8ch and online white extremists survive for now

White House won't endorse global call to fight online extremism after New Zealand shooting
>The White House on Wednesday said it has declined to sign on to a global call to fight online extremism, citing concerns about freedom of speech.
>New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern and French President Emmanuel Macron are meeting in Paris on Wednesday to rally support for the "Christchurch Call," a pledge to coordinate efforts to crack down on online terrorist content following the March attack on worshippers at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand.

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I am honestly surprised. I guess Zion don is anxious about 2020

This is the one thing he could do that would actually alienate a big chunk of MIGApedos, especially after those Faceberg "Nazis" banned Laura Loomer and Jonestein.

Don't be so assblasted, Chaim. Everyone knows you work hard here.

Every time Macron is mentioned, the photos of him with shirtless sweaty black men should follow.

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I almost think that is impossible, the entire thing is a personality cult at this point

I think the best cure for online extremism involves honoring better ideas regardless of their source, but that isn’t going to happen.

You're probably right, but even losing a small percentage of them would be detrimental.

Lest we forget, Zig Forums is the home of the Q LARP. Those boomer retards might actually be what saved us. I don't know how I feel about that.

That's because they legally cannot. There is absolutely nothing the rest of the world can do to force Americans to capitulate. They can only hope for sympathetic compliance from jews in industry.

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Eat shit and die kike.

The only thing they fear censoring free speech in America is that it would also mean going after the 2nd amendment. The founding fathers were visionaries.

america capitulated after the civil war goy

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le brave goybot politicans crusading for invasion

The theories stating that they allow honeypots like this to exist and actually organically allow certain actions only to pull the rug in the end is starting to sound more and more logical.

This is pretty decent news regardless of the above (even “le secret clubs”=honeypots in disguise), if they actually banned free speech entirely it would culminate in a true happening, instead they are most likely gonna try to slowly melt this place down which is already happening with the undending shills, kike mods , and the slidebait with a 100+ replies. Keep shitposting in shitthreads because shlomo deserves to be bullied online.

OP might not be a fag for once.

it's just a bunch of text which they can easily flood out politically incorrect content with spam
mcveigh didn't livestream his action and it was 100x more effective against big governments agenda at 'correcting the record' for europeans

The first and second amendments are the only thing keeping the kikes and their shabbos goys from having their NWO. They would of had by now had it not been for those white founding fathers. Would of been better if the first amendment was explicit about America only being for whites though with no niggers or jews allowed. Of coruse they never imagined the white man would lose his power and become such cucks so they probably didnt think it was needed.

Kushner is Q.

Q's ramblings read exactly like the bible. A bunch of nonsensical open to interpretation semitic ramblings. Perfect to keep the bible thumpers entertained. The book of Q chapter 4 verse 1. The goy have fallen for this shit for 1000s of years, so why not now?
I really have no idea why white people keep falling for this stuff.

I think Tarrant should have taken out Jacinda Ardern. This whore has done nothing but infuriate me since the shooting

Yet you're still crying, yid.

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Q was originally a mentally ill cuckchanner who thinks he's psychic, and is now Pamphlet user and the rest of the patriotard soapboax. It's clearly being tolerated by Trump/Kushner, and possibly influenced by them to some degree, but it wasn't their creation.

..by banning Alex Jonestein & Info Wars as "dangerous" and allowing proscribed terrorist organizations like Hezbollocks Hamspaz on their platforms?
"Hate Speech" is a code word for "Thought Crime"

Macron could of been pressured to resign with a unbiased media. It's incredible how much power comes from owning the media.

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That's how you know Tarrant is a mossad nigger.
Mossad always target civilians.


Is there an attorney in the country not owned by Jews?
Harvard and many other schools need to be sued for allowing Jews to enroll as white. There's all kinds of Jews bumping qualified whites with this their nepotism.

How about firing off some lawsuits for the lack of diversity in media ownership.


No, he's a zionist pawn, not a marxist pawn.

