Isaac Kappy "commits suicide" earlier today

This former actor was exposing pedophilia in Hollywood last year:

Just a coincidence he decides to commit suicide, right? He allegedly had a deadman's switch of some sort.

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Hahaha haha QTARDS BTFO again

I recall his threads yes. No surprise he got (((suicided))) for exposing Pedowood jews.

Dude seemed off the rails. Not sure if he got suicided or not

I truly doubt jews are a global evil, it all seems so mean spirited. Stienfeld was an awesome comedy series.

Get the fuck off this board.

that's a new one too me

He was a jew.

wowie. q and trump and jesus

Judging jews off people you watch on TV where it's all modulated to make them seem charming and sweet is no way to go about it. You have to get down in the pit with them, meet the street criminal jews, the stock market jews, the money laundering real estate jews and so on. Date a few jew girls. Get to really know them.

You know I'm about as anti semetic as my hero Louis Ferdinand Celine but I'm pretty quiet and polite. I like to watch people, listen to what they say and a lot of jews seem to be attracted to me. The like me. But then as we get to know one another and my fundamental Roman Catholic (old style) philosophical world view comes to the fore (not the theology or religiosity but the fundamental monastic tradition of it) they quickly slip into flashes of anger and suspicious scorn for me.

PS Stop watching TV in general. Go live in the real world. That should be your education.


So what is the final judgement on this jew?

Was he really sincerely trying to help children or was he either

1. just an attention whore jumping into the middle of a hot story to place himself in the spotlight at stage center, without any substance?


2. Was he muddying the waters and bringing disrepute on the investigators, making them look like they were all mentally unbalanced freaks like him to throw the masses off the scent, to queer the entire investigation?

apparent witnesses to his suicide so the conspitards can stfu and gtfo
sad case all around. this is what happens when you join the cocaine hollywood shit hole.

I think he was probably just a mentally ill kike, who, to some degree, may have had good intentions. Just to be clear: there are no good jews, and I'm not implying any different.

Kek, damn Hollywood is glamorous…

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both. he loved the spotlight & he also loved his drugs.

Oh, is that his excuse?
Filtered for conspiracy theorists moral panic.

Yeh, it’s messed up propaganda, the anti-Jewishness.

Really? Because it makes me intensely dislike them.
Seinfeld was a good show, but Jerry Seinfeld is a terrible stand up comedian. Americans must just have shit taste.

It's repulsive to you because you hate being manipulated. For example I'd wager canned laughter is annoying to you while it's cotton candy for NPCs.
And you have to even say that "Americans must have shit taste"??

They're enthusiastic patrons of McDonalds, Burger King, White Castle, Elizabeth Taylor movies and Michael Jackson music which back in the 80's they all from low to high society declared was "good for kids".

I'm listening to Kappy's last video while typing this.

Kappy was, without a doubt, an impulsive, reckless, brazen, and emotionally susceptible person who had led a life ruled by depravity, sadness, regret, and ego. When he posted on halfchan about Seth Green, we suspected he was onto something. We vetted his data and submitted it to qresearch for them to digest. They validated his story and found all kinds of the hidden information. The Hollywood-led backlash against him was excessive.

What is often ignored about Kappy's original revelation on qresearch is this snippet right here:

A month later, John Brennan had lost his security clearance.

I knew Kappy in this later part of his life. Scumbag, through and through. Roguish charm and a deeply unreliable character… but in the end, he knew that about himself and when presented with the opportunity to descend fully into the darkness, he resisted. I think his poor life choices and his questionable disposition made him appear as someone who could be easily corrupted. No one suspected he would pull the emergency cord when presented with unlimited debauchery. In that sense, he unintentionally did the scout work and infiltration of Hollywood that Zig Forums should be doing and he did it without ever knowing it. He did it knowing he would make powerful enemies and he did it knowing he would die.

He genuinely wanted redemption from the life of shit he created for himself and that is why he took the suicidal leap into revealing the pedo networks of Hollywood.

