Every day there are several shill&autists threads about how commiting random acts of violence is the way

user, don't fall for it, destroying your life in a senseless massacre won't help anyone but the kikes.

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well, when I try to tell this to people in other threads I get called a christcuck, or a kike shill

It's not like anyone who has posted here has killed people before.

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maybe because you are? Violence is the gold standard of political capital and any argument otherwise will be firmly rejected by anons on the basis of the historical record, you fucking dolt.

sage for garbage thread.

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and here's the first shill, nobody said anything about voting

no, it's not, organic work with controlling the streets is the gold standard
going on a murdeer spree like an autist just helps (((them)))

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Where do I sign up for the race war guys?

at your local synagoge, rabbi schlomo will hand out all of the instruction, and maybe even send you to a training to the middle east

wHaT Do wE HaVe lEfT 0nCe wE AbAnDoN ThE LiE? cHa0s. A GaPiNg pIt wAiTiNg t0 SwAlLoW Us aLl. ChAoS IsN'T A PiT. cHa0s iS A LaDdEr. MaNy wHo tRy t0 ClImB It fAiL AnD NeVeR GeT To tRy aGaIn. ThE FaLl bReAkS ThEm. AnD SoMe aRe gIvEn a cHaNcE To cLiMb, BuT ThEy rEfUsE. tHeY ClInG To tHe rEaLm oR ThE GoDs oR LoVe. IlLuSi0nS. oNlY ThE LaDdEr iS ReAl. ThE ClImB Is aLl tHeRe iS.

This faggot.
Again, and again, and again.
You glow, cunt.
You have no power here.
We're going to eradicate your dead blood from the gene pool forever.

no, you will kill some people, ruin your pathetic life and harm the movements just like mr. schlomo said
of course if you're not mr. schlomo already

So don't resist and don't vote.
wtf else can a man do?

There are some subhumans on Zig Forums, they worship whatever the media caters to them.

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Any proof of that? No.

Your shilling does not reflect reality, bitch.
Violence is the only solution.
We will all realize this soon enough.
You are already extinct, cunt.


That's not what he said at all you starwmanning kike. If you want to resist go after those in power not unarmed civilians like a faggot. Also, mention ZOG if you do anything, dont try and start a goy v goy war like a Mossad agent.


Tell us exactly what you mean with such a vague statement.

Exactly, that's what I'm saying.


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Good advice. Advice that I've given many times. However, so far NO ONE has done this apart from Breivik and even he only targeted lower level elites.
Until that happens, I'm going to celebrate the names of the very, very few men who have actually done something to defend their race.

Turd world trash/Muslims do it all the time in our nations, its no big deal.

We don't play by your rules anymore kike. Revolution will undoubtedly come peacefully or out of the barrel of a gun, it does not matter which as long as we destroy you to get our nations back.

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Tel Aviv, working in tandem with shit thread to shit this entire board, making it impossible for discussion.
They actually believe this is going to break us.
Yes, yid, keep taking our voices. Keep pushing us underground, keep forcing us to speak up in our daily lives.
People like me (a rather dangerous enemy) are pleasantly surprised to discover how many people in my immediate community have been hiding their power level.
We are well beyond this board as a necessity.
You're all very fucked, kikes.
Thank you for doing the only fucking thing you know how to do.

Stick your fucking hook nose where it's not wanted.
We're coming.
Strong and many.
Sleep well.
I do.

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target elites
+1 upgoat

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When you're not taking it upon yourself to make an example of the one in tenth that disgrace your people, to keep others in line, you are allowing the slow death of your own people and are no better. Pain and death must be dealt when people forget that there are sins to blood that can not be forgiven or undone.
Cowardice and "muh don't ruin ur life" is no excuse. You as an individual does not come before the safety and well being of your own people.
Fuck your insidious wording.

this is why you murder orchestrators and destroy their meeting places

Reciprocate the firewall

This faggot.

I already told you working at grassroots with local communities
while I don't agree on everything with CasaPound with this approach they became very popular in former pro-commie neighbourhoods. Carpathian Sich on Ukraine has similar model. Many modern nationalistic organisations in Europe take inspiration and do the same.
Many fascist in the past won over the society with this approach, for example Codreanu and his Legion of the Archangel Michael.

also there was almost nothing about the Jews in his manifesto, hmmm (((pure coincidence)))

glow harder kike

I gave some examples of organic work in this post. With controlling the streets I mean identyfing leftist organisations members and assaulting them (in a way where you won't have legal problems- not a problem since most of those faggots outs themselves hard on social media) to make them fear being an activist. Also propaganda stuff- stickers, posters, graffiti, billboards

you don't know what I do irl and I bet I do more than 80% of neckbeard shitposters here

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learn into reading comprehension

You disavow violence, but tell people to "assault" others. I can read, you're a faggot.

