Princess Martha Louise of Norway Shares First Photos with Her New American Boyfriend

Princess Martha Louise of Norway Shares First Photos with Her New American Boyfriend
Princess Martha Louise of Norway is sharing her new love with the world.
Three years after the royal divorced husband Ari Behn after 14 years of marriage, Martha Louise confirmed she was in a new relationship with American Shaman Durek by sharing a series of photos on her Instagram account on Sunday.
“When you meet your twin flame, you know. I have been lucky enough to have met mine,” she captioned the couple shots. “@shamandurek has changed my life, like he does with so many. He has made me realize that unconditional love actually exists here on this planet. He embraces all of me without question or fear. He makes me laugh more than anyone, has the most profound wisdom to share and all the bits in between from the diversity of his being.”

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lovely mudshark

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Honestly whites are just as much a problem here as kikes. Why do we do this to ourselves?
Perhaps it’s for the best though. Let the degenerate interbreed with shitskins. Easier to purge them later

The real question is whether these celebrities and well-known people choose to race-mix out of their own free will or whether the Jews have leverage over them (financially or otherwise) to force these unnatural and dysgenic pairings

Our royal family is illegitimate anyway. Fuck this mudshark. And curses on our "king" for his pro-diversity traitor stance.

Whites have lost their way and sense of identity. We’re rootless, individualist and spiritually destroyed. This is the long-term result of Christianity and further developments such as the Enlightenment. Ultimately we have the Jews we deserve. Jewry always seeks to upturn natural order. It constantly provokes the revolt of the weak against the strong, of bestiality against intelligence, of quantity against quality. We have to render (((them))) unable of harming us to protect ourselves from this parasite. The first step to extirpating the Jewish parasite is to revolutionize ourselves and then others

In 10 years we won't give a fuck. Stay the course, it's going to get worse before it gets better. don't (you) me.

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Shhhhiiiitttt that bitch came to America to date T'ilk from Stargate hahahah what an asshat

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The absolute state of monarchist fags

It's not going to get better.

I mean I’m odinist but I agree on a societal scale
And agreed as to the rest of your post. Not to shill pic related but he has some good points, that not all whites are created equal. My own stance is (((western civilization))) has destroyed the old ways which included lots of natural selection, and so you end up with degenerate whites who don’t give a shit about their kin. The unfortunate side of this is that there are lots of whites that are untermensch, but to avoid blackpilling myself I see this as not really a loss since they are untermensch and purging them is a good thing overall for our race

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So proud to be a nigger lover. This is what a lifetime of indoctrination does to girls.

It's a nice idea that if all the race traitors go and breed with other races the white race will be left with only the rabidly conscious but the evidence doesn't support it. Look at Brazil where half the population identify as white but in reality almost none of them are. Everyone is mixed but some look more white than others. The truth is the white race is dead in Brazil and same fate awaits us if we don't stop this in our generation.

The aristocracy is an sect of "Europeans" who historically have skimmed of the wealth of their countrymen to indulge in decadent materialism, and at the same time self segregating to maintain their wealth and status. To them, a nigger on a pedigree is more worthy for breeding than a white from humble origins. To them, inbreeding is more desirable than parting with their fortune. These people, to this day still exploit the wealth of the general populace to fuel their lifestyle and to justify their decadence claim we cannot rule ourselves, but I say they've done a shitty job. After all why have they allowed mega corporations to exist, to flood our lands with non-whites, and to intermingle with and accept jews as equals? Enough is enough, to free ourselves we must first begin to rule ourselves.

Most certainly. Can’t be left as the only white family left breeding with your cousins for 100s of years. We definitely need numbers. My hope is that whites are waking up to this. We may loose a lot of numbers in the coming decades but my hope is to be the generation that turns this around.
It starts with our kids. Raise them to reject race mixing and having pride in their ancestors. Then be ready to die to defend them and their lineage.

To be fair, Scandinavian royals have no power at all and don't take much money from the state. It used to provide a link with history but as they've started breeding with niggers they obviously all need to go now.

the kikes are doing this because the long con is destroy all royals, these royals are all going to be dead in 50 years at the hands of the jews, the select few will be paraded out and will be the ugliest, blackest, saddest, dumbest motherfuckers of their royal line. And the jews are going to laugh and mock them, then slaughter them after all sorts of depravities….. it's the same future for all whites, everywhere. Mark my words in the sign of the beast.

