Purple here calling any Persian Anons

Trump pushing back to Iran Bolton faggotry and low yield nuclear weapons is no coincidence one he hopes to help start a war the other he intends to use in a war. The Iranians are fucked I tried to warn them just before New Years but they are incompetent fucks who didn't have any english speakers at a European embassy and wires were crossed. I even sent someone to them a second fucking time to try and stop this pointless fucking war. I am really really fucking pissed at the IRGC they had the network and resources to bankroll an entire PR campaign aimed directly at the American people exposing Trump for what he is using the information I have.

Iran if you have shitposters here STOP FUCKING PUFFING YOUR CHEST OUT, you have my real name the address is no longer good so don’t put anything in the mailbox, but the phone line is still open; also pity the American burger for being a severely abused victim! Like a parent that sexually abuses their child the relationship of state to citizen should be sacred; instead the US government sells it's children out like tuppence child whores from Cheapside in a Dickens novel.

I will undermine the living fuck out of this war to try and prevent it with every fiber of my being but I am just one broke ass user in comparison to the resources a state actor can command. We will have a war unless a lion can call out to the sheep of the west and prevent them from sending their sons and daughters to a slaughter the likes of which haven't been seen since Vietnam.

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Also the lead asset you sent to Prague has a NOC as a Doctor in the UK and spent the night with a blond escort whom I later saw.

Hey T Purp
Why do you want to stop it? Depopulation is the end goal. We need 7.4 billion “””””””humans””””””” off the planet ASAP. Nuke war would suffice in a pinch.
Let her rip. Also be sure to take acid and slaughter angook and cut holes in its body and fuck the holes for a while good times

I stand corrected this guy is nothing like Q. Purple may actually be a real defector from ZOG.

Checked and bump

Truer words have never been spoken about how the US Government sees the "children of the state".

He already said he wants dravidians and subsaharans to make up the majority of the depopulation figures along with tribal semites.

Dude it's a futile effort. I admire you for trying to prevent this shitshow but there're just too goddamn many stupid fucks in this country to get the message across. The US as it is today has maybe 10-20 years left in its lifespan. It's easier if you start preparing yourself and your family for the worst and stop caring about this stupid fucking banana republic country we live in.

I don't know what you're doing but if you know what you're doing and believe in what you're doing why are you being careless?

stupid canuck get your lingo straight

I feel as though this war WILL happen jews have too much of their hopes riding on this. If they don’t get what they want they will bruteforce aggresion till they get their petty little war. They’ve been working on getting the biggest thorn out their regional side since forever and if denied they will throw a temper tantrum that will cost many innocent their lives even if the war doesn’t happen. There’s no win condition the only way to win is to not play (((their))) dirty little game of trying to out maneuver each other, instead you flip the table and tell them to stick it up their ass and ask or what else? Then they’ll spill the beans because they can’t keep their fucking bragging down like with 9/11. What these niggerkikes like to forget is that it isn’t 2001 anymore where you can openly dance to your enemies demise. Everything is recorded and archived and their chutzpa leaves a slimy trail able to be traced back by even the most retarded buffoon.
The jig is up, time to shut the ZOGbot down. If america actually zealously goes into their war due to propoganda and lies I’ll be very dissapointed by peoples sheer stupidity, but on the other hand;lack of knowledge is a space to be filled woth redpills.

ZOG will gets it’s war, ZOG will be exposed, ZOG will globally fall down under the weight of their own bullshit.

On a sidenote: why does a shitty “IQ” bait thread get 200 replies but the x/pol thread barely any? Retards and bots.
I hope this place gets shutdown soon so we mass-migrate

Purple is the dark knight of Zig Forums watch as the mods hunt this thread off the board in 30 min or less.

As much as I’m coming to love Mr. Purple WTF is this board now Craigslist missed connections for spooks? At least this time Zig Forums is part of the before process of a mass media event that isn’t a mass shooting.


hmm, i seriously doubt the mods would remove and report a thread which purports to dox a federal employee in the president's cabinent. that would be so unusual


You’re a spook you nigger

Please leave Japan alone though. Kthanx

What the hell is this purple thing?

