Just made this poster and I'm going to print it out and put up flyers. Only thing delaying me right now is I got to save up for a GoPro / camera so I can film myself doing it. I want to inspire a resistance against the jew. The jew is the enemy of all humanity. If we do not stop the jew and expose all his lies he will destroy the entire world. It's time to take the Jewish threat seriously and make sure that no jew can escape scrutiny. It is also important to bring more people to redpill central to receive the unadulterated truth here so I'm including a link to here. If we can unite everyone against the jewish menace they will have no more power and not be able to get away with anything anymore. I understand that I can't just play video games or chase a career or go on like everything is going to be fine because it's not, if I put my head in the sand, in a few years I'll find myself dying in vain having not properly resisted this fate while we all still had a chance to turn things around. We all will; if we don't put a stop to the jewish plans of genocide we're not going to just get a comfortable life we're going to die and our friends are going to die and everything we've ever held dear is going to be eliminated. We will have no legacy, nobody to carry on for us. Everyone I know is already jew aware; but everyone is largely silent. We need to transition to a stage where the goyim knowing becomes so overt that everyone is eager to denounce and resist the jew at every turn, and the few shabbos goyim still left become too scared to show any support for the jew any longer.

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Good on you for wanting to go out and spread the message but I question whether linking the bluepilled here is a good idea. If I was a golem and came to Zig Forums with no prior redpills I’d be repulsed. Surely there is a better redpilling documentary or site to link to for the curious bluepiller

Gopro’s are for fuckboys that get caught by cops because they have GPS’s in them.
Also, where will the posters be put up so I can check how accurate the ADL’s heat map is?

Lol your retarded kill yourself shill. Dumbass idea to link this site you ignorant nigger faggot

this is so cringe

Why isn't Joe Biden swinging from a helicopter for what he did to Extortion 17 and 31 people? Joe Biden committed treason.

Seriously, whenever Atomwaffen or Daily Stormer does anything the ADL marks the exact city any action takes place.

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My intention isn't to redpill the bluepilled.

My intention is to inspire and radicalize those who are already somewhat redpilled (which there are numerous of in my area) into being full-on 1488 redpilled.

I am sure I will also inspire a lot of muslims and hindus and leftists into identifying and opposing the jewish threat by bringing them here. Yes they will be repulsed by some aspects of this board but they will I am confident learn to oppose the jew.

Shills already coming out and opposing the idea. Confirmed good idea. I will also print out OP's poster and spread them around.

Wow California is going to be the first state that eliminates the jew from the looks of it.

Also OP's idea is great. Absolutely everyone is sick and tired of these bullshit wars in the Middle East and wants them to stop. Left and right, apathetic and interested, Muslim and Christian, everyone wants these wars to end. Yet instead of pushing gay faggoty pacifism it identifies the real culprit and puts the spotlight on (((them))).

All it's gonna do is have a handful of normies come to this site and be like oh jeez man Nazi stuff REEE and maybe make it on the local news. OP is a fucking idiot and so are you. Not every one is a shill if they think something is an autist cringey idea. Nigger.

I thought it was agreed some years ago never to use this site's URL in any of the memes? Instead use 4chan.org.

Change it to 4/pol/

It's worth a try and might get us a few extra long-term posters who will end up becoming Brenton Tarrants.

You're a do-nothing fag.

How about fuck no. They should come here to Zig Forums.

You know, as an artist, it’s damned fucking hard to work knowing we have corrupt incompetent leadership. Threadsniping in this place proved that it isn’t like anything expressed here expresses the will of anyone but a few very important slaves, so could you kindly shitcan the antisemitism? Jews are still not to my knowledge actually the problem. Specific individual Jews, fine, if you’ve real cause to disapprove of individual Jews, but if you’re going to rage at a class turn your attention in a more principled way. Express your preferences, not your arbitrary hatesinks. Ron Weasley never was a death eater, y’know?

change it to reddit


This place is exaggeratedly controlled oppo.

Seriously, if this post gets any individual readers, TRY threadsniping. Try violating mandatory consensus so hard the mods turn into your hateslaves. It’s not that hard, and it’s very fun.

Squat on a thread and make it a stage for sincere, non-hateful content. Ignore the abuse that broken people respond with - if they were real users of the site they could do the same thing you’re doing. Shill for something worthwhile. Be the shill. Lock down a thread. Persuade the unpersuadable. Learn what it takes to panic the narcissists in charge.

If you get banned, Ve Peein’, yah?

No it's not. The only thing that sucks about this place is the mods will probably ban the newcomers for one reason or another, unless they stick to just lurking, which actually many do as I have already told hundreds of people IRL that I know to come here, and basically none of them have become posters, but most of them have become lurkers, and a few did pussy out and just avoid going here.

