They're coming for you, Zig Forums


They're watching your every move. They don't want you to exist because they are the righteous, authoritarian communists but at the same time all-loving and knowing. If you agree with them that is.

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What are they gonna do? Hold me down & suck my dick?

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Based. I used to work for Jim and Ron and tried to warn others but nobody would listen. The Kikes, Glowniggers, and journos have been simultaneously leeching this place dry for a while now. Chodemonkey is such a greedy Sodomite gook that he'll gladly sell your information for a few shekels. Can't wait til Duterte offs his glowing faggot ass.

I'm not clicking that shit nigger

Nazis are broken weaklings. Learn to live in peace, you degenerates, or you’ll be too weak to live when technology makes earthly life eternal.

Want to destroy this place? Deport non-white people from majority white countries. Problem solved. If you don't we'll just end up taking over the West and then come pouring out and taking over the earth and the moon and so forth.

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Don't forget: You're here forever.

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To the fucking moon, yeah! Burb the whites and fly to the moon!

Most people are here directly because of "antifascists" and the like. The harder they try to oppress people the more our numbers will grow. The less people are able to freely express their opinions, the more they will resort to violence, that's basic psychology. Ironically the thing that would pacify so called "fascists" is to let them express their opinions on the same forums that communists use freely.

That’s been trued. Fascists are hateslaves unwanted in societies that aren’t reflexively obedient to tyranny.

They're going to suffer the same problem as everyone else who monitors this place as an opposing outsider: They'll let their own preconceived notions contaminate their research. They can't afford to actually observe this place too long or they risk being affected by it. So they end up learning almost nothing and as a result, any solution they propose ends up having no real effect (or even risks the opposite effect). It's a waste of time if all they're going to say is "This place is a hate-filled cesspit" and not gain any insight from observing it.

The problem is that once people learn to hate, letting go of hatred becomes this grand submission to authority, so they become completely blind to any authority but the one to which they “won’t submit”. That makes fascists practically among the most subservient people on the planet. They’ll obey anyone not perceived to be the one authority they’re able to see.

Fuck ur bot

The biggest thing an outsider is likely to miss is the self-enslavement factor.

t. hateful leftist who wants whites to die out

This must be the same guy pushing bernie sanders in that other thread

This is bait, but I'll bite.
A few counterpoints:
Despite wining world war two and seven decades of post war violence and propaganda against anything even vaguely similar to nazi sympathies, your kind has apparently been unable to eradicate the ideology. I'd hate to see how you fare against an enemy you consider to be strong and whole

Zig Forums is a board of peace.

This must be some of that "irony as a defense mechanism" I hear so much about. Read E. Micheal Jones. Your sexual liberation has enslaved you.

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Keep spamming retard everyone disregards your posts moron no one is even reading Them

Nazis remain highly abnormal people with basically nothing in their heads but abusiveness. They live with what they do to themselves.

I’ll note that after I called out CHINA for lacking dignity, the clownworld meme faded. Fascinating, that. China uses slave labor.


There's nothing wrong with hate, faggots. Just try being less pathetic and sooner or later you may begin to understand how to be a man and master all of your emotions.

Dude its a bot that responds to (you) look at my posts they are completley ignored since i didnt give him a (you)

I'm not even white and I agree with white supremacy movements. You wanna know why? Because in the 37 years of history that we've been here in the States, not a single white man has ever attacked us. The world would be safer if these spics, niggers, muds and kikes were to fucking straight-up vanish someday.

Sometimes when you reply to a retard, it's not for the benefit of the retard, but for the lurkers who actually have an iq over room temperature.

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I’m playing with my ID more than trying to hide who I am… Let me put it like this…

I’m a-sex-u-lol. I’m not sexually liberated. I have no earthly interest in sexuality. Other people in my past have sexually harassed me, but not I them; sex is disinteresting, while sexuality is fascinating but alien.

Ahem. No earthly interest in sex. Though I suppose in a manner of speaking my interest in sexuality is unearthly, haha!


Hate and love aren't even opposing emotions, hate and love are the same thing, hate is a form of love. You can't hate without knowing love, i.e. a father hates the murderer of his children.

If people become aware of Zig Forums they might learn the truth.
People who wrongthink should live in constant fear.
No more constitutional rights for you.
Spoken like a true Bolshevik.

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There's definitely a bot ITT.


True, but posts as low quality as his should just be disregarded

Very true, user.

Not really? People can have their sexualities. Normal people are massively common, overwhelmingly heterosexual, and just not totally broken to bigotry. They live lives they enjoy without obsessing about the eviljuice.

Love has no opposite.
Hate is the absence of love.

Love is a prerequisite for hate. You cannot feel any strong emotions without feeling compassion first. Apathy is the absence of love, not hate. It's apathy, not hate, that leads to nihilism and the Last Man.

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This place is very weak to outside thought. I enjoy threadsniping it by violating the local consensus. I had a lot of fun using antivax as an example of obedient self-enslavement of hateful people (hint, rich people don’t skip shots).