Yeah but honestly who likes John Bolton anyway except the chosen ones and even they see him as their bitch goy water carrier. Really does anyone have respect for that walrus stashed retard in DC?

No one wants a war. This neocon is almost rooting for Iran due to US fuckery. Neocons are dead with McCain, health care, and DoJ corruption. The Americans that matter want an investigation into FISA shit. Iran will prove America is shit. Barry has to fix this or our country is dead.

Our resident LARPer

user my boy you have some reading to do


Shit I did not proofread.

No one wants a war. I used to be a neocon, and I'm almost rooting for Iran due to US fuckery. Mainstream Neocons are dead with McCain, health care, and DoJ corruption. The Americans that matter want an investigation into FISA. Iran conflict or bokton's bullshit will not change anything. Barr has to fix this or our country is dead.

LARP implies this shit isn't real the guy is definitely a bit of a sperg but he has been consistently right.

Pretty sure he had some more threads that got binned by mods if anyone else has em post em.

ugh. can you just give me the quick recap.
i have to go to work soon

It is Barney but he won't own it.
He has a Tyrian purple ZOG PASS…

Guy was a CIA affiliated glownigger that worked on Trumps election, got stabbed in the back thanks to Kushner, and now appears to be back with a vengeance to right some serious semitic wrongs in DC.

noone with balls has stuck in the cabinet. so bolton fits in with them. thankfully they're not as competent as the neocons under bush. trump himself is a fucking noodle spined brainlet

I see them fabricating a war, I just dont see anyone in the US caring. I'll read the newer ones soon and catch up. I dont see anyone who doesn't support trump ok for Iran, and I see few of his base supporting also. This isn't the Iraq war. They'd need another 911 to whip up fervor, but again I haven't read the new archives.

Yep, nothing your Tyrian Purple Zig Forums ID can do to prevent it. There is no reason to have mercy on a people who would send their flesh and blood off to fight a kike war anyway. Their lineage needs to die.

The only way to remedy the 'semitic' problems is extermination of them COMPLETELY from the planet.

Ironically this would include wiping out Iran.

Lol probably because the CIA uses that "I love you" song to torture people with in sensory deprivation chambers. Maybe it reminds him of his training too much some times a song can really get in your head.

Shit, I know you are joking but it made me laugh.

why are you speaking for me?

He said he only hates the nomadic semites i.e. Jews & bedouin gulf monarchies; plus most of Iran is indo-aryan/Persian.

Yeah…White mixed with nigger from the Islamic slave trade. IE NOT WHITE AT ALL. They are Pharisees and our mortal enemies along with all the other DISGUSTING flavors of semites.


What the fuck. Can any of you just explain this quick and simple?
Another version of Q that somehow got a reputation on Zig Forums?
Is there any picture memes yet? or do i need to just comb through these threads

that lady wasn't any more Persian than I am gay

How am I a larper if I so regularly score purple on the intelligence bracket that you've taken to calling me purple?

Brenton Tarrant: Tries to start racial holy war by killing 51 - Quite reasonable to believe he will get a life sentence behind bars at least.
US Administration: Started numerous racial wars killing millions, and displacing millions more - no consequences other than increased profits.
Guess which one the Feds that lurk here will turn a blind eye to and don't bother to investigate?
Your masters are corrupt. Unless you too are corrupt - Investigate them!

good to see Euros pushing back

Why are you such a miserable hook nosed faggot?

Really all I'm wondering is whether your jewish or a schizo; at least the second is forgivable for you.

As there is only one me there is only one person with the right screen caps to prove it.

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Assange exposed politicians' war crimes. He's behind bars and no one gave a fuck.

