Iran Vows to Defeat 'American-Zionist Alliance' as Putin Warns Against U.S. Pressure

Iran Vows to Defeat 'American-Zionist Alliance' as Putin Warns Against U.S. Pressure
- Haaretz

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Death to Israel!

Iran would get BTFO by America and turned into another lawless shithole, but it would be a Pyrrhic victory for them. They'll give ZOG a bloody nose and hopefully destabilize America internally so /ourguys/ have a chance to organize better

"American-Zionist"…Lol, liars.
They want to mean the Judeo-American empire.


Can't wait for this whole shitshow to unravel itself and reveal the jewish spinster behind it all. PLEASE PLEASE have casualties on both sides so nobody can pussy out anymore. I'm praying that IDF trash gets captured so we can have some ebin Webm's.

posting a smug zimzam.

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Godspeed Iran, the second israel gets up in flames the entire world will join in cleansing the bloodline of satan from their midst.

See? I told you Russia would protect Iran.
Not that I think highly of Iran either way. At least they're a pain in the ass to Israel. Hope one day the Persians get rid of it and see the light.

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sic semper tyrannis USS lincoln

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OP must be a shill for war
Search DuckDuckGo "We will defeat the American-Zionist front"
and yahoo

PressTV (Iran) Front Page
Ayatollah Khamenei rules out possibility of war with US despite tensions

PressTV Story about OP's story Iran's Minister of Defense Amir Hatami is about DEFENSE
Iran at peak of defense preparedness to counter threats: Defense minister
to counter threats

OP wants you to think Iran wants war, when Iran talks defense and that THERE WILL BE NO WAR.


how is it shilling when op literally cites the article as from haaretz and that he hopes the JewS gets btfo?

the US is threatening Iran in the hopes it will create internal upheaval like in VZ. regime change isn't necessary all they need to do is shake them up for awhile and walk away like tough talking tank top tony. literal nigger nation politics

Think before you post, will you?
Israeli News: Iran says, "We will defeat them." = We are going to win the war with you = WAR
Iranian News: Iran says, any confrontation between the US and Iran would not be “a military one,” and that “there was not going to be any war.” = We are not going to war. = NO WAR

Read this and you'd think Iran was spoiling for war and Israel will just stand with America against Iranian aggression. See how it works?
Iran will defeat the American and Israeli alliance, Iranian Defence Minister Amir Hatami said on Wednesday, according to the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA).

Well they already failed in Syria and Lebanon so I doubt they'll be able to do shit in Iran especially now with Russian and potentially chicom backing.

doesn't mean ops fucking shilling you dumb cuck
that is the context of ops statements. you are in clown college kindergarten here we all know about the jews and their lies

acting tough overseas because their shits burning down here. niggers and hebes in a racewar. 10s of thousands of mestizos invading daily. might as well send lincoln to her grave. our next carrier will be the USS jefferson davis

Reading about Zoroaster made me realise how much the kikes stole and copypasta'd their shit. They even copied their version, the first ever of the talmud except the jewish talmud is pure evil and the Zoroastrians good.

Don't listen to that guy, he's a retard.

Good for them.

Yes, I agree.

l e l



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Is it your first day here?

Kike free first and second post.

Nuke Iran. Kill Russian Communists. Kill all muslims at any cost. Gun them down, air bomb them, rape their woman, Poison them, and starve them to death. DEATH TO ISLAM. LONG LIVE THE JEWISH PEOPLE YOU FAGGOTS, CUCK, HOMOS. If I see you on the battle field I will fucking kill you traitors. This message was approved by Donald Trump and the FBI.

Kill all jews.

That might have been the point. Provoke Iran enough and get Russia involved so the U.S. can do what they did in regards to Syria when Assad threatened to glass Israel if they 'intervened' again.

I hope a nigger does.

Not their best…

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Kill all jews. ;D

Dropping bombs on Muslims all day long. I can't wait for this WAR TO START so Goys like you will be forced to serve the Supreme Jewish overlords that rule your life. Remember your tax money goes to Jews. You CHRIST is a Jew. The greater people in the world are jews. Most of the money and power is held by jews. HOW does it fill to be so small being ruled Superior Jewish Rulers? Lol

Look at the insecurity on this kikelet. How does it feel to be a dysgenic piece of shit who can't even shill properly? Tel Aviv will be a nuclear ashpile and we will dismember your family :D

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You're only making my position seem more valid.

Kill every single jew. Even the children. Especially the children. ;)

This place has become halfchan's retarded little brother.

Powerful insight.