As I mentioned, it’s fascinating that insulting CHINA changes local “memetic” “patterns”. China is a nation desperately afraid of and vulnerable to defections in the current climate. Their leaders seem to feel like bugs, which is sad; good policy is good for everyone.

Quit turning them on with your suggestion. Lol

Hateful people cannot in my experience feel love at all until they get rid of hatred. Hate is a pervasive pattern, though not an unhealable one. I know the pain of letting go of hatred, and the relief after the pain is done. Learning to love again is worth doing.

They cannot have been hateful to begin with if they had not previously felt love. Hatred is a species of love.

This is some pretty thick lefty bullshit user.


Love is not an emotion or feeling. Love is humility. A loving man can not know what love is.

All emotions and feels are the same— hate, desire, pleasure, lust are the same and all completely separate from love. Love can not touch them.

Something to note about surveillance systems is that they reveal who can be bought and sold, threatened and cajoled. If you can find any one person incorruptible - they do exist - what good are they? A system must be implemented with many people. It will be blighted hard to find enough truly incorruptible people. The greater the watch, the harder it gets. A single factory might be observed by one incorruptible and already be too much. We can’t exactly hook any one person into a backbone AI to rest our whole defense against corruption on a single incorruptible soul.

Besides, the last time a famed watcher was renowned as incorruptible, that was Robespierre. We certainly wouldn’t want to strap a Robespierre into a backbone AI.

Yes it is. You haven't really thought out what you're saying. Love is not always humble, it's sometimes proud. It's attachment, compassion, the source of selfishness and selflessness. It's the fire that prods the body forth.

Love is the absence, the letting go of hate. That’s it just stop. There’s no more learning to do again that is desire which leads to pain, etc.

No, "absence" is emptiness of feeling, apathy nihilism. True love knows no peace.

That is honestly an interesting claim. I love my husband; despite my asexuality, I would want to raise a clone of him, though not to reproduce myself. I would say love is a feeling. It is not merely that I desire him, nor can I say I lust for him at all. Yet you would assert that love is not a feeling, but humility. Are you saying perhaps that love is the patience and trust to listen attentively to another?

Yes I have but that was my problem and yours too. Thinking has nothing to do with love.

That would require motivation, which requires genuine feelings. You can't be motivated to restrain yourself unless you care and feel for someone.

Love is the prerequisite of all human action, that and physical feelings of hunger and the pain of extreme variations in temperature.

Absence is also space. Only an empty heart can be filled.

As a rule, yes. But I was in a mood. Forgive my indulgences.

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Why is it your side that is always preaching to rid themselves of hate, and love man woo, when at the whiff of a dissenting voice sends you people into literal hate filled shit flinging? You bug people really lack self awareness.

This could backfire, if they dox Zig Forums then that means that there won't a reason why Zig Forumsacks would want to hide their power levels. Zig Forums would start trying redpilling their families neighbors, everyone they meet in face. It's much easier to convince something to someone face confidently then it is to write walls of paragraphs and telling someone to read.

Yes but love itself has no prerequisite and does not require thought.

This is actually quite accurate, i have had discussions with people face to face with entry level red pills, and i definitely saw the gears turning by the expression on their face. People have said i am influential, and i take any chance i can to try to get people to see, objectively, what is happening to society.

We didn't start the fire jew

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Does a samurai hate when he plunges his sword into his enemy. A samurai who is burdened with emotion is a dead samurai.

If you're still "hiding your power level" you're part of the fucking problem you useless piece of shit coward.

You're being excessively vague here. Pure poetic nonsense. I'm saying there's love and then there's nihilism, that's it. Nationalism and hatred are forms of love. Multiculturalism is simply due to ignorant bliss, dulled senses, hedonistic materialistic consumer-based nihilism.

You need time to become attached to things. You start with self-interest and go from there. Think like a baby does, a child loves his family, a teenager is driven by hormones into romance, etc.

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Leftist delusion and dishonor knows no bounds.

Oh no, I think I just shit my pants.
My mistake, they just shit their pants

You clearly haven't been in physical "life-or-death" combat before. Emotions are absolutely necessary. Ask any vet that. Obviously you've got to keep it under control, but you've to have a fire burning or else you'll just fucking die.

The saddest thing is how people can think that a love for your people, a willingness to stop criminals, terrorists and rape gangs, and an interest in history and philosophy; is evil. They are so brainwashed that they are forced to suppress all of their natural urges, and when confronted by what be a liberating truth; they break down because of all of the mental damage they've endured, and seek others among the brainwashed to re-affirm their delusions.


Why does the samurai fight, if he has no feelings at all? Your entire premise is horseshit, and you need to fuck off.

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If you think you can approach love head on then good luck. But that turns quickly to dogma.
We’re just singing from the same hymnal.

The fire is always burning.


The samurai must defend himself.

