This man has 40 children

At what point do we decide that our past principles are no longer virtuous, based on current circumstances and future predictions? At this point, whites obviously have no representation whatsoever in the US government. Trump is hammering the final nails into the coffin of white America as massive floods of illegals pour into the country and he promises to raise legal immigration to the highest levels ever. We pay into a system that despises us and our money is spent to breed more brown people and grease the gears of war. Indeed, many white men would be too proud to accept welfare or government assistance, but in a land of corruption that shuns meritocracy, why would we not take advantage of every single government program that we can? Notice in the interview how the disgusting white television host accuses the man of "Irresponsible Breeding" even as his own race is disappearing. Also notice how he accentuates "Breeding", so that his audience understands that the breeding of whites is a bad thing. If this were a black man, they would be interviewing the mothers and showing heartfelt pictures of the children playing. No doubt there would be calls for support and a Patreon and GoFundMe would probably be set up. Whites are smart enough to legally take advantage of government programs, but it seems to be single mothers that take advantage the most. If values of the past such as pride in ones nation, or meritocracy amount to a death sentence for our race, are they still virtues, or the foolish pride of a child? Is there a reason that we should give to a nation that is no longer ours? Shouldn't we use the system to bolster our numbers? Certainly the system has safeguards to prevent this. Its quite easy for women to sue for child support, but financial ruin is a small price to produce dozens of white children, raise them as best you can, and give them insight as to what the future holds. I know Zig Forums isn't a conservative board, but I feel that this meme still relates to what I am saying. It is also a work in progress.

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Is he white? Then good

BTW I have 9 kids.

Good work. Yes he is white. He never married any of the women and his sons find more women for him.

Sounds like what a Welsh Druid would do tbh.


People who complain about taking advantage of the welfare system are System cucks and for some reason they see it as "dishonorable" even though the SYSTEM THAT WANTS YOU GONE! It is not as if taking welfare means a decrease in productivity, especially if you are living off the land, extra money means more security. Secondly, any increase in welfare in the near future will seemingly come from more progressive taxes against the plutocrats who created this mess in the first place. Finally if you feel like a leech about getting a boost, just remember the thousands or millions of non-whites coming in who don't give a shit.

They think we are stupid for not taking advantage of the system. At this point, I can't prove them wrong.


I Unironically believe this and aspire to do this. Keep the key values(pride/family/honor, toss out the boomer values(fancy stuff/all about me/work 5 days a week.

Not sure about this bro, sound gay.

at the very least try using sage, shill

yeah the dudes no ideal case. But I have noticed the more someone works the less likely they have kids. I've been thinking about just going under the table on the governments dime. Making gardens and going full frugal. I have no desire to have fancy boomer items. Raise my kids with one mother many of them and get the new mexicants to pay for them lmao. fuck em

Anyone have pictures of the mothers?

Are you implying that if you had 40 children, that they would be "Trash"?
You aren't even trying are you?

How so? Is having a friend as a wingman gay? He is also teaching his sons how to find more women for themselves in the future, continuing the cycle. It isn't necessary to use that part as a strategy, but considering that white families used to utilize arranged marriages in the past, this may be a modern day equivalent. The institution of marriage has been destroyed in the west.

Be that as it may, I could never bring myself to adopt that breeding strategy. To do so would be the equivalent of tearing my soul to shreds.

Ah they are wingmen ok. Sort of read very weird at first.
Todays standards are not self sustaining.
We are taught to go and work 5-6 days a week 60-70 hours. Then are normalized to desire entertainment and this growing individualism so we hardly find time to raise families. Infact We import families because we don't value them nor the time needed. So you either have super boomers who don't have kids/hate them want less. Or very wornout parents who want to, but just can't. I think I am going to beat the nigger at their own game. With a twist. If peasents in the past could form good values of the spirit while being poor so can we. Just Imagine the best white community, now make it frugal. Btw I am not a neet and I believe neets are unredeemable. Get a part time job 2-3 days a week get the rest from the land/under the table. Rest is for family and fun.

