All information to date seems to support the fact that those with the most to gain, and those that have gained the most were the Israelis. Jack Ruby aka. Jack Rubinstein was in fact a deep agent mole in the United States and a devote Zionist.
Do any of you filthy kikes out there have a photograph of Ruby's gold star engraved at Mossad's deep bunker headquarters reflecting "Ruby's" sacrifice for the nation of Zion??

Google: Who killed Kennedy?

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I will let Mossad kill me, It's what they do best, Thanks for the advice Jew

Stfu you dumb nigger you ARE Mossad

Go away, journo scum.

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They killed him, alright.

Whilst American men and women sleep the jew slaves tirelessly away at subversion in every time zone on the planet. Global conquest is so close at hand their grubby paws can't stop rubbing together.

Honest question, what do you anons think?

Fuck off

42.86 of the comments, it's no wonder that Israeli moon lander smashed into the lunar surface. As percentiles go you jews are fucking morons who can't keep the fingers still.

What country has a stump for a Kennedy memorial?

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no one?


inb4 retarded EA11110 niggers


Fuck off. Now.

I think you're a sliding kike faggot.

yeah, I'm sure of it the jews killed him, what is remarkable Bush in his CIA days is pictured on scene managing the incident.

look at these monsters

Symbolism is clear.

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Although there could be a good chance its mossad, im more of the line of thought that it was the CIA's papa bush idea since they are the gun and so they are most in place to put whoever they want into power afterwards and retain the real power from behind the scenes
Maybe after that as the story went on more and more jews came into this faction and subverted it making it theirs
In any case its not like theres much difference, United Anglojudea is the enemy of mankind, the anglos have been eternal slaves to the jews since 1815

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In May 1963 JFK sent a letter to Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion stating that if he did not shut down the nuclear facility near Dimona, Israel and let international inspectors in to make sure Israel was not developing nuclear weapons, the US would cut off aid to Israel. Six months later JFK was dead.


Gas yourself.

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Remember Dimona, Simona, and Metranon


He wanted to break up the CIA, dismantle the Federal Reserve, audit Israel's nuclear capability, expose the deep state and exit an expensive, pointless war with Vietnam. He was (probably not) killed by a jewpet who was then killed by a jew
Why on earth would the jews want him dead? Just another mad conspiracy theory in my opinion OP

Edgy as Fvck! Lowbrow Hertzlist terrorist Menachem Begin & kike Lynne B. Johnson. busted fifty-five years later! SAGE for disingenuous inquiry. Weak Boomer TV traumas unrelated to all other Weak Boomer TV traumas.

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It doesn't matter catholics have ruined democracy with their bullshit. It was deserved in retrospect.

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He was circumnavigating the generals of the navy and airforce, contacting lower ranking officers and getting them the send orders down the ranks sending ships and fighter jets without the knowledge or consent of the generals, he essentially did a coup de tat, US was on the brink of war and the top generals of the navy and airforce were out of the loop, that's pretty serious, so it wouldn't suprise me if the US armed forces or CIA assassinated him.

Op needs to be lynched

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Also Cuba never had any nukes, they never took delivery of them cuz US blockaded Cuba preventing them from being delivered, so the whole US was 60 seconds from being nuked by Cuba story was BS but yanks being yanks believed it, believed s county with nukes was just about to nuke them LOL

Damn iPhone
Meant to say

Also Cuba never had any nukes, they never took delivery of them cuz US blockaded Cuba preventing them from being delivered, so the whole US was 60 seconds from being nuked by Cuba story was BS but yanks being yanks believed it, believed a country with NO nukes was just about to nuke them LOL

They are essentially the same thing. They exist to 'protect THEIR NATION' (not ours; they exist to genocide ours) so any of the parasitic class and their parasitic poor subhumans are not our people but a whole other foreign (gibs me dat parasitic group that has burrowed under our nation and people skin and begun FEEDING).

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Also saged for second post but I would like to note that that first photo is 100% correct. We are allowed to kill anything that might threaten our people or our survival.

