What do you guys think of Ben Shapiro's new book and its diagnosis of what's wrong with America?

The thesis goes something like this: Western civilization in general, and America in particular, is great because we’ve managed to balance religion and reason in a way that drives material progress and satisfies our deep need for purpose at the same time. But in the past few decades or so, we’ve gradually abandoned our “Judeo-Christian” roots, and that’s making us feel less fulfilled and less happy.

He opens the book with a parade of statistics showing how bad things are — record drug overdoses, declining marriage rates, increased rates of depression, high levels of distrust, etc. And he states the reason for this is that we’re abandoning our “Judeo-Christian heritage” and that “facts have been buried to make way for feelings; a society of essential oils and self-esteem has replaced a society of logic.”


Link to interesting interview where Shapiro goes more in-depth about his thesis.


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The Jew Side of History - not white or right!

Andrew Neil gassed this slimy kike so hard he ran like the yellow bellied jew he was the moment Neil asked him to tell everyone about those 'judeo-Christian values'. They don't fucking exist, it's a complete oxymoron. The jews murdered Jesus and refuse to this day to acknowledge him as the Christ and there's no way around it.

(((Judeo-Chistian))) values got us into this mess.

“Judeo-Christianity” is a Jewish construct emerging out of Reform Judaism which the the Jews use as a smokescreen to blend and “assimilate” as if they were just another religion and not a supremacist tribal doctrine of racial preservation at any cost. Anyone with a brain can see that it is bullshit. The Jews hated Christians for century, sacrificied their children for blood rituals, enslaved them and their pagan racial compatriots to sell to Muslims and enthralled thousands in usury. Jews are the enemy and have only grown more powerful as the centuries have pasted. Read ‘The Track of the Jew Through the Ages’. The solution to fix the West is to pull this parasite off before it sucks us dry

Wow…unpacking this Jewish logic is a heavy bag…

>not explaining how and (((whom))) made the circumstances right for them to happen.
He’s a shrill beta boi with nothing more than “Jewish pilpul” to back himself up as redundant as that phrase sounds. You listen to him and in his upmost yenta tone tries to ramble out to most non connected things together to make a point without actually making a point. He can say there is a drug problem, and can point to another statistic to try and justify the first but is amiss in actually pointing a finger as to what or (((whom))) is to blame. His tactic is to speak the loudest and fastest in the room as to bog the opposition down so they can’t respond with an answer that doesn’t require a sentence or two of explanation(be it they could just name the Jew but cannot main stream wise). Fuck him and anyone who takes his words at face value.

>direct linking to (((vox)))
>(((vox))) promoting his fellow inbred tribesman despite supposedly vehemently being against his ideology

why am I not surprised?

the only place jews belong is an oven, a really big oven. i call it hell.

I don't agree with it being "Judeo-Christian", but I do agree that the lack of Christianity is responsible for making things worse.

What do I think? I think someone should do to Shekelpiro what was done to Alan Berg, the "conservative" kike subversives are more of a threat than the liberal ones, remember that there is no such thing as a "good jew".

you are the dumbest fucking gorilla nigger I have ever seen, OP. I made a PDF file of the book and attached it.

It's only 200 pages and I haven nothing to do tonight so I'm just going to summarize the book like an OP who wasn't a goddamn subhuman piece of shit would

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Life is good and we're blowing it. Dire poverty and dying in childbirth was common. Now it's not. Technology has developed. People born now have certain freedom in the US and it doesn't matter if you're a nigger or not, you have rights. Marriage rates declined and we're more divided. People are angry.

There are more than political differences here. People trust (((key institutions))) less.
Few people like democracy. Political conflicts are a proxy for racial conflicts. Obama represented black hope, and trump represented white hope. This image comes from the racist kkk alt-right meanies who hate jews. Richard spenser said something.
—one they hope one day to finally win.


Racial divides can't explain our conflict. Have things gotten worse than times of slavery? Translators note, yes People think race relations are getting worse. Is the internet segregating people? Researchers say no. For a while, we suppressed our naturally tribal instincts, as my fellow Jew Jonah Goldberg-

brb killing myself

Blood libel never happened, Chinaman.

