Jews Lose

Do you believe for a minute that if The United States becomes the transgendered lefty faggot, nigger, muslim, mexican shit hole that they imagine, that the Chinese won't won't move in and take over in a minute? Either way you lose jews.

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A thread died for this crap - even though I agree.

The only reason Israel exists is because white men have been obligated to protect you. When we're gone, you're gone.

Degenerates are easier to control than whites, especially when those pesky white people start getting riled up - see Nazi Germany.

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Oh noes which quality topic did I slide?

The Chinks are degenerates too so maybe they'll work out a deal. No it doesn't work that way. Maybe the powers that be have something else in mind.

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The only real problem the United States has is the corrupted state of its surveillance organs. They don’t do enough to protect the peaceful and honest people on the fringes. Culturally speaking it is the free flow of information and the spectacular bizarrity that the USA puts out which is the greatest bulwark against China’s self-destructive fascistic incompetency. China has to put up high walls to keep virtual American influences out, for they know the basic honesty and kindness of America would destroy the willingness of the Chinese people to submit to the domestic embarrassment of their own government.

Faggots have pride, fool!

Chinks are just as Jewed as the American gentiles.

jews dont care about themselves. if theyre in a constant state of dying but not quite dead, they want to drag everyone else down with them, which is why theyre so dangerous.

these threads are too hot to handle

Chinese people do have access to the Internet through VPNs and tourism to the west, and they see the extreme degeneracy of the USA, they want no part of it. Chinese come to the west to study and they see every aspect of the west, and they want no part in suicidal madness.

Based chinkcoms

As long as the Chinese do not have the ability to intercept ICBMs, a transgendered, lefty faggot, muslim, nigger, spic infested shithole once called the USA is safe.

However, as it is, the Chinks are developing serious ABM-abilities and shooting down incoming warheads is becoming easier as technology progresses. They have tested various systems with success in the past years. And these system become more reliable in the future. The question is: how many termites is the Chink hive system ready or willing to sacrifice? One hundred millions, maybe two hundred million?

It was never about "winning" it's about defense, and profit.
"the jews" are rootless.
They can just leave.

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My sides are in orbit, you boomers get the rope too

every chinese student i have met didn't want to go home, and in fact many just overstay.

lol China is freer than the US

Nice anecdote!

Kys reddit.

This is why the jews are accelerating their plans with Donald Trump. In a few years, it'll be much harder to install such a good goy. I fully expect the U.S. to bomb Iran's nuclear research plants soon.

They can just transfer their wealth to Israel.

No I think our automatic hostility towards such groups is a huge mistake. We can't afford to forfeit people to the other team. People are born gay, the Jews aren't doing it. It's absurd to allow people under 18 to be empowered to take hormones or whatever they do.

I'm not sure why you think gays/trans are weak
Reminder pic
When you look at all that's happened to manning
the miracle pardon, the refusal to sell out truth seekers got her sent back to Jail. Now they're threatening her again.
99% ofd the pop. would of caved
Manning imo
Like a Boss

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Gays are powerful


Manning takes it up the ass good, like every tranny should

She can do the same outside of jail, lets not pretend she likes jail, jail is hell. This is a strong person standing up to Zog.

more like terrorized by jewish IMF, FED and world bank

Chankoro have the highest rate of default on Student Loans. Also, they never assimilate. Every town and city in the west has a Chinatown in the center of it crawling with their gangsters and espionage agents. There is no virtue in them intruding on our knowledge, education, industry and civilization. They are a quiet long term enemy. They must all be remigrated. If Japan rearms, they should rule over China.

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