8ch was used to live stream massacre according to the new Zealand government controlled radio station

>rnz.co.nz/news/world/389232/philippines-considers-action-against-4chan-and-Zig Forums
8ch was used to live stream massacre according to the new Zealand government controlled radio station.

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Those dog eating wannabe Asians can do whatever they want, it’s not like they’re actually people.

Wow I thought Duterte was based. Guess I was wrong

It could be over, goys

Call me when they try to take action towards instagram and FB for "radicalizing" anti-Trump spree shooters.

Is my shit posting really dangerous?


Also. I'm new here. The Chan's have been getting a lot of publicity in new Zealand mainstream "news"

They did it to wreck Zig Forums and make it unusable.

Zig Forums is thriving, and more hateful than ever, if anything they’ve thrown gasoline on the fire.

based duterte hiring muds.

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Kek it wasn't even on here first and the investigation itself admits this.

Isn't Zig Forums hosted in the US anyway?

not surprising NZ's PM claimed there was 1 shooter and 2 accomplices in here big speech

Reminder to familiarize yourself with our bunkers so you know where to regroup once 8ch goes down.

why of course fellow anonymous user. speaking of where are our bunkers?

New Zealand "news" has always been lying to us but with this event which has had coverage from independent sources from outside this country their lies are blatantly obvious

Do you have the address to your local FBI office's and their homes? Look there, many hidden riches lie in wait for when they are needed. Great bunkers indeed.

But muh based bug duterte deterring bangers with guns and sheer sheeeeitttt man
Damn. Almost like only trust actual white people

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Oh no were going to be forced to share our cache of redpills IRL oh noooo

New Zealot can Suck My Living fucking ass. Go home

I remember that. The day of the attack, news talked about two others being detained - a woman and a man; the woman had a suicide bomb vest. They were later released as unrelated, and completely forgotten.
How convenient. It's incredibly obvious that they were Muslims looking for revenge. The mosques attacked were terrorist training grounds. No one was surprised to see an armed man approaching the mosque; the man at the door said "hello brother" because he thought Tarant was one of their own. Nobody was surprised until he started shooting.
Who the hell has a suicide bomb vest just waiting and ready to go? How the hell does that never get mentioned again? I mean, we know how. But the fact is that this was a preemptive assault against militant invaders who intended to kill us and were ready to do so, just caught by surprise. Brenton Tarant is a legitimate hero, by all standards. He not only killed invaders, he protected innocent people from terrorists who were planning to kill them. That story will never be told.

Muzz filth that were attacking simultaneously. Nothing to see here goyim it is shut down no questions for you go away no questions

Wait, I thought that Zig Forums was based in that pedophile heaven where incontinent old white men go to receive blumpies from hideous underage chimpanzee nurses as they sit in the shade of palm trees on their commodes overlooking the beach.

What will happen to us if this place is shut down? Whatever shall we do?

Now I'm confused…

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Pa ah nah mun buera
Shit skin attacker foiled by hero Brenton Tarrant.
Also the cunt with the blowie up vest rig yeahhhhh

Female cop just arresting a mass shooter like she's giving out a parking ticket.

Could someone please post the "pop pop" song? I fear it's going to get memory holed just like everything else in this story and I want to rip it to duplicate hard drives.


Well fellow anonymous user you may not know this but there's another secret chan site set up called 16ch. whenever a site goes bad it's common place for the anonymous users to double the number and move to that new site you should go surveil that new site instead of this one.

this guy was claimed to be the 4th suspect i remember they were saying the 2nd and 3rd suspects were arrested for going too close to police

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Remember everyone that it is FORBIDDEN to enter those. Its a TABOO.

What do you want to do now?

Good, close this Jew psy op down.

White Nationalism is the weapon they use to exterminate Whites

But not facebook

Flood it with an inert gas of some sort
Xenon, NEON, chlorish-ine(not inert I know),helium so they’d squeek out allpha phone aftah in a high pitched semetic type voice. I’d laugh

Cool you should fuck off and lurk moar niggerfaggot.

Serves you right, you trusted jew media.
How long will it take before the supposedly "woke" actually wake up and realize that all the fucking news is fake.

I assume your intention is gassing?
Then both helium and xenon are retarded choices.
A lot!
Helium is light and will tend to rise, escaping upwards.
Xenon is heavy, on account of overindulgence in its nobility (think Henry VIII), it will pool, sink, make its way out through floor boards and drains.
Why complicate matters? Use nitrogen. Balanced, about the same weight as air, and cheap as mince.

Gassing is an effective means of roach removal

I'm not a rule follower. I haven't read them anyway. Will remember for future posts.

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based schizo

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Oh my. what a literal ass faggot I was. I shall kill myself then fuck off forever

That's not a very nice thing to say.

Yeah, nah.

Of course chans are probably being shit on by the NZ media faggots. After the NZ police fags were told to fuck off and go back to sucking off Mohammads, the ugly bulldog-looking PM probably told the media to go after them. I'm surprised the PM isn't having them write up some story about how her cuck husband was doing the haka while she was getting filled up by a Muslim gang-bang. All whilst screaming "Diversity is our strength!" for maximum virtue signaling.

I knew someone who used to live there and did not understand why he moved to a different country. It seem quite obvious now. I feel bad for the people stuck there who want to GTFO.


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Jacinda doesn't like dick. She blocked me on Instagram when I sent her a dick pic. I am trying to get out of the country permanently.

This website is COINTEL PRO and it's not going anywhere. Retarded fucks.

Kill yourself

Also checked even tho you’re a fag

i wonder whether the nz police realize they'll all be put on watchlists for being taught how to use weapons and their pensions will be taken away. i feel sorry for them and what they're going to have to put up with.


LOL That was Facebook. You can't stream on 8ch. Dumb nibbers.

Isn't Dueterte based?
Is this Trump's doing by putting pressure on Dueterte?

If that was the case it failed miserably.
Also did they forget there is other Zig Forums boards than just this one of forgetting creating new boards is a thing on here or forgot neincucks or the end existed.
Is useless.


16Chan is dead.

lel you wont do shit
To go after the chans means the chans would come after you, on every platform, in every conversation.

(((You))) dont have the balls to do it.
(But I hope you do because holy shit that'd be hilarious.)

I remember subscribing to the steam on my favorite video site 8ch.net :)

Notice how (((he))) posted three agreeable macros to draw you and ingratiate himself as "one of us" before hitting you with the fourth and fifth pics shilling his kike agenda? This is what they're trained to do now, they think it will help them blend in better since they were getting btfo so hard before, unfortunately it still comes off cheap and obvious.


Lurk 2 years before you post.