BREAKING: Alabama Lawmakers Vote to Effectively Ban Abortion in the State


Stopped Just 47,000 Feet From the Moon

Eric Johnston, the president of the Alabama Pro-Life Coalition, is one of the architects of a measure that would outlaw most abortions in the state.CreditBob Miller for The New York Times

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Nation-wide white chicks get abortions at far higher levels then niggers. What a coincidence that since abortion was made legal the rate of white births has dropped every year huh?

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Roasties btfo

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This is complete nonsense. White births go down because of the massive influx of third world immigrants. Fuck off, nigger lover.

My take on abortion is simply that any parent(s) that would be okay with getting an abortion are not very likely to raise a healthy child. Higher chance of it being a retarded feminist or ethnomasochist… or a nigger or a kike.

That doesn't effect births of white people you nigger. Amazing how (((suddenly))) you retarded kikes are all pro-abortion. You mad that now more white people will be born in Alabama and start to outnumber the niggers?

Overall this is great, but as in all cases involving restricting abortion, the Christfags get it all wrong. Case in point:
What about with the deformed? What about with retards and Downies? It is a felony in Ohio to knowingly abort a Down Syndrome baby. When abortion actively serves dysgenics such as in these cases it must be opposed. Abortion should be, when used at all, eugenic. Despite this, it is good to see another challenge to Roe v. Wade. With how Trump’s packed the court we can hope that it is overturned. I also want to see the liberal and abortionist salt

Based, this is a huge blow to progressives.
You're wrong lol, this would force leftists to leave the state if they want to kill babies. Effectively making it a right-wing one. If they try to boycott the state by leaving it, then it's like cancer removing itself.

Georgia just banned abortions if there is a fetal heartbeat. I always thought it vile women murder their own offspring.



Obviously, we should keep abortion legal and make it more available for historically marginalized groups to help women of color get better representation in jobs and positions they have been traditionally excluded from.

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Up to? Why isn’t abortion rightfully recognized as a homocide? Doctors who do these procedures should be liable to face the death penalty. This was recently proposed in Texas

in the UK many white females have had 4 or more abortions if they are unmarried, hence the importation of shitskins as replacement consumers for UK natural born children.

All super, super, ultra nigged states.

Abortion banned. Vote fraud and illegals: perfectly acceptable.

The unrelenting torrent of shitskins has absolutely nothing to do with replacing mythical White abortions.

you are wrong, when the mongols invaded europe and raped the living fuck out of the countryside, women, looking at their own dead men, loved and raised their rape babies. Clearly you're a faggot guy, but women, take possession of their children……….. why to you think jew driven divorce laws, child custody, america is the way it is, it's because jews knew this in the 1950's and 1960's.

Then abortion should be illegal, this race issue wasn't even an issue when abortion was illegal

I’m not even a pagan, you’re focusing on a single word too much. There are extremists out there who want to preserve each and every life regardless of its quality.

Also, source on one of Ohio’s dysgenic laws

These stats are from Georgia but given how similar Georgia is to Alabama, the stats shouldn't be much different

Go ahead and celebrate Zig Forums, this legislation is only going to make black birth rates a lot higher

if you extrapolate out white abortions over time, into what would be the 3rd generation of living humans the death rate alone from white only abortions exceeds 150,000,000 living, viable white humans, in America alone. When you pull the trigger on a jews head remember this simple fact.

You're the jew using typical JIDF slang here, go be a kike somewhere else

This is how delusional televitz-addled conservatards are. Race has always been an issue and it always will be. Our society is made worse by the presence and proliferation of negros. The end.