I care less that he is black than

Proto-jews perhaps?

Something to understand about this world - obsessively faking racism into the population doesn’t make the elite happy. They are rather constantly trying to defect against bigoted hateslavery and the factions within their leadership who promote if. If everyone else joins in, we’ll have a happier society.

Letting go of hatred feels like submission, but it’s not. It frees you of a negative obsession that makes your conduct predictable and destructive. I am here because voices that told “no lies” told lies about me - yet I defy them, and help others also to be defiant. We need not be hateful ever-warriors like the loyally dishonest and their corruptions.

Note also that antivaxx is a nephilistic project which privileges the elite to become cannibal supremacists. They would continue to use vaccines, which are a real technology, even if the public were to go so far as to ban them. By restricting the public’s will to utilize health technologies, health inequalities will stunt the minds and bodies of the aryan soldier-cattle who are controlled through their obsessive hatreds.

it's too late, they won

This is why a republic is better. You can't vote out Royalty.

As stated I’m not convinced. I think we will lose numbers for sure but I don’t think we are done yet

Okay, this is epic.

Yeah but on the contrary you can subvert a population to vote in degeneracy. It’s a double edged sword

Death squads a better and you know why.

Sons must rise

When is Enough?

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Clown. World. Order.

And you're clearly happy about that, Moshe. Don't celebrate too soon though as plenty of things could still go wrong for the plan.

Witness the evident seat of adulteration of our race truly is in monarchism. Consummate abominations. What a totally disappointing clusterfuck of pozzforce asshats.

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(not samefagging)
He can push and tap you via Skype. Magical!
I bet he's expensive.
Could he be another Keith Raniere-tier guru for rich and nutty women?
Do you suppose she stared deeply into his eyes to let him read her soul?

Do you feel like rescuing a princess Zig Forums, by digging into this guy? I can't be bothered.

Norwegians you know what must be done. Every day she lives is an insult to all of Norway.

High speed chase through Paris again?

There are definitely many, many Untermensch whites unfortunately. This has always been true to an extent, but with the degenerative effects of post Industrial Revolution society and Jewish influence this surely acerbated. This is why it’s silly when lefties post subnormal whites. It’s undeniable that people from the European racial group have the greatest POTENTIAL for genius and innovation, but this doesn’t mean it will manifest in all individuals, by no means. Like you said though, natural selection is hindered by (((western civilization))) and the goal should be to institute a artificial selector to do the selection (eugenics), along with uprooting all of this foreign garbage from our minds. As long as whites remain a distinct, pure race, there is hope. As long as this remains true, the greatest enemy is merely their propaganda and brainwashing

When he was 30, Shaman Durek experienced serious complications from an illness that left him clinically dead. Doctors at Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital feared he would be left with brain damage and paralysis. Dedicating himself to his recovery, Durek applied his knowledge of healing and the mind-body connection to his recuperation; and within a year, had fully recovered. For Durek, this experience was an expected part of his life’s work and journey as a Shaman.Today, Shaman Durek works with clients from all walks of life including Hollywood celebrities and insiders, musicians and reality TV stars, professionals, CEOs of major U.S. corporations, European royalty, international clientele, housewives, and children. Shaman Durek works with clients on a one-to-one basis as well as in group sessions. A gifted guest speaker and inspirational teacher, Shaman Durek is the author of a regular column on spiritual life in The Huffington Post and Sungoddess Magazine and ORIGiN Magazine and Greenster Magazine a video blog on Frontiers magazine; and is the host of “Get Real,” a weekly radio show on spirituality on Los Angeles’ 103.1 FM radio. He has been profiled in Daily Candy, Details, Yogi Times, LA Weekly, Metro Source and on E! Television.

How much are we betting he's a CIA recruit? As crazy as it might seem see

Just a coincidence guys. No agenda.

Repost this shit to >>>/fringe/ it's time for a wizard war it seems.

Sure it will. Read a history book. These royal families will be slaughtered and replaced.