Get some guns ready then and name a place and I'll be there little faggots. Since you said your going to kill jews like me and try to bomb ISRAEL I have the authority and right to kill you through self defense. Get your dads guns cucked boys. I will give you a shoot out you will never forget. This Jew will kill any goy threatening my life and I have the right to do so using the 2nd Amendment and self defense laws. You Two fag boys should just marry each other. And by the way I personally know a few FBI agents and cops who goes this regularly. So do think I would pull some smart shit to get you guys arrested. Dumb fucks.

Now you're just being silly.

Zion will burn and all the jews therein will be thrown into the sea. The US is going to turn on you harder than Germany did.

Kill. All. Jews. ;D

The US i trying to fale flag an emergency evac from the consulate there.
War is comming.
or jewtrump is jewing jewbolton

The US is a paper tiger.

Shut up jew your entire existence is a lie made up by Josephus.

Paper cuts hurt and itch for a very long time.
Do not underestimate.

Mkay bud.

The games weren't against actual shitskins, user.

Mkay bud.

I think the difference between then and now is the technological gaps. I can't really see an Iranian victory if the US went full on Iraq, considering the air power it possess. That said, it wouldn't be a walk in the park in any sense of the word. It would be an actual war and not "get in get out" operations like in Iraq during Desert Storm.
I also think it relies a lot on Iran having as competent generals as Van Riper, he sounds like he would have been a fucking beast in the battlefield.

I can.

Zoroastrianism is probably the only religion I know of that's mostly pro-science and actually has descent and kind ideas for its people to follows, aside from maybe incest, whereas Judaism is about justification for supremacy and subversion.

I suppose I should say that when I say that, I don't mean I think the Iranians can defeat the US.

I just dont think the US can defeat the iranians either.
And the US is on the verge of falling apart internally.

A war with iran would break the US.

Sounds great
Good luck to everyone involved (not really)
Butterfly warfare is going swimmingly. There will be less than one hundred million of us left total after it’s all over and that’s good for us

I would just like to take this moment to remind you, kike user, that unlike you actual Zig Forumsacks do this for free. Your desperation is delicious, by the way.

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I can see the US winning, but only through a Pyrrhic victory, as says. I would place money it would be the last major international action the US would see for at least a few decades

I dont think the US would survive it.
The tension in the US right now is amazing.

We are on the verge of civil conflict, and everyone is just trying to pretend its not happening.
A major war with iran would stoke all the fires and it would burn the US to ash.

Fucking hebes should rattle their own sword instead of the West's.

They can't, because they don't have one.

We are a people of the Sword.
They are a people of the Pen.

That paradigm is one of the core pillars of our extant struggle - a people of the Sword being brought to their knees by a people of the Pen, out of an unwillingness to use the Sword, because those of the Pen have convinced us that the Sword is somehow evil or lesser in some way.

To destroy a nation by the Pen or Sword is as brutal, no?

I can see the US winning but in terms of the initial battle like in Iraq. I have no doubt the Iranians can inflict massive casualties on American forces, but Iran lacks both the industry and the economy to maintain a war like that. The real kicker would be the aftermath, Iran would absolutely have insurgencies against the United States forces, which is where the real conflict will come from. It wouldn't be a post-Iraq invasion, it would be akin to Vietnam. And Vietnam absolutely rekt the US internally. Since we're basically in the same basic political environment the US would have no fucking idea what to do next, just in like Iraq but they're in a country with militants as angry as Vietnam and a terrain just as fucking impossible to track insurgents.
It's not even that the Iranian regime has complete support of its people but there is a good chunk of fighting age men and Islamic militants that would be all over that shit.
It's only there, if the United States encounters truly another Vietnam at this time where everyone is sick and tired of war, would that be enough to break it. At least to the point of a popular counterculture.

This would break the US as it stands today.

If Afghanistan can do it, Iran can too.

Actually, shit. Let the US invade.
It'll make the political landscape for redpills.

You are just fucking stupid. 10 seconds after a nuke strike anywhere in Israel and Israel will have more support than any nation in history. Hell, they will even have support from some arab countries for counterstriking Iran.

Stop your retardation. Kikes were brutal mass murderers two thousand years ago. They lost three consecutive rebellions and multiple wars prior against the White man and the Semitic man. They are not people of the pen any more than we are. Shakespeare, Homer, philosophers, church fathers, kings, popes, emperors - writers.
They are a failed people of the sword. They are corrosion, they are destroyers. They corrode themselves to the ugly, sickly goblins they are today, and wish to do something equally horrifying to us.
We, however, are creators.

The US is doomed anyway man.

