You may only choose one, Christcucks

Your anti-racialist religion that promises Jew Heaven if you stay a good goy, wagecuck for your jewish political leaders and turn the other cheek … or the survival of your Family, your Community, your Race and their future Descendants on this earth - who are under attack by traitors and foreigners? Traitors and foreigners that YOUR RELIGION COMMAND YOU NOT TO HARM on the penalty of losing your spot in heaven with Jehovah

The LIE and FALSE (((promise))) of eternal salvation that you only covet for SELFISH REASONS - the spot you will only get if you turn a blind eye to the crimes that the jew, the nigger and the spic commits against your own folk on this earth. The 100% SEMITIC RELIGION that incompatible with Nationalism Socialism, the purest form of "ethno-nationalism" and thus INCOMPATIBLE with the mere survival of the European races, and most definitely INCOMPATIBLE with their revival and resurgence as the number one predator on Earth.

National Socialism, on the other hand, is fully rooted in reality. In Europe's future. In the future of your folk. In the future of your community. In the future of your family. In the future of man:
-Adolf Hitler, Nuremberg 6th September 1938

What will it be?
>>Your (((religion))) or your Race?

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And to all you who picked the correct answer, a follow up:
They are not allies. They always turn the other cheek to the real enemy, but pro-Europeans receive a stab as soon as they back is turned. See Constantinople, see the Northern Crusades, the Baltic Crusades, the 30 Years War, World War II, the betrayal of the christcucks in South Afrika, etc etc. Every time, the slimey christkike undermines the racial brother AND chooses the enemy over the racial brother. They happily do the bidding of the jew, they slay Europeans wherever they are found if they do not bow to the kike-on-a-stick.
How can you see someone who believes in the Jewish God Jehovah, the magical knowledge-granting god apples of Eve, a kike-on-a-stick and that Jehovah and-buried-dinosaur-bones-beneath-the-earth-to-test-their-faith as safe allies? And that's not even going into all the despicable gay pedo-stuff the christkikes have been caught doing during the last two millennia. Disgusting. Why tolerate them?

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Just remember that atheism is just as cancerous as Semitic cults.

sage and reported for D&C

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An out of context verse referring.
exdee deus vult fellow whites! waste your time dying in the sandbox go- i mean, brother!

The kikestian will always choose his foreign eastern desert sand cult offshoot over his own nation.

Not even remotely true, religion in general has hurt the world more than anything. Don’t try and answer the biggest questions in the history of questions by inserting a shitty book, and a made up god.

referring to a specific set of kikes who wouldn't let the christcucks worship at their temples, leaving them wide open to Roman persecution due to their status as a cult.*

I have still to meet a single christcuck who is at least somewhat willing to recognize the failure of christianity to deal with the jew problem properly in nearly 1500 years of power. Hell, let's even say just ~1000 years from 500 to 1500.
Hell I am angry at Titus for not finishing the job with judaea and instead scattering them, imagine how I feel about some absolute faggots who had them within their lands for thousands of years and did not only manage to let them stay in their own secluded communities(with the ridiculous hope that they would convert and magically turn European) but actually got overtaken by them. And even worse, still play pretend as if they are totally their biggest enemy.


you can easily introduce a master morality into Christianity.
who here has yids as neighbors? Also you could say that neighbor=race
Where's the lie? most people are sheep. Also the meek can be corrupted by Satan.
be selfless to other Christians not everyone
The priest is an intermediary so if you don't mean it God won't forgive you.
the jews killed Jesus and have an allergic reaction to him.

oh boy, its time for another /autism/ general thread

Hitler, that's the guy that sided with Turkish Muslims, and Jewish Commie Russians, to spite the Anglo Saxon British?

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Go back to >>/reddit/

Hitler himself would have chosen Christianity. Shill thread, shill board.


Is God racist?

Bible Verses About Racism and Prejudice

Anti-European Jews and Christian Churches are Causing and Fueling the Non-White Immigrant Invasion in the United States

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i know the chosens are subversives, but i really dont hate them, i was raised christian during the 80s when the zionist angle was fully inflitrating, ive tried trad catholic ive tried non denominational, and still it just doest move my soul, it is inherently semetic and also kind of gay, the eating the flesh, drinking the blood, getting on the knees and begging, weird stuff. maybe ill return


The quote doesn't support your point. Hitler says that NS has nothing to do with religion.
Learn to read.

youd have to be pretty dense to not see that he was explicitly creating or 're-creating' a new race and a new religion.

