts as a "victory".

>Chinese blue helmets step in to (((Create order)))
I pray for the day when I ca shoot bugmen bluebelmet soldiers. I don’t give a shit at this point

user ill promise you something.
If you ever become the leader of a national socialsit revolution that you spear head
saving our people from the tyranny of the jew
and libertaing them from the degeneracy, usury, and propaganda which enslaves them today
I will be more then happy to be burned away with all that is left of the old and corrupt world.
But untill that day
people will need to be objective of what political movers, like trump, salvini, and putin do.
And i will continue to force our national socialist communities to be honest about the, not allowing us to be deluted by bias, or emotion, or personal wish,

nigger what?

thank you for have an ounce of god damn intellectual integrity
Is this really that hard for all you other faggots?
To admit that trump
did infact do something the kikes did not like
even if its rapped in an explanation of him being a god goy so much that it doesnt really matter?
is how you sound like you're older then fucking 12.
I need a drink.

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White babies are a victory user.
every last one of them alive gives us a chance at survival


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Anyone against this is a shill.

The most pressing and cogent of all the reasons.

The insect people will never attempt a hot war. They'll continue to buy up every real estate on the planet and either seize control without anyone aware or get kicked on and have their bought property renationalized like the asian kikes they are.

Not if they're interbreeding with shitskins thanks to Trump and every other goddamn politician. You're pathetic.

Go away, slant-eyed monkey.

I guess you're not a shill then.

These tariffs are imposed for the sole reason that China is ditching the USD. It's a punishment for not using federal reserve notes. The jews will pretend that they are against this, but inside they are for it.


The money they receive is in dollars and not yuans after all.

That's not how greentext works, shill.

Yes, but they are slowly getting rid of US treasuries, like Russia, Venezuela, Turkey etc… Then you can look in history and see that Iraq and Libya were doing the same thing. It's the same fucking shit over and over.



And you'll be dead by christmas if you keep allowing yourself to be blackpilled
you have a responsiblity to your genetic line to fix that.
i hope that you fucking do

Last i checked the rothschilds owned the central bank of china
same as every other nation except russia iran and north korea
Were the chinks upset when american eclipsed england?
because they just traded one puppet for another
China was supposed to be their new bitch.

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Way to expose yourself as a foreigner. There are only two pills, the blue one and the red one: guess which one you took.

Are you new on the job, Ching-Chong?

This is a magapede thread.

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Well i do thank you for an actual argument, Instead of brainless fucking incessant bullshit.
I think you are wrong.
I dont think that the reason china is getting rid of US dollars is because they are going to war for independence against the kikes
Rather i think the kikes are positioning them to be the new world super power, as they have ever since the end of the cold war.
Israel has even stepped trade with them
And additionally the kikes have been buying shares of the bank of china and moving manufacutirng and miltiary power away from the US to them for decades
They were suppose to be the rising power of the their new order
like america was at the begining of the 20th century
New silk road (going through israel)
imperalisim of china in africa, india and even canada
managed decline of the US
all of it was pointing this this ultimate out come
The US was suppose to die and make way for a new world power
one without the pesky constition or armed population that prevented the outlawing of holocaust denial or the spreading of truth about ((our masters))
and this is why i think there is no way to sunday these tarrifs are what the kikes want.


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yeah im the fucking kike

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Even if that's true, and it's not that far-fetched, Trump imposing sanctions on China is because of their actions regarding the USD. It will also cripple companies that outsource to China so maybe that plugs into what you were saying.

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user i dont give a fuck if you want to debate me
but the faggy image bombing?
Using shill tactics instead of engaging?
Well it just smells like lefty pol to me
but of course
you wouldnt be one of those
would you my dude?


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oy vey baizuo

The Chinese aren't supposed to defeat Trump, he needs to give Israel money silly. He's not supposed to be "defeated", whatever you even mean by that.

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This is what trumpnigger republicans come here shilling as positive. Let that sink in.

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wow this totally makes up for the last 4 years of Trump bending over for Israel, no mass deportations, no wall, no lock her up, and walking back every stance hes taken this entire time. thanks, OP.