Yea if only the us was even more jewish thatd br great. Ok rabbi

I think I won't read it.

The racial lens is extremely atomizing. It’s so essentially primordially false. We do not see the world through the kyriotate holiness of our skin color. We are not a mind-linked consensus of faintly analogous genes. You cannot increase trust by throwing such a vast lie into the path.

People can tell.

They know they’re not every other white guy. They know they’re not every other black guy. They know they’re not every woman. Putting things upon this shallow lie frays trust intrinsically.

This kind of thing is why game theoretics arguments for pre-emptive nuclear strike are such trash. If a nation were a hive mind or a single entity controlled from above nuclear weapons would be a finite risk sometimes sensible. Nations aren’t a hivemind. The actual leaders can die in wars.

Bigotry destroys single actual bigots. That’s why it’s so overwhelmingly a product of corruption, not of honesty; people need to be able to put it down to use it at all.

Stupid kike doesn't deserve the attention. He's a zionist and a (((civnat))). He's no different to any other kike and cuckservatives think he's special for debating retard college kids who don't know what their gender is.

heh lil yid at it again

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Yes, they do exist. Andrew Neil is a slimy neo-liberal who just likes hating on christcuckry for the wrong reasons.
Judeo-christianity: universal belief in Jewish superiority and kiddie fiddling

Stupid kike doesn't deserve the attention. He's a zionist and a (((civnat))). He's no different to any other kike and cuckservatives think he's special for debating retard college kids who don't know what their gender is.

I think it's meant to be ironic, but liberalism and Judeo-christianity do share a messianic quality.

I don’t know about Benshapiro. He may as well be an alien to me. I’m not likely to read that book. I’ve got too much to do and too much to think about.

Maybe some of you should read that book. The subject matter described in OP has something going for it. The balance of faith and reason is one I appreciate.

Looking up the guy’s views… Some of them have nuances that I can appreciate, but overall I think they suck. I wouldn’t trust him to take necessary actions against climate change, and that hits him right in the “facts over feelings” gut. Yes, we need facts. Yes, sometimes facts feel bad. What if facts point to human x-risks? What if further privileging the rich would make our society more totally torn in distrust?

We don’t want to become like China, where a few slaves work to exalt a billionaire class.

He is not a civic-nat, you spastic.

haha whoops, I meant many slaves

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Fucking kike.

What are the best arguments to demolish the “Judeo Christian” rhetorical propagandist phrase in the mind of the normalfag Christian?

There’s no reason to demolish it. Jews worship Yahweh, just as Christians do, and the shared theology is incredibly potent. Both faiths worship a construct that essentially amounts to reality itself - reality in an inhuman sense. I Am That Is. Judeochristianity favors truth in a powerful way because of this steadfast reality-rooting. No clenched fist gets to redefine Judeochristian reality, but the beloved martyrs of these faiths live or die in peace.

10/10, did clench.


> (((ben shapiro))) book
> abandoning (((judeo-christian))) values
Thanks for the advertisement, faggot.

Sage & report for advertising a jew's book and for misdirecting.

Do you dream about being interlinked?

Jews lost their covenant with God due to their pilfering kikery and God chose the Christians as leaders of the faith. The Old Testament is the pre-Christian history (Jew deal with God) and was retained to show historically how Christianity won with morality at it's core. Jews and Christians are on opposite teams – they are anything but stablemates.

ben shapiro a irl homosexual

Judeo-christian is an oxymoron. Anyone who uses that term is either stupid or a subversive.
Reading this book is probably a waste of time. Read GLR instead

Did they just hire an entire crew of new fucking rat shits?
The shilling just today is off the fucking charts.

It's afraid.

