Literally anything said by Zig Forums:

Literally anything said by Zig Forums:
Literally anything said by Zig Forums:

Change my mind, plz.

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a thread died for this

enjoy your permaban, don't forget to dilate your fleshwound cunt you sick freak

Hopefully this thread will die as well.
Remember to sage fags.

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They aren't sending their best, mein kameraden. Hell at least Tankies will debate. What even is this shit? And that pic is repulsive.

Gas yourself you Bolshevik kike. Reported and hidden. Enjoy your ban.

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/leftygag/ everyone.

this isn't 2016 lad.

Get out.

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reddit tier, tbh.

Then why does Zig Forums keep banning people for posting facts and statistics?

dup btfo

Troll harder kike

But class is a literal social construct :^)

hurr, structural reasons, and so on

I agree class struggle is reddit tier

Evolutionary biology? Uhhh… think I’ll skip this reading..
Evolutionary psychology? Sorry we can’t have nasty studies on ingroup bias and race get in the way of our totally non idealistic utopia
Consciousness? I’ll most definetly not be a materialist when it comes to this, lest I become a determinist

Leftypol users are unironic 80 IQ mongoloids who think they’re as deep as the ocean when they’re only literate of the surface of the shallowest of rivers

Does leftypol understand the disproportionate representation of jews in the ruling class?

there is a difference between understanding racial differences and wanting to deport them from "your" country.

Nice ID.
I guess I'll just start acting like a bourgeois, even though I didn't inherit 6+ million dollars. My attitude will surely fix problems inherent to a society that is based upon private ownership.

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nu/pol/ will pretend this is anything more than a shitty troll thread and (((mods))) will not do their jobs by deleting it

Good now that we both agree property isn’t real, I want you to give me a good reason why in today’s USA a white man from a purely individualistic and rational point of view won’t support movements that push for the supremacy of his in group (which is slowly being destroyed while he is told otherwise).

Knowing how ingroup bias works, knowing racial and cultural differences I want you to give me a good argument as to why i wouldn’t gain to deport them from “my country” which is only “mine” because our previous ancestors conquered it and made it their own through power.

Does Zig Forums understand the disproportionate representation of Irish in the news media?

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(((they are)))

Oink oink, faggot.

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Except the "bourgeois" Marx talks about are literally the Middle Class lmao

Please stop embarrassing yourself.

Your entire board is a joke that can't take the bantz. I've been banned on so many fake IPs just for posting sensible counterarguments to the autistic screeching that permeates your board. It's pathetic.

Shall we play a game?
I challenge anyone to find this picture (posted by the Parkers of sandy hook fame) anywhere on the net.
i have loads never seen before

The idea of enlightenment values is to challenge an idea like bias through rationality. A major problem on the right is that they often don't self-criticise because they are so steeped in ideology.

If your whole existence is a struggle for power then you are just a destructive person, what else can I tell you?

(pic related:) Marx talks about those, who are forced to sell their labor power (proletariat) and those who buy said labor power that profit from not paying the latter their whole worth of labor power (bourgeois).

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If by "bantz" you mean distortion and autism, you are right: we "can't take 'em,' meaning we do not tolerate them. If you actually READ A FUCKING BOOK, you are welcome amongst us.

I have the same question to you!

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Fuck off.

Nigger, ask me anything.

lel you sure are fucking stupid
If only our mods weren't such mind-broken cumdumpsters.

Pic related for how stupid you are.
Which is really, REALLY, fucking stupid.

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How much cum do you drink per week?

Meanwhile, in reality:

approx. zero. Although I drink like 10 facts a day.


Because /pol has always been run from Tel Aviv. Stormfags rim Jew ass over and over everytime the Jew creates another anti White meme.

lel and you said lelypol always tells the truth, you liar.

IN reality, 2% of the US population contributed over 1 billion dollars to the US elections in 2016.

The truth is that the left is often too academic so it may seem impenetrable if you are a white guy dispossessed of his historic power, living in a multicultural society.

The alt-right can give answers to the primacy of his identity and this can cause a toxic chain of ideological events. The left really need to confront white fragility in a less condescending way if they want to sway people.

