Tulsi Gabbard: I Will Drop Charges Against Julian Assange and Edward Snowden as POTUS

Tulsi Gabbard: I Will Drop Charges Against Julian Assange and Edward Snowden as POTUS

I have a great deal of respect for what she is trying to do, but I expect the Democrats will never allow her to appear on the ballot.

Either way, you lose


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She's as big a kike lover as Trump. Next.

You're a fucking moron and should never post here again.

Imagine falling for false promises like this. Never going to happen, just look at Drumpf

None of the things you've posted on have any real significance compared to the loss of a free press.

literally who? does she admit that yids rape kids?

Dropping charges against either of those people does nothing for the current state of faggot journalists who should learn to code

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There's a simple proof. When Jews take over a country, do they buy up all the guns, or do they buy up all the media?

They do both. The media is used as a tool to remove your rights but that doesn't make it more important then the rights themselves. It's like saying the foundation of a house doesn't matter

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Without a truly free press, people can be manipulated into calling for their rights to be stripped away. It's a key right.
For example, due to control of the media, many gullible people are duped into calling for increased government surveillance, even in ways which contradict the 4th amendment.
After a school shooting, the Jews use the media to call for "common sense gun laws," even though the most liberal courts in this nation have ruled these measures to be in violation of 2a.
Freedom of expression/ freedom of the press is an order of magnitude more significant than any other right guaranteed under the constitution. Here is the reason the betrayal of the GOP on the first amendment is so substantial when they call for antisemitism laws and anti-israel boycott laws.

People who don't know it's impossible to buy a gun at a gun show without a background check shouldn't be allowed in politics.

Like I said, the Jews will never allow this person to be President. I respect what she is trying to do. I doubt she will have any success.

And YouTube deleted the video.

Neither of them decide who's relevant; we the People do.

She's an anti 2nd Amendment nutcase from Tuscon. Fuck off.

A politician makes a promise.

We all know politicians keep their promises. Right Zig Forums?


She all but names the Jew in the video. YouTube deleted it. I would say that's pretty relevant. Did they delete soph's channel?

If she seriously goes after the 2nd Amendment it finally gives the heavily-armed conservacuck larpers the casus belli they've been waiting for, what are you worried about?

Let the Jews have the civil strife they have been investing in for decades goy.

That's your post.

Funny how Rogan is more anti-ZOG than Jonestein is at this point. He was saying Iran should be "vaporized" on his show.

there is no point in voting 'cept with…..


Surely the blue team of ZOG will do good this time!

They crippled it, but she's getting ahead of the game. I'm watching her live stream of the fiasco and she's already talking about making a web site and using various alternative sites before this blows up further (due to interviews with Alex Jones etc.)

They own both you uneducated retard. Every major gun manufacturer is majority owned by kikes. Even the anti-fun ones like Pelosi. It's a great kike scam, get us to buy funs then legislate them away and get them back for free. Media control would have been great decades ago specifically 64 years ago but there is no longer a political solution.

They left soph's channel on because she is controlled opposition. They banned the video in OP because it increases antisemitism.


she is the biggest danger to certain interests.

>can't read English but loves (((the media)))
(((83d81b))) lmao

even the blue team has orders to shill against her, i am guessing she is one of those boring people with no dirt on them.

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Oh yeah yeah yeah, just like if they change the demographics from 90% white to 50% white, that will finally give Americans the excuse to rise up, or if they give niggers the right to vote, that will finally give Americans the excuse to rise up, and if they cut your child's dick off and turn him into a sex toy for 70 year old men…you'll finally rise up.

Same old "do our work for us goy and destroy yourselves, that way you'll really win!" shilling.

She's literally worse than Trump on most of the issues, if I was gonna vote for one (which I won't) it certainly won't be this dothead SJW clown

She's stealthpilling people on the JQ. They want to oy vey and shut her down. It's obvious.

'Tulsi is totally based, goy, plz vote and don't drop out of the system!"

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Tulsi is a respectable women.
I understand she thinks minorities should have special privileges to account for their suffering so I won't vote for her. But she seems fairly intelligent and unpurchased.

Our current political class should be hung from flag poles. Voting solves nothing.

Women have no place in the world other than food / baby making / home making / child rearing
The end


Mein inner Hitler chuckled


that is not going to get her elected anyway. Because i think of a man, and i take away reason and accountability.

which is why she should be tarred, feathered and savagely beaten on the way to the front gate of Washington before being bodily thrown out.

Before all of America yells as one mighty voice: BEGONE THOT!!

Free Assange

Give a little, take a lot. That's how they work.

why are woman so lazy and useless?