NZ shooter is a Mossad agent wanted in Dubai


You can a see how often NZ Aus. NK pak all linked to Mossad in these stories from years back.

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Holy fuck that's a huge blast hole. That's bigger than the crater from a 1500lb bomb dropped from a B52

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Alright Detective Fuckface, KYS!!!

Just a cohencidence, right?

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Weird, every time religious d&c threads start shitting up the board these anti-tarrant threads start coming out, and it always comes in waves. Almost like you cockroach muds are all just waking up for your call to prayer.

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No muzzies were harmed in the making of this movie.

Gj OP!

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It's 666 not 66. It would be trips if that were true.


have zero idea what this picture is of, but with the concrete at the base of the hole I'd suspect a water main, main drainage break resulting in a sink hole. Or it could be OP's asshole.

I love how despite trying their best to shop in the jewish characteristics, they can't make Tarrant look jewish.

No one believes this shit

big if true

What is true is the nation of Israel killed John F Kennedy the United Sates President. That's true.


Doesn't look like BT at all you absolute retard!

OP is retarded they guy in pics has greying hair and is probably pushing to 40 or 50. NOT BT,where dat rope at doe?

It looks nothing like him, wtf are you on about?
Is this like some reverse kike thing, where they can't see the difference between white people, like we can't see the difference between niggers and asians?


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Wow pol's demoralized, I turn you on to an exclusive scoop, go to work, come home to this shit. That's fucked up.

The guy has different facial features and is like a decade older, when if anything, it should be the other way round.

Your prophet is a sodomite OP. Your people are invaders. No innocents. No mercy. Hail Saint Tarrant. May he continue to spawn disciples.

Surely the idea that this stupid post was made on purpose to make doubters look dumb is pure coincidence, right?

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He doesn't even look remotely similar. How much longer are you kikewads going to try this bullshit? Nobody but schizos buy it.

At least I'm not the only one who isn't retarded.

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TOP KEK all the triggered seething faggots that suck (((Tarrant's))) kosher approved cock are saging this thread, awsome job dude, these faggots are so retarded it's hilarious, keep it up

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If you hate him so much, why don't you go to his prison and beat him up?
You won't, because you're paid to fracture cohesive groups here.



The media's burying this.
There ya go guys, I was right. Just like 9/11, Saudi/Mossad Joint operation. Just prior to the attack Israel was helping Sri lanka prepare for terror attack. Look it up. thdrill.>

This was in response to the NZ shooting, the Sri lankan authorities knew about the attack ten days prior. There was no time to plan the Sri Lankan counter attack, they had to of been prepared before the NZ attack.

The Saudis and Israelis both want us to attack Iran. They used NZ and Sri to stoke tension between christns and muz.

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There it is

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I had my strong suspicions from the outset. Too many cohencidences. (And cui bono?…) But this does, for me, lock it up.

The New Zealand mosque attack was a Zionist operation. 8/pol/ was thorn in Podesta's side, no doubt. And a terror attack blamed on Zig Forumsacks is bait too sweet for some to leave alone. But the truth is, there had to have been a lot of planning involved. And the timeline is just too compressed, yet rehersed, for this kind of operation to have been spontaneous. Ergo: it's just another falseflag.

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Flimsy shit, OP.

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you retards are out in force today.

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