Mel Gibson Gases Kikes in new Comedy Movie, kikes buttblasted

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Oy vey, shut it down

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this will be memetic event
best mel will deliver

A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.


he WONT DEVIDE US>>13275191

Hopefully based Mel will deliver to some extent and it won't be some kike movie pretending to be something it's not

I eagerly await the outcome of this.

If it gets shut down, we know who is behind it and who has power where.

If it doesn't, we get to kek at Jews kvetching.

Holy shit what did you guys do to him KEK

Too much flag being captured broke him.

I think he's just one of those cuckristians

I think this is more likely a form of Jewish humiliation.

learn to spell "close".

Yep, I was right.

Implying that I wrote this.

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Life imitates art.

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Even by kike standards Seth Rogan is extremely lacking charisma department.
I don't get the mind-set, you want to Hollywood king of Mexicans?

One hand washes the other.

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Fuckin based road warrior, looking forward to the salt and tears and kvetching

Indeed. Checked.

i love mel gibson
no homo

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I may have terrible syntax, but you retards will eat up anything.
I hear avengers endgame is actually an allegory for the race war.
Retarded fat mutts.

In case you're reading this Mel (I know you are),


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Partial screenshot

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I don't know why some people are upset about this, It's just a comedy. Right? If it's just a comedy no need to get riled up eh? What's the problem?

Mel is definitely /ourguy/. This movie could produce a memetic database of unprecedented value. I hope he doesn't bends the knee as apology, which would explain he finally working again in multiple movies. I want to believe.

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Mel "apologises" like Gary Oldman "apologises" after sarcastically bending the knee and then telling people to read "Neal Gabler’s superb book about the Jews and Hollywood, An Empire of Their Own: How the Jews invented Hollywood".

Kikes realize the power of ridicule and want to continue dominating the (((comedy))) field as much as possible.

Exactly, like they did with MDE, which almost bleed through their censorship and hit normalfags.

4kids fucked him up hard.

I'm going to take my brother, and get really stoned with him, and it will be based.

Between looking like a twat having his flag stolen and friends only being his friends because hes famous he has many problems. Plus, odds are being a disney child star means he was passed around more than the town bycycle.

Mel Gibson is /ourguy/.

Zig Forums how are we going to prank Shia LaBeouf this time?

How can we leverage this for maximum butthurt?

Can we get Mel Gibson to take Fienstein's seat in congress? That would be a massive turnover.

This thread is kekistani levels cringy. It's another psyop to get Zig Forumstards into the cinemas, like that dragged movie.
Admitting to taking the worst kind of drugs and spacing out to Jewish bullshit makes you a proud moron.
As for kikes crying about this, who fucking cares? These kikes wouldn't last a minute around their siblings in Washington or even silicon valley.

He got his safe space anus violated by anons and his flag bunghole vcard captured

I get it. We can talk about gentile aristocracy and make jokes about them, we can talk about the people who own walmart etc, but we can't talk about rich jews. Thanks jews, but fuck you jews, I will talk about jews for my whole life and spread anti-semitism with my breath forever.

Same here user
Heil Hitler

Not forever. Only until we make them extinct.

Even then, it would be prudent to teach our children about the enemies of humanity and their crimes to ensure that there will never be a repeat of this period in mankind's history

I learned a new word today!
oh shit, it's in yiddish

Keep /tv/ faggotry out of Zig Forums.

Reciprocate the firewall

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Be careful goys.

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Sounds like cake and circuses . Do you really think the kikes are afraid? Do you really think this movie would be made or distributed anywhere if they weren't onboard?
stooped reading there

Am I wrong, Zig Forums, to go see this on opening day at the local Hollyjew?

you are wrong to be excited for a hollyjew movie
you are wrong to watch it on opening day in theaters
you are wrong to give money to hollyjew

That movie came out in the 70s

But it's the famous kike-hater Mad Max himself shiteing on the Illuminati user!

Mad Max will always be Mel Gibson in our hearts user.

better man than any former /ourguys/ from holywodz
normally they say like one of two things about jews and get btfo and get house arrested in their mansions until the funeral

The madman is doing it again

I remember that one

I reacted the same


I meant yes

#MAGAwithDACA Hispanics love Mel Gibson… many 8/pol/acks say it's because they are pure Aryan


Great movie. Featuring, I might add, the famous Mad Max in the starring role as teh Cock of the Walk.


Ban this cocksucker for wasted get.

I'll pass.

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Don't know how I feel about that but I do know going into the future we will have to make movies with jew characters in them played by goyish actors just like the Third Realm did.