I'm going to try attacking Ben himself with normies. Highlight that he never really defined the values, nor why he calls them "judeo-christian" anyway.
Then tell the story about jewish position in France before,during, after Notre Dames construction, and the statues erected in front of it (Ecclesia and Synagoga). The jews were hated outsiders during that time, unable and obviously unwilling to contribute to planning nor construction.
So what does Ben Shapiro claim?
"Notre Dame is a great monument to judeo-christian values and the west"
He is a greedy egomaniac who can't accept the fact that his people had nothing to do with this awe-inspiring project, and he takes every opportunity to make everything about HIS tribe and their supposed greatness. Judeochristianity is an ahistorical term used by jewish supremacists to absorb all european accomplishments and claim them for themselves. It's just like "we wuz kangz" except you're supposed to believe it.
Facts don't care about your feelings Benji.
And the facts say "hands off, kike!"

This thread is the christcuck equivalent of fly-paper.

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"Judeo-Christian roots," like Neoconservatism isn't literally only as old as the Boomers.

America's roots are as a European ethnorepublic where only land owning white Christian men with families and no criminal record can vote. Niggers and Jews were not allowed, though the Founding Fathers lived to see their somewhat cucky Freemasonic utopia die before they themselves passed away.

America died the moment the Confederacy lost the Civil War, and whatever was left of it was finished off by the three successive waves of nonwhite citizenship by giving niggers citizenship, by throwing open Ellis Island, and by granting amnesty to taco goblins.

"Judeo-Christian" is an oxymoron. The only work of literature more antisemitic than the Old Testament is the New Testament. The only people who believe Jews and Christians are allies or friends are Baby Boomers and the few mongrels and sheltered suburban college Republicans the Boomers have successfully brainwashed and passed their torch to. To worship Israel and support the Jews is to worship the devil and support the synagogue of Satan.

The omnipresent mainstream meme of Judeo-Christianity is living proof that NewThink is 100% possible. It's already here.

Begone jew

I don't buy anything that gives jews money

ftfy Ben

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Controlled opposition. Enough said. And the other "right-wing" talking heads have been pushing that return to your religious roots bullshit since last year. It's like that damn meme, "make it better, better, no go back!" As the kikes were pushing the masses away from centralized religion and community to secularism and degeneracy. They went too far and are now trying to stuff the genie back in the bottle, but they can't. And the genie is about to make their every wish a reality. Genocide is coming.


the problem with this as something that might do anything is

the people that are fucking things up are doing it willfully, they'd have heard all these arguments before, so who is Ben's audience ? The right ? Conservatives ? Libertarians ? They're already pissed off and well aware.

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Quick kill it with fire!!! (I mean the jude and it’s book)

The American distortion of 'Church and State' infuriates me to end. Our reason and our law is, or at least was, based upon Christianity. The separation of Church and State meant that the King should have ultimate control over his borders, and not be subordinate to the Pope. It did not mean that religion has no place in law; in fact, religion is and always was the entire basis of the law, and for those 'atheist tards', philosophy is a subset of theology and thus it too falls under the umbrella of religion, or at least it did when these ideas were initially being talked about.

The separation of Church and State has been used to keep morality out of the law and out of politics. That is most the most retarded and backwards position anyone could come to; and yet it has become the staple. Shame on us all.

I think we also lost something by not keeping the Catholic Church as a kind of mysterious separate thing.

Like, fine, laws are laws, all of that, but at the same time, why get rid of the sanctity of confession, why ruin the idea that you could talk to a priest about anything. PEople don;t really consider what they lose, like you could call it multiculturalism in a sense but it's aplurality that could only potentially benefit everyone if one side goes whack

If it wasn't for the reformation and the seperation of church and state we would have given up christcuckery a long time ago.


I take it OP is doing shilling for that screeching kike midget.


Read Purple user instead of that whimsy little kike butt blaster.

I think you need to fuck off back to reddit.

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He doesn't address the advocates of the deviation. Besides technological influences, all these social upheavals were engineered, which is presented for normies as the wheel of history turning.

Written by a jew = shit and subversive.
Religion IS reason. It is through religion that men can organize and control society to make it functional. The lack of religion is the main cause of the loss of reason.
And the deformed kike exposes himself as a soulless materialistic subhuman.
The carving for materialism is a cancer that must be completely killed in order to make our world a better place.
A human being has value and happiness only in self-improvement, work and spiritual prosperity of it's own tribe and race. Any other false "values" are merely the deformed minds of those with inferior genetics, and they all must be killed to end their infection upon our planet.
Kill all materialistic subhumans.
Kill all jews.

i dont think about it at all.

hes using their term against them. liberals like to describe themselves as being on the "right side of history"
that was their main argument during the whole gay right/gay marriage """fight"""




Wow I didn't know Ben Shapiro was a Nazi

Sorry, only Jews can do that do Jewish women.