Unless you too are corrupt - Investigate them! Only if your kinsmen are also concerned about their leaders usurping the throne.


well the iran conflict subject is worth a thread and all the cat has is bullshit

Comb the threads I was as biographical as allowable; you can have 3 questions now if you like don't ask retarded shit as you'd be waisting a question.

i have no idea what you are talking about. i Am neither gay or jewish.

purple is the color of geniuses in the current psychology color coded grading system.

I appreciate the sentiment but I'm rolling on floor laughing right now. The Judicial branch is by far the most kiked branch of all government. The infiltrated it first and now they control virtually it's entirety. All the top law schools are run by them and all the grads from those schools get the best assignments the DOJ and Judiciary will allow. All the goys that get through have to already pass through that law school selection and conditioning process meaning the Judicial system in America is the most Kosher thing in the world outside of Israel itself.

You mean like this one that was made yesterday and has pretty much been on the front page since?

you pay in used up african vag that nobody else wants, of course I am not interested.

Colorado, you suck..

Spellcheck, stickeranon.

question 1: Why do they call him purple

No one believes in this LARP.

a whole night? damn

I think you're reading posts too fast OP. The user I was responding to believes in investigating politicians in order to hold them accountable but the moment you do that you get your ass canned as the public watches with zero emotions.
But then I do agree with you. Things are far too messed up to do any investigation when the institutions are entirely compromised to the bone-marrow.

If you say so.

Plarper's ego is too big to post in other slides and needs its own slide.
..and yes it's a larp variation on "Q"
"M" chief in 007 movies
"Q" chief larper of Q "Trust Sessions" larpers
..and now "P" - a specially formatted psyop for Zig Forums
The faggot has already outed himself to anyone operating inside the wire with piss poor OPSEC, but they haven't removed him - because it's a psyop.

That thread has the most shills per capita of any thread on this board right now that should tell you something.

The color code of my clearance badge, not the name I would have picked but def not as gay as Q.

I am a prolific whoremaster as previously stated. This one was also an adult film actress by chance.

Absolutely correct which is why I came to the conclusion only someone like me who has been payed for years to manipulate the public is capable of deprograming their pavlovian behaviors which trend towards civilizational suicide.

It will fail, just like every other psyop on Zig Forums. People who belong here recognize that anonymity is a staple of imageboard culture. Inserting an identity with "all the answers" only makes people more untrusted than if they were just faceless.

The best part is, they know this, yet can't do anything about it. Their controlled opposition needs a face or identity.

Kill yourself.

Posting through a service that catalogs your IP and history and forwards them to a building in Utah every single time you establish or terminate a connection. Using multiple VPN's is much safer. Plus the people in the big boy office already know who I am if you are referring to image data acquired via servers of 3rd party company. I survive because for them to get rid of me they'd also have to publicly out their biggest MVP (most valuable puppet) in human history Donald Trump.

Larp mitosis?

this is what a larp looks like

Nice try kike we all know Purple is the only legit Larp to ever grace this board.

Torpedo comes in to prove to everyone his dick is clipped and he can’t eat leavened bread.

Remember to not mix beef and dairy Moishe.

lol, tell your boss to fire you

for the record, purple is going to be busy climbing a mountain.

This is what a schizo post looks like.

And this.

And this.

And this

That you LARPniggers really really want "muh totally legit government insider" to be the thread of choice.

That's EXACTLY what the Qboomers said about Q. You're doing the exact same thing and failing to see it. You're blinded by the allure of some mystical attention whore named-user having "all the answers".


Easy Tel Aviv we all can read at numerous points Purple has stated he was thrown out for getting in Jared Kushner’s way. He is not an insider he is someone who wants revenge which is something much more believable than the semetic semantics you’re pushing in this thread.

Shills are learning, I see.


