Laying the philosophical groundwork for ethnonationalism and tearing down the most malignant lies of the cultural...

Laying the philosophical groundwork for ethnonationalism and tearing down the most malignant lies of the cultural marxists, one idea at a time.

In today's episode, I tackle the concept of the lottery of birth and put this nonsensical turd of an argument to rest.

It is a shocking bunch of bullshit that I'm unable to find any actual critique of John Rawls that refutes his veil of ignorance for what it is, an absurdist fairy tale.
We are each and every one of us the end result of millions of years of natural selection running its course, there is nothing about you being born into this particular time to your particular parents that is in any way arbitrary from a moral point of view.

The only somewhat serious criticisms of Rawls' ideas I've come across are from limp dicked cocksuckers of the austrian school who argue Rawls is wrong because duh, muh property rights. And this postmodernist faggot ( who although very long winded and verbose fails to arrive at a conclusion other than Rawls being wrong because he's a big old meanie whose discourse is "oppressive".
I am genuinely baffled that I seem to be alone in seeing through the bullshit of the "lottery of birth", surely I am not the only one?

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Can you give me an eli5, I don't understand what point you are trying to make, inb4 you call me a redditfag, i'm actually from 4chan, but my question is still relevant.

The "lottery of birth" is the idea that you could've been born to any parents, at any time, in any place with any natural talents or handicaps and that you just got really damn lucky having wound up where you are.

This is one of the primary lies underpinning the arguments made by those who attempt to oppose ethnonationalism on a rational basis — but as I've shown, it's the complete opposite. Attempting to construct a "rational" perspective is an impossibility if you're doing so based on irrational assumptions about the natural world.

It would be best if you'd kept that to yourself.

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If you want an example of exactly the type of cretin I'm talking about, have this.

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Good luck with that OP. The drones are so ignorant and cocksure they still think it's Nature VS Nurture rather than Nature AND Nurture. It's hilarious when you point out that their views on environmental determinism are actually complimentary to the hereditarians point of view and not at all conflicting by necessity.

I am making no attempt at appealing to those bound by dogma. My intention is to lay out in clear and brief language solutions to the most fundamental questions relating to moral philosophy, ethnonationalism and white pride in order to put them to rest.
There is a certain finality to this which is hard to overstate, literally the only way in order to challenge me on any of this is by challenging the very concept of natural selection since all I'm really doing is applying a darwinian perspective to morality.

How the FUCK am I the first to do this?

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Ethnonationalism is always a lie.

Let me extend on this. Ethnonationalism substitutes real affinities for something skin deep. It starts with a lie: you can tell who is safe and loyal to you by their pigmentation. This lie is then used to cover for countless other lies. Once you’ve proven yourself gullible enough for the first, you’ve proven yourself gullible enough for countless others. Furthermore, when safety has been “proven” by faulty means, you create a situation where the people around you are not ready to believe in violations.

If a Jewish serial killer targets “only” goyim, and were accepted nevertheless in that community, who would look at them as a suspect if a tenth of their victims are Jews? That’s why Jews don’t tolerate racism. You can be as they are.


I suspect that China is among the influences trying to “prove” the “superiority” of “whites”. They are doing this because their own community is rotted with multiple forms of ethnonationalism that have been (rather than being dismantled as occurred in more culturally competent nations) co-opted by a pan-ethnic concept. Yet the local panethnic concept in China is insufficiently well-tested (as by war etc), and it is also a breathtaking indignity on a international stage increasingly (and rightly) dominated by those whose panethnic concept is humanity.

China blames other nations for the humiliations that it inflicts upon itself. Part of being able to do that involves “proving” that the cultural superiorities of other nations (such as postethnic nationalism) are thin lies papering over an “essential” nature exculpatory to China. This is essentially incompetent. Postethnic thinking is real, meaningful, and very life-affirming.

China does not truthfully want to prove the superiority of pinkish beige skin tones. They want to prove that all minds are faulty in a way that government feels powerless to remediate in its own people. By establishing some kind of racial war construct they would have justification to inflict soulless garbage miseries on the world in the name of their own supposed Darwinist supremacy. The process would not be good for very many particular people, but it is a characteristic of past and present Chinese governance to be incapable of not worsening its problems by inflicting mass trauma. This too is among the ways that government humiliated itself.

I'm going to post my propaganda these all have citations to back them up, you an integrate some of it into your work or obviously just spread them around as I do.

They tell you that the United States has a problem with criminality, is this true?
58% of homicides are committed by blacks who constitute approximately 12% of the population. 26% of homicides are committed by Hispanics who constitute approximately 17% of the population. A mere 9% of homicides are committed by whites who constitute approximately 60% of the population. Similar disparities can be seen in all categorizations of crime. White Americans have roughly the same rates of criminality and victimization as whites in Luxembourg. And the DoJ analysis initiated by the Obama administration found no evidence of racial bias in the application of law except for a slight bias AGAINST whites in petty crime. Nor is there any correlation between crime rate and income once racial demographics are accounted for. Race is the most significant predictor of criminality.