Fuck off

OP… you retarded jew faggot, no one here has read his shitty book. It's boomer tier bullshit. He's an autistic midget weirdo, liar.

How is there Ben Shapiro thread without this…

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shit book

>diagnosis critique of what's wrong with America?

Is it the Jews? Because if it isn't, it's trash.

Here's some real books

Culture of Critique

Jewish Involvement in Shaping American Immigration Policy, 1881-1965: A Historical Review

Understanding Jewish Influence I: Background Traits for Jewish Activism

Understanding Jewish Influence II: Zionism and the Internal Dynamics of Judaism

Understanding Jewish Influence III: Neoconservatism as a Jewish Movement

Jews, Blacks, and Race

The Israel Lobby: A Case Study in Jewish Influence

Stalin's Willing Executioners: Jews as a Hostile Elite in the USSR

everything you need to know about “””Judeo-Christianity”””

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This is amazing, thank you, user.

Jewish milk can save world hunger.

Societal decline is due to kikes niggers spics and other trash. Muh socio economics is utterly bankrupt cope posting.

Checked dub dubs. Look at that slimy little rat fuck
Disgusted. Thanks user I am disgusted now. Fucking asshole

I just want everything to stop.

you’re very welcome, fellow user

lol, not this ride, fren

this ride never ens

pretty pathetic when ben shaprio cares more about saving christianity and white western civilization than 90% of the posters on this board

He's a kike trying to hijack our thing and re-direct it to more kike shit. Can't have goyim knowing an all.

now you see, christianity was the original cuckold story, made to subjugate the spirit of humans and create a race of mongoloid golems from the spawn of niggers and their rape victims.

After reading this book, I realize how important it is to support israel and all wars in the name of zionism to protect our judeo-american values.

>not explaining how and (((whom))) made the circumstances right for them to happen.
Sounds like a Breivik/Tarrant manifesto to be honest.

It's a big mistake not to look far enough back in history. Christianity has been playing out for 2000 years. During that time it has gradually kiked the West via it's retarded values (namely: equality, sympathy for everything weak, turning the other cheek and being passive, giving your shit away to others). It's also partly responsible for our greatness thanks to the internal conflict it generated in us. Christianity is now dead and there's no reviving it, no going back (even if we could go back it would just decay again in the same way), however, those retarded values have stayed behind.

Nietzsche wrote extensively on this subject and figured we needed to adopt a new set of values to save ourselves (he didn't prescribe what values they should be, although he posited some of his own different values). I believe that Hitler basically attempted to do this, but obviously he got kiked.

The fact that this book is even on here for discussion proves how this board is just a LARPing Joe Rogan esque fanbase for pseudo "HAPPENINGS" that never lead to anything. The West is just gonna slowly decline like a frog in a boiling pot and non of u fags will actually do anything to help it.

Simple, ask what "Judeo Christian" stands for

Actually Shapiro was mostly correct.
The perception that he made a fool of himself by calling Neil a "leftist" only arises because Neil is the UK equivalent of a RINO and widely known as a "staunch conservative."
Of course he is not "conservative" and is exactly what Shapiro accused him of being.
Shapiro's point about bias was spot-on too.
He put it to Neil, that if he was interviewing a pro-abortion guest, he would never use the strong terms against abortion, call it barbaric or anything else (as he did in relation to the new abortion laws in the USA, then claimed he was taking a strong opposing position for the benefit of the interview, and that he does it with all of his guests.)
I hate the slimy little turd, but he was mostly correct.
Calling Neil a leftist seems absurd to the brainwashed BBC viewing public, because they do not yet realize that all media is controlled by the cultural marxists playing both sides.