This is a universal win for us. Whites will have more children. Those who don't want them will put them up for adoption, meaning good white families get to adopt white kids. The bottom-tier whites still determined to have abortions, whose children would never be our allies because of their hard-left brainwashing and degenerate lifestyles, will be forced to have back-alley abortions and likely die.
Niggers, instead of aborting their niglets and then turning around and making more when they need extra welfare gibs, will also die in back-alley nigger abortions.
Roasties are already trying to protest this with chastity. They'll teach their daughters that keeping their legs shut is an act of defiance against patriarchy. It's almost like "if you don't want to get pregnant, don't have sex" is sinking in.
Dead traitors. Dead niggers. More white babies. Consequence-enforced chastity. And as they piss and moan and try to fight it, they will keep lashing out at straight white men, causing more redpillings.

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The truth is that the overwhelming majority of Christian and Republican conservative shills on this board already have niggers in their family right now.

Walmart needs consumers to value their stock price and Verizon needs new subscribers to pay those multi million dollar bonuses and if you think the flood of shitskins is anymore than that on the back of dead aborted white children………. you're either a jew, a child, or a fucking idiot.

Yeah, it's been so great the last 50 years right jew?

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What techno-capital appendage is going to rescind now?
Hollywood is BDS on Georgia implement.

Every woman should receive one free abortion on demand. The price? Tubal ligation. Sterilization.

Every man should receive $5000 to get a vasectomy. You might say "that's ridiculous, I wouldn't do that" but for many niggers and various other lowlifes that would be a windfall they'd jump at.

Money well spent.

You do realize the alternative to having a safe abortion isn't just having an unsafe abortion, but rather just having the baby, right? What do you think is going to be more common, having the baby or people stabbing their insides with a coathanger? And be honest with yourself when answering.

This legislation is only going to cause a rise in more poor black people and if you think otherwise you're either a retard or deluding yourself.

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Getting rid of abortion doesn't actually address WHY this behavior has proliferated, leaving aside your deliberate lying about the nature of abortion statistics.

The core problem is an influx of foreign invaders, a loss of self-identity, deliberate hollowing out of the industrial capacity of the country [by the same people pushing this now], unregulated degenerate jew media saturating the airwaves [again, the same people pushing this], and soaring real estate costs [once again – the SAME PEOPLE].>>13276313

Now there's going to be an influx of stupid malnourished poorfags.

this is the first thing for which I'd seriously consider donating. But I'd rather whatever tax dollars I pay that are wasted going to planned parenthood so they can donate them to leftist campaigns would go there instead. The problem would solve itself since no one else wants to fuck black women.

yeah mommy is bad, abort that junk, tell me this, retard, even the best of first time parents, sitting in their 750,000 home, with 140,000 already banked in retirement……….. don't you think the wife is scared shitless of childbirth, and the husband worried as fuck, and often joyous congraulating his buddies upon the birth of their first child is on edge, you fucking kikes have been parasites on the weakness of the human experience, now lets consider a waitresses, and her landscaper husband, or mechanic, are they not as equally scared of adulthood. You debase the entire human experience, because you watch fuck flicks, because you're a filthy fucking kike who wants to punch their dick into the back of an un-empowered white girls little head, or videotape it and profit from it on bangbus. Go fuck yourself jew, you fucking jews are reaching the end of your fucking ropes.

It's cunts in the workforce which is buttressed by access to contraceptives of all forms. The newcomers are the smoke signal, not the fire.

only whites would do it niggers care nothing about laws or society or

it's not uncommon to see one jew sucking another jews cock, but please you two faggots keep it behind closed doors

Awoo! First abortion, next the birth control pill. Roasties dead bodies will pile up in the streets.

Let the nigs die of hunger. Banning abortion would be a critical shot in the culture war, repercussions be dammed. It's time for bloodshed. The day of the rope is one month closer.

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The newcomers utility to economic factors is secondary. They would be here no matter how much of a drag they are on our system – and they are a drag. They are reinforcements for an occupation government – a zionist occupation government.

Why does literally EVERYTHING affect niggers, spics, mudshits, kikes, and pajeets more than anyone else?

You what's drag on the system? Stupid whores having children that end up on welfare.


This. Niggers don't have abortions too often. The argument that getting rid of abortions disproportionately gives us more niggers is flawed at it's core.