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So when both an user from Zig Forums and an user from Zig Forums agree that some big pharma people need to be killed, who's lying?


Let me give you a TL;DR of what happened due to such policies:

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Hahaha this is the exact same moronic shit right wingers say about Marxism, that it’s just a world view that’s based on power structures, to use this as a critique, truly reveals that someone lacks materialism in their world view and is using it as some kind of “moral” high ground much like you accuse fascists of being ideologues. You ppl are seriously more unread and illiterate than most people on Zig Forums and above all you’re hypocrites in the flesh. Most of the poltards that you critique as ideologues atleast don’t pretend to pass as intelectual monsters, there’s less contradictions and hypocrisy in their world view than in the most literate among the Zig Forums users. This is demonstrable as you’ve just used some moralizing platitude and argues against something that is factual in communism. You’re the perfect example of my first post and thank you for showing it

OP is a fag
Change my mind, plz

ok keep acting stupid, but memes wont save you

What the fuck is that even supposed to mean?
You mean created by White people?

I wasn't moralising
if your whole worldview is "me vs you" then you will only see destruction wherever you go

Like 95% of factories, means of productions, lands, etc. were given over to "private holders" under the so called "regime change", all of which were created under state socialism, i.e. non of which were eligible to be owned by "private interests," which, omg, turned out to be FRENCH/GERMAN capitalists!


Meanwhile commies were:

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Nobody is communist, except a tiny fraction of losers.
But you aren't JUST a communist, you're a leftist, and guess what? Corporate Capital is all lefitst ideology bro.

liberalism does not equal leftism
i know you have built a giant Hillary strawman these past years, but you cannot defeat leftism by appealing to this model.

What regime change? What the fuck are you talking about?
You mean when White people left Africa? So you're crying that White people kept the things that White people built?

So why do Africans still want White people back with more colonialism?
You're not making any sense.

Were they REALLY French and/or German? Folks like you have a funny way of mixing (((certain things))) into the pot without saying so.

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Ok, nigger. Which matters more, in your opinion: "wypepo holding wealth" or the fact that society has equal access to said means of production?

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It literally does.

What the fuck are you talking about?
Bro, communism is deader than nazism at this point. Because its a shit ideology.


soy-addled homosexual tranny with Daddy issues

Change my mind.

The regime change every soviet economy went thru.

Wut. Have you seen a single map in mid 90's, you brainlet?

Communism is literally “proletariat vs bourgeoisie”, which is just an abstraction through group identification for “me vs them”. You’re a literal nigger hypocrite who neither read the “enlightened” authors, nor did you understand the philosophical views that leads to communism as an ideology. You’re actually an uneducated twat, like I said previously that all leftypol users are, why? Cause anyone who actually understands the views and realizations that lead to communism as an ideology, would never say something like that.

What the fuck is this "society" you're speaking of?

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Meanwhile, in reality.

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You mean the collapse?
Yeah it was a shithole full of niggers who couldn't maintain what the White man left behind.

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Great material, you should do standup!

Can you name them? Can you describe in concrete terms these phases? Of course not, because you are a booklet.

The USSR actually started and won the space race, you retard.

inb4 muh moon landing was a hoax

I got banned on Zig Forums for asking this simple question, why is it capitalism's fault when the problems that exist in capitalism are primarily if not entirely the fault of banks and speculators who do not own the means of production? Is it because banks fund them and their revolutions? Remember the financial crises of the 20th and 21st century especially the 2007 crash are the fault of bankers and banks were causing massive financial problems for the proles since before capitalism during feudalism. Worse is they had zero answers for the millionaire celebrities or other wealthy people who did not own any means of production so instead they just banned anyone saw through their marxist death cult.

That's fantastic. How about a couple thousand? It's called "When Victims Rule", a clearinghouse for information featuring over 10,000 citations from about 4,000 scholarly and mainstream bibliographic sources.

The working class will never sip their koolaid because as Lenin said "intellectuals are the feces of the revolution". They aren't the proles and the proles know it, worse is they only have ever insulted and held back the working class in their ivory towers. They're just the sort Ted warned about in his manifesto.