There is no 'political solution'.
This is just ANOTHER in a long string of LARPs to keep you chained up with Hopium. Basically, this is just half nigger SCAM just like 'Q'…when he gets bored he comes around here looking for attention and to keep your 'hopium' alive because it means that:
Can I please get a show of hands (IQ test really) to see how many of you still think that the kikes 'government', 'judiciary' and 'financial system HAVE SOMETHING TO OFFER YOU?
I just want to know how many RETARDS there are in this thread.

That is because he is a (((Rockefeller))) and not one of us.
The only way that there is going to be any sort of TRUSTWORTHY (((government))) ever again is if it emerges from the ground up and it is verifiably vacant of semitic filth subhumans.

Unlike Q Purple has also stated he is going to publicly come forward and show his face to organize IRL within next 3 months so we can wait and see exactly who we are dealing with then.

You obviously didn't read any of the fucking threads as the user you are besmirching has essentially said the same thing and offered Bolton's home address as evidence of that belief. You don't dox the national security advisor with a thread like that suggest the SoS is next if you believe in a completely democratic solution.

Reported for LARP spam.


Blow your brains out, you fucking kike worshipper.

facts talk and bullshit walks
tripfags and their dick riders can suck a nigger cock

There is only ONE…good to know. I would hate to think at the very epicenter of the ANTI-EUROPEAN WHITE agenda (((read semitic/muslim fucking board))) that there was more than one LARPer.

Not a single counter argument and just like every kike still against this all you do is try and smear Purple with putrid faggotry of Q.

KYS you miserable kike.

He never said anything about showing his face just he’d be preparing to drop something around July/August.

Iranians are not semitic.

Hahahaha…OMG won't you be delighted when you find out he is a nigger/fag/semite of some sort.

You have the cognitive dissonance of a tumblr tranny calling for the genocide of all men while crying about sexism existing.

Facts like doxing all of US military in Syria Chaim, or maybe the home address of the national security advisor, what about detailed descriptions of inside CIA headquarters, how about information that later came out in books months before they were even published.

Jesus Christ you kikes are so tiresome your entire strategy rests around demoralizing people into being lazy enough to destroy themselves.

that list is nothing new kid
if the US is really going to throw down than today they'll make some conciliatory statement in the UN
this is probably just korea show toons 2.0

This faggot.
Get a real job, kike bitch.

They are the same genetic people as the kikes. There is literally almost no difference in their DNA. As a matter of fact, it would be HUGE poetic justice if the kikes and the iranians GO AT IT and murder each other. I am going to half die laughing at them as they kill each other.



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Cognitive dissonance us some more kike faggot


We know proof when we see it.

Holy shit Chaim you aren't even trying to hide it now. Everyone here knows Israel will not send a single soldier to fight just like with Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, etc etc… you lazy worthless kikes can't do any manual labor correctly and war requires a lot of physical labor.

I'm sure you totally verified the information and didn't just believe a LARP at face value, totally.
Surely nobody but magic LARPman could ever find one person's house!
Which you totally verified and didn't just believe at face value, right retard?
Q said things that ended up being true too. I guess the boomer version of this LARP must be legit.
The jew cries out in pain as he strikes you.

Nothing new. You do realize this is the internet right? If such a list existed at all before and you know about it smarty pants please provide location or archive of such glowtastical information. You won't cause you are a lying a kike shill though.




Trust the plan. Why even make threads here when you know you're right and we're wrong? Just trust the plan. Go away forever and trust the plan. We clearly don't give a shit about your cult, so trust the plan. Boy, won't we look stupid when we didn't trust the plan, right?

Ah, but user, those blurs PROVE that there's something there!

I think you mean this

You think we are going to send our sons to 'fight for Israel' the BIGGEST PARASITIC NATION on the fucking planet? GIBS ME DAT PARASITES.

I suggest to our sons that if they are FORCED to go 'be murdered for Israel' THAT THEY FUCKING CLEAN THE SHITTY MIDDLE EAST OF SEMITES FOR ALL TIME.

NO MERCY YOU FAGGOTS (remember what they do to people who have mercy on them)






Soldiers; purge them all and don't stop for a second.

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