Eternal life for free

Sick of clown world? Wonder why God hasn't killed these faggots and satanic kikes that seem to have all the power? Haven't you read the scriptures? The antichrist one world government with a cashless society was prophesied to come at the end of the world. Jesus promised that he will destroy clown world at the end, the end game of these faggots is terror, destruction and everlasting fire.

LISTEN TO THESE WORDS: If you do not take the free gift of eternal life paid for by the blood of Jesus Christ, you will die in your sin and burn in hell with the faggots and kikes for eternity. Overcome the world and believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God.

Listen and believe for eternal life:

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I love how people spout this constantly but never directly link to the verses or say which verses say these things.

Take your meds, kikestian.


chekd and kekd

The congresswoman, a veteran of the Iraq war and the first Samoan and Hindu in Congress, quit her job as vice chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee to support Sanders.

He was crashed for your sins.

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The philosophy of christianity (not even capitalizing it) is low IQ cancer fit for muds, not whites.

jesus "christ" was a megalomaniacal jew, he sucked, and his "father" sucked.

Jesus seems like a cool person. If the kikes hate him so much, I think I am required to love him. I hope Jesus returns and does all that you say.

Literal Jewish psyops at work

Hear the gospel, believe it and you will have guaranteed eternal life that you can never lose no matter what you do, that is the promise of God. Peter even denied Christ 3 times out of fear of kikes yet still was saved because Jesus paid for every single sin with his blood.

I thought Peter was saved due to him repenting to jesus

This is not what the bible says, watch the video I linked it shows all the scriptures about eternal life its only 7 minutes long. Eternal life is 100% free gift and Jesus said the only requirement to receive it is to believe on him and thats it. Thats why its called the good news, glad tidings of great joy.

Praise the Lord brother.

κύριος Ἰησοῦς

Go away jew.

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identify with the eternal basis of being and you realize eternal life as the never-ending reincarnation of yourself in every individual consciousness and every moment that can be perceived. You're not going to live as this being forever no matter how hard you pretend otherwise. And if this is your goal, you're not even aiming at the right thing.

Pastor Anderson has a cool waifu and tons of cute kids. He should be your goal.

Reminder that xtianity is still the glue which holds together most white communities. It can and must be subverted to our cause.

As in Godan or Odin.
As in Saturnic as in Saturn.
Stop appropriating my culture, kike-on-a-stick-fag
Plagiarized works by Josephus. Thus, lies.
It's called 'reality'.
Like before "monies" when people traded goods directly.
Still do that for 70% of my "goods" and pay 0 tax to the jew.
Was a jew.
As in Old Norse 'synd' = "guilts", "wrong doings".
Fighting for truth and feedom is no sin, jew.
As in the Norse 'Hel'.
Stop appropriating my culture, jew.
A badge of honor for the jew.
The Celtae man is his own God.

I already received the gift, can I genocide shitskins without fear of divine repercussions now?

Reminder to properly plan your minecraft builds.

You can try to do that if God will let you, the bible says God will chasten and scourge every son whom he receiveth. If you are saved there is nothing you can do to go to hell. But God commanded us to preach the gospel, if you are going to slaughter anyone and get away with it, your most likely bet is faggots as they are the only people incapable of salvation because God already gave them over to a reprobate mind. They will never be able to believe on Jesus Christ according to Romans 1.

Instead of 'trusting the plan', how about we control our own destiny through action?

Go ahead, im just letting you know the bible says Jesus is going to pour out his wrath on these people, you can do what you want with your life. Im showing you how to get guaranteed eternal life according to the new testament. The bible says if you dont believe on Jesus Christ you will die in your sin and there is nothing more humiliating then burning in hell with the satanic jews that caused all this to happen in the first place.

It's literally the entire book of Revelations.

Kikestian schizo spam will be left up til post limit. Legitimate threads will be deleted instead.

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I want to share some old time culture with you self-humiliating bigot slaves and your incontinent suffering rages. Hear this, and know that you shall never submit to me, nor shall my ideas gain any currency, but shall fade impotent in this land of reason’s ruin. Hear this, nevertheless.