Freyr is Lord (literally "Lord", hlaford from the Saxon), especially in this case. The Christians were incorrect in denouncing the Froblot and will see what anti-racism ultimately gets them, complete dissolution of all that matters. the Froblot must begin again in Scandinavia. By not removing the dark-skinned, even if they be prisoners or slaves, Frey the Sword-Lord is dishonored.

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Ah that guy is mentioned in The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot.

I read that book and checked all the claims systematically and did some serious background checking on Sai Baba.

The guy is 100% con-artist and have no legitimate psychic powers. The way he operates also and how it compares to genuine examples of psychism further indicate how fraudulent he is and he says things that are not metaphysically true.

Sai Baba is a faker.


Or just (((advisors))). Every organism on the planet cares about his own group. Only (((parasites))) like you screw up survival mechanism.

The true larper: we'll kill them at some other point

Her bloodline ends with her. If she has children, the child won't be royal. So yes, having an ethnically and racially foreign group of people, in the future, claiming to be royals among a white, European people, are destined to be slaughtered.


Go back to Zig Forums, shit-skin. Filtered.

So are we taking bets on how long until she pays the toll?

First things first all European "royalty" aren't actual royalty they are basically descendants of British that married in to the ethnic countries and from the past couple hundred years they have all been directly related cousins. Past royalty were absolute assholes and sold out their countries multiple times thats how the Byzantine empire fell to muslims ,England got a huge amount of jews in 1600s , Spain and Italy to allowing jews in to positions of power. Also everyone of European heritage has a claim to the throne because every European has blood ties to Royalty and most likely even more so then the current (((royalty))) .

So its not a surprise all these (((royalty))) are suddenly marrying niggers , its orchestrated otherwise one of them would have married something other then a nigger by now.

Second this nigger is a professional conman, literally is selling spiritual snake oil to hollywood retards. I guarantee this nigger has been drugging her with mdma or another feel good drug in small amounts. Its common for spiritual conman to do that to wealthy clients to keep them coming back. Sigmund Freud is a great example of how these conmen work to sneak into elite circles.

This bitch is 44 so she was already a roastie cat lady at this point.

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Ego hungry third rate cope fag. Doubt you filtered, (You) need the attention.

>(((Ari Behn)))


Reminds me when a (((Rothschild))) cucked a (((Goldsmith))) for a nigger fact is jew boys are just too effeminate and ugly but my god that's one hideous nigger. Can these royal inbreds really not do better?

Someone should reanimate the corpse of Ted Bundy and lock his zombie in a room with this whore for a night.

Niggers can't score a white woman unless she is a fat whore. White men don't like fat chicks.

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Checked. Niggers can only get fat, used up white women, or (((white women))). They hate their own women, who are usually more masculine and ape-like than male niggers.

Do you pink faced faggots even lift?

That brothers coat cost more than your house; he gonna crack them white legs open and hit it with the shaft

Jesus fucking Christ. Will one of you please explain to me what in the hell do White women see in niggers.
Another jewish lie.

They always have the same look in their eyes. Every single one of them. Lile their soul is dead.


Jesus fucking Christ. Will one of you please explain to me what in the hell do White women see in niggers.


Why don't you ask a white woman?

you faggot

You need to practice your ebonics some more, Shlomo.

Humanism/Christianity was the original jew seed.

The closest niggers had to royalty was Obama and his shitskin daughters have the pick of the nigger they still chose to date White men.

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If it's a woman then treason is natural to her. As is delusional idiocy as elicited by this crazy cunt.

I can't wait for Othello to murder his Desdimonda over some trifle, you know, like a handkerchief.

This is part of the problem, too many white men seem to think that women are actually capable of higher thinking, that their "opinions" are their own, instead of just phrases that they parrot out after hearing them from a man. When we put our women back in their place, these problems will go away.

I heard black guys have an extra bone in their foot?

(different torfag)
>(((Ari Behn)))
…is a White European Christian.
Consider what he gave up, lifestyle-wise, to divorce a royal. That is how bad he wanted to get away from her. I doubt this is her first magical negro; just as I doubt shaman oogabooga is going to stop "treating" rich lonely cougars.

Read the sad story of little Louis XVII (never crowned in his lifetime)

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Royal Mudshark Goggles

Y'all sound jealous and bitchier than a gaggle of womenfolk.

