Golem turns on masters as kikes get CULTURALLY ENRICHED

When Pets Attack: Skyrocketing Attacks On NYC Jews Ignored Because Of Race
An epidemic of anti-Jewish violence in Brooklyn is being virtually ignored because many of the assailants are black and Hispanic.

Imagine that members of a religious minority were being frequently physically assaulted in America’s largest city at alarming rates. Imagine if members of that minority were being cold-cocked or spit on randomly for doing nothing more than being who they are and dressing how they dress. Imagine what a powerful and important story this would be to our country, how mobilized the media and government would be to stop it. But what if I told you that this is happening in New York City right now, and nobody seems to care very much? How can this be? I’ll explain it.
Orthodox Jews in New York City, specifically in Brooklyn, have experienced alarming rates of physical assault over the past year. The New York Police Department says that hate crimes in the city are up 67 percent this year. Of those, a whopping 80 percent have been anti-Semitic hate crimes. Just this week an Orthodox Jew just walking down the street was attacked from behind, punched in the head by an attacker who then ran away. In another incident this week, an Orthodox Jew was attacked by a group of men, one of whom shouted “You (expletive) Jew.”

This is an all too familiar story in Brooklyn these days, and there is a reason it isn’t being treated as a crisis by our media or government. That reason is that many if not most of the assailants are black or Hispanic men. In an article in The New York Times last October that was careful to point out, although without much evidence, that people of all descriptions are committing acts of anti-Semitism, Ginia Bellafante writes (emphasis mine), “In fact, it is the varied backgrounds of people who commit hate crimes in the city that make combating and talking about anti-Semitism in New York much harder.”
We should be clear about what this means. It means that if these assaults were being committed by white men in hoods or MAGA hats, it would not be “hard to talk about.” It would be a clear-cut case of bigotry that needs to be fought with every tool in our arsenal. Instead, journalists are wringing their hands about intersectionality, and careful not to indulge the narrative that these physical attacks are coming from blacks and Hispanics in bordering neighborhoods, even though that narrative is absolutely true.
I know this because I have done it myself. Back in February I wrote about these attacks and I wrote some things that I now regret and want to apologize to the Orthodox community for. I wrote that Orthodox Jews are a “strange set of neighbors,” and their insular ways lead to tension in communities. In retrospect, and through some Orthodox Jews who reached out to me, I see that this was not acceptable, that in fact, I was in some way blaming these Jews for their own assaults.
Just as bad, I was making excuses for these attackers, trying to a find a far more nuanced take than I ever would if the assailants were white men. Even as someone who writes often about race double standards in the media, I fell straight into the trap. I found it “hard to talk about” without placing some blame on both sides.
There is nothing wrong with taking historical racial prejudice into account when writing about racial tension. A conscientious journalist should have worries about painting groups with too broad a brush or promoting stereotypes, but this must be balanced with telling the truth and giving a story the attention it needs and deserves.
In this, both the media and the city government are failing badly, and this is part of why. I asked city councilman and candidate for public advocate Joe Borelli if he thought the city and Mayor Bill de Blasio were doing enough. He was succinct, “It seems like the outrage ended when they couldn’t tie these hate crimes to Trump.”
At a time when we hear anti-Semitic remarks from a U.S. congresswoman and blatant anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan still holds sway among black Americans, we need to focus on and address the roots of anti-Jewish bias and crime in New York City. It can’t be “too hard to talk about.” We have to talk about it, directly and bluntly.
Every week that goes by without doing so, more Jews will be hunted and attacked on the streets of Brooklyn.


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all the real Whites have long since left NYC, even the Italians and Irish.

The only "whites" will be Jews. Nigs and Spics look at a Jew with weird long black coat and hat and that clicks with something he remembers from a picture he saw in grammar school about "whites came to New World".

These fellow white people deserve it because of their white privilege.



What's that quote, doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result is the definition of insanity?

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This is one of the better arguments against immigration. Jews are honest post-racial people who deserve our protection. They draw the ire of bigoted hateslaves, but the secret of Jewish ascendancy is just… not being hateful.

Deprogram yourselves, goyls.

exactly, the shallowest, shittest, most degenerately corrupt people on the face of the earth and they wonder why they get punched in the back of the head walking down the street with their families. The only disappointing aspect of this story is they are not shot in the back of the head walking down the street with their families.

