Kikes/journos try to deplatform attempting to remove irrelevant audiobooks by amazon

Just keeping an eye on our enemies. They're still seething after BT and John Earnest. So they're now trying this hilarious scheme.

Funny that they don't go after the sites that platformed Islamic terrorists and two LGBT anti-trump spreeshooters. Which goes to show you that they don't care about terrorism at all, it's just an excuse to censor their political opposition.
Just to give a perspective to see how hyperbolic their lies are, there have been only:
6 WN terrorist attacks in 2019. (2 of them weren't fatal)
57 left-wing terrorist attacks in 2019
400+ Islamic terrorist attacks in 2019
Guess which ideology warrants worldwide censorship from all platforms? hint: it's not the second two
Keep in mind that leftists have a different criteria for right-wing, left-wing, and Islamic terrorist attacks. So the numbers are grossly inflated for right-wing terrorist attacks while being A "far-right terrorist attack" would be any attack conducted by a person who has right-wing views or said a slur regardless of the motive, even if those attacks fail. That's why they included Cesar Sayoc as a "far-right terrorist", despite him being a boomer who sent in fake bombs to George Soros.

However, leftists define "left-wing/Islamic terrorist attacks" as successful attacks that are done explicitly done in the name of an organization. So they'll exclude any lone wolf/"schochastic" terrorist attack done by their own camp. Here are a few examples:
1. A leftist who the powder sent to Trump got charged with nothing whatsoever:
2. Shootings conducted by two leftist faggots
3. Islamic terrorists plotting to cause terrorist attacks twice in a row.
4. Leftist black man wanting to kill all white people.
So imagine how many other terrorist attacks that they've swept under the rug?

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Feel free to post more memory-holed leftist terrorist attacks.

That's liberation battle to you chump.

N.T. Technology, Inc.
200 Paul Ave
San Francisco, CA 94124

N.T. Technology, Inc.
Suite 5901
9120 Double Diamond Parkway
Reno, NV 89521

Race Queen (RQI), Inc.
2303 Cityland 10 Tower 1, 156 H.V.
Dela Costa St. Makati City, Philippines

96 Mowat Avenue, Toronto, Ontario,
M6K 3M1, Canada

It should matter anyway because these kikes lie. They kvetch over 50 dead muslims and one dead Jew, but refuse to blink an eye at 250+ christians who died in Sri Lanka. Yet we're supposed to consider former ideology to be a bigger worldwide threat than the latter? How fucking stupid are they? The only reason why they haven't done that amount of damage in the US is because we've implemented the Muslim ban. Which proves that anti-immigration laws reduce the amount of terrorist attacks as a whole.

Jim Watkins is black:

How dare they, those racists!

You really want to play that game Moshe?

It wouldn't surprise me if they bought ads here specifically to track IPs from clicks.

1. Zig Forums is owned by glowniggers since pig fucked the cripple over .co domain
2. Chans are like hydra- when you cut one head off two grow back. Zig Forums ain't special in any way when it comes to that

It’s not a website, it’s an idea and the genie is out of the bottle.

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Bump for OP not being a worthless faggot.

Sieg Heil.

Who owns Zig Forums ?
The CIA/Mossad… This place is an über-Honeyplant kek.

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I hope that fat fucking pig Watkins is arrested and beheaded by Muslims in a Manila jail for pushing the /pol Nadhsees all these years for the Jews.

Don't give them any ideas as to why it's pointless. It's better if journos waste their time being self-unaware retards who conduct their "research" from plagiarizing debunked twitter takes.

(((natural and organic replies)))

I doubt anyone actually buys those books, probably gets way more from donations.

That demographic is consisted of dumb trannies, boomers, and kikes. Before you get worried, Zig Forums dealt with this type of shit repeatedly in the past over worse offenses. They even had their domain stolen and were subjected to months of DDOSing that made the site unusable.

From what I notice, trannies make up the majority of those likes/rts since they're obsessed with social media. If you didn't know before, they're less than 2% of the overall population in first world countries. Even if they do shut it down, we have sites like nanochan.

Someone should tell him this place runs on DoD servers thanks to the qlarpers. Most anons here are either three letter agencies, or AI, and those who aren't should know this site is an alphabet recruiting honeypot. Who hasn't been scouted at least once?
When running a dairy, milk occasionally spills unfortunately.


This is your daily reminder that the Jews hate the first amendment and are the enemies of freedom.

This is all.

Also, why did he need to use the word "gun?" A massacre is a massacre, is it not?

Quality journalism right there.

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Another reminder, there's a "Christchurch summit" today about the "dangers of online terrorism", despite the attack never being planned here. Say hello to your incompetent politicians and big tech lobbyists here:

Remember kids! You're literally a "radicalized terrorst" killing people if you cite data from an census.

It's more than that. These people are complete hypocrites. They don't actually believe all this stuff they're saying about how "private companies can do whatever they want". If twitter had a "no negroes" policy, or a "no muslims" policy, or a "no Jews" policy, these people would be up in arms and throwing a tantrum about duh civil rights laws. But when it's White people who are getting censored, they do a 180 and all turn into fucking libertarians. White people and only white people don't get to have civil rights.

Thanks captain obvious

I've given 8ch money.
Let's start those ovens, for real this time.

Not to mention that they're liars as well. Leftists frequently claim that it's not "censorship" because the government isn't involved, yet they're frequently conducting summits where governments pressure big tech to censor "terrorist speech" like OK symbols and statistics.

They over-exaggerate the threat of their opposition while downplaying the threat of their own base to give others the impression that we're the deadliest worldwide threat. Notice how non-US governments frequently use debunked information about "right-wing terrorist attacks outnumbering Islamic ones if we omit 9/11".

Whenever an attack is committed by those who share similar beliefs to us, then it's given weeks of airtime along with additional social media censorship of alt-lite types. In contrast, nothing is done to those who commit terrorist attacks in the name of leftism. These thwarted attacks got memoryholed:

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You mean the owners of this website?

Why are these dumb kikes so impotent?


Like, who exactly do they think they're arguing with? They keep trying this half-dicked measures against people who literally want to kill them.

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Are you talking about jews or whites, you fucking dipshit?

You're not bright. He's saying that people hate Jews because of their actions that intend to elevate their demographic above others. It's not because people were "radicalized" by books, jokes, social media, or youtube videos.

People here were" radicalized" by repeatedly noticing the fact that Jews and many other non-whites do everything to preserve their ethnic interests, yet they deny whites to do the same thing because it would hinder their parasitic relationship with them.

In the US, you're free to boycott any nation and state.
However, it's illegal by law to boycott Israel:
Protecting your own borders is considered "anti-Christian" and will net the US criticism for taking non-lethal action against it.
Yet it's swept under the rug when Israel can defends their borders by GUNNING invaders down:–19_Gaza_border_protests

Sieg Heil


Kek, so they're only tracking boomers and their own shills?

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Seething about 2 hoax events?

Good question

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Orale obvious-kun

That would be anyone who actually follows strict OPSEC. Why am I on Tor?