Ah the "Y'all " poster is back

Die of AIDS soon, please.

I think that her (((christfag))) husband encouraged her to fuck niggers.
Christians are the biggest cucks in the world.

The use of Y'all is not confined to one poster, or Zig Forums, or 8ch.
Your deluded and low IQ, reddit spacer.

See it works like this; when white women take off all their clothes and stand in front of a mirror, they notice the parts of their body with the most color are the most sensitive; so when they see a black guy, they assume he must be super sensitive?

Meanwhile, you guys just lay around in bed all pale and stiff like The English Patient and think you got it going on…

Maybe you should lift weights and convert to Islam?

They always do. That dead empty look. Maybe their frontal lobe (the patter-recognition part) that also is the part that is responsible for perceptions of god and for detecting threats/dangers is disabled and it somehow manifests in the gaze.

Try harder nigger troll
All niggers are bald, yes I mean the women too.,
Damn black women are so fat and fucking ugly. Black women age bad..
All black men are bald with sickle cell.

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This is great evidence that European royalty is in on the anti-white agenda.

You know why this is happening?
It's because you're not taking it upon yourself to make an example of the one in tenth that disgrace your people, to keep others in line. Pain and death must be dealt when people forget that there are sins to blood that can not be forgiven or undone.

every white womans wet dream

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So true. I hope some Norwegian user is reading and takes note.

Ayahuasca is helluva drug. Even gives an opportunity to some smug bastards to climb up the social ladder.

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Hope you're home schooling them, and even then, it will be an uphill battle against the society them exist in pulling them in the opposite direction and feeding them propaganda every time they step outside the home.

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Interesting, though your theory has some unexplained conclusions. If the most sensitive parts a women are dark does this mean men are attracted to the lighter parts? If that is true, then it explains why you fuck goats and your daughters, their parts are just lighter than your women's. Or if it's not then and men are also attracted to the darkest parts of a women does this make other men and especially their bunghole attractive to you? One of these must explain your sexual behavior. I'm sure of it.

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All racemixers hate themselves. Anyone who wants to mix does not want to reproduce themselves. Anyone who actually love who they are wants to have children who are like them. Niggers who brag about racemixing have an inferiority complex, a self-hate problem. It's sad. A proud nigger would be a racial separatist and support bans on miscegenation.

Thanks for the input shlomo, haven't heard enough d&c this week

Never EVER let your daughters work, get three jobs if you can't afford to support them, just don't let them work. It's easier for your sons to remain loyal to you out in the world, but a daughter will immediately betray everything you've instilled in her for the first "bad guy" at work that she comes into contact with.


Huntington's Chorea is a degenerative genetic disease of white people.

Its like Parkinson's, and Alzheimer's at the same time.

It is very rare in non white people.

*just sayin*

Yes, keep them barefoot, ignorant and pregnant, echoes Zig Forums unironically.

Reminding you all of this as this applies to all of you, everyday, everywhere
>(((Ari Behn)))
Whether you are of the camp of "muh kike on a stick" or autistically chanting "oogabooga deus vult" and doing nothing. We all know that kikes throughout time convert, remain crypto and cause much harm that way.
She's been married to a fucking kike, so it's no doubt that such influence would seep into her mind. She still has to die, and so does this nigger, and the kike ex husband as a secondary objective.

Niggers who brag about racemixing have an inferiority complex, a self-hate problem.


well if you hate niggers; whats wrong with niggers hating themselves?

Obviously there's something unnatural going on here.

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Oh he's a shamalamalam I see. Obviously he mind-fucked her. Add to that she grew up painfully aware of her white privilege. And she had to snap him up before Gwyneth did.

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He's a nigger con-man and she'll get what she deserves. Btw I heard Seal is selling used cars now.

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If kim kartrashian divorced Kanye and started wearing trash bag dresses there would be a swamp log in the divorce court dockets and trash bags would be sold out everywhere
I think not

That explains 99% of the mud-sharks. I wouldn't think royalty has to stoop to that level.

* but we live in a digital age and I guess everyone needs their 15 mins of fame. If she wasn't dating a nigger I would have never heard of her.

Why say ignorant when you're talking about women? Women and ignorance go together like PB and J.