We need to create a new ethnicity inside the corpus Europa

There is no way that we will be able to equalize our power difference with the arab, muslim and african populations invading Europe. They have Great Clan Structures. There is no way we can recreate that quickly enough and have a Great Clan with people related to each other.

(!) What we have been doing is a losing strategy. We can't continue to only identify with "all of white people" or "all Germans" and be done with it. We need to create our own Clan. Our own new ethnicity inside the body of the European People. We can't just be a bit right-wing and say stuff like "I will only hire the most qualified person for the job." We need to have at least as strong an ingroup preference as the Jews do. Where the new Actor for Spiderman was literally decided, because he was at the same Bar Mitzvah as the director.

This new Group has to think of themselves as basically a new ethnicity that is the sole inheritor of the European Spirit. The average European has more loyality to the state or society. Recently I listened to an interview of 2 German Guys, who got into a fight with Antifa. Even the so called "Journalists" helped Antifa beat them up. And in the media later it was portrayed as Radical Right-Wingers starting a fight with Journalists.
One guy lost his wife that he was married to for 16 years, because he was no longer invited to family events and that took a toll on her. The other guy lost his gf, because her parents deemed him as a neo nazi thug and hated him.

This is why I speak of more than just ideology or ethnicity alone. We need both to create a new kind of people. If we just had ideology, than the same thing might happen with families being divided and social pressure being used on the spouse or gf, because she associates with a radical. We need to be the ones that make use of ostracisation.

(!) Any kind of Great Family Structure is impossible to maintain with a 50% divorce rate. Which looks probably even worse, if we consider that most men are smart enough to understand that this new kind of "feminist social contract" has nothing to do with marriage anymore. If we allowed people to write whatever they want in their marriage contract (every marriage is a contract btw) and had the goverment enforce it, we would instantly, over night, be back to traditional marital law. So long term one of our goals should be to create a parallel inoffical legal structure that deals with family issues inside our Group. Like the Muslims, who shame people that go to the British Goverment to deal with divorces, we need to shame people that run to the Goverment and Courts to deal with family issues. We need our own version of Shariah law.


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And don't worry to any women reading this. I don't mean we implement islamic law. What I mean is that our new Ethnicity that we want to create needs to have its own set of almost religious laws. As a starting point we should look for laws that were written 100 years ago before WW1, so before first wave feminism happened. But that is for some sort of legal historian and other more knowledgable people than myself to figure out.

I honestly hoped the the Boers in South Africa at least did the latter thing. If Boers want to live independent, they need to already act like the live independent. That is just my advice.

We can also give out loans to people so we can all buy property in one area and live there. We of course need a good vetting process and wealthy people willing to give out loans for that. And we need to be like the Jews in Palestine that established their own homeland and not sell the property in the area to people outside our "tribe". This is very important, because it allows for the kind of intra community social pressures that makes stable marriages more likely.

(!) And a closing statement. If you fear that we don't get enough people to create anything substantial, then I just want to remind you that Albanians overall make up a very small percentage of the immigrant population. But their strong ethnic loyality to each other and their familiar ties are an extreme force multiplier that makes the goverment afraid of dealing with them too harshly. The only way to get respect is Strenght.
Also there is no Alternative to what I am saying. We can't let the other Europeans, who don't think like us, shape the destiny of our countries any longer. They are partly responsible for getting us into this mess. It's time to replace them.

(!) Now I don't really know how we can sell this to people without sounding too radical. On one hand we expliciately want to be radical and make a statement. But maybe we can just speak of a more traditional lifestyle and sharing a familiar bond without going into racial stuff publically to avoid Oppression from the Goverment.

tl,dr Read the Posts with (!) before them

Oh and I just want to emphasize again. This is not just ideology. If we do this correctly, over a few Generations we will become something like a new Ethnicity like the Orthodox Jews are in relation to Jews generally. This will turn us into a new kind of subethnicity.

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>This is why I speak of more than just ideology or ethnicity alone. We need both to create a new kind of people.

>We can't let the other Europeans, who don't think like us, shape the destiny of our countries any longer. They are partly responsible for getting us into this mess. It's time to replace them.

>But maybe we can just speak of a more traditional lifestyle and sharing a familiar bond without going into racial stuff publically to avoid Oppression from the Goverment.

>This will turn us into a new kind of subethnicity.

Yeah, this is kike shit. Fuck you (((OP))).

nice attempt at disinfo, you shill, for making it seem like I advocate for something I am not.

