Philippine Midterm Election

I can smell it.

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Good maybe he'll kill Jim

Jim did nothing wrong.

dubs dubs confirmed
>Centrally, Duterte has made plain he intends to buy a great deal of Israeli arms.
>“Please, ask your people who are here to sell us arms,” he urged in the synagogue. “All of my equipments… I’ve always told the national security… I said, Buy it from the Israel companies. Because we are safe. Why? Because we are friends… What is the common denominator that makes us be friends? God. We believe in righteousness. We believe in karma…”

he's just being neutral

Believe it or not, in Philippines there is more freedom than in the West. They call Duterte a dictator? He's a freedom fighter.

he's a china's lap dog

Good news

Unfortunately, it seems that every single conservative has to pander to Zionist Jews in order to not get completely annihilated as a whole. Thankfully, Philipines is not like some of Western countries, and cannot truly hurt any of the opponents of Israel in the middle east because it simply lacks the power to do so

Gentiles around the world are forced to choose between the false dichotomy of Jews: between Zionist-Libertarian Jews and Globalist-Communist Jews. In Asia, it is pronounced even more geopolitically, as those two forces are reflected by America and China respectfully.

It's hard to realize that China-against-America is really just a false dichotomy: both sides are fucking kosher shit.

It is rather interesting that buying Israeli arms seems to diffuse American anger far more than buying American goods.

except china is aggressively eating the shit out of the philippines

I bet China is supporting his campaign.

on top of their predatory loans

China is Philippines's neighboring country and they were good friends for hundreds of years… and oh hey, did China attacked or bombed a country?


Neck yourself

The fact that you even wrote that shows that you belong there, I dont know what "ang palak malak" means.

Well, considering China is essentially 20 other countries swallowed up into the Han collective, I'd say yeah.
fuck off wumao

Are Philippines aryan? Because they have a lot Spanish in them and they speak Spanish

I agree, but you fail to understand the powers that be. Lurk more


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more free, okay.