Jews don’t actually do anything to deserve the hatred. Acting like Jews is rare and effective. They’re safest in the first world because beige-skinned people by historical accident were the first society to notice that being kind, honest, and maybe a little cowardly was more prosperous than being Oonga Boonga Gotta Bigga Stix.

You may want to be a slave, but others don’t.

More power to these Kike hating spicks and niggers. They'll receive medals and awards when they're shipped off (First Class!) to the location of their choice after the White Nation Liberation War is over.

So like one kike attacked someone else is what im getting from the story.

I hope this post is satire, otherwise read this, yid

The jews are literally insane at the biological level, they're a danger to mankind

jewishencyclopedia com/articles/8123-insanity

haaretz com/israel-news/.premium-1.560128

First society after the Jews, I meant.

And it’s not strictly true; there have been knots of virtue in every society, and occasionally exalted knots in all non-fascist societies. Old Pheonicia also had something of a Sail Away response, between which they were for their era atypically honest merchants who prospered and brought prosperity to others.

But the gist of national characters in the modern day is kind of that the more like unto the best Jew a society’s average member is, the more prosperous it is.

Wow who ever could have predicted this? Too bad they already burned all their bridges with white people by conspiring to displace them from their own ancestral homelands and for that crime we now hate them too. Good job jews, you fucked up again, just like you always do.

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Are you blind or do you simply refuse to see? Jewish people are of the light. They reveal their own flaws. Israel leads the world in biotech - do you hate them for that? Their superiority is precisely that in their nature is a sprouting seed of cures for all ailments. You hate them for that tgey have shown their weaknesses; I adore them for that they are humble. It is in the light that power resides. For that reason, Jews are chosen of God, and empowered.

Their existence deserves hatred at this point. I hope that one day soon Iran nukes Israel. I would die happy with a grin from ear to ear.

This is why it's the Zionist Occupation Government, not the Kike Occupation Government.

You are vermin and if I ever see your face I'll kill you dead.

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get the fuck off this fucking board, you'll rot right beside them covered in flies

Based. This is why they shoa'd Farrakhan.

kill yourself pedo


OP omits article's final two lines:
Yeah, no it doesn't.

Hitler was the greatest man of the 20th century.

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proof that not all niggers are bad
they know who's pulling the strings
and smarter niggers (yes it's possible) are more independent minded than the 80% of euro fatburgers

The golems haven't turned on their masters. Haven't you been following the news? Whites labor to secure world Jewish hegemony.

When you punish a flaw that is shown to you in hatred, a flaw revealed in vileness, I tell you that what you do is either just or nearly so.

Yet when you punish a flaw that you learn of only because the bearers of that flaw gave themselves over to the truth of I Am That Is, and let the light of physical reality shine through them, what are you punishing but the will towards knowledge?

Punish not the light itself! If you would see prosperity in this world, let all that may be known be known, and work with the world you have been given!

If you would see schizophrenia cured in yourselves, let Israel research it!

This and this too

what the article fails the mention is that the niggers are retaliating for getting burned on their drug supplies
hebes (((russian mob))) have been facilitating the drug trade since the mob was put down and now heroin flow is being cut
so the niggers are beating down on the kikes for spoiling the drug market

Reality knocks, kike.

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We already developed the cure for jews and put in the bill of rights, whites 1 - jews 0

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They know how they act, they know what results it bring, they know how to manipulate with press. There is no surprise, they know exactly what they are doing. The same old kvetching attack on ZOG victims and soon latinos will be white nazis too, forced to repent with money.

The true oligarchical jews don't give a shit. These are their lesser cousins on the ground getting attacked, not the ultra-rich rothschild tier jews safely in their mansions and gated communities. If anything the upper echelon jews want their lower tier cousins to be attacked so they can use it to push more laws against whites, even if it's shitskins attacking. Still, it's heartening to see the backlash building.

If you hate Jews its because you are one. People who hate on the jews should drown themselves.


not to sat these fucking degenerates do not deal in porn, petty loan sharking, narcotics financing, murder, child porn…….. Zig Forums let us all hold hands and feel sorry for scum of unequal measure

Really convincing argument. Really made me think.