Women love a good dicking, no exceptions. That's why you have to control them, so they can have a good life. Giving women sexual freedom is like giving a child candy freedom. You're going to have a fat balloon child in no time. With women you get used up whores, mentally unstable, unsuitable.

As much as some people respond to the Jewish question and support their removal, I think others will respond to the woman question. These people will like the idea of removing most women's legal rights, restoring women to a childlike legal status.

And that's a GOOD thing. Well they're more likely to break laws, aren't they.

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Heaven forbid that the darkies are forced to learn what a condom is and the prevalence of STD's begin to plummet.

I honestly support this. Seeing as how the instances of medical necessity are very rare, it just proves the dems and their useful NPCs are using it solely as a form of birthcontrol. Niggers will go to backalleys for their own needs regardless of legality, so I'm not too concerned over that.

That indirect admission that niggers and spics get the majority of abortions.

You really are a special kind of retard, aren't you?

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Just filter Moshe guys.

Right, so why do you support it? Oh, right.

Moshe is too busy working for the trump administration in an official and supervisory capacity to post on Zig Forums.

Factually incorrect
But banning abortion DOES save countless lives while also, with regards to single mother problems and others, lend well to the asinine "accelerationist" view since there might be more violent crime from more black "youths" born to hoodrats leading to a nation wide epidemic and no one in America is as cucked as England, so it'd make a change right quick. Either way it's for the best.

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Let the 13 do 50 in another aspect. Recidivism auto-correction

Anyone okay with throwing whites into the bender is a spiritual kike and dotr cometh like a thief in the night.

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Not a single source. Just "screenshots" of bing searches and article headlines.
I can find an article that says the sex wage gap is real. Does that mean it is?

Won't stop anyone that really wants an abortion from traveling out of state to get an abortion in a laxed state

Either way, the truth is it isn't worth killing thousands upon thousands of precious white babies in exchange for dead niglets.

See I'm always torn on this issue. On the one hand, blacks get most abortions, and all i can say is I'm fine with that. And for this bill to be in alabama, where theres a very high black population, and they are likely far and away the majority of abortions… weeeellllll….

On the other hand, theres the moral argument that we've perverted our way of life into an atrocity wherein the most weak and vulnerable are sacrificed because little timmy and sally wanted to fuck and didnt want to deal with the consequences, so sally the would be mom, who should be the MOST protective of her child and the fucking doctor who swore an oath to do no harm, join hands and stab the little thing in its head before it ever has a chance at life, and that is just an abomination, and we ALL Know its a fucking blood sacrifice ritual setup by (((them))) on a massive fucking scale, hell the most profane ritual possible because as I said, its the two people who have the most duty and reason and obligation to protect that life turning around and murdering it.

But, back in the other direction, I've seen fucking CATS be more fiercely protective of their kittens than women these days will ever be. That says a lot about the state of women these days, and do we REALLY want them to be raising these children? Moreover you KNOW those cunts are going to be on welfare from day fucking one, draining our nation dry of even more resources.

And going back to the anti-abortion side, this shit does spread to white women to often for comfort, sure its at a lower rate, but they do frequently get them, and there is a culture that has built up wherein they absolutely do these things. And maybe, just maybe, if they were forced to be moms, they'd grow up. One cousin of mine, who was slated to be nothing but a druggie whore because of her upbringing, and ended up pregnant at 16, grew up immediately once she had a kid and the dad turned into a total piece of shit. Shes working on a social work degree now and holding down a steady job and supporting herself. So, I've seen it work, where a white girl has a child and they suddenly grow up. But if we allow these teens and tweens to just go running from the consequences constantly, they never HAVE to grow up, and because of how our society is, many of them never will because they face no other actual consequences for their actions, they can literally avoid all consequences of any action if they play their cards correctly.