The Hart-Cellar Act of 1965 opened the doors of America to the dregs of the world. We were promised by all parties involved that this law would not change the demographic makeup of America. In 1965 the US was 89% white, today it is 60% white. We were deliberately lied to.
And they had good reason. Currently white conservatives have a birthrate of 2.7, white liberals 0.9, jews 0.8, hispanics 1.7, blacks 1.2, and “others” 1.3. The only demographic in any industrial nation which is breeding at or above replacement level are right wing whites in America. That is why they are so desperate to import more non-whites, without that importation by 2050 America would be 75% white again and the vast majority would be voting so conservatively that the GOP would not be politically viable and would need to shift far to the right. They wanted to replace your fathers because they feared them. Now that more whites are coming to learn this truth they fear us even more.
Demography is destiny.
Demand your country back.
In this moment of dire threat, you are not alone. (LBJ’s speech in which he promises that immigration will not alter the demographics of America, he was a filthy liar)

If the US was entirely white it would have had a federal budget surplus of between 0.8 and 1.8 trillion every single year for the last 40 years.
Each white contributes a net of approximately 7,500USD to the federal government each year. Each black contributes a net of approximately -9,000USD to the federal government each year. Each hispanic contributes a net of approximately -6,000USD to the federal government each year. This is the cost of “diversity” incurred by the white America without accounting for the cost of incarceration of the prominently non-white criminals, law enforcement to countermand predominantly non-white crime, and the more generous state and city welfare systems which almost entirely benefit non-whites alone.

They keep telling you that “immigrants will pay for your retirement”, “immigrants do that jobs Americans won’t”, “immigrants are necessary to the economy”. This is demonstrably untrue in America where the primary immigrant group is hispanics. These people cost the federal government money by consuming more though welfare than they produce in taxable income. They have rates of real unemployment in excess of 40%. And even “affluent” immigrants of all backgrounds accrue more cost via state services and welfare than whites with substantially less income.
Furthermore every time a leftist tells you that they support wage increases ask them why they also support the importation of both unskilled and professional labor which devalues even measurably superior domestic labor simply by providing an excess supply of said labor.
It’s not about the economy it is about importing voters and destroying your political and economic power at every step. Demand a moratorium on all immigration.

Every time someone says that illegal immigrants aren’t criminals call them what they are, a liar.

Immigrants and nonwhites in general, who constitute nearly all immigrants since 1965, are demonstrably more criminal than white Americans. Nor can this trend be attributed to different governmental policies or “systemic racism” as the rates of criminality not only do not vary based upon the political affiliation of the administration or appointees holding legal positions but increase through time for non-whites while whites have had the same rates of criminality and crime victimization as whites in Luxembourg for generations. Indeed a DoJ analysis undertaken by the Obama administration found that whites were the racial demographic most likely to be arrested and convicted for a given crime but their low rates of criminality ensure they are underrepresented among criminals.

A population’s mean IQ is the most significant predictor of criminality and economic prosperity, and for 50 years we have collected extensive data with regard to IQ variation among various demographics. For 50 years there has been a consistent 18 point IQ gap between American whites and Asians who display a mean of 103/104 and blacks and hispanics who display a mean of 85/86. This gap has not closed despite hundreds of billions of dollars of expenditures, forced integration of school districts, welfare initiatives costing trillions, and when all else failed attempting to denigrate whites rather than uplift others. The gap has only widened and all evidence points to IQ being derived almost entirely from inheritable traits and invariable with regard to developmental environment.
The blacks, hispanics, arabs, and “people of color” cannot succeed because most of them lack inherent the capacity to do so. The truth is inviolate and will not change so as to conform to the arbitrary whims of political correctness.

You. Yes you WHITE MAN. Tired of getting lectured by traitorous leftists about what America “stands for”? Tired listening to those who would tear down the culture, legal foundations, religion, and history of your nation appeal to tradition or the Constitution as if they did not despise it and seek its destruction?

Remember that the America was founded as white nation and no non-white was a citizen. According to the 1790 Naturalization Act only “free white persons of good character” could become citizens after a two year vetting process by other proven citizens.

Birthright citizenship is not a law but merely a legal precedent set not by the ruling of court but by the notes of judge in his marginalia. It has no legal standing the instant we decide to discard it.
Demand a return to standards.
Make America White Again.

The idea of "lottery of birth" comes from a retarded chriatian notion that we all started as souls and were placed at randomly into babies.

The truth is that we are the product of our parents reproduction and are 50% of each of them, a continuation of them. Heidigerrian "throwness" is not random. We are part of a people by birth, and our peoples fortune is a consequence of our genes and actions.

This is a common jewish lie. Shut up and lurk more. Bones are different. Muscles are different. Brains are different and much much more. Learn.

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Illegal aliens are criminals by definition. You're already proving to be a niggerfaggot by muddying the waters of what was a simple point.

So you are saying my Chihuahua could have been born a dinosaur? I get it now.

By the way, I can prove the existence of an ancient conspiracy to control mankind. It’s easy.


Tea is a trick. It’s a control mechanism. Teaching people about tea alters their fluid consumption profile in a predictable way with predictable outcomes.

What alteration am I talking about? Teadrinkers boil their water before they drink, and they boil their water without neurotic safety-seeking behavior. They boil their water happily and as a matter of course.

Think about that next time you have a cup of tea, and know the joy of pronoia.

Fuck off.

Yeeeeah, you must be young OP. Because people like Rockwell took this approach and NOTHING, EVER, came of it. It's not about history or even the truth.

What you've described there is an advanced form of the Blank Slate Theory which is patently irrevalent and falsified by it's own requirement in that humans have instinctual prowess.

The original position as concieved by Rawls might be related to the blank slate but only superficially. Rawls does not deny natural talents (or handicaps).