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seal team six should take these fuckers out. Allow the niggers and spics on the street to punch a rabbi in their skull as they walk by……. soon enough, they'll be living in ghettos of their own design.

^what they said

navy seals are nothing but bloodthirsty mercenaries that work for the judeoligarchs
the recent pardon of the army lieutenant was a smokescreen for approval for the recent heavily suppressed news about widespread seal team murderboners in iraq

I agree but the point is valid. the us military has made uday & qusay look like choir boys, but they're dead now and iraq was better off before the jew bought bush's

When George W Bush said, "We have to fight them over there so we don't have to fight them over here," he was talking about the white soldier class who would have otherwise burned the jews at the stake - literally - for their crimes against our white nations. Turning such men loose on the jews is the only way out.

1) Figure out where there are niggers (this should be easy)
2) Get them riled up by posting as Shlomo Goldberg
3) ???
4) WE

they're welfare whores. their sense of leadership is being given an area of operations in which to cause maximum destruction with as much ordinance as possible. literally 9/10s of the US armed forces are miserable shit heads who would kill each other for fun if it didn't mean they'd get a reprimand. worse than the red army ever was

So this is the power of jewish insanity, whoa. You heebrats are like diseased vermin or a mad dog that needs to be put down before it can give others rabies.






But you know what loony-toon, you caught us. We're definitely jews, yeah. I'm your cousin Mordecai and me and Ari are going to gas all the kikes for their crimes against humanity.

nigger should be riled up, no one has hurt them more than jews, as semites jews were the slave trade, the problem with niggers is 85% of them their IQ is so fucking low without a watch they wouldn't know if it was day or night

what i'm getting at is that there is absolutely no power structure that can subvert the jewish control of this country in place. leadership and resistance would have to start in the streets. niggers are resisting in their own way by attacking kikes because its a drug war but, we're totally cowed from the white house to the neighborhoods.


what do you suggest?

That's because whites and others keep trying to play the jew's games of media, finance, and politics but we need to force them to play the white man's game they have always been shit at, warfare. I hope they rebuild that shitty third temple of theirs while sucking off their red cow so I can see the rise of the Titus of our generation and how he turns it into rubble for the whole world to see then the complete final total eradication of jews once and for all. No more games, no more expulsions, no more repeats of history. We have to end it now and forever.

well, its just gonna be a shit show. the end times are obviously fucking nigh. every year is a struggle against degeneracy and barbarism for all of us. we either organize and pull down this fucking federal government or we die like cattle.

Nerve gas works just as well desu.

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this isn't much of a barrier from non-whites getting hold of large amounts of nerve agents or other WMDs in the US and using them on us either. which is the real time bomb of our massive strategic weapon stocks being used to kill the last white resistance in america and then europe proper.

Unlikely, because most of the shitskin population is concentrated in high density urban areas, while there's enough rural whites to make it an impracticable way of fighting them. Usage of such weapons against concentrated populations of our enemies should absolutely be standard operating procedure because it has become an apocalyptic war to secure the survival of the white race. Nothing is off the table.

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most of the european american population surrounds the cities in suburban counties though. if there are any persistent chemical strikes on the cities out of the blue than larger groups of europeans will die off compared to the millions of non-whites. not to be contrarian but, street fighting block by block will be less costly for what is remaining of the pro-white faction when the war kicks off

Your weakness is more disgusting than your image, but someday even you shall once more know joy in this life. Your lies will fail you; the most economical race is that which knows reality indeed!

Look how concentrated these demographic areas are. Nerve gas would be tremendously effective at targeting specific racial groups without an unjustifiable amount of collateral damage to whites.

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More broadly, don’t you people tire of being broken hateslaves pretending you know real laughter? There is a better way than submission. You may all stand proud in the strength of the material if you will but be humble enough to not be destroyed by truth.

I have known the pain of being lied about and the weakness of serving hatred’s cause; I have known also that might sufficient to redeem anyone, which rises from the self. May all of you also someday know your higher selves, and cringe no more in fearful “laughter” of those brave enough to stand before what is.

Mine is the truer laugh.

I know things that none of you are bold enough to know. If you are truly strong, defy your chains! There is joy in this life if you will cease to obey hatred!

What hatred? We obey love of our Volk.