Op is right. We are here waiting for you White man, come home. You will be much more useful to an organization than as a lone wolf.

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Do you faggots ever stop shilling this crap?

what shills here encourage and autist larpers then repeat is
what I'm saying

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Provide 1 pic of your org's protest or gtfo faggot


you don't start a national revolution when you have literally 0 support of your society- that's just doomed to fail.
Just what the kikes want, but nice try on strawmaning me

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Oh but just beating up leftists and pissing them off more for later will definitely create that impact.

Tell your boss to fire you.

It takes all kinds OP. You peaceful activists, and the hardcore radicals. Trying to only use one approach is foolish.

That's a good idea but to what end?
Ultimately, the System must be overthrown.
Besides, working at grassroots levels does not mean that you can't also support positive acts of retaliation against the Regime. This is a total war meaning that all options are on the table. Demographic, political, violent, economic, social, individual, and collective actions are all fair game.

Nice poem.

where I live there used to be a pretty big problem with antifa rolling in the streets of some cities.
Throughout this tactic, local nationalistic groups were able to btfo them to a point where they literally exist only in the internet. Guess what, nobody was killed in the action, leftists are easy to be scared of real activitism when their health is on stake

gtfo with this rhetoric when you compare reasonable activism with hippie bullshit
hardcore radicals can come when we won over a big portion of a society, and they must target places and people that actually matter

the system must be overthrown but it will not happen because of some random killing sprees that are advised in many threads. Prove me wrong

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Very good. And even if you did push off your local lefties to the internet, it doesn't matter, because they're still winning. Everything the left wants is happening and Trump is a traitor.

Anything done by people who visited this site was their own private and personal decision. Quit pretending otherwise.

I don't shed a tear about what happened to those invaders recently. Good payback for what they do to us all the time.

Still waiting for that protest pic you pathetic literal live action roleplayer pussies. Patrick little has done more than you faggots ever have and he's ONE single fucking guy.

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What protest?

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That's right coward. What did you ever accomplish? Ever.

Dressing up in costume and standing on the street corner doesn't work, Whites have been trying that for 50 years. It's about migration and building community, then securing our homeland. Even if you are a naysayer now the Northwest Homeland will be waiting for you. Hail victory!



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You are a kike shill. A New Order has never come about except through violence and struggle. That doesn't mean necessarily that shooting up a mosque or synagogue is the answer, it means that it's silly to think that the goals of white nationalism can be accomplished without bloodshed

'Organic work with controlling the streets' is meaningless without the will and ability to use force as the existence of control requires one to obtain a monopoly on physical force over those streets. That is the definition of control.

If you are trying to allude to some sort of organic body politic, ecofacism/traditionalism you have so badly missed the mark its comical.

Leave, kike.

NSDAP was preceded by almost ten years of Freikorps exacting specific political violence on communist Jews in Germany. Several hundred disappeared. Thousands more were physically assaulted or had personal property seized/destroyed. Certainly it was not a one way street, but Feikorps demoralized and destabilized leftists enough that they were not able to entrench their institutional power as they have since. Resistance is critical, and in a nation that is mathematically less white every day, democratic institutions cannot logically be expected to represent white interests or stop white genocide.

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who said I'm an american?
I don't shed as well but it had no benefit for us, with a lot of consequences. And I see a lot of shills advocating others to go this way, thus I have started this thread and provided arguments and examples from the past.
What I hear in response are just ad hominem and strawmans. Really makes you think who could be behind those post hmmm

I missed the mark so much that my points used by past and existing nationalistic organisation help them make some actual changes
the support of entrepreneurs and industrialists that feared communism and seen the alternative in national solidarity instead of class war was what really pushed the NSDAP forward.

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What do you mean killing innocents and damaging the reputation of your cause is a bad thing goy?

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E Michael Jones is based, but here is blinded by his Christcuckery

MUH MOVEMENT. I bet your movement has based woke niggers in it, huh? Disgusting.

no, I actually live in a homogeneous country and I no nationalistic organisation here has a nigger.
or are you a stinking individualist?