The marxists are too stupid to realize how this will play out. The zionists are not.
The chans are a containment field.
If you destroy the containment field, what was contained within will run rampant.
And that will be the end of it all.

He should be. He won’t win without us and he sucks kike cock like a lot.
One term ziodon

Its too late. Theres no going back now.
He's lost 10-30% of his support, and will lose more as the election season rolls in and he has to cuck harder.
He's done.

How’s it feel to be constantly fucking right all of the time?

Yep, and these fucking idiots who worship that nutjob in NZ and talk about killing this and that.

Those bastards are going to be the reason they redefine the first amendment. It's so insanely important to have that right, people should use the freedom of speech wisely.

It's gonna happen, no criticism of Israel or Jews allowed and then were really fucked.

Take your free speech and go fuck off

Oh give me a break you senile Boomer. We've had 70 years to topple the NWO kikes with words. TIME FOR ACTION!











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The 2nd Amendment is the only reason we still have the 1st, and they’ve been undermining both for a while.

That is a man, user…

Dick Swingin'.

Tree needs water.

Brenton Tarrant is the best thing that ever happened to her
She should be thanking him for giving her the chance to make herself relevant
You just KNOW she is loving the attention right now

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HAHAHAHAHA no then jews are really fucked…god I wish they would do it, and they are getting close, so close to ensuring their demise. We just need one more SAINT to seal the deal…HOPEFULLY THEY GET THE HIGHEST SCORE.

We've been woke 2 years and you losers are declaring the situation hopeless, calling it quits, throwing your life away, ruining it for everyone else.

She is too busy sucking Erdogan's cock to get more than a mouthful of words out.

Who's 'we'?

You've had decades and done nothing, and our 'ruining it' has awoken more than you have in all that time.
You are a failure.

lel ok newfag

A significant % of whites, now fuck off with your Jew debate tactics.


yeah kinda odd there hebero

we be woke an shiiiiet fo two years yah
lezz all be good bois and gib niggas mo money
fo dem programz

What is life for if not to live it as a free man and not a graveling coward?


Its all been heard before.

Pics related.

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Someone take one for the team and kill 2 birds with one stone

Wrong. You're falling for the media's own belief that it was "4chan" that elected Donald Trump. It wasn't. He needs two things to lose, neither of which he has.
One, a much better competitor amongst the republican party. Amongst the 17 from the 2016 elections, he was the only one that seemed to have some semblance of soul, the only one who the public really liked as a person. The same thing will happen in 2020. Who else would you put up, that has a chance? Hitler's not gonna be popular with the public.
And number two, he needs to piss the public off, but not just normally. He has to piss them off so hard to convince them to vote for the opposite party. How hard do you have to fuck up to convince a typical republican to abandon their views on guns, freedom of speech, abortion and so on and vote for a person swearing to take all that away?
This is made more clear when you realize that every democrat running in 2020 is close to being as unlikable as Clinton. Fucking Biden's the top guy. And are you seriously pretending that Yang has any chance?
It's not a shoein, but to pretend like Trump's voterbase cares enough about Israel or whatever else to not only stop supporting him, but support a Democrat? It's not happening. The only thing that can swing the election is larger Democrat turnout, and if it wasn't high in 2016, I doubt it will be high in 2020.
You're all forgetting. Two thousand (implying most of this board is American anyway) votes is fucking nothing in any election, especially the US election. Zig Forums's views are not popular, and Zig Forums has little swing in general. The only shakeup is a candidate more "meme-able" than Trump, which won't happen. He already has such a head-start, in large part thanks to 2015-2016 Zig Forums that it's largely impossible for anyone to compete on that regard.

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Then out spake brave Horatius, the Captain of the Gate.

"To every Man upon this Earth, death cometh soon or late. And how can Men die better, than facing fearful odds, for the ashes of Our Fathers and the temples of Our Gods."

I didn't even read your sorry shilling effort.
Trump is done.
He's lost 10%-30% of his base, Florida is off the table, and probably Texas too.
PA is unclear, but not looking good.