Shapiro made the same mistake as Nick Griffin, thinking he could accept an invitation to a hit-piece and then ride the tiger and get something positive out of it.
He could have, if he was a more experienced debater (Neil graduated from one of the most competitive debating chambers in the country and has decades more experience.)
Or even if he had just remained calm.
Of course you can't rule out the possibility that Shapiro's role that day was to end up looking foolish in order to damage the right.

Never trust shapiro, ever.

I tried to buy a gun in NYC and wound up in jail…… got released, told the cops they were a criminal gang to their face. couple weeks later got hammered at a bar and called a bunch of nonwhites niggers and faggots to their faces, wound up like (not exaggerating) 30-40 #woke Gen Z hipsters surrounding me and screaming, surprised I havent seen the video online yet. One nigger threw a punch (typical ape response to anger) and i hit the ground, they all start wailing on me, after a few seconds they bounce. My face is all bloody. I skiddaddled out of there before the cops rolled up. I interrupted a kike movie shoot yesterday, got the cops called. Got off free, despite broadcasting "I hope you all get jihad murdered" from a loudspeaker out my window. One of the Gen Z bespectacled 115lb femboi film faggots said to the cops, "I HAVE VIDEO!!!!!" lol. next day i posted flyers all over my neighborhood saying super aggressive shit like "ATTENTION: SENSITIVE ARTISTS AT WORK!!!!! IF YOU DONT LIKE OUR CONTENT WE _WILL_ CALL THE POLICE!!!" lo and behold, the cops showed up again. two cops, one mutt and one chink, both in full body armor, with a riot shield. "We just want to make sure you're okay." Lol, i'm better than okay nigger. Plus, I make more than you both combined, and in addition, taxes skimmed off my labor (which I never had a choice but to pay) pay your paypig salaries.

Keep saying that whites are cowards, whites are dying, whites wont do anything. It fuels the beast and I love it.

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What does Zig Forums think about this book of agitprop by a Based and absolutely literal Mossad propagandist?

Get out, threadnigger.

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Ghee stormtard, you should read my book and learn that Jews are just an awkward scapegoat.

Real conservatives support us, you should become a real conservative rather than a gullible fascist.

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Ben talks so fast that he is impossible to listen to on the radio. He is a Mark Levin + Michael (Weiner) Savage on steroids. My boomer neighbor loves him. But he is just like the two mentioned above a crypto Zionist that coincidentally ignore jews as one of the main Perpertrators of white genocide. The are hyper knowledge about the JQ but being jews themselves conveniently guide white america away from the major cause of white genocide. Savage to give him credit addresses white genocide directly but as a self proclaimed Zionist guides boomer whites in other directions, ala islam.

This kike can go crucify himself for all I care. He has nothing of value to say other than centrism and civcuckery while cucking for israel.

Being kiked is an understatement he assblast the kikes so much to the point the world has to unite and destroy a nation smaller than texas and was set an example for those who went against the jwo, but of course that didn't work and hitler became a martyr in the long run becoming more powerful that way.

Agreed. Even a normie who isn't redpilled should be skeptical about the term "judeo-Christianity." What does it even mean? It stopped being judeo as soon as it started being Christian. Every time I hear it, I've started bringing up how the only way to say that while being intellectually honest would be to say judeo-christian-islamic, and that gives people pause to consider, usually, since the muslims are worse at hiding their intentions than the jews, and even basic boomers don't feel right about letting islam into the greater abrahamic tent, as it were.

Just give him another 5 years, this will be volume 2

I think that Ben Shapiro is actually pretty based. He rejects cultural Marxism and emphasizes the importance of Western culture.

More of an ideological/culture war.
Enemy #1: Jews (presumably you)
#2: Muslims (servants of the jews)
#3: Supporters of multiculturalism/mass immigration (the brainwashed left)

So it's more of a culture war, with a key point in the agenda being the eradication of the white race and traditional/wholesome values

The MSM promotes a race war by labeling people/acts/things as "hate speech" and labeling people as "alt-right/nazis"
Multiculturalism (culture clashes) vs Segregation/Assimilation (culture unification)
Race-mixing (miscegenation) vs race purity (which respects the advantages of every race)


They were MASONS! It's absolutely TOTALLY DIFFERENT!!!