Hate is an immune response against repression. Imagine establishing your political platform on eliminating an entire human emotion. No matter who wins, the jews and commies will lose, it's just a question of whether non-whites will be physically removed from white countries or whites end up getting genocided by the invaders, not a question of whether or not the jews and their useful idiots will ever change the fundamental character of human beings. People who are against hate are evil. They know they are diseased and they work tirelessly to oppress anyone willing to point out their psychological sickness. I guess that makes them like AIDS in human form. If a tapeworm could speak, he'd tell you about the equality of all life and call you a bigot for trying to remove him from your child's belly.

Kill those who speak out against hatred!

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The question is, can we make an example of her?

You know what I mean.

Love has two separate meanings. An emotion/felling - "two youngbirds falling in love". Or a selfless desire to protect something - "I love my brother".

It's the same with hate. It can be emotional hatred - "I feel immense hatred for that kid who broke my toy" or it can be a selfless desire to destroy something - "Thou. shalt love thy neighbour, and hate thine enemy"

Both the emotional and emotionless states are entwined, one because of biochemistry and the second because it's the two sides of the same coin.

I'm not even talking about how one approaches it? I'm just saying that love and hate are the same thing and that saying love is the absence of feeling is bullshit because that's what nihilism and apathy are. Methodology wasn't really the essence of the discussion but your discursive thought-process has you speaking nonsensically. It's just vain poetic meaningless crap. You aren't even trying to make sense.
Nope. I definitely don't think love is an "absence".

Which requires motivation. HURR DURR

Tell that to all the faggots who kill themselves. The fire burns at various rates, some veer closer into meaningless nihilistic lives over others.

Are you sure they do? Its just insults and you could write something like that without even being here once. Especially that there is barely any "nazi" stuff here.

It's funny to see as you get ripped apart in this thread how your answers become shorter and shed a lot of the fat from your pilpul answers earlier in the thread.

Love is whole or it’s not love.
It’s hard to argue with that logic.

Well no. You don't wholly love everyone but you do love different people at various levels, it's like a plant that grows and develops over time. It's not strong at first. It sounds like you've never been in a relationship before.

I'm just saying that love and hate are the same thing
That is nihilism
The motivation is love. Love for my own life and my family
The fire is love.

What is nihilism?
Correct. that's a great motivation to fight, protect and restrain oneself. You're getting it.
Also correct.

Time is not a factor in love. Did you learn to love your mother. Did you learn to love your children.

Correction. I was quoting you.
That is nihilism
I’m glad.

removed from the globe user. ftfy

Like I said, it sounds like you've never been in a relationship before. You would probably scare the shit out of your first girlfriend saying something like this.
If your mother was taken away from you at an early age (I know what this is like) the love does not develop. You learn to love everyone, period. Your reasons for loving your mother at first are purely selfish, i.e. she feeds you. You love her like you love cheerios and bright colors. Love is like a plant that grows, it becomes more complex and multi-faceted over time. Love takes time, unless you're talking about self-love, which is more of a survival instinct and the desire to avoid pain.
If you've ever had one of those and lost one of those then you would know that it too takes time. From self-love to selflessness. Attachment takes time. You don't love an aborted fetus or a dead infant the way you love a fully grown 7-year old. The baby you hold in your arms is out of the same love the baby itself has for you, you see yourself in it but it just sees a provider and protector.

Nihilism is the absence of love not "just saying that love and hate are the same thing " because that doesn't make any fucking sense.

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You called them nazis, then you broke their nations, you attacked them unprovoked, and then you expect them to accept peace?

Your kind are really stupid and I'm not even white.

Shhh. One genocide at a time.

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you're only making yourself look like a pussy. Milkshakes and limp-wristed punches are not a big deal. Grow up kid.

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some here are "hiding your power level" because of there jobs or they are afraid of how people around them will react but if Zig Forums is doxed someone would confront them and they would either have to support everything they say here or fall back and deny everything. There wouldn't be half assing everything they say or sitting the fence while talking with their friends or family. So I say bring it.

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I have a wife and bunch of kids
Time is the enemy. Thinking your going to some day be better is the ultimate cop out. What’s wrong with right now.
Why bring a dead fetus into the discussion. What’s your agenda?
I never said that only quoted that.

They're cowards so they don't understand the psychology of non-cowards. It never occurs to them that men with nothing else to lose might take the fight directly to their own doorsteps, with guns. Really they don't understand male psychology at all.

When people lose everything, they lose it.

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Yet you sound like a teenage virgin.
We were talking about love not "being better" which is a completely different conversation, you can't even keep a straight line of thought, can you? And yes, excellence and virtue take time.
You asked if I learned to love my children.

Everything revolves around you and your feelings and experiences. I’m I supposed to feel bad for you?


No shit, that's the case with everyone. You're a human being, not a fucking robot.
Why would you feel bad? Love is worth any amount of loss or pain, it just takes time to grow.

I don’t think the world revolves around me.

I hope so. The world isn't your fucking feelings and experiences though.

Hope is violence.

Vague word is other vague word.

They're not gonna do shit.

How are the words hope and violence vague? Pretty straightforward.