I'm not a NEET either. My silent Gen grandparents raised me while my Boomer parents both worked. My grandparents instilled a work ethic and old school Christian values in me. I have never been one to accept the values that I am proposing in the OP, however, at this point I am more willing to change my strategies based on the current state of my environment.

The Virgin Modern Right-WInger:

The Chad Aristocratic Traditionalist:

It's not just about White People. Come on. You know that. Just because someone is white, doesn't make him a good person.

He isn't raising the 40 children

Yes, of course. I'm not implying that he should be emulated. I'm looking for input regarding a strategy that can be used to fight back against a system that has worked to deplete our numbers.

So you wouldn't raise your 40 kids?

hes saying he cant. how do you raise 40 kids?

Iron before steel.

Watch out for the shills. They won’t like this one.

Now what is one of the biggest concerns of our race? Birthrates, birthrates birthrates (and the jews influence over them). Any mathematician could tell you the importance of numbers and thus birthrates. Tarrant kept repeating THE BIRTHRATES. Niggers mock us over birthrates, kikes do all they can to lower birthrates.

So in the end it’s == REALLY == about the birthrates. I am for the guys method (read lifestyle) where one is just a literal baby producer. Inb4 muh genes, nigger you have eyes and a brain: don’t pick trash retard. Anybody shilling against this is basically a bitch boy beta.

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This behavior is completely unsustainable in any descent society. I idolise such a man these days.

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How do I do this without getting just'd? Fuck random sluts who are too drunk to remember who I am and then hope they aren't on the pill and don't abort if they do get pregnant
The day before I moved back home from uni I went to bar and made out with this drunk slut then I took her back to my place and creampied her 3 times on the kitchen floor because my air mattress popped earlier that day

Wow, that word is a speedbump. Racists are so broken. I don’t care what color someone is, when the word white comes out of their mouth they better be talkin’ ‘bout snowy owls and what vantablack ain’t.

The rest of the rant hardly helped. Good parenting sets some civilizations apart from others. It is not the whole variable, but it’s a lot of it. Personally, I’d support sterilizing anyone who reproduces like this, whatever their color might be. I don’t consider this a violation of a fully reciprocal ethic because I would willingly agree to be sterilized were it the condition of voting to sterilize someone else.

Legalize prostitution! Some of these k-strat rats would never even get started having kids if they could buy sex cheap.

if a slot machine is broken and pays out every time, you can force the casino to fix it by continually abusing it until the casino either fails or patches it up
try not to rely on the free shit though, one of those two things WILL eventually happen

May as well build a hut innawoods and venture into the city at night to impregnate thicc white braphogs

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Fund IUDs for poor women, too. That’s intrauterine devices. They’re 99.9% effective. Instead of getting furious about hedonists, make them reproductively unsuccessful. It’s not that expensive. Certainly it’s a lot cheaper than paying all these benefits.

You psycho virus people can’t conceive of the sweep of your own lives and exist solely through your ancestors and descendants, do you not? So give to your descendants the world without these people who break you so much to contemplate. Look to the long-term and fantasize about descendants less joyless than you.


There’s a lot of great technologies coming down the line if people are honest enough to keep this system from collapsing. Voluntarily forego welfare if you can. Think of welfare as a kind of scarlet letter - anyone who knows you take it knows that your price isn’t even high.

Basic income will be the first syatem to avoid that implication, and the sheer ubiquity of it should minimize side effects. Society and the economy won’t collapse for making the bottom 10% about 10% wealthier. But oh, to minimize abuses, we should consider putting it in escrow for children to pay out when they’re emancipated rather than giving it to their parents.

Fucker, you may want to be a slave, but mankind will never submit. Racism is imbecilic.

There is no mankind; we're all distinct sub species so fuck off with that bullshit
>>>Zig Forums
>>>Zig Forums

You’re either a liar or literally deluded. There’s no subspecies differentiation. Break yourself of the chains of untruth.