What the people pressuring him to suicide don't know is that we've recorded his entire life the second he went public. We have the full data science signature of how he was suppressed across social media, the calls he received, the monitoring of his vocal tones over an entire year, every single person who has ever interacted with him, his GPS location… the works. Arizona police shut the case, which means we are free to retaliate at will right now. Kappy was surrounded by competent hackers when he went public and they collected -EVERYTHING- because they knew he would be targeted.

He was bait. He wanted to be bait. We enjoyed being bait. He knew how many people he would take down and loved every second of it. Kappy was ready to die for his redemption and found tremendous joy in knowing how many people he would bring down.

Who is kate_user?

What did this mean?

Kappy's revenge will be eternal.

No far from being propaganda of any kind. Rather, it's a serious inquiry into the dominant tribe that rules the western world economically, academically, culturally and financially. If you compare any society without the burden of their tribe on it to any society ruled over at all levels by it any decent person can see at a glance that wherever the jews go everything is rapidly turned to shit. They are remarkable for this reverse Midas touch.

Well this thread didn't last long.

Hopefully more Qcumbers end up correcting their existences.

Consider suicide

Dead jew?

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holy those tom hanks twitter messages
i'm becoming a qtard now

Tom Hanks should have been killed by soviet tanks in Tiennamen Square driven by drunken mongols for having made Forrest Gump.

Dead Jews is good news.

oh shit he might have actually been the notorious "!!mG7VJxZNC" Q himself
there hasn't been a message since 12MAY which is the day before he made suicidal statements on periscope

err the day he made suicidal statements and the 13th he was driving home from his mothers from new mexico
Lads pls no bully, pls tell me someone here saw this
boing coo coo

Its like that taken movie.

Theyre fucking shuting this shit down

They scrubbed it again

They keep deleting new 4cuck threads

all i can say is either there is something too satanic pedogate cultists or its the most brilliant mindfuck larp ever

Pedowood probably killed him.


Did anyone here see that webem?

I believe it's time the efforts of this board are focused on this subject again. It was PizzaGate that broke the internet, and got the censorship genocide launched.
There's obviously something to this, and they think we forgot, and moved on. They're getting lazy and arrogant again.
What's it going to take, lads? I'm fucking sick and tired of all of this shit going round, and round. I want serious results, damnit!
These fuckers still walk smugly among us with impunity.

no whatever it might have been its also be scrubbed from 4plebs
was it dirty dick shit?

i half believe it all to be a hoax in order to keep 'do gooder' nutters occupied with something unrealisable and unfixable instead of actual social problems like non-white criminality

It was little girls like under 7 yo dancing and washing off a stage in some turk temple. What the FUCK

Youre fucking with me, none of you faggots go on 4cunt? I thought it was a meme.

you guys this is bad

apparently you mean this
some turkish harram at a beach resort. not a child sex cult. sorry

4cuck is 99% nonsense
i'd rather listen to coast to coast than half those threads

I know, thats why i go there and larp as an alien most of the time kek.
But really.
This was a video of some litter grills washing off a stage and dancing

although if you're committed to the child sex cult theory than having george clooney on their frontpage is the clincher

It wasnt cp, they were in weird skimpy togas though

You mother fuckers think im shitposting.

you fucking retard i posted it up the thread

if you're looking for something in the digital world you're going to find it no matter what it actually portrays

Fuck user im sorry. Im freaking out

why the fuck would youtube delete all his videos though?

Did you see it?

calm down. think rationally.

someone wants to hide something, or perhaps he had an arrangement to have his channel deleted upon his death. given his last video and the ig posts that seems unlikely, however.

Anyone wonder if the July 4th date of this year means the files will be dropped on independance day?

I find it crazy how the investigation into a hidden basement ended at police doing a sweep and that was it. Theres multiple methods for locating a secret basement including GPRS or looking for hot cold signatures in flooring through the use of off the shelf infrared cameras like the one FLIR makes.

I doubt they would have ever been able to scrub the location of evidence without filling the basement with concrete. Something I doubt has even happened to this day.

The place will never get demolished in our lifetimes.