A group of cohesive, cooperating men in society is an automatic rifle in a knife fight. It’s not just the Ashkenazim; look at what the Freemasons accomplished in the American Revolution. A group with its own internal culture, status system, social network and shibboleths can defeat opponents 10,000 times their size.

Silly me, how could I leave out the very first line of (((OP))).
>There is no way that we will be able to equalize our power difference with the arab, muslim and african populations invading Europe.
There was really no need of me to read any further than this.

Fuck off kike, all I'm doing is quoting your own worthless words.

Then you are too low IQ for this intellectual discussion. Fuck off.


But not a "new ethnicity". OP is a hooknosed kike faggot.

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the problem is still the same as it is now: You cant do any of this through legal channels. If you could make pro-family laws stick then we wouldnt have had this problem in the first place.
You seriously think they will allow such marriage contracts? The moment it is disadvantageous to a woman, they abolish the law again.
The only reason it "works" for muslims is because they are violent and nobody wants to deal with that shit.

Just filter the IP hoppers. They will always, always, always, be one of the first three replies in any thread even tangentially related to any real-life figure or action on both here and halfchan, with the exact same scripts, lines, tactics and memes. Their only goal is to derail and bump limit the threads by baiting responses: the only way to win is not to play.

If there is anyone out there who can actually be convinced by Moarpheus shilling, believe me, you did NOT want then close to you in any sense. Just filter the shills and let them cull the heard of the schizotypals.

I have a few concerns with this

1. Groups traditionally recognize in group by visual cues. It's difficult to do this because other whites will look the same. Perhaps this could be used as a camouflage like the Jews do.

2. Location. It's hard to find a place to relocate a group of pol. Every proposed "let's start a country" bullahit thread has led to literally nothing.

3. Cooption by glowniggers. Alphabet feds will infiltrate and coopt. That's how GLR got murdered. That's how you get turned into a useful idiot working for your enemies. How to avoid?

Answer pls OP

Reciprocate the great firewall! China is playing people against each other to promote their fascistic x-risk!

basically we need our own secret society. not a network to conspire but one to help each other.

there are many options for that. first of all : small groups of friends who know each other, ONLY.

Good point. I talked about loans before, so in that vetting process, we'd definetly want to have detailed information about the workplace, their names, family, etc. Maybe that is the solution. I doubt Agents would like it, if people had detailed access to many personal information and have these Extremists even meet their own family.

Because what speaks against having a little party at the house of the Agent, if he wants to join the community?
And women traditionally used to be active members of communitues, so even if the Agent gets paired with another Agent as his decoy wife, she better be ready to be engaged in that community full-time. Like maybe organize some hangout there or there.

This life is a pretty big commitment. Of course that doesn't guarantee perfect security, because technically with a big enough effort an entire artifical life can be created for that Agent. But if we demand as much personal commitment, these Agents might be worried about their own personal safety, because then they'd get doxxed, if they ever get discovered. And because they'd have to be fully commited.

And all that he discovers is that thisi s a group of people that are closely knit and live traditionally.

Yeah, having some that vouches for another person is always good as well.

Bump. SS were trying that. What do we recognize eachother with? Secret greeting like Freemasons? We could look into Napoleon's Codex

There's nothing intellectual about this kike drivel you've written.

>we need to be like the (((Jews)))
I wonder what (((OP))) meant by this, if only my IQ was higher…

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Take a step back to realize how absurd this all is.
You are advocating for grand changes on an anonymous forum of people where you'll find one in three has a mental illenss.
Then you do this all while posting some shitty edit of a cartoon for teens and late-teens.
And to top it all off you reference a now-obscure political movement from Germany in the 1930s.
Doesn't that all sound a little insane?
People smarter than us will figure out a better way to deal with dysgenics and genetic health other than "lol kill a few hundred thousand" and we'll all look like idiots.

How do you determine that statistic? I think many more people are lurking, than the few bad apples that make themselves known.

I don't think this is even from a cartoon. No idea where it's from.

I talked nothing about that. People often post images that have nothing to do with a thread on imageboards.

No? German Peasents literally organized their own unoffical courts seperate from the Count to deal with their own affairs.

I just like putting my thoughts into written word. Sometimes I just have to do that. It's stimulating and better than thinking about it the whole day and doing nothing. I am just putting this out there.
And btw this is already happening. I talked with a lovely lady from Alaska. She and her husband is already organizing themselves, homeschooling their kids and building a tight knit community.