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Maybe Mel slept his way to the top?
Surely recognized for his "talent" in the movie Summer City helped…
"Avalon; He was freaked out by the sexual advances of one of the biggest agents in Hollywood…
Avalon has written a book about his modelling and movie career 'From Steel City to Hollywood'

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Congratulations, Zig Forums

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You may have a valid point judging from past experience. Maybe, just maybe, this will be different

The little boy finally grew up

If its coming out in theaters and being advertised in the media it means that some jew somewhere thought it was suitably damaging to the psyche of the viewers and approved it. Even if it has 3 or 4 redpills, it would be buried under layers of subtility to the point where only those in the know would catch it but it would fly right past the heads of the normies.
I follow a few simple rules to try and avoid kike psychic manipulation bullshit, ive already suffered a lot in the short time im here on earth, One of these rule is:

trips for hollyjew getting razed

His mind was divided
Also his father is also jude and a convicted child rapist
Pro tip he raped shia back when shia was like three

True, but a jew will gut his granny for a few shekels.
If we are to fight the jew propaganda in movies it needs to be done with subtlety rather than smashing the viewer over the head with ideology a la Unplanned which just preach to the converted. It's how the jews do it - entertain, but stick in a nigger, women acting like men, welcoming the 'other', disguised anti-white sentiments, gays pretending they're not diseased deviants, but are just like us etc.
So, just a story line that includes heterosexual, single-race couples, no homos, feminine women and no sexual deviancy would be a start. A semblance of the real, non-libtard word that most people inhabit because it's normality for the majority. Reassert that it is fine not to be deviant.
Mind you, I still won't pay to see it, that's what torrents are for because the jew is still making shekels from the beginning to the end of the process.

Isn't avalon the very e-thot that posted her own nude pics, camwhored, had an abortion and is now a commie? That attention whore? I'm sure she's very credible, despite it being slightly believable based on kikewood's depravity.

Tough love works.

The same family that profited off a war by lying to both sides about it and were the main largest financial backers of imperialism, slavers, and colonialism guilty of all manner of crimes against humanity? That celebrated kike banking dynasty?

The Truth Will Set You Free. That And Work.

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"Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely described the incident as 'an anti-Semitic act of the worst and ugliest kind."
"Israel's ambassador to Switzerland, Jacob Keidar, reportedly contacted the hotel and informed Hotovely the signs had been removed."

These jews lmao i burst out laughing

Jews get so buttblasted over the smallest shit
contacts their fucking minister in israel about it to cry, ==hahahahahaha==

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Get in the shower

You assholes on here better accept him when he gets redpilled.

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There are no good jews my man.

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You would need to see the production credits to know who is involved with the film. Mel is worth like half a billion from real estate investing. He has more than enough to make this himself. You don’t actually have to get a gold star of approval from shlomo to make a film in jewlywood. The only question is whether or not it will get picked up for distribution.

Godspeed Mel, fuck these kikes

Let's see what he comes up with

Do the feelz exist? Is this real?

user, how can you propagate the memes from a show who's sole concept of masculinity lies in the form of a kike, named Brock (((Sampson))) with a giant hook nose?

and being that those doing the passing around were almost definitely jews, there's a strong motivation to convert to christianity

Especially as even after being made extinct, jewish souls could later reincarnate and start the whole cycle over again.
Only joking user, jews don't have souls.

no, Avalon is Man and the producer of Mel first movie credit "Summer City"
Avalon refused offer to pose nude in Cleo magazine, then later agreed…
Tell all book, Mel early circle… hmmm
sorry edit Avalon was freaked out…
"Avalon was freaked out by the sexual advances of one of the biggest agents in Hollywood…
Avalon has written a book about his modelling and movie career 'From Steel City to Hollywood'
pics related

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What are some other Zig Forums tier movies?

lmao this is a fcking b0t

You need to watch more Alex Jones. The Rothschild are BASED now, unlike our real enemies: the communist Chinese who control Hollywood and the Muslims who own the Federal Reserve.

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Easy way to shield him for the role is to point out that everyone will watch this because of the controversy.

Hang yourself with shame in your heart

It's a sad day when /tv/ had a way more redpilled reaction to this.


Every one of you excited for this should be ashamed. Nothing in hollywood gets greenlit without the jews' blessing.

Cleanliness and decency really are hostile to semites. Its in their goddam bible to be speshul snowflakes and only bathe a certain way, probably with little girls scrubbing their backsides. Its also in their genes to be massive kikes.

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Gotta disagree with you there.

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Exactly. Hollykike know Mel Gibson's popular because he's one of the few white men left in the business, and they know everybody intuitively hates kikes. When hollykike seem to pile on somebody, it makes more people want to go.

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If Jews had the interest of not fearing being able to sustain a remnant wouldn't they be doing all they could to halt the influence of countries who leave no remnants of cultures? E.g. Communist China's war on christianity?

If you are in this thread, keep telling the truth, brother and Godspeed!

Can't wait to see the sequel to the Passion. Wish there were a way to be an extra on set.