ZOG-shills have a vested interested in making sure the masses of the White Nation are wedded to Christfaggotry. Christfaggotry is the reason they forced integration with niggers on the White Nation in the first place. Christfags would marry their daughters to niggers and turn their sons into homosexuals, if they thought it would benefit the Kikes.
It's not "D&C." It's separating the wheat from the chaff. It's removing the brain cancer on an otherwise terminal patient. Christfaggotry is ideological poison.
For every Robert Gregory Bowers and John Earnest, there are 10,000,000 Christfag Zionist nigger-lovers. People like Bowers and Earnest are the except, not the rule.
If a Christian sect arises that is willing to help us destroy the ZOG and nuke the Kikes in Israel, of course we'll critically support them, and allow their sect (and only their sect) to be practiced publicly. But is that going to happen? Doubtful.

Ladies and gentlemen, your messiah. A sandnigger jew. Kikestians, feel free to interject anytime with your delusional "JESUS WAS A WHITE EUROPEAN," or "he wasn't a REAL semite muhfugga…synagogue of satan bix nood…" Then again, Kikestians will bow down to anyone who threatens them.

Paul, a faggot and kike himself, wrote half of this religion anyway. I guess he was a BASED jew?

Who was that Kikestian who just felt like murdering thousands of saxons one day?

Reminder, there are Zig Forums shill faggots raiding your board constantly.
They're afraid.

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What did he mean by this?

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Run and hide, Kikestian.

He was speaking to me, this is my board

The Cross isn't even a symbol it's a White Flag

You are wrong, National Socialism is a Christian movement.

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that quote is from 1928 dude…

Your point?

Remember that .webm of that jewess literally running from a catholic parade?

I'm a Nordic Polytheist myself but it's foolish to believe that National Socialism and Christianity are mutually exclusive

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have you not read goebbels diaries or understand politics?

I don't even necessarily disagree with what he said, but this was a very peculiar choice of words.

Who could have guessed back then how efficient kikes would become at infiltrating and subverting countries?

It's a good one.

I would say what Hitler said publicly is the authority on National Socialism. Not after war "journals" written by Kikes.

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Only temporarily.

Atheism leads to hedonism and nihilism. There is a God, but he is not the God of the Jews.

Also true, the jewish god is no deity on his own. He's a demon who was elevated to a divine status because of the kike's demonic nature

He's the Ahriman of Zoroastrianism that seduces men with materialism, wickedness and chaos attempting to deviate them from the holy path

you dont know what there is. you assume there is a eternal all powerful being. it doesnt even make sense. does infinity make sense to you?

Thank you. Kikes can say what they want, but the truth is self-evident.

Infinity exists both as a mathematical and philosophical principle.
If you feel so nihilists you should take a walk to >>>Zig Forums

That's where you are wrong for many of us who convert to Christianity. It's a choice. No one knows what happens when we die. Do I want to hope that life isn't all pointless or do I choose that there might be a little divinity?
I chose the second.
I chose tradition.
I chose keeping western civilization alive.
I chose a moral guidance for my daughter.

Evil people always move in and warp a good thing. It doesn't mean there isn't value in the bible and the church even though it's insane to take the bible literally.

National Socialism comes from honest Christianity.

no it doesnt. there is a set amount of matter it doesnt spawn into existence at the will of a god. how does that make sense to you? your best breakdown is a parrot tier response of “mathematics says its possible btfo”

The idea of the Uncaused Cause (God), along with other arguments are the only logical explanations for the existence of the Universe. I am anti-Christian, but I agree with Hitler that there is a divine force, Providence, and that we must conform to the laws of nature

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That sunwheel looks pretty nice
I’ll take that one over the stick looking thing that looks Semitic. No thanks

you can choose to believe if you want to. dont you feel so insignificant when you think about infinity and god? makes you really know your place.

No, because I am not a nihilist and know that my mission on Earth is to bring as many white children into existence as possible and to refrain from a degenerate life

It never spawned into existence. There was no beginning. I suspect and believe the Cyclic Universe Theory to be the one. It's my favorite. I think Steven Hawking's "free lunch" universe to be trash. I suspect he had a bias towards it due to him being a deformed cripple.