Dudes done.

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This is your song.
Don't try to frame the debate on me, you're fucking retarded if you openly support these mass murderers and urge for more like him.
DUMB! I'm out.

Out of the entire internet you two can find one fucking White gif or png?



They are now defining political opposition as terrorism. This is just a pathetic excuse.

I didn't think the U.S. would because of their first amendment.

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That is a difference of 32.7 million people. Might as well say "anywhere between 0 and 99%", it will be barely less accurate.
The state that was not even close, you mean?
Sure, if the democrats have a good candidate. They won't.
And tell me this, what has he done to lose "10-30%" of his base? A few controlled opposition shills are not the general populous. You're once again falling for the belief that the entire world shares Zig Forums's views. There are more Qfaggots than there are Zig Forumslacks, frankly, and Qfaggots love Trump.
I'm not shilling. I don't like Trump. But you're just outright lying to yourself. The mental leaps are worse than any democrat had in 2016 to convince themselves that Hillary would win.
Once again, where is "10-30%" coming from? From you just posting on Zig Forums all day and assuming that the rest of the world believes so? Have you spoken to a single Trump supporter in the outside world? Here's a challenge: find one - not one who's disappointed in Trump not getting the wall done or whatever else - but one that is so let down he would vote for a democrat in 2020.
All the odds are in Trump's favor so far. The democrats have proven they're doubling down. They will pick a candidate less appealing than Hillary Clinton, and then all Trump has to do is get started on his wall.

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It's not a very good containment area then. Besides, the ones we could reach were already reached before Big Brother struck. They would have to shut down the internet (and won't because shekels) to "solve" their "problem."

Really, the only message we need to get out is "when purchasing, choose the least kosher option and teach other to as well" and our work is done.

Q is whoever can crack the code. The Hell's Angels were running it for a while.

Yeah, the one where Cruz's win went from over 1 million to less than 200k in 2018.
No, the Democrats can have a shit candidate, and he'll still lose, because 1,000,000 ex-cons - 60% non-White - got their voting rights back.

He's done bro. Deal with it.

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It really is. You're here shitposting instead of shitposting on twitter, for example.

Point made.

Pretty much.

Yeah, that explains a lot.

Good argument hoss.

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In a steam system this is called a pressure relief valve.

Oh also

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Barr’s role in planning and covering up the massacre of Randy Weaver’s family at Ruby Ridge.
You may remember that Randy Weaver was entrapped by a federal agent for violating a very technical part in the federal gun law. U.S. Marshals later launched an offensive against the family, first, killing Weaver’s 14-year-old son. Then, an FBI sniper named Lon Horiuchi shot Weaver in the back and murdered his wife (shot her in her face), as she stood in the doorway of their cabin holding her baby.

Afterwards, an Idaho jury found Weaver not guilty on almost all counts, and a federal judge blasted the Justice Department and FBI for concealing evidence and demonstrating "a callous disregard for the rights of the defendants and the interests of justice."

All of this was under the leadership of then Attorney General William Barr.

Barr claimed at the time that he had no involvement in the Ruby Ridge shootings, even though it all happened under his jurisdiction. But, in 1995, The Washington Post reported that "top officials of the Bush Justice Department had at least 20 contacts concerning Ruby Ridge in the 24 hours before [Weaver’s wife] was shot" and that two calls involved Barr. But that’s not all: When the FBI sniper who murdered Vicki Weaver was faced with criminal charges, Barr tried to get immunity for the killer. He tried to get the judge to dismiss the charges on the general theory that prosecuting FBI snipers "undermine[d]" the attorney General. In fact, a majority of Barr’s pro bono activities have consisted of trying to cover up for the massacre at Rudy Ridge and exonerating the government killers.

Barr’s top priority as Attorney General will be "secret police-initiated orders" to raid gun owners’ homes in the middle of the night (aka, "red flag" "laws")
Is it any wonder that Barr supported semi-auto and magazine bans for "non-jews" and helped create Brady Checks, and then denied it under oath?

