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Utrecht shooting: Three dead and several injured after gunman opens fire on Dutch tram
Three people have been killed and several more injured after a shooting on a tram in the Dutch city of Utrecht.Police said they were investigating a "possible terrorist motive" after the attacker, a 37-year-old t*rkish-born man, fired shots inside the tram before fleeing. A police search for the suspect continues.

France to ban Yellow Vest protests in ‘worst hit’ areas if radicals spotted – French PM
"From next Saturday, we will ban 'yellow vest' protests in neighbourhoods that have been the worst hit as soon as we see sign of the presence of radical groups and their intent to cause damage," Philippe told reporters on Monday.

'Egg Boy' to donate money raised for him to victims of Christchurch mosque attacks
A teenager who cracked a raw egg over an Australian politician in protest at comments blaming Muslim immigration for the Christchurch shootings will reportedly donate most of the money raised for him to victims of the terror attack.

Over 1,000 feared dead after cyclone slams into Mozambique
More than 1,000 people were feared dead in Mozambique four days after a cyclone slammed into the country, submerging entire villages and leaving bodies floating in the floodwaters, the nation’s president said.“It is a real disaster of great proportions,” President Filipe Nyusi said.

Palestinian attacker kills Israeli soldier and rabbi in West Bank
An Israeli rabbi has become the second person to die as a result of an attack by a Palestinian man in the occupied West Bank.Achiad Ettinger, 47, from the Israeli settlement of Eli, died on Monday a day after being shot at a busy road junction.

‘Judicial junta’ brings justice? Israel’s Supreme Court bans far-right Jewish leader from elections
Israel’s Supreme Court has disqualified the leader of the ultranationalist Jewish Power party from next month’s elections, citing anti-Arab remarks he made. The move received plaudits from left-leaning journalists and activists.

Brazil’s far-right president visits CIA on first US trip
The president of Brazil visited CIA headquarters Monday on his first official trip to the U.S., an unusual move that reflects the country’s shift in leadership to a more pro-American stance.

Two years since Indian court condemned autoworkers to life-in-prison in monstrous frame-up
Exactly two years ago today, an Indian court condemned thirteen militant workers from Maruti Suzuki’s Manesar car assembly plant, in the north Indian state of Haryana, to life-in-prison on frame-up murder charges.

Venezuela opposition takes control of diplomatic properties in U.S.
Representatives of Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido have taken control of three of the country’s diplomatic properties in the United States, Guaido’s U.S. envoy said on Monday, as the opposition presses its bid to oust socialist President Nicolas Maduro.

Dead Philippines whale had 40kg of plastic in stomach
A dead whale that washed up in the Philippines had 40kg (88lbs) of plastic bags inside its stomach, researchers have said.Workers at D'Bone Collector Museum recovered the Cuvier's beaked whale east of Davao City earlier in March.

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unrelated to news but I wanted an excuse to share this picture of hiroko nagata purging.

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I'm asshurt over the shooter being a Tu-rk because I consider them "too white" and thus a complete bore.
When will we get black mass shooters already goddamn.

Dorner was based enough for the whole decade.

She was 100% a plant.
She only murdered leftists.

Cops say he was just a crazy cunt who ran into his ex and flipped the fuck out.

What kind of plant purges half the party then spends the rest of their life in prison
Japanese radicals were hardcore as fuck but also crazy as fuck.
Though at a glance Im inclined to have a little sympathy for her justification that she was killing the people who were more interested in fucking than revolution. College socialite leftists are less than insects. I'm probably wrong to draw that conclusion though, she even killed a guy just for masturbating in his sleeping bag.

Wew no fun allowed

I'm just turned on by the thought of purging a party of 20 year old poseurs treating it like a social club by straight up murdering them, is all. Its probably not exactly the reality of what happened, but its an attractive story.
Have hitler killing himself by the same artist in the same book.

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Either a 5 star prison shared with Escobar or her identity spent the rest of her life in prison while the government gave her a new one.

Suehiro Maruo is trash made for hipsters and horror fag edge lords.

Millions of American youth attend schools with police but no support staff
On March 4, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) published a devastating report which exposed the increasingly militarized state of public schools in the United States and chronic underfunding of school support staff.

Former DNC chair Donna Brazile to join Fox News
Former interim DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile is joining Fox News as a commentator, the network said on Monday.The longtime Democratic operative will offer commentary on both Fox News and Fox Business, and her move comes as some in the Democratic Party have accused the channel of functioning as state-run television for President Donald Trump.

This New York Rally Was Meant to Call Out Hate Crimes. It Turned Into a Protest Against Ilhan Omar
An Upper East Side rally intended to condemn anti-Semitism and hate crimes such as the Christchurch mosque massacre turned into a display of divisiveness Sunday, as some Jewish attendees used the event to protest against Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar.

Missouri lawmaker files bills requiring some residents to own AR-15s, handguns
A Republican lawmaker in Missouri wants to require adults in his state to purchase handguns and AR-15 rifles.Two bills introduced by state Rep. Andrew McDaniel would require residents to purchase firearms while providing $1 million in tax credits on a first-come, first-served basis to residents who fall under the law.