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It's apparently some new Q LARP date, when, of course, nothing will happen.


He looks like Jordan Peterson.

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check the land records
of course "they" could have covered them up
its all hyperbolic bullshit
you and other qtards wouldn't do anything if a child were being ass raped in front of you
just wanna act like you're into some major shit in mommies basement after tendie thirty


Where's the rest of the killswitch and what does it lead to? Is there a zip that's password locked, or how does this work?

LOL good catch! Totally does.

Looks like Juden Peterstein in a jewfro wig.

All these kikes are inbred scum.

Why does q trigger nazi democraps so hard?
this is honestly harder to listen to than bjork blowbrains man

Why does logic trigger trumptard lolbergs?

he keeps apologizing in his last video
i think he was the 4chan Q man
took 10s of thousands in donations and blew it on ice and hookers probably

Dead jews good news. Always.

supposed last convo
its a trainwreck and i wanna figure this shit out

fucking opsec, dude
be less sloppy with your screencaps
you really should have edited the (you) in the screenshot, now there's a link between your tor node and the 4shit post, you moron

Reciprocate China’s firewall!

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first i'd check to make sure he didn't off his mother
next i'd check his bank accounts see if he was getting donations from the qtards for meth

Whats wrong with Michael Jackson?

(((suicided))) on the 13th a lucky number in judaism. how fortunate for (((hollywood))).

just some advice, this is too scripted and faggy, it doesn't sound organic

Just some advice if you want to try and sell your LARP and a LARPer hoaxing their death in the future


If you think Stinkfeld was awesome you should listen to it without laughing tracks and rethink their behavior patterns in modern society.

This guy Owen explains the Stinkfeld quite well opened up my eyes too about it. How laughing tracks can change the perception they are in fact 4 anti social psychopaths. Depicting and reflecting the inner core of (((them))) the mentality.

Take out the laughter track and it's just a bunch of entitled jews whining and spoiling the lives of gentiles. Not funny at all

epic death hoax when they had to scrape his ass off of I66

nope, just a hoax

seinfeld had good improv routines
he was classy compared to comedians today
had the common man approach like carlin without being a degenerate

Something I adore about this place is the way a complete ongoing archive marking appearances and disappearances of comments would find very substantial anomalies. I once ejected someone from my life for false archivism, but you people are pets like North Korea is to China, not friends for a palaver.

Culturepower baby!

think i'd buy the disney assrape factory before that one

it's the same one, Kappy didn't bring a single piece of credible testimony or evidence to the table, why would they even need to kill him ? No motive

if anything it sends the wrong message, this guy was a clown ,he played a totally discredited clown

Why ? So they wouldn't kill him ?

I guess technically you could condemn them for being too lazy for not seeking out more wholesome entertainment. On the other hand you have the jewish media monopoly hammering home 24/7 "this is what's popular, this is what's happening , this is what you should like."

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it was a funny show, the characters were kinda meant to have asshole tendencies, that's what makes it funny but i'd agree with the plagarist Owen Benjamin that you could indeed look at some episodes and come to the conclusion that the characters did cross a line that you could argue wasn't funny at all, but it's admittedly cherry picking to a certain extent.

and andy kaufman is yucking it up in tel aviv
no kappys a pancake in a morgue cell now
don't fuck with sycophantic fantasy trolls and drugs kids

yeah right, and Alex Jones is 45 years old and it's the globalists on /pol

that's right kids, listen to this guy, designated thought leader of /pol (he's probably jewish)
think this guy has the edge in the debate
looks like kappy had an assistant in his scam who pushed him into the qlarping
kappy ended up buying the larp along with a tonne of drugs from their donation scheme

This thread stays high because of how miserable the corrupt people who know fascism is a Chinese phenomenon are! Reciprocate the firewall!


why do you care so much if he really died or not ?

i'm just telling you that you're a keyboard potato for thinking a verifiable fatality is some kind of hoax

you didn't answer the question

i bet your parents called you dumb when you were a kid
egghead user thats what i i'll call you
fuck off egghead user

why aren't hollywood police cleaning up hollywood?

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