Arthur, PBS Kids, and Propaganda for Kids

Arthur, the titular TV show from (most of) our youth, is still on the air. A lot of people outside of /co/ don't know that. What they also don't know is that it has devolved into a kind-of Simpsons for kids, that is it's still running despite wearing out its welcome, no one cares enough to keep up to date with it, and it's somehow still a staple of a television network despite this.

Two upcoming episodes illustrate this point. The first is image 1. it is obviously a memetically retarded element which will be nonsense and based around the current post-gamergate political climate. This is not as bad as the announced Season Premiere (image 2)

Mr. Ratburn marries a man.

This is all nonsense. This is what they're showing your children. There is so much more to the PBS Brainwashing Machine, especially with PBS Kids. ITT we discuss the PBS' brainwashing of children.

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Cyberchase, another show from (most of) our youth, is also still running. I tuned into an episode last year. I discovered that it was a shadow of itself as well. The episode had them crash land on a cyber-site in which they had to find a renewable fuel source. It was not only poz but boring as shit.

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The indoctrination of youth is nothing new, and most likely has been since our childhood when these shows premiered. It is just that it continues to get worse

Arthur being in the Jews' pocket has always been obvious since they tried to racialize Alan "The Brain" Powers as not merely being a brown bear, but instead an allegory for a mixed-race person by lightening the fur color of his mom and giving her blonde hair to make her seem like a coalburner.

Arthur is just one of those shows where you have to fap the the showering Jewess monkey despite of (or perhaps because of) its rampant degeneracy because there's such an animated cake deficiency on public TV.

Black Arthur fans are the most vocal against forced faggoty. /co/ pretty much throwing the blacks under the bus now.

When I made the OP, I was refering to 8/co/. Don't use 4Chan. Period.

What happened to the world man? I remember watching both of those shows when I was in preschool. I don't care anymore. I don't care what it takes, I just want my world back and I want the subhumans who have done this gone.

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Stories either end, or drag on long enough to turn into garbage.

Dude, this shit goes back decades, maybe not as bad, but it's there. I'm having a kid soon and wanted to get some children's books. I likes Busy world of Richard scarry when I was younger and I looked into it. Turns out , some of the stories were (((revised))) to edit out bows in hair to signify girls, and to take away gender norms to better reflect "-modern times". That was in the fucking 80s.

Isn't PBS like Burger BBC?

Only shit parents let their children watch TV

Who would have thought? I mean it's not like faggotry in much of the Middle East and Africa warrants the death penalty.


What do you people care about propaganda for kids? You haven’t been having any.

Middle eastern and African hatred for homosexuality Is one of few good traits they have besides controlling women.

Why are mods allowing two threads on this topic though?


It’s not comparable. Public broadcasting is far lower budget and relies on donations, not mandatory loicenses

can you imagine 2 separate anons making these threads the same night? it has to be one fag

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Reciprocate China’s firewall

Mr ratburn married a fudge packer

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When I was a kid my family didn't have cable so I didn't have a lot of options for entertainment. Now everybody's got the internet. I doubt this shit has much hold over the minds of kids anymore.

Is everyone here 16 now? The art style alone looks like the zoomiest zoomer shit I ever saw.

Not Mr. Cockburn? Do they use lube in Arthurland?

I miss Dudley Moore.

Too bad we can't control our parents

CalArts. It's responsible for Stephen Universe, the show where the yid kid lives with three lesbians.

RIP. Make five weiners, I'll eat six.

PBS, like anything that you see Ford and Rockefeller contribute to, is a bit of noblesse oblige and a bit of money laundering.

I'm in my early twenties and remember watching that show in the afternoons

pretty shitty volume you have there. Thanks for sharing though.

I read on the wiki that Ratburn danced with the female librarian Paige Turner. Anyone know what episode that was in? I'd like to review their chemistry. Is Ratburn possibly bisexual rather than gay? Hoping to get an MP4 we can use to show he was originally portrayed as hetero.

They took all the good parts out of Warner Brothers cartoons (like seeing the RR hit thr ground) in the 80s. My first encounter with the memory hole.

The Price is Right taught me about California emissions standards and that polite people call shitty art "nice conversation pieces." Oh, and spaying and neutering pets of course.

What is it with librarians and corny jokes?

How old are you?

Just curious how much of the cultural revolution you've had to endure.

Disgust for homosexuals used to be a nearly universal human trait.

It's amazing to me how fast that changed.

The writers had to have planned the joke.

I was spoiled on (mostly) decent British children's shows, so when Arthur and the like aired it wasn't appealing. That said, few American children's shows ever were. Even back then (mid 90's) they were nauseatingly PC; and I picked up on that as a child.

Wow, that animation looks like dogshit in comparison to the 90s version. What the hell happened to cartoons?

Lowered budgets

I’m calling bullshit

I'm turning 20 this year and i've seen it as a kid. Wow the animation's declined so badly.