That is because we were indoctrinated to work towards having children instead of naturally working while having children. Once you can provide for yourself, you are ready for offspring, because you know the robes. The kids will bring the motivation to do it more efficiently.


Enact sterilization as a condition of welfare, please -_-

Do it without biases and make sure it hits the corporate lobbyists whose businesses can’t survive without gibs. We don’t need dumb natalists at either end of society.

This story is mostly a testament to broken leadership. No method was found to make anything of this man. He has obviously some measure of talent by the life he has lived, but nobody could ever invest him in the nature of is-that-is.

I bet if we target him for rejuvenation with stem cells and fresh-printed organs, thus making him famous as the world’s first neo-youth, then cram him into a university with his fresh rejewvinated brain, his spawns will be shamed into total awesomeness by his shadow. Make a second rate researcher out of this guy and one of his children will cure cancer, lol.

Throughout the 70-90s European scientists were bringing up the ideas to end poverty in Africa by sterilization, just to be shut down publicly for it by the jewish media and their human rights organizations. The idea behind the black race, welfare systems and poverty itself is to breed it into a weapon to destroy whites. Which we can today see transformed from slow boiling into migration warfare.

Is-that-is being, of course, the reality we stand within, and all extant upon the improbable frothing of the quasivacuum.

God commanded him to go forth and multiply - I suppose he found God in his testicles, then. Certainly the man’s testicles exist. I suppose someone might hear a voice thundering out from his burning testicles.

Is 2019 the year jew naming went mainstream again?

Mainstream just means not facing reality.

Long derided and yet still highly relevant

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Dumb and wasteful, why misuse productivity like that? Jews are human too. If we make humanity immortal in the flesh, Jews also will live forever. They have no hivemind faculty for coordinating the breeding of living weapons, no more than you have one for your own, though I’ll tell you that delusion is not limited to any particular side. In addition to seeing it here among “nazis”, I have also seen leftists discuss it with their own faces while thinking about conservatives. It is how some people on “all sides” imagine the world to work, though in truth it works that way for nobody. Every child is their own person.

Perhaps that decision against sterilization wasn’t wrong. World economies have turned over huge growth in recent decades and have played an underappreciated part in the wealth and advancement of everyone on Earth. Mass sterilization might have inflicted a twenty year stagnation curse upon those economies. We who have not the eyes of God can hardly hope to know.

And then there’s this omniscient chap to tell us all what-for.

I've only got 3 :*(
2 sons doe

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Found the yid.

Found the real yid.


No. Cheap and endlessly exploitable by drug and organ smuggling, slave labor, human trafficking, tax fraud, money laundering, migration warfare, and to fleece the wealthy out of endless donations, so that those can feel better of themselves, while nothing at all changed for the 3-5 billion human beings currently suffocating under the property line. (a line defined by the very same criminal bankers that build the global poverty racket out of their old slavery routes).

If your end goal is to destroy nations, enslave humans and kill enemies then it makes a hell lot of sense.

Hold up with the science fiction, user. Let's stick to reality.

They are in a parasitical relationship with the human race, just as much as the human race is in a parasitical relationship with it's own ecosystem. Now what does a host do against a parasite? A fight to death to secure it's own survival. Their death and ours is already predestined, as long as we don't change our ways…which will never happen.

It's called (at least it was over a hundred years ago) "The Kehilla" It's an internal caste system where certain secrets are given to a selected group of people. It's a criminal pyramid scheme of taking over control of everything. And they are at it for at least 5000 years. Read the protocols.

A term weaponized by jews to discredit national socialism, which is based on the simple dogma "we must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children" A line nobody can argue against unless he wishes genocide upon them.

Because the ones in control know that if you want to win the game, you can simply play both sides. And once you have enough money, you buy the rights and let others play for you. That is how the jews make money on wars.

