MAYBE /ourgal/ ? ? ?

Tulsi Gabbard names Netanyahu
GUIZE ? ? ?
>Trump says he doesn't want war with Iran, but that's exactly what he wants, because that's exactly what Saudi Arabia, Netanyahu, al-Qaeda, Bolton, Haley, and other NeoCons/NeoLibs want. That’s what he put first–not America.
(I know this thread does not have much effort, but the video says it all.)

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Just get the fuck out.

I know she doesn't have the greatest skin either
but I'm willing to look past that since she names the jews


Get the fuck out.

She's more of the "muh poor brown victims" variety of anti-Israel than the correct "jews are animals" variety

Considering she is a Hindu and US military, the odds that she is actually against israel are very low.

bote fur drumb
mak ameriga gud agin
q sed so
drusd duh blan



I've seen this pattern like 500 times, first Glassberg, then Yang, now this dumb bitch. Get new material you retarded shills.

Tulsi Gabbard’s mother is a kike, as is the “Nazi” in pic related. All of these supposed “based and redpilled” nonwhites are just kikes. OP is a kike.

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She's been anti-zionist as long as I have been following her - which has been for the past couple of months.
true that she loves mud people

I did not know that her mother was a yid.
give me another option
guess I'm going to have to wait until 2024 because everything is zio-shilled

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there is no political solution my guy, only death and destruction

So, who is /ouraccelerationist/ then ?

> German don’t fall for the meme

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No politician is your friend. Haven't you learned that by now?

Okay. Let's look at this logically. Anglo bloc. Jew bloc. Caliphate bloc. EU/Hapsburg bloc. China bloc. Russia bloc. Leaving aside the obvious intermittent crossover caused by the second level stuff like Eurasia, communism, NATO, diasporas, OPEC, etc., which core bloc does India fit neatest into?

But not Israel?

Women love a good dicking, no exceptions. That's why we have to control them, so they can have a good life. Giving women sexual freedom is like giving a child candy freedom. You're going to have a fat balloon child in no time. With women you get used up whores, mentally unstable, unsuitable.

The female of our species, or more correctly, the female mind in our species, is extremely susceptible to individual psychosis and solipsism, and even more so, herd panic, trend and consensus; and verbalizing those behaviors by drama, outburst, disapproval, shaming, ridicule, rallying, gossiping, and reputation destruction that never ceases.

This is the reason why women’s testimony has been discounted throughout history; why the cancer of Abrahamism was spread through women; why women defected against their men and their civilization yet again, to feminism-postmodernism; and why there are continuous calls for “women must be heard”; and then, not surprisingly, counter-to-all-evidence that “women must be believed”. The female lacks the degree of male agency because she is more dependent upon the panic of herd than the hunting of the pack.

It is rather obvious that once given the franchise under the presumption of agency, that women took out their anger on the church in Europe, and on men in America. It’s rather obvious that as much as Marxism was designed to appeal to and rally men at the bottom, that feminism and postmodernism were designed to appeal to and rally women. It is rather obvious that women’s urge to nest and preen are more easily manipulated by advertising marketing and media.

As much as some people respond to the Jewish question and support their removal, I think others will respond to the woman question. These people will spread the idea of removing most women's legal rights, restoring women to a childlike legal status.

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I will be blackpilling this coming (2020) federal election just like I did during a recent local election by voting for the dumbest nigger in the republican primary and for the democrat in the election.
Who is the best bet for acceleration at this point ???

I am a demoralized faggot at this point
fuck me

Fuck this thread

The true blackpill is cyanide, one capsule and you accelerate right into beautiful stardust. Try it user.

Am I supposed to not be attracted to her? Because, damn it, I like that MILF look she's got going. She's hot

Holy shit, she's going for the clown world votes… that mad woman

DACA check em!

Globally reported

>calls out the kikes in a passive way, doesn't list their crimes just war is bad m'kay
Fucking worthless whore

She's a jew

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Damn, I did not expect Tulsi to name the Jew!

She just jumped to the top of my list for sure.

mecca gets nuked right after tel aviv

No, boomerjew

This is the one woman I would like to fuck int he bathroom with her head in the toilet bowl.

forgot to add, I think it's because of her deep roots in India. And because she has been such a surfer slut all these years, not now of course, but you know before, when she played the pussy card, as a surfer chick.

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evaded ban just for this. Keep up the good work

The anti-Tulsi shilling is intense. I wonder why…

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Because this an inorganic shit thread that’s been up for the 3rd time and each time you get told to neck it,you don’t, that’s the real problem here

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Kike mods let 3 Gabbard threads exist simultaneously, while actual happenings get pruned or anchored. Fuck this promoted cunt.

Reciprocate against China the Chinese restrictions on free-flowing data.

At least you're sticking it those darn jews, right?

She will get my vote

I might be the only National Socialist at the BDS meetings I go to but I can name the Israel with impunity there on a college campus. I even bring up documented cases of Mossad going beyond other nation's sovereignty and not caring about evidence or trials to kill who (((they))) want.

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Anyone who votes for anybody period is a votecuck and should be castrated.


What has she done?
Hawaii has a Billion dollar Train to nowhere, just like CA, Hawaii is Dem guarantee, just like CA, Hawaiians smoka dat ice bra, hate howlies, all on a $65k per year equivalent GIBS, etc.
Her being in office is a figurehead position.
Wonder how she got all that acne?
Smoka dat ICE bra…

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Because the ZOG wins when you choose not to vote and overthrow the system instead, right? Or did you think "not voting" means doing nothing?

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Nigger iq post


Shill thread. No one is going to vote for your ZOG-controlled (((politician))). Someone can be anti-Zionist without being anti-Jew

Fuck off with your asian ladyboy larping as hispanic.


Breivik is free in 2033 possibly

If only she were right wing. She seems like more of a 60s or even early-90s Democrat. I dunno if she'd be a Kennedy.


Even early 90s democrats supported some immigration enforcement and were't fully on the SJW homo marriage, trannies are good, white privilege is evil jew train. She's a modern liberal hack with a few decent anti-war policies.

i remember that leaked document from jidf mentioned her explicitly as the main target. that thread was deleted was faster than you could say comped clown mods.

Yeah jews definitely DON'T WANT another cultural marxist in power


Hawleys speech a couple of days ago was a blue pill worth hearing on the topic of a nation committed to practicing it's right to erect and elect those who know of human potential.

Candidates are fucked. There's none where you can have it all, without glaring flaws in policy. She's fine on foreign policy but damn the other shit.

The government is meant to retain our nation's lifeblood not enact its power.

I bet you were a HUGE Trump supporter 3 years ago.

Wrong. The most Jewish president to date is Donald Trump, who Zig Forums embraced for over 2 years.

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Reminder: androgen HRT will do this to your skin.

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Nothing can hide in the clear light of the Sun.

Even kikes oppose Netanyahu. It's controlled opposition.

The good kike, bad kike routine

Tulsi isn't White but is a dishonest, opportunists. She's changed her tune so many times now it's fucking pathetic. Reminds me of that cunt Kerry.

kys alt kike faggot
never post again

Listen you insufferable faggot we will never be able to vote our way out of our planned destruction



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