Also the first country to be nukes wasn't japan, it was USA, but by whom?
By the US LOL
Or did y'all forget about how the US armed forces kept dropping atomic bombs in Nevada abs stupidly killed loads of their top
Generals and scientists whom died from radiation poisoning due to being too close to the bomb sites ROFL

USA gone down in history as the dumbest country ever.

No it became utterly incompetent when it was taken over by jews in 1913. It is the 84 IQ that you are seeing reflected in their actions and their incompetence.

the rich white elite and chistians want normie, secular europeans to become anti-islam. would a nomie be insulted or fall for it?

the rich white elite (and kike) are accelerationists. tada here we are on Zig Forums. not Zig Forums communist where we should be

We are anti-islam. It is the globalist wet dream of a theocratic death cult state, rather than a secular state. That is the main reason they are trying to oust Assad because he is the only democracy in the middle east. 'israel' is a theocratic state. It is all based in jewish mysticism and jewish paganism, they want to make the entire globe 'in their own jewish pagan' belief system.


>think Israeli Mossad killed JFK
You don't need to think about it once you read this letter.

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third world traveler

Gee thanks for being here random bot post. Very appreciated.

I write this in every JFK thread.
It was not one specific group it was an overlapping effort containing many diverse elements

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There's so many theories as to who killed JFK that anyone could've done it.


This is what happens when you let parasites in your nation and you let 'race mixing' happen between your leadership. You get the situation we are all now in.

what would the rich white elite, who have brought all this upon us and enriched themselves, ensuring generations of prosperity for them while imprisoning others, want least?

they would be against communism, and islam. and that's what we see everywhere in this rhetoric.

Datamining thread left up for 4 days. Rule 4 violation spam.

No they would be against INDEPENDENCE AND FREEDOM. They would be PRO COMMUNISM and PRO ISLAM.

Filmed by abraham z.
Lee oswald, who spent time in S. Am.
Lee is shot by jack Rubenstein.
Investigation is run by the jew assets from ww2.

Obviously, It wasn't jews

It hasn't been 'our nation' in over 100 years user. It has been a kike vassal state and reflect THEIR 'values' (haha) such as they are.

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lol, look at how scared (((c17878))) is. Spamming irrelevant images.

JFK is still a hot topic for kikes it seems

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>lol, look at how scared (((c17878))) is. Spamming irrelevant images.
OMG you people are so fucking stupid it is pathetic. You would almost need two of you to equal my IQ…it is so difficult to try to lower myself to the state of a subhuman animal just to be able to communicate in grunts and metaphor that you might understand. God you kikes are SO FUCKING STUPID.

Cry more

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You level of retardation is literally painful.

Honestly if you are american get in your truck print the best ones of these out and tape/sprayglue them around.

Even most old timers know the official JFK story wasn't legit, but they don't know (((who))) did it.


Anyway, this is an archive of an article detailing how US Presidents agree to never talk about Israel's nukes. Best if read in context with this image

Here's an excerpt:
signed secret letters agreeing never to publicly discuss Israel’s undeclared nuclear arsenal.
According to Entous, President Trump’s aides felt “blindsided” by Israeli ambassador Ron Dermer’s urgent demand
to sign a fourth letter. Only a small number of “senior American officials” in the previous three administrations
even knew about the existence of such letters. Though said not to specifically mention Israel’s arsenal, Israeli leaders
interpret the letters as binding American pledges not to publicly mention Israel’s nuclear weapons or press Israel to sign
the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT). The letters add to growing evidence of a longstanding
multifaceted executive and federal agency conspiracy to violate the US Arms Export Control Act on Israel’s behalf.

I've shared this info with many old timers and they always have that reaction you implied, that they've always known


How about instead of attempting to insult me you post some redpills about JFK.

Oh, you won't? Because you're a literal kike that thinks you're smarter than everyone? Well, color me surprised, Hershel

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I don't care about JFK…it is irrelevant to me. It is a closed subject like 9/11. I am only interested in the future of our people and protecting THEM NOW…not something that happened almost 55 fucking years ago.

I wasn't even alive back then and I am full aware that JFK wanted off the FED titty just like Gaddafi…there isn't anything more to say.

It is not a very interesting subject because it is a very cut and dried conclusion without any doubt about who killed him or why.

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Why are there so many cuckchan threads being made?