What I've seen is that Zig Forums influences lurkers in a very positive way and we could get a lot of Brenton's happening. Anons who never post on here, just read, and if they ever do post it will be their first and last post because it'll be a link to their own manifesto and livestream. That's what I expect. Some people take the redpill in very fast and immediately engage in some form of action.

Start with this www.talmudunmasked.com
tl;dr The very identity and judaism itself is evil at its core. The jew's laws, beliefs, history, and what they are is pure evil and there's now way around it.

Jesus Christ, the NPCs are here.

- then get back to shitposting you cunts

Prove the world can have even one good jew and maybe I'll "cool it with the anti-semitism". Lets see a rabid jewish white nationalist doing all he can to rally jews to the cause of white supremacy and getting the non-whites out.

Exactly. I had to find this all out when I was 18 which was 8 years ago for me. I already at that time was redpilled on race but for some reason it took me awhile to find out the jews aren't just an irrelevant, powerless, weird religious group but a very relevant, powerful, and debauched ethnic group with a long history…

Btw I know one person a few years back who was Jewish by blood but he hated Judaism so much that he renounced it and he embraced Christ and he'd constantly call out the evil of the Jews. At that time I was a pagan I should add so the Christ thing didn't mean anything to me but nowadays I know a lot more. The fact is Jews would stop being Jews if they stopped being evil. You can't be a jew and a good person at once. You end up being a Christian I guess, at that point. You end up revolting with all the power of an awakened spirit against everything Judaism is.

This also has to be a thing a jew does on his own without outside pressure. If Jews are forcibly converted to Christianity they remain Jewish at heart. If Jews "convert" because they have some worldly reason to do so, they still remain Jewish at heart. A genuine conversion must be one where they have something to lose in this world by doing so, but their consciousness demands of them they must revolt against Judaism, and so they do.

throwing a few of these up in my very liberal and blandafied small college town to rage and inflame

I'm attempting to print one now.

It worked. It printed out just fine. I should probably try to find a sheet I can put it in. Ah, nevermind, I'll just put it out somewhere.

Well guys I fucking did it. I went out and put up a poster. Was going to do it in the university but there were too many fucking chinks walking around everywhere so I might have to try that later. I put it up in a park. I wanted to take a picture but fucked that up. So if it makes it into the media, just know, mine is the one with the red tape.

I was so fucking terrified every step of the way it was unreal. Heart thumping so hard I could hear it, sweating, screaming in my mind "do it for Hitler you owe it to him" and "you coward, disregard your feelings" and "I am the master of myself". I really did a poor job of this whole operation and only put up one poster but maybe it will work out and get media attention.

I need to think of better ways to do this whole thing in the future much quicker. It took me forever to take out and cut the tape and put the thing up. I got to make it snappy, put the poster in place much faster and get out.

My god I feel like I'm going to pass out from adrenaline right now and I'm half-expecting the ZOG to show up any fucking moment while I'm typing this, knocking on the door, demanding to take me away into captivity for daring to speak out against the jewish overlords.

Some part of me feels like the jews are invincible and can't be opposed and was scared I might drop dead from jewish black magick that very moment I dared even walk outside but alas I am still alive… for now.

Do it. You will be the true hero of Zig Forums, not the ones the Jews shill here.

Only Jews publicize this site.

Already done lets just wait to see if it makes the news.

…or I can go out and try to take a pic.

Jesus christ user. This is why we do operations like this at 4am when no living soul is around. Also just wear a scarf or handkerchief if youre worried about cctv. Next time you'll get in the swing of things I'm sure.

Plaster them at highly visible places which have low night time visitors like bus stops or doors to certain buildings.

Any tips on how to put them up faster though? I think I might head on down to a store and contemplate my options as far as glues and other stuff.



Read previous threads on the topic

Especially >>12567870 is interesting

Stickers are easier than posters for a solo man.

Just post BDSMovement.com with something like Stop Racist Israel.

The jew will name itself under the right conditions. Pic related.

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how about no?

How about yes? The only people that matter anyways are the ones that will fight. Most people in my area are all redpilled by nature anyways, due to constant anti-white oppression for the last decade or so. We're going to overthrow this ZOG machine.

Is that a joke?


You have to humanize the victims of Israeli brutality and their corruption of our govt. Be 100% PC no Hitler or pro white stuff. This is what works best.
Anyhow this is by far the best WLP video on the collective suicide of the white race., I'd be surprised if anyone here hasn't seen it.

Dude I go up to normie tradesmen and farmers and others and talk about the birthrates and pro-white stuff and they all agree with me and are ready to take up arms against the ZOG.

You don't have to tone it down except maybe for snowflakes from the universities but they are a bunch of irrelevant retards that are going to die when shit gets real which is happening very fast right now.