How is that for insane and absurd? It's already happening.

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No we don't nigger. I love being white.

By meeting with each other enough times that we know what our faces look like.

That one is made up, but it is there to point one thing out: there are more unhinged and mentally damaged people here than elsewhere, and they aren't all "our foes", many of them ARE us.
It's from "Darling in the Franxx", a shitty cartoon afaik.

I like your idea of tribalism but I just don't think any of it will actually come to be in the end.
Maybe it's just a general sense of hopelessness I am coming from. Though I do aspire to what those Alaskan chaps were doing in the future, however it feels like fighting a losing battle all too often.
Sorry for stinking up the thread.

Why does every cuckchanner who stops by think we need a "new word," "new ethnicity," "new slang term," "new ideology," "new religion," soon enough it will be new gender and new sexuality. Check the catalogue, everyday some wide eyed cuckchanner shows up and thinks he's going to be the hero that revolutionizes National Socialism. Stay back on your containment site already.

Sometimes I wonder, if guys like that are really shills like says or if we really have such low IQ individuals in here that can't even comprehend what I am talking about.

This is 100% jewthink, but it's technically correct. It's European boomers' parents' fault for letting themselves get cowed into this awful situation to begin with. The only real solution is to take out the ZOG, then turn the guns on anyone who won't self-deport, but that's exactly how (((they've))) set it up. It's a complete non-starter at this point.

I never said anyting about a monolithic european ethnicity. This works just as well as subcultures of your local european culture.

All this dotr-like stuff you speak of just won't hapen.
I really don't think it will, else we'd have observed a lot different course of occurrences in America..

I like the idea, I really do, but how will we be able to find us in such a chaotic environment and hostile atmosphere.
People need jobs and food.

How will you un-mix the Americans into their original local European races and cultures? No big movement can happen without American support.


So China will help OP create his new race? I'm not following you.

Why would I as a German be concerned about what the American are doing? lol

We managed to create a right-wing party that gets 15% in the elections without american help. So why do you think we somehow need to do a worldwide global campaign to do the things I am proposing?

They can help each other provide security, a community, jobs and opportunities.

Everyone wants to be part of something Greater.

Did your party succeed in creating the new race you're envisioning? Do 15% of Germans support that new race now?

I was thinking more in the way of "US will try to intervene and meddle with what is happening in Europe" (as they always have).
Not some sort of help from China, just a rebalancing of global power.
But you might not be so far off, with their lack for ethical concerns the Chinese might actually push genetic engineering in humans much further than any of the cucks in Europe or America ever could.
If we actually ever have full-featured genetic engineering in Humans it's GG for egalitarianism and equality anyways.

They can help each other provide security, a community, jobs and opportunities.
Everyone wants to be part of something Greater.
That'd be beautiful if these people even existed in such a form.

Of course they don't, but that is not the point I think.
It's more about coalescing into society a new kind of tribalism under whites/Europeans/Germans whatever group you want.
Basically a form of Vanguardism with bigger nodes.


It actually is so strong in Eastern Germany that it created a kind of pro-afd subculture there. It seemed to get enough votes and strong enough support that the bullying mechanism to weaken the Right in Eastern Germany lost a lot of power, because there is just so much support for the AfD in the East across the population that is can stand on its own.
At least in Saxony.

It's socially acceptable to be pro-afd there and families probably aren't going to divide over that or brand you as a social pariah.


it's in the name. blue eyes, blonde hair.

Exactly. If this happens, much of what OP mentioned will become moot.

This can only work in nuclear societies. Urban and suburban sprawl for jobs has made this vision impossible, and unless you can convince or force young members of your group to stay planted their whole lives, it won't be happening.

Yeah, the fact of modern rootlessness is of course a point too.
It seems to me like it is inevitable that "whites" will go extinct as a concept and race.

actually you use two pictures of anime, you aren't supporting western media, you are buying into the global consumer culture lol. How can you be a nationalist yet depend on the global mode of production jajaja

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>(((Western Media)))

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you mean like the english, international internet?
You mean like we are doing right now?

By not being an Autarkist.


More likely, the concept of "whites" will expand until it is meaningless. Just like Cubans and Italians became white, Middle Eastern people and hapas are also slowly becoming seen as white. History repeats itself and more will follow.

"Whites" won't disappear. "Whites" will be replaced by an extremely monolithic directory.