We will keep killing jews instead. There is nothing that you can do to stop us from killing all jews.

Actually, Kennedy had a peanut allergy so severe that it made his head explode. This was covered up by the CIA so other countries wouldn't start coding their bullets in peanut dust and win a war against us. If you don't believe ask yourself, "Have I ever seen JFK and a peanut in the same room? you'll surprise yourself.

communism moves them out of their position. islam is a direct threat to them every day



read white power niggers
it was the jews/commies

Of course it was jews, why would western civilization dethrone a leader in such a way? Unlike jews, a respect for mortality and a humbled nature towards death mean killing requires higher purpose for the greater good of the whole. That one individual's action will have consequences for future generations with which one will no longer have control over. This idea of responsibility to nation and tradition is what has lead to the cooperative development of western philosophical and cultural practices. While the religion and traditions of a people change over time the core values of that people persist and take form by blending with any changes or adaptions a culture would undertake.
It is not that western civilization is flawed in virtue, but infiltrated and subverted through virtue.

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Shit, i have just been redpilled

around jew, you lose

Russia killed JFK
I need help, who are these 2 girls?

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did everybody leave? this is really important

Johnny Gat

It's weird how life under Ghadafi was presented as a crisis by the Jew media. Now that there's war chaos and turmoil everything is ok and nothing newsworthy.

Did you know CNN played the sound of porno on tv and claimed Ghadafi was giving his troops Viagra and they're raping everyone?
Do I have to look it up?

Oh PLEASE TELL ME YOU HAVE the MP4…please please please? These people are so incompetent it is incredible.


It in here, this is loaded with lil known redpills

BRILLIANT user! Thanks!

9.30 ish

A bunch of lil known redpills.

Since you mentioned my Catholic mafia nigga JFK, again I will pose the question: Google employs Ray Kurzweil in some capacity. This guy has been warning about the singularity / intelligence explosion since before you decided to be a complete traitor to your family and friends by working for the federal government. Let's say an artificial general intelligence is achieved (Instagram already has one, or otherwise an especially kikey mod staff, but I digress). Superintelligence follows immediately. With all the evidence available on the internet – the greatest training set imagineable – you think they're gonna buy the Building 7 explanation?


Coup d'etat.

etat = the state

Purple user here want to know the big names behind the death of JFK

1. David Ben-Gurion
2. Meyer Lansky
3. John Foster Dulles
4. Allan Dulles
5. LBJ
6. Earl Warren
7. Sam Giancana

Everyone else involved was hired help those were the kikesuckers who planned the whole thing and benefited the most from it.

Being Former USMC I like to Think Oswald acted alone and was an amazing shot, even though he only scored a Toilet Seat in USMC Boot-Camp, and not just some dumb patsy.
These two guys were just Hacks;
"Two of the best combat snipers the U.S. military ever produced, Craig Roberts and Carlos Hathcock, both looked at the evidence against Oswald and both said they couldn't have done the shooting, so it would have been impossible for him to do it."

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It's not an opinion. JFK signed a piece of paper that said that Congress was to run the bank, so the kikes had him killed.

Purple here again the shooter was Lev/Lew Weinstein aka Lev Vainshtein/Vaynshteyn a soviet olympic marksman and jew. They didn't trust any American to do it and wouldn't let any Israeli do it in case the shooter was caught. Given that they went with a Soviet jew so they could both disavow the shooter while trusting him with absolute loyalty to his own people.

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You wish, kike. When we find out who did 9/11 a non violent human like me will personally end lives.

So this is who actually shot JFK? The idea that it was clumsy mafia hitmen always seemed as silly to me as approaching some American to do it themselves. You are the user who doxxed John Bolton and all the US military in Syria right?

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Dream Crusher.
signed; TYVM

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How amazing you forgot one of the biggest players.


It's almost like he's some kind of retarded LARPer

911 Truth was only useful insofar as it offered the possibility of waking people up to the great crisis in our society posed by the jews and stopping the wars they were thrusting upon us.

It failed. I could see that 4 or 5 years ago. Time to move on and prepare for the next outrage by the chosenites. But we're not forgetting anything.



no doubt jews murdered him