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Nah, the United States tends not to give a shit about its soldiers. Afghanistan's taliban regime was collapsed but the insurgency went on which was my point.
The US can win a war against Iran at first, it can't long term. And if the US was smart, which they aren't, they'd go in and leave just as fast. They wouldn't though.

That we are a people of the Sword does not mean we cannot wield the Pen - it means the arena of the Pen is not where we prosper most.

What do you think I'm talking about in terms of breaking the US?

Veterans are already hatefully pissed.
The US cannot survive another major conflict in the Middle East.

They are the biological equivalent of a spambot, or even an advertisement. They lack the creativity and truthfulness required to be a meager scribe.
They are clickbait journalists; whores who sell their mouths for decades, all for money, shock value and damage.

Show me a race more proficient in literature than white men.

No that is my point, they won't but the resentment won't happen initially, it will happen when the war really sets in. That's why I bring up Vietnam. We never invaded Vietnam, just fought the Viet Cong in the Jungles of the South and terrain and determinism was enough to break them into retreating.
But with that said, the US can win but it will collapse as a cause of it.

Yet, their culture revolves around exactly that.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying they are great writers or anything - i am saying that in terms of an arena wherein they will seek to attack others, the jew does not pick up a Sword.
He picks up a Pen.

See above.

user, the resentment is ALREADY HAPPENING.

They're not marching on the streets yet. The initial war wont do anything, the prolonged conflict will.

Putin destroyed all far-right parties and groups within Russia with his dream of a "unified" multicultural Russia. Now Russia is set to become a majority Muslim country by the end of the century. Perhaps the jews in Russia and the jews in America want to come together to destroy Iran. All they need is for Iran to do something terrible or allow it.

They don't need to be yet. The point stands: The resentment is already happening.



Kike mods just nuked Purple's latest thread. Apparently Iran will have several helpers to prevent a ZOG war.

reminder if you get drafted to defect to Iran

They're too busy spamming the iran threads.

Probably worth it to defect to Russia instead user.


The resentment, sure, but you're talking about actually rising up against the government. That's different, we're not there yet.

Go back to Iran m8
I don't like that theologian shit

Okay then.
No i wasnt.
There we agree.

The Zionists have done some massacres and probably will do some more in the near future.

You just never hear about them for some mysterious reason..

That doesnt make them a people of the Sword bro.

and reverse it.

Went to lunch and came back - Purps thread is gone. What happened?


((( fellow Zig Forumsacks, if you don't want another 911, we should attack Iraq Iran because they have weapons of mass destruction that they are planning to use in their terrorist attacks on Americans… sieg heil fellow Americans )))

Fucking saved

Sounds like a nice setup for WW3. No doubt the US and Israel are the aggressors here.

Well that would be traditional.

reform Persia, damn you

op is ridf

It's pretty sad

I doubt it'd go that big tbh but world wars have sparked for pettier reasons.

Persia was good until islam.

(3?) (3?) (3?)

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Tell that to the ancient Athenians.

Babylon and
(((Second Temple)))
but whatever.

Boomer tier faggot, how exactly did you find this place?

This has happened many times already and your talking heads don't report it, thus it doesn't exist obviously. Granted the protests are not as massive as the 60's shit as you cucked out looking for pussy and drugs attracting the rabble of faggots that decade is known for. Most people whom are intelligent enough to be awake in any capacity understand that protests are nothing. They do nothing, they focus nothing and they have never worked. This is why the american public has just gone thru the largest military build up in world history over the last ten years, people realized only violence works when your enemy has embraced that position and no longer listens to words. The break has already happened. We and people all over the US are now just waiting for the cover needed since it is impossible to organize, that means only chaos can rule when the happening happens. And that path lies over an hundred million dead.

If you think we are anywhere near the 60's socially and even a fraction as stable you are deluded. For me, this .gov died when they passed out pics of my kin as target practice and labeled me and mine as enemy number one. This isn't an rally of fed of cowards like the pussies in the 60's, this is men whom have come to understand that when the only people 'prepped' for an happening are you and yours, there is no reason not to unleash the fullest bodied happening ever to happen.

fucking protests as barometer of the nation, the fuck is wrong with you.

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umm the Russians aren't communists anymore.

Are you posting from the 1980's?

Iraq.. "get in get out"?????

We've been there for a decade.

Yeah.. I suppose you're right.

Shooting up defenseless villages doesn't require super soldiers.

Just wanted to make the point that they are willing to kill you when they have the upper hand.

There's an archive. You can learn more about what the Jews are pushing by reading the enemy's media.

Almost two decades. Syria kicked our ass. Vietnam kicked our ass. Korea kicked our ass.