Ask yourself, why do the Christcowards not engage? If I made a thread simply stating "God isn't real" they would leap in to action, eager to defend their faith (or lack thereof, considering the modern Kikestain REFUSES to read their good goy strategy guide). It's of no consequence to the Christcuck to be battered by youtube comment tier arguments as there still lies uncertainty. Of course nobody can PROVE God didn't descend from the heavens and impregnate some whore with his seed, after all, Zeus did it, right?

Reconciling white nationalism with diet judaism? No. Not even a Kikestian is this delusional. There is no doubt. The two are incompatible. Aside from a feeble attempt to cry about the Synagogue of Satan (S.O.S, that's what christcucks should say before musniggers behead them as thanks for their tolerance, kek) they have no argument. Blatant lies, verses out of context, ignorance of their own religion, manipulating the sheep, and other fun kike tactics. Some of that Chaim rubbed off, Kikestians.

Wash yourselves clean of the religion of women and slaves, or find yourself washing muslim and kike feet like their boyfucking king.

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I'll happily chose Christianity over your idolatry, that's all national socialism is; racial and state idolatry. Does this mean a Christian has to totally abandon nationalism? Obviously not, and the bible never says to. But what the bible does condemn is idolatry and jingoism, both of which are present in national socialism, and the bible teaches that all humans are equal before Christ, this doesn't mean that different humans, and different groups of humans are all equal in every way, obviously not, and I'll show you why that's so obvious.

"There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus."

Everyone here has probably seen this quote a million times by now, and most people here would tend to focus on the 'Jew nor Gentile' part, but it also says 'nor is there male and female'. Does anyone here really think that Christians deny the existence of sex and gender, and the differences between them? Obviously not. But Christians do think that both men and women have access to the divine, and are equal in their judgement before The Lord, and we think the same about the varying races of the world.

Jesus is part of the trinity, that's all that matters. And yes! We are so afraid of you pagans! It's not like Christians have been BTFOing pagans for the past 2000 years. The main threats to Christianity atm is Islam, atheism, and Judaism (however imo the modern problem with jews isn't so much a theological one, but that's besides the point).

Anyone who is right-wing believes in hierarchy. and believing in hierarchy means knowing your place in it. Maybe your place is low?

This is all you needed to write, why bother continuing with your drivel, traitor?

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You shouldn't have to choose EITHER…it is NONE OF THEIR FUCKING BUSINESS what you believe.

Atheism is one of the hardest bluepills to get rid of for some, but if one stays on the correct path they’ll eventually be led (back) to the Divine. Either that or he is a lefty in denial

The "Crucifix" is an ancient European pagan symbol the Romans were using it long before meeting the so called jews. The jews should stop appropriating Aryan culture by putting literal jews on our symbols. Even the jews so called "Star of David" is the "Satkona" symbol from the Vedas (Star of Goloka) and even can be found on ancient Germanic Spearheads.

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And there we have it, folks

Christianity is inadequate for the modern age. It claims that all the races on earth share the same savior. Paganism is inadequate because it failed in the face of Christianity. We need something new.

And ground zero for destroying the White Race continues to surge forward under the GUISE of a 'national socialist' web page. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I hope that you all know Zig Forums is the core of the Anti-White movement.

Yep, there ya go, Christians aren't national socialists, is this news to anyone?

im not a nihilist either. im just inconsistent. i dont believe one way or the other. and im not some newfag either i literally know every side of the argument. some days i think when i die ill be in some utopia, others i laugh at how delusional that is. but what remains the same is i dont care at all if i die and my desires always stay the same. whether i believe in god one day or not my political views are consistent. idk why you assume im a nihilist. maybe im just wired extremely abnormally.

This should be screencapped on the board's banner.

If you ain't white, you ain't right.

We call this one "Christ Insanity." You suckle on jew cock like their semen is your lifeblood. Hop on a cross, Kikestian.

what mathematicians call "infinity" is really just "indefiniteness"
there is only one Infinity, which maybe at best analogically called THE metaphysical Infinity, often metaphysically superior/prior to the notion of God itself(when the latter is understood only as the principle of Existence)

Give me a break, you are on here with died in the wool satanist subhumans…'khazarians' and you think they are going to listen to you rationally pointing out PRO-WHITE symbols?

Perhaps you have forgotten that Zig Forums is the largest website of European White HATE that has ever existed online. There is more hatred against White Europeans HERE than I have ever seen in one place; ever before.

You are practically communists in my book

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At least you make it easy to filter your fucking satanist kike asses.

t. literal cuck

feels like im communicating with a borg.