Substances can be acculturated. Just as boiling water to drink it is neurotic, yet boiling water for tea relieves neurotics, so it is with greater hazards. We could build a temple to a holy cocktail of drugs chosen to stimulate the body and mind with a potentially hazardous surge of drive and energy, then divert that energy immediately into sacred exercise machines. We could tear down gyms to which few people attend and replace them with cathedrals built against obesity. We could replace coaches with a priesthood whose hearts swell with joy as they goad their worshippers on and redose them at exact sacred intervals. We could build an ideology around it, and found it in music, and even teach people to sing cadence-hymns as they work.

Substances that cannot be given to the public because their dissemination is feared to produce madness, addiction, and broken bodies could be used instead with proper set and setting to produce glorious bodies! No longer would we be fatted aryan and nigger slaves fit only to be slaughtered, but we would have the bodies suitable to pursue our labors in this modern world with joy and efficiency!

None of this shall happen, for no ruler am I, but merely a man damned to freedom in an era of hatred, slavery, and lies. To do as I propose would change far too much, and the search for change is no longer allowed, for we are all to be stagnant in joyless hatred and corruption, lying to ourselves about what is beautiful in this world. Hear this, and know your heart shall be hardened. Hear this, and know my concept shall die unrealized.

wtf i worship the jewish mesiah now

How exactly do you plan to keep people there? An eternity in hell is an eternity for people to grown stronger and fight their way out.
Especially since, if there is an afterlife, and there is a hell, everyone in hell will know both that they are immortal, and that they have no need to engage in the social niceties and restraint that keeps society running. They will have literally nothing to lose (not even their life), and will have the entire universe to gain.
That is a guarantee that someone will break out, and if one person can, others can too.

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Nope, fuck off.

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The jews rejected and killed Jesus because they dont believe he is the Messiah. They are waiting for their messiah, the muslims are waiting for theirs, the buddhists are waiting for theirs and they will all see it at the same time, the antichrist. He will perform miracles and even summon fire from heaven, the world will worship him. Because you have seen this thread you will not be able to tell God that no one warned you and no one tried to give you the gospel on the day of judgement.

Go to Heaven. God loves kikes. God gave to us a faith that rendered us immobile in the face of the Jew. Don't kill the Jew. Forgive the Jew. Love your enemies. The Jew will win here where it's measurable, but be assured that that means you are winning somewhere else. Cede the world to the Jew. Christ has nothing to offer but the slaughter and enslavement of the Gentiles, and forgiveness and love for the Jew. I'll take everlasting fire over that.

Shit, just iqdb'd it and discovered that there's a slightly higher resolution version that I never knew about until now.
Still no source, sadly.

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t. someone who has only heard wolf preachers in this antichrist world. also someone who has never read the new testament of the king james bible cover to cover one time.

Did you even know there is a commandment to hate those who hate God. Love our enemies is a commandment but that is our enemies not God's. Satanic Kikes, faggots and false preachers are the #1 enemies of God. If our countries were obeying the bible we would of thrust all the Christ-rejecting jews out of our country and killed all faggots as we are commanded and as our ancestors used to do.

This is by design.

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So according to you, are William Luther Pierce, George Lincoln Rockwell, various NS leaders, and various deceased holocaust revisionists suffering eternal torment in hell for rejecting "Christ"?

Don't worry. You will go to Heaven filled with Blessed Jews like Abraham and I will burn in the fire for rejecting Jews. You will not sway me to your side Jew. I go with good men to the fire. Go with your Jews.

I would like to inform you that if thats true, youre the biggest fucking piece of shit. All christians are. Any christian that evangelizes is dooming listeners who dont believe, and that is horrible. So you convince drug addict number 10 about jesus but cant convince white jason with his white wife and son, and so those 3 burn forever, while you have to stare at an undescribable being with niggers and druggies.

If you never preached jesus, and jason never heard of him, would he still burn?

Me? No according to God: He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him.

So you believe that WLP et al are burning in hell then?

Yes and he would still burn. There is degrees of damnation and there is only one name under heaven whereby we might be saved and that name is Jesus Christ. You should stop worrying about Jason and worry that in your life, you ran into a soulwinner who preached eternal life for free by the blood of Jesus Christ and told you the truth. You should be thanking and praising God that he had mercy enough that despite your sin, Christ died for you and paid for your entry into heaven. He was even merciful enough to send a preacher to you and tell you about it.

Satan dubs say to believe a semitic religion that creates it's own problems then offers the solution to said problems… I'll take my chances in hell.

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Go shill your religion elsewhere.