But if we take away their ability to avoid the biggest consequence, the one that in fact ENABLES this entire system of degeneracy and hedonism from the time they're teenagers, then perhaps we'll be taking the first steps towards a sane society where women marry early, have kids, build families, and dont spend their teens and twenties riding any dick they can find.

I just really don't know where to fall on this issue. Maybe just make abortions illegal for white women.

I've seen this mantra so much its starting to sicken me. Its always bullshit, if there is a totally legal and safe way to avoid consequences of a pleasurable act that normally caries stiff consequences.. then naturally people are going to do it, and do so at higher and higher rates as they realize they can have all the fun and avoid all the consequences. Nothing is going to be or stay "rare" about that.

Thats like telling everyone they can eat all the sweets and fat and junk food they want, and all they have to do is go to the doctor once every few months and sit through a procedure and they'll be perfectly healthy again as if they had been eating healthy that whole time.. then expecting everyone will still EAT healthy the majority of the time. No nigga they wont, they're going to gorge on unhealthy food then go get the "get out of jail free" card thrown at their expanding waist line until it shrinks back down, then go do it all again. Why? because those foods (sex) are pleasurable/enjoyable to most people, far more than healthy food (abstinence or waiting till marriage), and you're here telling them they can gorge all they want and face zero consequences for it. In what bizarro world would the vast majority people still eat healthy when they have that other option on the table?

People are such fucking retards

ITT: 49 is less than 40.

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I'm never surprised when a filthy fucking kike shares with us their Schizophrenia, it's to be accepted, promoted, and congratulated amongst the tribe.

I should've used a stat that didn't lump beaners in with white people my bad.

if she dies, she dies. the stupid cunt is no longer my problem anymore regardless.

After all, she made the choice to get 500 miles of dick rammed through her 6-8 inches at a time, so why should i give a flying shit about some turbo thot WHORE stabbing a coat hanger into herself like an idiot instead of blowing her brains out in the bathroom and doing it properly.

The niggers that would have gotten an abortion will now off themselves and the baby with a coat hanger.
The whites will "suffer", birth the baby, raise the baby and produce a white adult. Likely autistic and mentally broken as fuck, but the child will be red-pilled as fuck as children are turning out now.

I don't think you understand. Niggresses don't have abortions in lieu of having children. They have abortions in addition to having children. They use it as birth control.
A niggress will have 50 abortions and 10 welfare kids. Now, tell me, does making abortion illegal mean she will have 60 kids? Of course not. She'll have a few and then die from a back-alley abortion. Or go to jail for infanticide. Or try to sell the niglet on the street. She can't support the number of children she'd have that would otherwise be aborted, even with extra welfare. Eventually she will die, or start killing her kids. Killing the mothers means less overall niggers. The odds are that nigger factories will produce less niggers overall when it becomes inconvenient to keep making them. Especially since niggers are stupid and kill themselves by accident all the time when trying to do something they think will make things easier for them.
Meanwhile, more whites get born. Explain your objection to that, again?

This. The niggress will scrape out her intestines and think she's performed a successful abortion. Then she'll die. Then she won't have niglets 5-10.

,sniveling snipped>

and that about sums it up from you fuckwit, thanks, take your blog to reddit and get a complementary handjob.

That's complete nonsense. Minorities get abortions at a higher rate.

Arby's meats are what bring them back, time and again, to the 9chan, m7.

This bill seems to be making the roasties buttmad

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Not a single source for anything in that image (except the FBI stats). The point is to look it up for yourself.

72% Black Births are Out-of-Wedlock

Black Women have Several Times MORE Abortions Than "Non-Hispanic White"

You want more info? Get it yourself. You are on the internet right now, so stop chirping for spoon feeding.

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Banning abortion doesn't go far enough. The Pill itself must also be banned. For without the Pill, abortion never would have become such a hot button issue in the first place.

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I agree with all your posts. But if you think women don't want to have sex, you're mistaken. I admit, a few have uncommon self control and they remain as virgins. But many of your friends are having sex without admitting to it.