If you don't believe in hierarchy you are a lefty, period.

t. prideful satanist puppet who thinks he is "free".

Paulianity claims that…but that is because it is semitic filth like you.
It never claimed that at all, people like yourself would have been termed 'dogs'…not even fit to eat in the same room with European Whites.

He's afraid. I don't believe in your silly children's stories, sorry Kike. And herein lies the answer to the question

Because they simultaneously embarrass and expose themselves as the anti-white morons they truly are whenever they try. It's pathetic. Worshiping kikes, makes me sick, you're a fucking disgrace.

i do believe in hierarchy i just dont automatically apply it to occult forces like im below it and should just accept being incapable of comprehension

LOL okay dude, your holy book says that shit, not mine. I don't have one. Don't get pissy with me sister, I didn't write your proto-marxist circlejerk.


oh shit it's the devil! run kikestains, he's under your bed!

Typical kike can't tell the forest for the trees; filtered.

There's a reason they call it the religion of slave's and women.

Atheism is a semitic cult you dumb fuck

Weird, the people of German seem to have chosen both Chaim


My holy book is one of the most nationalist and separatist books on the planet. True. Also true that it viewed all other races as subhuman.

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Sick bro, you reading the torah?

Sounds like you're talking about the Jewish supremacist Talmud, rabbi

Sure showed me.

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It is easy to choose both there is a huge push on Zig Forums which used to be a muslim web site to seperate the 'people of God' from God. Don't BY INTO THEIR SELF WORSHIP or the WORSHIP OF THEIR MOON GOD.

Cain was promised to be restored to heaven if he overcame Sin (the Moon god of the semites)

Every one of our symbols traces back to the Vinca symbols, they are perhaps the earliest known writing system in the world, discovered in what is now Romania and not some Semitic wasteland. We may have lost our understanding of what the symbols mean but that doesn't mean we shouldn't use them still, since they reappear again and again.

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Kikestianity is inherently anti-white.

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Does Christianity believe in differences between men and women? What does that let you infer about rest of the verse?

Why would I care about my race when the vast majority of them are degenerate atheist faggots? As I already said I'm not opposed to nationalism, or even racial nationalism, I just think that what's divine is more important than what's temporal, and races are temporal.

Marxism is totally antithetical to Christianity, or any meta physical beliefs. Marxism is built on a materialist foundation, and the materialism of Marxism is probably it's most important part, and at the time when it was first developed it was it's defining trait. Funny how your meme never brings up matters of materialism and metaphysics, it's almost like when you cherry pick you can find similarities between anything, this is horseshoe tier.

But let's take a look at some of these for a second.
Yeah they advocate for the abolishment of hierarchies, which again is antithetical to Christianity, it's called the Kingdom of Heaven for a reason.

this is your brain on kike shilling

White Nationalism is the weapon they use to exterminate Whites

And I still am!

But it's in your book, so it's a part of your dogma. Don't you fucking lecture us on how that isn't REEEEEEEAL CHRISTIANITY until you fix your own shit. Pull the log out of your own eye, and whatnot.

Sorry you bought into the lie that Christianity is "antiracialist." Kinism, as its now called, is enshrined in the Bible: No marrying foreigners, no having foreigners as your rulers, no foreigners in the sanctuary, no foreigners selling land to foreigners.

Cucks? Only those who lie about the Bible.

oy gevalt the messhoah himself has arrived. tell us of the sixteen billion

Western Christendom has been a bulwark against Islam and the synagogue of Satan for thousands of years. Our civilization has only grown weak recently as we have fallen away from God in our decadence and wealth.
The actual Christian religion (and not its weakened, modern expression) – which is our history and the source of our greatness – is our best chance of rallying our race, as well as our best potential refuge of legal protection due to the First Amendment.
From Christianity we can trace the origins of universities, restaurants, charity, science, hospitals, and Western political freedoms. Deny Christ and you become as the Jews, this is their defining feature.
You are a fool to turn against it instead of using it to your advantage.

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Act 23:6
Then Paul, knowing that some of them were Sadducees and the others Pharisees, called out in the Sanhedrin, "My brothers, I am a Pharisee, descended from Pharisees. I stand on trial because of the hope of the resurrection of the dead."

Act 21:39
Paul answered, "I am a Jew, from Tarsus in Cilicia, a citizen of no ordinary city. Please let me speak to the people."