Yes, again i dont pretend to know trumps motivations.
I've held them in more then just "question" since the bombings of syria.
But I dont think this is what the kikes intended.
not in the long run anyway.
Assuming Trump is aware of this shit (and i have a second, oddly more hopeful possibility i will get into latter). He may be selling the US as a better alley kikes, attempting to keep the US on top but not out of jewish control.
"Look at us, were bombing iran for you"
"Heres some aid"
"By the way, we tarriff the fuck out of any cheeply made import to the US, and im going to pass a infrastructure bill, hopefully before my first term is up"
Basically negotiating US survival to the jews on the basis of support for israel.
The second possiblity
and the One i honestly hope is the case
Is that Trump is just fucking oblivious to the kikes.
Like hes a boomer who has some understanding of how the US gets fucked over by forigne aid and doesnt like the federal reserve (based on the sort of entry level, "most important cartoon in human history" reasons) and guinely wants to "make america great again"
All while doing it in the most boomer'y way possible
This actually explains most of his rhetoric and actions
from the help to israel, to the protectionism, to the hardline immigration atittudes
hes a legitimate civnat in a town full of neocons
bumbling his way into the path of the kikes over and over
not out of hatred towards them
but just out a guine pragmatic attitude and giant god damn eggo
If you grew up in a sort of zionist conservative house hold?
he at least seems reminicent to me of how my dad would act if elected president
"israel is our greatest alley"
"bomb the sand niggers"
"deport the mexicans"
"bring the jobs back from china"

This is however once again, only the more idealized possiblity, and probably the least likely of the two considering golan heights

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You don't say

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you are a lefty pol because a minute ago
you were willing to kill a threat you didnt like a like faggot in heat
maybe you're not enough of an old fag to remember
but before the commies fucked off to their own board
thats exactly the type of shit they'd pull all the time

Yes because that economic model did wonders for america

No, it doesn't. William Pierce had him pegged years ago. Trump is owned by the jews. From Roy Cohn, to his casino bailouts, to his reversal of fortunes and raised profile after selling his daughter to Charles Kushner's kid [after failing to sell her to Nat Rotschild]. He is an agent.

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dont make me say it again you stupid nigger
you are a lefty pol for one reason and one reason only
Anyone whos ideas cant stand up to debate and tries to kill threads with faggy censor tactics
is a lefty pol.

Maybe some of those points are valid, but I know OP is a kike because IRAN IS INDEED OUR GREATEST ALLY! If Europe/America fell I would, with no hesitation, go to Iran!

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selling her to Nat Rothschild? Please, tell us more.

Doesn't he have that same strange face as Zuck?

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Cogent thought process.

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Good. Tank their fucking economy and make the chinks pay hard.

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Reminder that those (((white nationalist groups))) are all honeypots crawling with alphabets.

maybe you're user
i dont fucking know
but I DO KNOW that the kikes were not infavor of this one
nor of any tarrifs levied by the US on imports in general for reasons i have listed throughout this thread
Now where does that leave us with trump?
I dont fucking know
but if we cant even admit that facts are what they are and agree on which help or hurt our enemy
we are fucked
our (((enemy))) is objective
so we fucking need to be as well.

high op here
dont really care what you fucking call me
but on the Iran note
isnt Iran unironcially the birth place of the white race?
like we're called "caucasian" so from around the caucoids
are they in iran?

dont give a fuck what you like
dont give a fuck what you say
but anyone who wants to censor anything in political debate is a lefty shill.

Just so you know, Faye Reagan didn't commit suicide.

Well well well…I thought I knew a lot about Trotsky but this takes the cake.

FBI report to Assistant Attorney General Keenan, by J Edgar Hoover.

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based redpill drops
who is faye reagan?

Gonna need some context here.

Oh its some blacked whore?
why should i care user?

it will be spread
thank you

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They definitely don't pay you faggots enough.

Cry more faggot.

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You can't be national socialist and shill for their enemy at the same time.

Censoring is always faggy and gay
it doesnt make me cry
it just makes me gag.

i dont.