I just filter anyone who speaks out against Tarrant. Not wasting anymore time on retards.

Bernie will kick Trumps ass so bad that's why they had to rig the primary in 16 and they're rigging it now. The media is rigging it for Biden by suggesting Biden has a huge leads. All the msm outlets and internet sites are in on this scheme.


Every muslim is an enemy soldier, a ticking time bomb. That's how you bred them to be, Shekelberg.

Yes. 4chan is where Grandma plays nickle slots. Zig Forums is the high roller room. FFS, I'm pretty sure Brock and Podesta themselves browse here. The memes came from here, to cuckchan, and then onto normie internet through 9gag and FB and Twitter memes.

It had nothing to do with politics, and more like that Kek the Frog thing. This is metaphysical. "Coughing Fit, Pants of Shit" vs. "Hail Mary, Full of Grace" and to a lesser extent the BUGS mantra.

Welcome to 2015 when I discovered shadowbanning, months before they were forced to admit it. I'm not wasting my time on a censored platform where the (((dangerous))) people are targeted for what they say.

You're missing the point son.
You're here because HERE EXISTS.

If it didn't, you wouldn't be here - but you'd still be shitposting.
Not here.

Hence, containment.

I'm not sure the anti whites are for gun laws yet, you're not the only ones accumulating guns.
Watch this, meet your new next door neighbors. The MSM can turn these guys on whites so easy.



Seems legit.

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No muzzies were harmed in the making of this movie .

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So most firearms owners in the US are ideologically reasonable non-hispanic "white" boomers with children who live in rural areas but politically and spiritually jewish.
Got it.


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I notice how you niggers only ever focus on the legal immigration , but never touch on the illegal. It's almost like you kikes are shifting the goalpost so you can continue to pretend you have any argument as to why 'orange man bad'

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The next election isn't an election though. Blue states will go blue based on the popular vote. Democrats will focus on battleground states and even move there on paper and vote without stepping foot in the state. It doesn't matter what Trump did or didn't do. No Republican candidate could win the presidency in 2020. Democrats have instituted single party rule already.

dnc jew detected

Centrisms always act like bitches after an election, you're prroof

Splendid example of your typical GOP voter. They ass rape em around the clock for 3 years then election time they go to the wedge issues of abortion, immigration or gun laws and they fall in line and back to ass raping America rinse repeat..

I am embarassed any time Maxime Bernier references Macron's rise to power as proof of how he as an underdog could win with his new People's Party. Find another example MadMax

Kill yourself, dumb qtard boomer filth.

Kvetch harder, chaim.

Dunno where you got that from.
Thats correct.
Dunno where you got that from.

Its gonna be worse for the jews than when Germany turned.

I don't want immigration. Period.

Orange man isn't orange man, he is jewish pawn.
You have no argument.

Nice absence of an argument.

Trump is a jewish pawn pushing both more legal and illegal immigration, while shilling for israel and leaving the Whites who voted for him out to die.
To support him as a White person is treason to your race.

See pic. Go back and never return. Fren tip: get your t levels checked.

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Billary wluld have opened the gates and dismantled the DHS and probably pushed to remove all immigration laws completely.

I don't need to argue with foreigners about what goes on in my country, you're a fucking guest here.

This is sound user, don't know why anyone would think it was a kike idea to ensure the best ideas rise to the top through public discourse as was once the case.
That's why we are here, because we have been shut out of the public square. Our ideas are ignored and written off before they have the chance to be put to the test.
In fact, the whole point of this thread is predicated on the thought that we will be further ostracized and alienated.

I would welcome that.
Its always better to have a visible foe in power than a traitor who convinces your people that they are prospering.
Trump has higher immigration figures than Obongo.

My ancestors have been in the US since the 1740's, direct from Germany and Switzerland.

You promote a jewish pawn because you are a jewish pawn.