Give jews bad advice. Glorify criminal behavior to jewish youth, tell them how cool black criminals are, and encourage the women to date black men.

Glorify drug use, encourage jewish youth to be in verbal confrontations with police. Speak bad of jewish elders to young jews, and tell jewish elders that young jews are unappreciative and lazy.

Encourage jews of all ages to engage in behavior that could get the diagnosed as mentally ill.

Say things to jews of all ages to make them feel guilty about the Palestinian situation. Encourage people of all races to hate jews.

Encourage jewish children to hate their parents and to think their parents aren't cool. And tell jewish women that abortions are cool.

In short do everything to jews they have been doing to us, give them bad advice on everything. Give them advice that can result in them being homeless. Always cheat them financially and encourage them to do things that lead them to poverty.

Spread the word, share the message. Improvise your own style. God be with you.

This is a war of words. A verbal war, not physical. Abide by the law, be law abiding.

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Make young jews think drugs are cool

Spit in hatred everytime you see a Jewish cemetery, never give a jew any praise.


be careful you don't get sued

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Sorry OP, this would require me to interact with them regularly. Hard pass. I like the idea though.

lol mad kike

when i go to university ill go and fuck kike girls and get them hooked on party drugs.

As if they weren't already criminals

Many kikes are already degenerate. I know some kikes at my alma mater who were in rehab. The kikesses are bigger whores than your average White girl today STFU white knight faggots. You're the problemn defending these degenerate whores instead of condemning them They would fuck for cocaine and a few engaged in threesomes with Chad. We had a scandal where football Chad fucked 3 sorority kikesses and got herpes. Kikes can't control their women and are so fucking weak. Notice how IDF needs to shoot rock throwing mudslides? LMAO! One tried to sue a bouncer for tossing him when he tried creeping on shiksas at the bar. They're a fucking joke.

I've been consuming the alcoholic jew so I went off topic. Kikes are already degenerate and pretend to be moral people. Behind closed doors is different which is why any jewish organization does the opposite of what they claim to do like stopping sex traffickers when they're controlling it behind the scenes. A lot of kikes are in rehab and therapy and predisposed to mental issues. When I was blue pilled in college, my close jewish friend would routinely fuck me over and later beg for my help. He did have connections to good coke though. Rumor had it he tried getting a high school boy in his dorm but the front desk wouldn't allow it after midnight. I believe it. He made jokes like a mouth is a mouth and an ass is an ass. He also got handsy with smaller guys when he was drunk.

The degeneracy of the kikes knows no floor. They always find a way to sink lower.

Do you really think the jews have an organized JIDF style mass effort of people paid to do these types of things?

Mainstream media encourages white children to do all these things, and mainstream media is controlled by jews. read the talmud. But really jews deserve to get bad advice on everything. The jews are going to far and to war against everyone, jews deserve what Hitler did to them.

LOL @the picture

I did this and it worked.
The jew kid just ignored all his synagogue lessons and constant immersion with elders, learning about his culture and religion.

Now he's shooting up crack and fucking black prostitutes.
Based OP, it really works.

I corrupted 3 jew kids now, two boys and a jewess.
The jewess is taking huge lengths of black dick and calling her parents "cunts" while being permanently stoned out of her face on hippy crack.
The two geeky jew boys, one of them is shooting up as I said, the other got drunk every night for a week, then decided he wanted to be a "jock".
He has stopped studying and started spending all of his time in the gym. Hardly looks like a jew now, very muscular, swears often and pinches girls' ass cheeks (they don't care, they even giggle - pure fucking alpha.)
So my tally so far.
1 jewess - monged off her face on hippy crack
1 geeky jew who mainlines drugs
1 jew nerd turned into a jock.
This shit really works OP. fuck.
There must be more success stories because this is fucking child's play. Don't be coy anons, post up your conquests.
Share with your brothers.

God bless you for what you did brother. Every loss for the jews is a win for us.

Every loss of the jews is a win for us and every win for us is doing Gods work. God bless you for having misled the jews.

14/88 brother.
You are the real hero here.

Kikes are already degenerate race mixers, and if you want kikes to break the law, it's irrelevant because they enforce the law. This is nonsense.

This is the real agenda behind this thread

If you know of someone who did a crime against a jew of any age, any sort of crime you can think of, do not turn that person into the police. Never report to the police any criminal behavior done against jews, NO MATTER WHAT THE CRIME THAT WAS DONE AGAINST THEM. I advocate people be law abiding, but if you know of someone who did ANY criminal act against a jew of ANY age, NEVER REPORT IT. ABIDE BY THE LAW!

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I am advocating people obey the law

I obey the law

Clever thoughts and all, but this advice will not really accomplish anything useful. It's unlikely to have any effect without control over the schools and media. It's basically just going to waste your time and energy that could be spent building up something positive for your own race.

Jews don't listen to cattle. Your reddit thread is spam.

ENcourage jewish women to hate the oppressive jewish male patriarchy, and tell jewish men that jewish women are gold-digging whores

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In the epic beowulf it says "our hearts are open to our friends and closed to our enemies". Close your hearts entirely to the jews. The jews deserve to be hated, completely hated.

That's surprisingly genius. We just need o get them to be super public about it.

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Encourage blacks to convert to judaism and migrate to Israel

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Why don’t you people do something more dignified, eh? Here, have a Stanford Legal Review document.

You want to be out of clown world, doncha? What’s less clownish than legal data?

quick trip try

Brackets! Drat. But seriously, try the link. (Or should I say, YOU WILL NEVER SURRENDER TO MY LINK!?) I’ll post it again.


Since half of the Houston police department are McWhorters (the founding member of the police union was a McWhorter), these two audio recordings should allow you to blackmail yourself out of any traffic ticket.



Man, you seem extremely concerned about your posts! Not to poke fun, but you said nothing that could get you in trouble legally in any Western-Civ nation, as far as I know. I get being careful, and safe, but you’re being a bit overkill here. I go bareback posting on posts “worse” than yours, with no problems yet. The only time you need to be that worried is if you are being direct and saying things you *absolutely* should *NOT* be saying, on here, or not, with TOR+VPN or not, unless you know the people/anons you are talking to.

I respect what you are getting at, and I absolutely agree with you, but chill a bit, user. You said nothing that could get you in trouble and needn’t be posting defensively over your first post.


Would like to know wtf is happening in this video. I listened to the first one already, but can you give me the sauce and explain what is going on here?

Why is there a chink with a (presumably) white guy talking about a shooting to a phone operator for the police - what shooting are they referring to? What form of corruption are they alluding to, and is there any more information to be had regarding the event?


What are you saying? Can you elaborate or just plain let us know wtf you mean?

You get a penny every time you do


Let's meme it like it's 2016

Hue, brainlet

We could infiltrate!


Jews are always taking the same poison they peddle us.
They weren't stuck in a time chamber for the past 2000 years, they were degenerating.

None of those statements are direct threats and none of them matter rnough to be paranoid. Again, I’be bareback posted much worse.

The only Jews worth targeting don’t interact with the lower classes. How do we get mega kikes like Jared Kushner to OD on heroin? That is the question.

Stop being Stormtards

Whites are dying and jews still peddle this shit.

Jewish feminism is the whitest of pills.

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Actually. 10,000 blacks were denied refuge in Israel cause they deemed them a threat to jewish genome. In USA you can't even get rid of ILLEGAL immigrants let alone denying anyone refuge on ethnic basis.

We should probably trick the LGBTards into thinking that Jews are whites pretending to be different and that they don't actually care about darkies. This will turn the tables drastically.

Eh, something smells wrong with this post.