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that's a great video user thank you, I didn't even knew this gentelman

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You like to talk about the freikorps a lot but you don't mention how in 1918 germany there was a heavily armed, violent and bloody civil war between judeocommunism and nationalism for over a year where battles took place in the streets untill the last communist rats gave up and nationalists finally won by protecting their country.

The freikorps and other veterans from the first world war fought to ensure that judeocommunism would not take over. The same essential judeocommunist dictatorship we live in today, however today the threat of mass extinction even worse.

Unfortunately for you ORGANIZED violence has solved a great deal of problems that cannot be tackled peacefully historically and will continue to do so in the future. Victory and peace comes from blood and sacrifices regardless.

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It appears neither parties are Jews at this point (except the "come home white man" shills)

We need a compromise, and I believe I've got one

You don't know E.Michael Jones ?
Where had you been ?
He's probably the most woke guy on the internet concerning naming the Jews and sexual revolution among other things.
Here is his channel, go gib him some viewshekels.

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a meme candidate? really?

Condreanu was strangled to death by a kike after being imprisoned for non-violent political activity Romania never adopted his ideas, and like Mosely, his absolute dedication to non-violence was admirable; yet invited failure.

Humans have fought and died over politics for their entier history. Hell, hominids going back a million years have been killing each other over the dominance hierarchy/resources. Political violence is in the blood of our species. Universally avoiding this reality is the logical equivalent of transsexualism. It's fucking retarded and contrary to nature.

No. The Freikorps prevented communists from wholly taking over German institutions so that when NSDAP arose, the system as it was, did not put all it's effort into destroying NSDAP. The support of industrialists and entrepreneurs was made possible by the valiant resistance which the Freikorps provided. Keep in mind, the goal of these same communist jews was to facilitate a revolution just like in Russia and they already had pulled off a successful one in Bavaria. Without happening I'm confident enough here to state that Germany would have become a part of the Soviet Union by the early 30s had the Freikorps not started clean up work by the 20s. Quite honestly, they are the true vanguard of National Socialism.

I highly doubt you have any greater familiarity with Condreanu than wiki and some meme folder provided for shilling purposes.

if there wasn't a person like Hitler at that time another revolution would just start, communistic parties were gaining more support, despite the failed revolution
I don't see here any organized nothing, just attention seeking edgelords atomwaffen ss type

Thank you, I kinda stopped paying attention to american side of the Third Position, after most people were compromised as shills or just plain idiots with e-celeb mentality. Gonna check for sure

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E. Michael Jones is woke on the Jews and the dangers of pornography but his Christianity gets in the way of him being truly redpilled on white nationalism. Still a good guy though

The shits fucking gay

Well, he is not "Third Position", he is a traditional Catholic scholar and intellectual, so you'll get a Catholic perspective with him.

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What the fuck are you talking about? His organisation killed a lot of important political enemies and traitors (instead of some random crowd) like Ion Duka- prime minister of Romania, or former Legion member traitor Mihal Stelescu. And you say that I'm not familar with his movement, faggot I can post here almost every book written by him/about in pdf, maybe just not all in english.
After his death the society went full for the Legion and eventually took power, but without the Captain, it ruling of Romania was not as good as it could be with him. Still better than the pathetic state of Romania before.

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There's a lot of Third Position ideologies that have traditional catholicism at it core, but gonna check how he describes his views


I wouldn't say Codreanu was absolutely dedicated to non-violence. It's been a while since I've read his book or read about the Legion in general but don't forget Codreanu's plot to assassinate politicians, rabbis, bankers and Jews involved in the press that was revealed to the police by a traitor, or how Codreanu shot and killed that one police officer in the middle of the court room or the assassination of Prime Minister Ion Duca by the Legion by the Nicadori or the Mihai Stelescu's murder (who was fucked up bad). Not to say these people didn't deserve it

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This may be dated to the early 30s, but at no point in time am I aware that was Condreanu committed to organized political violence. Certainly members of his organization were engaged in street fights or limited political violence, but its the Legionary movement is not comparable to the Freikorps or IRA or the like.

Going to need some sources. It has been a bit since i've read For My Legionaries but from my recollection his movement was distinctly peaceful, though often enough victims of political violence or minor street fights.

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Page 122 of my pdf of For My Legionaries.

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Danke! As I thought, it was not unprovoked. Condreanu appears to have shot in self defense.

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Either way, it was definitely deserved. The guy killed, Manciu, was a huge piece of shit who tortured and beat Legionaries after provoking them