This is more relevant than ever

This is more relevant than ever.

War looms on the horizon. What will you tell your grandchildren you did when wars and talks of wars went down?

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Looks like we're all fucked. It was nice not knowing you.


because OP is acting like a faggot



What do these links have to do with the petrodollar?


Thank you for embedding. I am new to Zig Forums so I am altogether unfamiliar with and alternatives.

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No, OP IS an absolute faggot, bullshit contentless cocksuckery
Also, the video he linked implies the cold war wasn't just a show put on to justify moving ungodly amounts of money and building up the ZOG military.
Frankly, I'm really just posting because I know that cunt wont check your digits

Sage because OP is a faggot. Let the war begin! I'll be very proud to tell my stories of bayoneting spics and niggers.



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The global government was formed before most of us were born.
The Cold War was a pretence agreed between West and East regions.
There is no "International disagreement"
All diplomatic "talks" are theatrics for the benefit of the populace.
There are no nuclear weapons.
But yes, there will be a war, simply to cull White men.

Awful. I tried man I tried. I got one minute and twenty nine seconds in and it’s as much as I’ll care to listen to a jew or nigger esque rap shit about two warring factions of shitskin semite cults. Eco Naturism.
The plan is 100,000,000 total worldwide pop of only whites. Working on something to do with melanin levels and…..yeah atmospheric conditions………….if you’re any mixture of brown tough shit
7.4 bil removed or more is the goal gentlemen



idiot. This isn't about systems, it's about evil. It's about Jews.

Why have a destructive war to kill whites, when they are already sliding in extinction.

If they are patient, the darkes can get control of everything when they become the majority.

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No problem. In the end, White men always win and jews always lose, blackpill faggot.


Iranians aren't semites you retarded faggot.

Based Zoroastrians were legit but now the current muslim shit is pretty fucked. It’s all semetic over there q

Drunk typing didn’t mean to hit that
I’m fucking off now

at 4:50, i stopped watching

the iraq war gave us the foothold we need to isolate Turkey from arab islam over extension of power in the middle east
war atrocities attributed to USA are mostly the islamists purposely leaving their people in harms way and encouraging them to do things that put US forces at security risk.
If they build their military barracks in hospitals,
then we have to dismantle the hospital.
If we explode the so called hospital after painstakingly removing everybody first at considerable risk. We warn people to leave. They encourage their people to stay. Half of them are pretending to be sick and wounded undercover soldiers.
Through Arab muslim palestinian propaganda outlets, they report we're blowing up hospitals?
We actually provide medical assistance to all disarmed civilians, organize games with them, and treat them nicely so long as they don't break the rules of our protected zone.
Good atmosphere, except for the occasional suicide bombing on the front lines. That's why we have rules. When the war is over, these territories will be run by non-islamic, babylonian & syrian & persian non-muslim majoritiy people
plenty of people are ready to move back to these lands once it's safe again.
Arab islam religious governments only belong in Arabia. They are dreaming to think they can run all this shit over the middle east and africa and indonesia.
Iraq is Syrian Babylon Persian clay. Don't they even have their own majority relgiion? zorastrianism. islams, back the fuck up. yes we know its easy to mind control people to whatever religion you want. converting a bunch of regions by force is no proof that you're the new christianity.
i get it. muhammad was cool. everybody liked him. he was an arab islamist. he stayed in arabia. let mesopotamia out of your vice grip. abandon your allies in turkey. Persia is not naturally an islamic country. stop forcing islam on that region.

Fuck this video OP. But your poetic talk of grandchildren inspires me.

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This person identifies with the ZOG. Thinks Kikes and niggers are part of his "we" and "us."

good jews exist.
that's all this is about.
your solution will be radically different depending on your answer to that question

dont call me ZOG. We have a thread for that alread:

I don't hate you because you are a kike, I hate you because of your larpy geopolitics.
Having aspirations is good, dying for someone else's "freedom" is modern american cuckism.
If Islam collapses it will be under its own weight, war only grows the beast.

You are also retarded if you think trump is an enemy of saudi arabia, the main promoter of Islam.

I won't tell them anything, since there's no future for us Europeans anymore in the direction we're currently going, you stupid incompent bastard, this isn't fucking world war 2 you pleb where men still marry with white women in their early 20s and have a dozen kids, nowadays your lucky to marry in your 30s with a slut who has already fuck 3 dozen fucking niggers, and you'll be lucky to have one fucking pathetic child who god know what will become of him or her by the time they're fully grown, the best you can do is go on a shooting rampage and kill as many high end kikes as possible

Convince me why this thread shouldn't be deleted or ban newfag.

Lurk longer.



¿Y si me gusta el joker?

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