Apparently, ugly feminists denying sex now. So what you say, boys:twitter.com/Alyssa_Milano/status/1127040792281767936

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who wants to fuck that withered roastie?

Beats me… nobody prolly.

AKA labia that doesn’t meet your sanctified approval? Why are beggars encouraged to be choosie again?

Oh yeah, because encouraging that gimps their reproductive success by conflicting them on the question of ever engaging in sex while making them murderously incompetent in their social lives.

Look, antinatalism can be pursued honestly. You don’t have to live in lies. We get it. Reproduction is dumb and the vatborn generation can’t come soon enough. But until then, can we avoid making a society pointlessly unpleasant and destabilized? Put your inquisitor energies towards R&D, wouldya?

Have sex

For All Reading: If we don’t want fascistic people, we have to teach people enough charisma that people are not completely hopeless in their personal lives. If you live in a pattern where you work to send hated tribal others to hell, you will have to deal with that pattern as well as its consequences. There isn’t always going to be someone like me safety-netting your dumb ass by pointing out the bad tactic.

On a related note, sexual activity “loosens” only virgins. The “stretched holes” meme was used to make misogynists look like desperate pedophiles. After virgin tightness is lost, the likely outcome of more sexual activity is more tightness due to experience with and exercise of relevant muscle groups.

Knowledge of this sort increases sexual charisma. If you care at all, care enough to get the details right. Give up hatred, FAR; it is taught to you by people who hate you.

Bet I’ve had more than you. o.O
I don’t even really like sex, though examining sexuality is fun when people aren’t abusing vulnerable men by trying to make them hateful.

Have sex

Wow we really needed this 3rd thread about this dumb shit instead of a necro-bump on a shit thread with a shit topic halfway down the catalog, utterly AMAZING level of intelligence.

Cool. Now we play the waiting game.

Someone make a deep fake and we can spam her with it.

But they can't deny that nobody wants their nasty ass.

Here's a hint

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Joke's on them, we have perfected waifubot technology.

Look everyone, a pseudointellectual retard that thinks his inane ramblings are intelligent.

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Look everyone, a proud idiot who can barely talk.

Hah! Don’t warn ‘em. These people are rare and pathetic. They scream “proudly” of how they suffer at the behest of inexorable forces, and whine “humorously” about how easily individuals of normal intelligence defeat them in rhetoric.

When we start?

what does this even fucking mean?

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More abortions for the kike god aka the Satan.

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One thing for all who is reading this thread here. If a woman is refusing to have sex with you, that means she is either SJW or support abortion. Get away with any excuse if you're going out in date with said woman.

At least we can avoid having sex with SJWs, lol.

I would have fucked Alyssa before she became SJW.
But after she lost her mind, nope.