I actually agree with you. Those who believe that "le moon landin' a hox" are literally retarded, just like those who believe that "9/11 was un inside (((job)))"… But when I say that the USSR actually won the spacerace I'm referring to the tech that was developed and still used to this day: the fucking sputnik, the fuckin venus roaver and so on… The ussr literally won the race.

Hmm. It might have to do with the absolutely massive amounts of loans taken to improve living standards at that time, with no regard for just how huge and hopeless of a debt trap it will plunge the nation into later down the line. Just a guess.

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Truth exists in a pure and natural state.
Lies exist to counter the truth.
Therefore, your statements are true, in that they confirm the logic I have presented in this post: Zig Forums is lies is the truth.



US fags are literal brainlets


1)Leftypol defends feminism which is a strategy to D&C a society.
2)Leftypol thinks "white power" is racist but "black lives matter" is not which shows hypocresy because both movements are based on race existing. And race exists because a 5 year old can differenciate between a nigger and a chink.
3)Leftypol believes socialism works although it has never worked. It has never worked because money reflects work and without money you incentivize lazyness.
4)Leftypol ideology is mainstream which means the banks are interested in funding it. The same banks that keep the communities drugged. The same banks that finance all political parties. The same banks that don't pay any taxes. And the same banks that when a crysis comes get paid so that the system doesn't collapse.
5)Leftypol pretends immigration is needed but they don't realize we would need to take billions of people in order to make a change which in return would collapse western civilization.
6)Leftypol endorses homelessness and degeneracy as you can see in San Francisco or New York in the name of tolerance and pretend to be the good guys. They are not the good guys because they have more empathy for the immigrants than for the struggling citizen already in their country.


Well, you do need a brain for me to change your mind, duh

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The nostalgia towards the communist regime literally grew the last 20-30 years or so. Not just among those boomers who lived under the regime, but the youth who didn't as well. We, South-Europeans were objectively better off under communism.

Literally 10 million russians died thanks to your "glorious transition to capitalism".


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You have yet to demonstrate any exists, outside a 0.002% sample of unknown orientation.

Daily Reminder that capitalism and communism allied to fight National Socialism kiddo.
Its like you dont even know where the fuck you are.

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Whenever even the largest and wealthiest corporations make a deal, the news and markets makes it clear they have to ask the banks for approval. Imagine how powerful they are that even the corporations have to bow to them. The corporate media makes and allows jokes on its own networks all the time about the evil of corporations even when their leftist pundits and comedians and whatever are themselves apart of a corporation yet they won't dare touch the banks. Any criticism of banks is shouted down as antisemitic all the time despite virtually all the time nobody once mention jews, even the most prominent artists who lampooned the housing crisis caused by banks were targeted in this manner. Anyone who targets the banks especially even former bankers themselves like Stephen Goodson with a conscience is mysteriously killed or highly marginised in politics like nothing else but never the ones against corporations. It's become very clear the whole attack on anything but banks or crying about the means of production is a fucking misdirection of the one truth enemy of the people.

With Zig Forums their idiotic pig character is one that resembles not a CEO but a banker, like a pig version of the monopoly man who is himself based upon J.P. Morgan. The (((enemy))) is right in front of them and they aren't even the least bit aware of it.

Who exactly?

I know you are pretending to be a communist fag,but you could try a little harder.

If only you weren't such willingly pliant sevants of world jewry.

Its okay though, everyone makes mistakes. And its never too late for redemption.

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Oy vey JIDF!

You jerk off to these pics?

a spook: muh non-existent phenotype vs. yours.

Babby's first idiocy.

what about wage-laborer's power?
except it did, see above
Meanwhile, they literally don't:
Nigger, are u for real? Homelessness boomed like shit post-regime-change in soviet economies!

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I jerk off on your sister, and then your mom.
Neither is as worthwhile as those images.

I then stop jerking off and realize that an age makes not, it is man made.

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I'm disgusted, not only at OP for being a faggot and fishing with such shit bait, but some of the dumb fuckers here for actually biting.

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Gender is a social construct.
Gender is based on DNA


The mods here do nothing, and VPNs exist.
Its easy to manipulate a board like this without moderation to keep things in check.

Fact is, its possible, say, just as an example, that there are only 3 people posting in this thread, despite there being 27 IPs present therein.