Yeah, but for all we care "whites" are extinct by then.
Separate European identities will be gone, replaced by a new, rootless, metropolitan and frivolous identity surmised of consumer goods and cheap social interaction.

Anime is significant of a hypercapitalist accelerated degeneration of substance and content to serve the identity of the viewer - this is why genre is superimposed over the fabric of any show - "bro, what type of anime do you like?"
How about you just make a good fucking show with diverse themes and characters. Hideaki Anno was ahead of his time with this shit, telling otakus o start living in the real world, and now, he ironically goes all-in on the consumer-model for the reboot (sequel) of NGE, and people complain, like he gives a fuck. He told you motherfuckers 20 years ago that you are all shit.
Also, speaking of western media, isn't it ironic that Avatar: The Last Airbender is better than any anime that has come out in the past 12 years?
maybe this criticism of yours is born out of an anti-establishment cynicism, the calarts critique is one which rejects the academic and reproducable aspect of the western animation industry. So, in bringing up calarts, you are actually asking for better western media which breathes a fresh piece of life into the cultural mythos. BTW, flash is the bigger sinner here in terms of cheap reproducability. And also, Gumball is one of the best and creative exercises of animations which has ever existed in western production, the inclusion of it in the calarts diagram is gratuitous.

the essence of my criticism was that which criticised nationalism as a principle of racial conservation - we exist in a global economy, we should attempt to understand this primacy before attempting to rewrite reality with our political theories.

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How about no?

Jesus christ.

le not an argument
give me some examples

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Anything, even the bottom tier like fucking Naruto is better than Avaturd.

okay so you are just being an anti-/co/ contrarian for the sake of it, nice speaking to you.

How will OP's "jobs and food" approach maintain isolated societies whose members live there their whole lives when the city offers jobs that pay 5x more for less effort? OP has a lot of endgame ideas, not no realistic proposals. I'm pretty sure that his party with 15% support isn't in favor of banning travel.

Kike lefist censor confirmed.

Yeah, bye bye faggot.

Nobody miss you and your faggot show.

when the fuck did i say anime needs to be banned you little shit? I literally criticised the anime industry so your autistic lizard brain starts firing off about censorship. You can like trash, just be honest with yourself at least.

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Just shut up and go.

Your IQ is infecting the whole room.

ooooo good one
I'm the faggot because i like western narratives
but you are a big strong man because you like cute little girls casting magic and blushing. homo.

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Clinging to anything is potentially dangerous, kike. Stop it. Distance yourself and try - once in a lifetime - to be objective.

Unironically, yeah, fuck off faggot.

When did you start taking hormones? you will never be the anime girl user

"The party" is the AfD, basically german equivalent of a bunch of trumpcucks with a few based lads in the background.
As I already said: I don't think a tribal culture is realistic in the modern world, no need to beat a horse I already declared dead. :^=(

I like anime. I haven't watched a show in thee years though.

I will always be a man, and you a faggot.

Now fuck right off.

what's wrong? are you mad?

This faggot is unironically spamming Stephen Trannyverse reaction images.

This is how bad modern Zig Forums is.

Yes, I'm mad, tranny.

I think his anti-anime stance is bait as is his entire posting.
This is not a real person.

Well, he baited me so shame on me I guess.

I am not anti-anime perse, I just hate weebs who defend every aspect of it's industrial culture, then turn around and make the exact same viable criticisms of western corporate art. If you want to improve anime, stop defending the moe and waifu shit.

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Anyways, before we derail entirely, my final stance is that some sort of coalition or tribalization in and of whites (or whatever you want to call your selected group) just won't happen as atomization proceeds ever further and people become more and more rootless.
It will be again like it has always been, effective corporate slavery, but with nicer shackles than the last 500-5000 years.

today, the tribes of white identity only revolve around internet communities like this board - maybe you need to incorporate this type of interface for full effectiveness

Maybe, but I think I stopped caring along the way.
I'm no longer really "racist", it all kind of seems false to me by now.
I don't know where this feeling is coming from, but so far things seem much less drastic than what I thought would happen a few years ago.

well, i would define the hysterical racism of a lot of people down to an alienation they feel as not being part of any meaningful social structure - this is why you watch neo-nazi documentaries and stuff and you see how much abuse racists have felt in their life - even Hitler took advantage of this collective trauma by assigning a scapegoat; The Jew.