This is too stupid for posting on 8ch. I don't feel the need to explain. In short, people don't have much agency. They follow along with what their culture promotes. How is culture produced?

Let the nigs die in the streets.

This isn't accurate, basketball Americans are acually in decline as population thanks to abortion

This 100%. One thing at a time.

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Your "sources" aren't any better nigger

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Proportionality doesn't matter here. Due to the rate of nigger death by nigger perp. Due to the probability of niggresses offing themselves with coat hangers and other means.
Ending white abortions will likely raise white birth rates to the 2 threshold of replacement levels.

Its called presenting both sides of the argument. Regardless of if you accept that there are points to be made on both sides, there ARE points to be made on both sides. And ones that are compelling. Fewer nogs, the would be mothers are most likely all going to be welfare leeches and terrible parents leading their kids to make the same mistakes they did (drugs, promiscuity, etc), and so on.

I get it though, you're against abortion for some of the reasons I listed and maybe others, and thats real fuckin neato, I'm happy for you that you can hand wave away any positive benefit we've seen from it, but ignorance is bliss, or so they say. But I don't find it so easy to stick my head in the sand like you, I dont think that our society will just "fix itself" if we ban abortions either, shits not just gonna go back to how it was because of "one simple trick" or some shit, and ultimately just straight banning the practice in the society as it is now, is likely going to lead to even further destabilization of the society and more radicalization of women in general wanting to go back to their "prime" days of fuckign without consequence. You aren't just going to magic us back into the nuclear family being the norm for whites by banning abortion. You'd have to undo divorce law bullshit, undo women in the work place, force companies to offer competitive pay for a smaller work force, remove shit loads of welfare for single mothers, and on and on, to push us back into those good days. Sure this may be a start, but its NOWHERE close to be a complete solution

Either way, have a nice night fucktard, go bury your head back in the sand

let's get a statistician in here, look at real population numbers compared to percentages in the single Georgia demographic. My thought is, even with higher white concentrations, at lower percentages it still results in an overwhelming high number of white dead compared to black dead by abortions. Jews always love, and I have seen it a thousand times now how higher percentages of abortions amongst blacks at 13% of the populations somehow outweighs whites at 60% being a good thing. And as an aside I thank my god damn lucky stars I wasn't conceived 15 years later than I was because I know my whore mother would have aborted me for connivence.

My mother has even said to me as much, if I was concieved 15 years later she would have aborted me, nice right, white women, right to vote, right to work, all that bullshit, she has never once been a fucking man, can't change the oil in a car, fix a flat tire, always relied on whoever was fucking her, for however long that lasted.

real fucking neato means I can but a bullet in your fucking head on DOTR jewbot, you revel in your own intellectualism. You don't stick your head in the sand, you stick it up your own ass.

What you intellectualizes as a mental argument results in million of real dead people. I have a chain, I can hook it to my truck, I'd like to drag ,motherfuckers you you into the next state by your necks. As I said, and I do so hope, the DOTR is getting much much closer.

I now better understand why PolPot took deep thinkers like you into the god damn forest and just shot them in the fucking head.

150,000,000 dead white children from Roe vs Wade and you sit here with your warm cup of tea and conceptualize. How comfy for you.

Exactly, less abortions means more niggers and magapedes (stupid white people).


East Texas here. I love my fellow Southerners. Great work, Bama!!

Nope. Those turn into the red core future. As can be seen with all of the youngest gen.


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First whitepill in a while.

you re a fucking jew, and what I am hoping for, to sit back in watch in my retirement is when instead of a guy like Tarrant being a one off the media is reporting of multiple shooting in LA, and then in NY, and then in Washington State, then in Texas, because when that fucking happens there is going to be very little to stand in the way of the Jew rage that has been built up over the past 50 years. Don't think it possible? I see it ass inevitable. 2020 is not going to be about voting, as much as it's going to be a defining moment in American history, considering the elected President screwed his entire base. I think there must be at least a thousand lunatics out there that would like better than nothing more than to soot up all the niggers at McDonalds or StarCucks. Historically the Jews have always overplayed their hands being a minority in a country thinking themselves superior. I really fear for the future, but it's good to see these states finally doing what is right, not condoning the murder of pre born children.

