Fellow Libertarians

Let us take a moment to thank the Jews, god's chosen people, for what they have given us. The Jews, in all their magnanimity and mercy, liberated us lowly goyim from the tyranny of statism.

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You can threadsnipe with the content if you mean it, but any ignoramus can produce hateful fakes. It takes actual strength to give uo hatred.

(((Protestant Puritanism)))

Polished (?)

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Not all profit is made with the benefit of the public in mind. Drugs, alcohol, porn, advertisements all damage the family which is the base unit of society.
I agree, but not all at once because that destroys nations and cripples children who will grow up to be the next leaders and 'consumers'.

people should absolutely be able to poison themselves.
they should do so without creating a corporation to spread those poisons to the rest of the nation.
Capitalism is as Jewish as socialism. It promotes rootless cosmopolitans who don't care about the effects of their product, they can just leave once they've drained and ruined an area.

A proper socioeconomic system doesn't promote people working for others and instead promotes self sufficiency. Dependence on employers or the government is slavery because you have to yield to their beliefs or stop eating.
Power should be decentralized and libertarian-ism/capitalism aren't the way to do that.

Libertarianism counteracts centralization of power.

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You know, old knight hoods didn’t care much about your beliefs.

No it allows for people to centralize power away from the government through capitalism.

You think knights weren't contractually obligated to serve their king or stop eating?

Libertarians live in fantasy land. Their policies hinge on the state suddenly shifting to the deluded libertarian's beliefs overnight where all their retarded policies magically work.

I think I’ve got a better rebuttal. Not that anyone ever tries placid rebuttal around here, lol. Critical thinking isn’t allowed.

The beliefs that come under the most pressure in capitalism are pointlessly (ie, unprofitably) discriminatory. You’re not so much defending free minds as you are defending people’s right to be very arbitrarily less successful than would otherwise be possible. Capitalist employers want employees to not care who the customers are.

Most people weren’t knights. According to some of what I’ve read, the absolute apex of human freedom of thought occurred in Sibera two centuries ago. Nobody cared what anyone in Siberia thought about anything.

Legalizing drugs reduces crime, despite the panics of moralists. It takes resources out of the hands of organized crime and gives those resources to honest citizens. Conservative thinking is often just *wrong*. Go play NS if you want affirmation that crime rates will tick up/down with prog/con policy; real world mechanisms are different.

I think we have different definitions of success.
I don't think minds have ever actually been free. Children have to be programmed or they stay children forever.
I would like ANY nation to be stable enough to not collapse every 150 years. That stability allows for children to learn and create and discover the world around them instead of being brainwashed into thinking race doesn't exist and getting drunk or high is a great way to spend all the time you have.

That's absolutely true. with less crimes to charge with there will be less crimes charged. You also don't have to go to niggers who push harder drugs on you which leads to addiction and other criminal behavior. But there are also problems with decriminalization it creates a vacuum for undesirables who wish to profit from it and waste their lives doing drugs.

I'm not against it, I think it's a good idea to quarantine the vacuum so whatever you suck up doesn't leak back out.

Just simple call it Jewishness.
Once you will find out, who stand behind promotion of faggotry and all kind of reproductive control, you will understand what /pol is about.

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I like how you think like this but you always complain about them for specific reasons being that you can't persuade them into going a hard left or a hard right position.

All the major thought leaders for both capitalism and communism are jews. The only one that's primarily gentile is fascism/national socialism. It shouldn't be hard to figure out which one actually challenges the jew.

I started from a point of not caring about Jews at all when chiseling out my principles. Now that I ended up in a camp that also houses a cohort of Jews, I'm supposed to discard my own mora sense of right and wrong, because some of them agree with me? That's retarded. Give me arguments against my beliefs, I don't believe in sin by association.

fuck off faggot



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No (((Goldwater)))? ..later liberal China sellout

Why hasn't anyone really talked about them?

cool story

Well, I certainly feel liberated.

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Well considering Americanism is what the Founding Fathers created, you're saying political freedoms, ethno-nationalism, hierarchy etc. are jewish.

Your comment is absolutely talmudic, kike-user. But you raise a point that's worth answering before we hang you

The founders of the republic didn't bother making their commitment to white nationalism explicit because there was no need. In those days, which ran roughly from 1776 to 1965, to be pro-American was to be pro-90%-white ethnostate with niggers shuffled off to the side for productive slaving. It could simply be taken for granted that "American" was synonymous with "White," since being white was a condition of citizenship.

That's part of the secret history your heeb cohorts have blotted out of the public record, but we haven't forgotten and you will pay for every measure of our blood you have dishonered with an equal partition of your own spilled over the matzohs, you smarmy yid.

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He just called that jewish. You agree by defending him.

Jews can't figure out that hard and fast ideology is inherently against our sensibilities. They magnify and attempt to blend in but you can always tell an ideal is jewish if there's no room for anything outside the central message.

NS was very white, it left room for subtleties and exceptions when needed to create a prosperous society. Americanism was much the same.

(((They))) literally can't think from the human perspective, seeming to believe that a state is immutable while a people can be changed. Dismiss the bullshit wherever you find it, you'd be surprised how easy it is to undermine their arguments by showing how unworkable their retarded ideologies actually are.

Don't need a medal
for all the men we kill

Freedumb is calling
to all men who'll bend their will

Founding rabbis were freemasons and were pro-jewish, they were considered white. Turks were also considered white in the early USA.
Colonial America was superior to the USA.

Baste and Jewpilled
Let's all bow down to our Jewish overlords
Yummy Khazar milkers
Let's marry Jewish girls and create new Jews who are indistinguishable from Whites in appearance


The foundation of a society is the family.

Hey newfag. Why do you refer to yourself in the third person?

Thats why u will never beat them, you are trying to fight an ethinicity not an idea. You clearly never read anything about libertarianism or how the jews use the state. With your mentality u are simply bound to lose.

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It's insane how many libertarian retards browse 8pol, go back to 4pol with the magatards this is a National Socialist board.

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Kike Eunuch was friends with Walter Block

I've never met a Nat Soc that didn't like libertarianism. It's usually their second favourite. You will hear them say, "National Socialism is a libertarian's response to tyranny and aggression by jews". So I won't preach to the choir.

But watch out when the entire substance of an attack on 'Capitalism' is a tone of disgust. It's usually a commie.

I'll skip the label and simply ask: Wouldn't you like the ability to ask about demographics when apartment shopping? Wouldn't you like the ability to discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sex, etc?

Killing drug dealers lowers crime even more. But defending drugs makes you no better than a jew or spic.

It's /pol. Take your nazi wanking fantasy to a nazi wanking fantasy board.

Here it is ladies and gentlemen, the peak of Jewish Engineering: the self-nullifying anti-matter demoralization meme. Truly stunning.

White Nationalists really are that stupid.

I'm a White Nationalist, kike.

They want you dead (unless you are a kike), but keep shilling for them as you are their cattle.

It's probably that resident shitskin who spams threads.

Don't directly cite wikipedia

Any of you guys actually read mises's work?

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