Individuality. That is a lie fed to you. Look into the history books and you will find only a handful of people mentioned, while the billion other humans alive are white noise. Furthermore the ones that are named are mostly known for the stuff they created, which is mostly based on lies and crimes, because history isn't written to retell the truth, but to tell the story of the winners of a violent conflict. Anyway let's look at humans that are known for their characters and their actions. not many of those come to mind, in fact I can only name 3…Jesus, Mohammad and Hitler. Everyone knows these names, yet two of them are only based on hearsay, combined with ridiculous nonsense like flying horses and walking over water and Hitler is about the most lied about human being in history. So much for individuality.

Now let me tell you the truth about it…A human is represented by blood, to create him you need a family unit. A large group of those family units is called a race. A healthy race creates clean blood, which creates offspring with individual traits, like intelligence, strength, creativity etc. These traits are then used to strengthen the race, which will create culture. Add some fixed land and you have a country, which will grow into a nation, which is called a civilization. that is human nature according to natural laws. You are not an individual, you only have individual traits that are used for your collective (race). Why? Because the only thing that matters in terms of survival is the blood, because everything I named is there to protect the blood, and the only thing we can pass on beyond death is our blood.

Only the jews advanced, the rest is suffering under the consequences of wealth that is worth nothing. In fact; the dollar today is worth -22 trillion, all thanks to jewish usury.


Hi, jew.

well mass sterilization would be practically impossible i imagine. However you overlook the power of chaos so clearly evident in the black horde and human garbage like "old horror" up there.
Scorn not the teachings of tradition, the old wisdom has yet more blood in it


Why would anyone have that goal? You haven’t answered this.

Read the protocols, they want a world of their own. Planet zion.

men don't have to raise. Females have to deal with kids.
Females do not have to work, their job is to raise children.

This is what you get with a welfare state. The function of the government should be to keep the country white, and that's it. No social safety nets, no public education, health care, any of that. If you can't afford it, beg.


That Filename. Lol

There is always the risk of getting screwed over. Right now you are being screwed by the system with no possibility of gaining from it. Just screwing sluts isn't going to cut it, your looking for some that will stick around and give birth. Don't get them drunk.

I wasn't talking to you. I was talking to white men.

A farm would be better. You need to be in range of a town or city where you can always find more women, if things don'n work out with the current one. Also, women generally don't like to live isolated innawoods.

This system is nothing more than a scheme. It will inevitably collapse. It way not collapse in our lifetime. It is beyond our ability to repair it. I see no reason to believe that UBI will change our current situation in any meaningful and positive way. Even with UBI, welfare is not going anywhere.
I always felt that way too, for the most part. Perhaps they can carve it on my grave stone. Did his job, paid his taxes, had a kid. Was a good goy.

We know that such a thing will never happen. Although, eliminating welfare programs would reduce the flood and send many back where they came from, Welfare is never going to go away. Nobody in DC will ever do such a thing. We know that this is true and there is no point expending our energy on a dead end.

That particular man is not the point of my OP, just a recent example. If I used such a strategy and produced dozens of offspring, the story would be much different.

I imagine they would say..I made forty children firing on well more than twenty women, I was well compensated for my efforts and spent my time as I pleased. I win.

Can confirm. My Father was a dirty womanizing Welshman and now in his winter years thinks he is a druid. The guy almost looks like a Welshman too but more Mac.

Creating millions of retarded low iq whites will change nothing. Dumb whites can't change anything, they, along with the dumb non whites will be subject to the smart elites (whites, asians, jews). If the white working class population in England were to double tomorrow there would be no change to the trajectory of the nation, all that would happen is the date at which whites will become a minority will be 50-100 years further into the future. Dumb people, regardless of race, are very susceptible to the ideology of their time, and they, more so than smart people, will cling to it fervently, this is why dumb people are overwhelmingly Christian, the ideology of their time was Christianity. But now, and for the past 100 years or so, the ideology of our time is beginning to radically change, and it would be foolish to think that dumb people won't (and haven't already) start(ed) to cling to it like a new religion.