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Satan's own Zionists hate them. They told them to stay in Germany during the deportations before and during WWII in hopes they would be killed so they could use them in propaganda. "Oy vey! Look how they persecute "us" Jews!".

Good call Moishe. Establish your political philosophy at eliminating hatred - at making an entire human emotion disappear - I'll bet that works out for you great. I'm sure it won't be a monumental fuckup of the most inelegant proportions just like your people always make. Fuckin' stupid kikes you just never learn.

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Where did they mostly go? Long Island?

First abortion, next the pill. Roasties dead bodies will pile up in the streets.

The day of the rope is one month closer.

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well i think our largest nerve agent stockpile is still VX ~10kt worth according to the treaty schedule amounts already destroyed compared with what we claim
i'm guessing 1kg/100m^2. NYC's 800^2km area alone would require 8t. i think the optimal load is 5kg warheads which requires 155mm howitzer or similar gun

Antisemitism is en vogue.


It's sad that the average nig is more woke to the JQ than the average white person

Wait, isn't that just getting jumped? Aren't they inferring the motive because of the victim and not actual fact?

they just exploit it as another platform to cry about the holocaust and how the world owes them difference to their criminality

Our humor is based on legitimate truth. This 'truer laugh' you claim to experience is based on comfortable lies you willingly submit yourself to so as to continue moving along with your head down. You know nothing of actual freedom, just slavery under the illusion of a 'truth' you're unwilling to actually question. No. The fact that you can't find comfort in what nature teaches, but what delusion hammers into your mind until it becomes an automated response is not freedom.

You are a slave. One who happily bears the iron weighing heavily around your neck.

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yeah despite widespread drug probs and gangsta rappa culture niggers have a large positivist community. it would probably fall apart without the white titty milk making their lives easy but at least for a generation they could support an independent state in america.

I Told you bagel Nazi faggots that this was the way to go for now. Learn to delight in kikes getting divided and conquered…and their pets biting them.

This is tbe pseudozen cuck that was raped by itz dad & it has been shitting up the threads virtue-signalling as if most of us don't know intense acute emotional states limit higher potential .

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jews in brooklyn operate a paramilitary organization that handles lightwork on niggers and spics in the hasidic neighborhoods. they receive hundreds of thousands from the city and state to operate a vigilante organization. they beat niggers to death and dump them in the ghetto. also cases of them protecting jewish pedophiles from the police and feds.
every time

Fuck white people :^)

EVERY TIME A JEW ENCOUNTERS MISFORTUNE, even if it is the ultimate misfortune, you must celebrate and be happy. Misery and suffering experienced by jews is the joy of good gentile goyish people. Every time a jew or jewish family is in pain or misery, it is important for gentiles to be filled with laughter.

Reciprocate the liarwall

blacks can get away with any attacks on the jews. trump should hire a black lawyer, the deep state would have no attack on him.

You cannot escape the BASED BLACKs and browns now, kike.
Even Israel itself will soon be majority Muslim.
Just end it all right now before niggers start Anuddah Shoah.




We should find some way to network with black and hispanic communities and share with them the locations and blueprints of synagogues and emphasize how wealthy and feeble Jews are.

This is because I believe blacks and hispanics are heroic moral people and they will feel inclined to help protect vulnerable and wealthy jews if they only knew how much their help was needed.

Remember, Shlomo.
The reason of antisemitism is a Jewish behavior.
To eradicate antisemitism, once and for all, you must eradicate all the Jews.
No Jews = no antisemitism.
Now go to start with yourself first, it's pretty simple, i assure you.

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They need to take that shit to Jersey

This is awesome. The media is so ideologically captured they can't even report the actual news. It's like how in 2016 they insisted that Trump support was driven by white resentment and white resentment alone, ignoring those who did not resent minorities but just the lousy rule of the elite and wanted to vote against the best candidate that elite money could buy.

You along with all these other people are pieces of shit. Keep anonymously posting your hate you cocksucker

You’ll never eradicate us 😉

If only Hitler and frens were around now, the jews could be save in their camps.

Don't flatter yourself. It's impossible to hate your inferiors, unless it the way one might "hate" ants at a picnic or an infestation of termites.

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he's right, though, it does need to change.

it needs to accelerate.

Karma is a bitch
So satisfying seeing the jew run for his life, probably the first time in his life he made some physical exercise, a pogrom must be really fun

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