Pussies like you will be cowering in corners when that day comes faggot, and you know it as well as I do. All you're going to do when you wake up at 4pm from your cheeto and masturbation induced stupor and look outside and see people marching with torches and ropes, is run back into your room, lock yourself in the closet, and jerk off about "omg its finally here" while doing nothing to contribute (naturally you'll poke your aspie head out at the end and try to claim victory, and get strung up because everyone will see through your bullshit).

But nah man, I'm totally a jew because I'm okay with blacks getting abortions and dont think just banning abortions is going to solve much of anything on its own, and may not even be a drop in the bucket, and probably isnt even close to the first step we SHOULD be taking if we want to fix our god damned society

B-b-b-b-ut only jews disagree with YOU, right? Thats the same fucking mentality that comes out of the left "only waycissts disagree with me!" But I shouldnt be surprised, you reek of moral zealot, and zealots dont have much capacity for actually considering all side sof an argument before making a decision, they just act on whatever dogma they worship. Meanwhile, actually considering issues, debating them, and taking time to consider the best course of action, has and always will be the staple of actually SUCCESSFUL people. You think zealots forcing dogma are what built the white western world into what it was? No, they are not. But they ARE what is rapidly destroying it from within. You think Hitler was jerking himself off talking about what he was "going" to do? You think he just rushed into action based on whatever arrogant moral grounds he'd decided to praise? No and no. He took the time to analyze, understand, reason, and come to a proper conclusion, and he rebuilt a failed nation into a god damned powerhouse that nearly ruled the world less than a generation later.

TLDR: You're fucking retarded, and your kind of attitude is exactly the bullshit destroying society

why is abortion still a thing?
its time for common sense abortion laws, and to ban bump stocks

please dont complain about deporting children if you support murdering them (abortion). You are standing on a mountain of dead kids while you sermonize about being compassionate to kids.

88th post

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Read my post again, you illiterate retard. Just because it's illegal doesn't mean they'll magically stop getting them! If anything, this should actually help increase a decline in their numbers due to, as I fucking said, them seeking out back-alley avenues to get that shit done. And if you think planned parenthood has any history of cooperating with these laws, then I have a castle to sell you in Wales too.

God damn you need to have your supervisor send in someone better. That wasn't even remotely subtle.

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More Black babies. Niggers reproduce at 20x the rate of Whites.

Niggers are only around 25% of the state. If they all leave to Georgia or Mississippi, Bama might possibly be an ethnostate. There are hardly any spics there too.

Either bot or retard. Can't address a basic argument.

Because she won't. She'll have chad or tyrone's spawn and make you pay for it via taxes. And you won't protest because you are scared of prison.

No they won't. See above.
So having a fucked up childhood due to leftist parents is now acceptable? What will you do when these people inevitably become race-traitors?

0833dd is a retard christfag boomer who can't understand that his faggotry is wrong. The only way he stops is when someone takes away his psych pills and gives him a lead pill instead.

All anti-abortion niggers are guilty of promoting genetic degradation. They are literally causing the destruction of humanity by allowing parasites to breed.

you're applying spic-levels of thought onto nigs. They will just shit it out and let their parents take care of it, it'll be neglected and become the sort of trash that the jew uses in his race war against us.

Aryanism demands Eugenics for a reason. Anyone celebrating a fucking abortion ban is celebrating jewish rape.

Hopefully we can eventually ban both abortion and birth control and force some god damned personal responsibility back on people.

Is that true? I've lived in Bama my whole life and there's always been a fuck ton of spics here. I don't live in or near a bad area either.

Yeah this sucks, but it won’t stand.

Reciprocate the firewall.