But the fact is that alienation in this aspect is disappearing because people are experiencing more things in their direct life - their material oppression is more meaningful than an abstract social enemy. For example, you might see less radicalism on this site and others because maybe members are growing up and getting jobs and caring about their families and whatnot. Maybe some of them have even reformed and got along with minorities. idk.

I think an outburst of racism was initially had because Trump represented a white salvation from political correctness which exploded the pressure of secrecy - so explicit racism has been popular recently with stuff like the alt-right. After this initial explosion, we are experiencing a freefall.

Kinda like how you are really horny before and during cumming, but afterwards, there is calm.

back to >>>Zig Forums faggot

wtf is that thing?

i'm sorry you're mad

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Kek, you really couldn't think of a better analogy?
The shooting of a bow, the bending of springy metal and the clicking of a pen could all have served you well.

That aside, I am probably a pretty odd brand of "racist", I only use the term in as far as I'd be described like that by others, I don't really have anything against minorities, it's just that I feel my life, future and the future of my children is being encroached upon for trivial economic gains of a select few many of which disproportionately *are* jews I guess I could become some kind of leftist in the original sense of the word, but then again, national socialists were still, to a certain degree, leftists.
This whole "political direction" is probably just an arbitrated illusion.

Yes, human life is being destroyed in the attempt to make profit over the conservation of nature - this is most likely why "unnatural" things are occurring today, we are acting against a previous canon of understanding.

The doubt is in whether the past offers a greater truth than the future, though.

Thanks for clarifying that. I didn't read between the lines well enough to realize that OP's new ethnicity inside the corpus Europa was just a German MIGA identity.

I don't think he is necessarily MIGA, AfD is pretty kiked though.

Of course new situations require new solutions, but I don't think any of the "new solution" thinking done right now will lead anywhere.
What'll probably happen is the spread of a new kind of serfdom over the rest of society while a select few have the machines and thus the power.

The criticism of capitalism has always been socialism - workers owning the means of production would be the only utopian alternative.

Posts cringe Nazi cartoon

I think this is a false paradigm, it is possible to have a mesh of state-intervention and free market capitalism.

The "free market" is overrated, in the EU, we regulate food production so that we don't get poisoned, in USA, all your cheap food is full of crazy chemicals which make people sick. I think a greater emphasis on regulation is necessary for greater products, not a lack of regulation, because then you get capitalists trying to sell you bad milk.

Yes, I believe it has been successfully practised in many parts of Europe to have a strong and loyal state presence overlooking capitalist production to make sure consumers are protected. The problem, for me, is that this type of leftism doesn't go far enough. The corporate tax is still lower than the income tax on citizens - the poor pay more, relatively than the rich and so on, I see absolutely no need for it.


Seize the means of production.'

You kikes went all out today.

Yup, there need to be some authoritarian measures to curb all that planned obsolescence that is plaguing the progress of the human race.
What I mean is a shift from a consumer society to a repair-society.

I don't think this transition has to be authoritarian, the focus of work simply needs to be changed from profit-oriented to an expression of socially necessary labour. This would require centralising management towards the interests of the working class - this would reduce work time and open up job opportunities.

Want to know how I know you're jewish?

But when will such a system be so stable as to not still have a few powerful psychopaths emerge on top?

idk, that's why the public need a social relationship with the establishment, to be able to purge anyone acting against the interest of society

whatever you say


I have seen so many new versions of "it's this group (who isn't the jews) fault" over the past few days, that I'm beginning to wonder if this website moved its servers to Tel Aviv



Interestingly we might BECOME the agents if we operate like this. Utah is LDS central and huge swaths of mormons are in the alphabet agencies as this selection process socially works well for clearance requiring government work.

Also as mormons are basically a US/Canada thing they're like Jews with 99% of the internationalism taken out.

Yes, there is. By killing all who aren't white.
Violence solves everything. Genocide other races, and they lose.
Kill the enemy, and you win.
Start by killing all jews, which is both possible and pretty easy. Their paypigs won't be able to form any structure to organize themselves after the jews are killed, and will be even easier to kill.
There is no solution other than violence. Be violent. Kill the jews. Kill all enemies.

Yes Goy, Mormons are Jews. Our latest meme for the Stormtards.

Yes user. I am sure Richard Spencer is a Zionist Shill Jew, just because he said once that he holds up Israel as an example on how to do an ethnostate.

Am I banned?

Can't refute the triple parenthesis in (((Western Animation))) so you just double down? HA!!!

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