The only way to significantly change the trajectory is to change the elites, or to collapse the entire system. How this can be done I don't know, but spawning a bunch of retarded soon to be propagandized whites won't help.

White women aren't interested in having kids

Quit butchering our language.

That was proven incorrect almost a hundred years ago. Go drink a gallon of milk.

Case in point: Jews.

White Trash can be uplifted.

Niggers and others cannot.


Jews are White goy

Only problem is when the cash flow ends and you've become reliant on it. Morally I've got no problems with it, though.

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Perhaps not but it's a start.

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This is cultural appropriation.

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considering you are here, he probably is a druid

He should pump those numbers up even more good for him though.

if all dumb whites doubled in population over any period of time, then they would spill over the world and we could have our ethnoglobe

i hope each of his white sons have forty sons themselves, plenty of empty wombs to fill these days

More ike they would hit 14% of world population and still be outnumbered.

yes he does
he breeds good
i am sure the trait has passed on, he has so many offspring
the world of today is prime for r-selected exploitation

i wanna be like him

It's true that if his family wasn't getting the gibs, some sand niggers or pakis would be. But 40 white children raised by dishrag whore single mothers means his bloodline will end in one or two generations when his children inevitably race mix. The odds of them staying pure are against them with both single moms and living in the UK. There are better ways at countering the enemy's birthrates, wink wink

If the dumb white population doubled we'd be like contemporary Africa, why would you want this?

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So the niggers and muslims don't out number us.

A better base than Jew.

Nothing stops the niggers and mudslimes from breeding too. Well, one thing does.

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If the "dumb", anti-social (in the "fuck you i wont do what you tell me" kind of way. not the "i keep piss jugs and cum on the same figurine for years" way) white population exploded, it would be advisable to follow the Australia penal colony method to achieve positive results. A wealthy country bursting at the seams with these types could purchase multiple 99-year land leases each the size of the Netherlands all over Africa, Asia, and South America, ship those fools there and have a military duty station attached as a governorship over the penal colony. Put them to work on the land, make farms, etc. etc.

It'd be a done deal in 2 generations.

They are. Your point?

Yea the goverment should release the lone ranger he will take care of things for us in a jiffy.

Having 40 kids is a great thing. This dude, whether white nationalist or not, is a hero. I wish I could have forty kids. My goal is six

Why don't you make it forty then?

I'd do it if I could. Finding a good woman who wants more than one kid is hard enough. This man only got that many kids by being promiscuous with over twenty women. I think marriage is important, even if it would have to be polygynous (i.e. one male, many females, never the other way around)


>(((republic party on chad meme)))

This is what 1488 really means. Don’t think you’ve done your part by having one kid. As a white nationalist you need to have AT LEAST three kids to be above replacement for yourself, and even above that to make up for all of the white cucks who refuse to or cannot have kids. I plan to have more kids than a nigger on welfare. It’s a war of the demographics and you’re on the front line

OP checking in. Mike Holpin is in fact not relevant to the OP. He is just some guy. The basic idea is in the body of what I wrote. So far the arguments against this concept have been…

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When I read about this man, I wish I could meet him. I want to know if I could talk him into voluntary sterilization. For I would praise and not condemn his sexual talent, and yet… I think by topics of political economy as I would present them (and sadly only as I would present them, not as would one mimicking me) I could persuade him that a better course existed.

What if his baby mommas are niggers, jews and "asians"?

Go back to Saudi Arabia, western civilization doesn’t need viral-souled rape apes like you.

idiocracy was a documentary from the future

He isn't getting those welfare bucks either. Thats for his baby mommas

Faggot Thread SAGE

the more you leech the faster the system becomes unsustainable. you should always get as many welfare benefits as possible to spite (((them)))

that degrades the living standards of good people

I am not an asshole

I knew it. She isn't a blonde.