Former Physician At Rikers Island Exposes Health Risks Of Incarceration
As head of New York City's correctional health services, Dr. Homer Venters spent nine years overseeing the care of thousands of inmates in the jails on Rikers Island. Though he left Rikers in 2017, what he witnessed on the job has stayed with him.

White House proposes limits on student loan borrowing as part of higher education reforms
The Trump administration on Monday proposed placing limits on federal student borrowing programs as part of a series of initiatives to amend the Higher Education Act.

S&P 500 CEOs Get Raise, Lifting Median Pay to $1M — per Month
The U.S. economy’s strength the past year has created millions of new jobs and pushed up wages for many Americans, helping a number of S&P 500 company CEOs secure yet even more raises, pushing their median income above a staggering $1 million per month.

Epic responds to accusations its launcher accesses Steam data without permission
pic has responded to growing concern its launcher accesses users' Steam data without permission.The company responded to a post on the subreddit for Phoenix Point, itself the focus of a controversy after signing a deal to go exclusive with the Epic Games store for a year, in which a user revealed the Epic Games store client pokes around your computer when it shouldn't.

That sounds pretty far fetched. Why would you use a plant to just up and murder half of them? If you want to get rid of them by killing them just send in the police and kill /all/ of them. You can even be covert about it if you want.

see attached photograph

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This Week in Fascism #1: Yang Will Tear Us Apart
Greetings, fellow anti-fascists! This is the premier of The Week in Fascism, a weekly roundup of the latest and greatest happenings in the anti-fascist world. Each column will feature an “Explainer,” delineating some new fascist trend, a roundup of the doxxes and the deplatformings, and feature the calls to action, ways that you can help your local anti-fascist crews beat back the rising tide of fascism worldwide. Excelsior!Explainer of the Week: #YangGang:Longshot 2020 progressive Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang has attracted a small following of internet nazis and Alt-Right trolls with his promise of a universal basic income of $1,000 a month for every US citizen over the age of 18. Disillusioned with both Trump and his followers, these nihilistic irony bros have embraced a Democratic candidate as a double fuck-you to their old comrades and to the libs. Their trolling campaign has been successful enough that Infowars put out a video warning about the dangers of Yang’s platform.

Social Media Companies “Struggle” to Help Censors Keep us in the Dark
According to CNN Business, “Facebook, YouTube and Twitter struggle to deal with New Zealand shooting video.”“Deal with” is code for “censor on demand by governments and activist organizations who oppose public access to information that hasn’t first been thoroughly vetted for conformity to their preferred narrative.”Do you really need to see first-person video footage of an attacker murdering 49 worshipers at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand?Maybe not. Chances are pretty good you didn’t even want to. I suspect that many of us who did (I viewed what appeared to be a partial copy before YouTube deleted it) would rather we could un-see it.But whether or not we watch it should be up to us, not those governments and activists. Social media companies should enable our choices, not suppress our choices at the censors’ every whim.If Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube had been primary news sources in 1915, would they have permitted us to view footage (rare, as film was in its early days) of New Zealanders’ desperate fight at Gallipoli?How about the attack on Pearl Harbor?The assassination of president John F. Kennedy?The second plane hitting the World Trade Center.Lucinda Creighton of the Counter Extremism Project complains to CNN that the big social media firms aren’t really “cooperating and acting in the best interest of citizens to remove this content.”

Shotgun Marriage: Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank Discuss Merger
Normally, when banks look into merging, the impetus is either opportunism, whether well informed or not, or desperation. The only thing that differentiates the possible combination of Deutsche Bank, long the sickest man of Europe, and not all that healthy Commerzbank is that the desperation isn’t driven by the usual urgency, that a bank is about to keel over, unless, as some wags speculate, Deutsche’s first quarter numbers are coming in so bad that the bank needs to have some of credible plan to Do Something before it announces the results. One commentor at the Financial Times reported that “DBK was and is having trouble with wholesale funding spreads widening very strongly.” That suggests that the German giant, after so many years of limping along, may be too close to a tipping point for the officialdom to sit pat.Bloomberg also highlighted high borrowing costs due to credit risk:For Deutsche Bank, the urgency to address the situation is exacerbated by high funding costs and the risk of a credit rating cut. Chairman Paul Achleitner is said to see an expansion of Deutsche Bank’s retail deposit base — which Commerzbank would bring — as one way to lower funding costs.

Fuck it! Give everybody guns!

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This is hilarious, like when we ironically supported Jeb Bush.

Unironically arm the poor with man portable anti-tank weapons.

I think (or maybe just hope) this is how these people leave fascism.

Worked for Switzerland

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Who nose why??

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You have problems, get help.

- Hey, Yang, whatcha doin'?
- Attracting right-wingers and the disenfranchised to a left-wing platform.
(NEETs and white working class high-five)
(Liberals) - WTF, we need to stop this!

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what do you mean


Well I don't mean sexually but basically yeah. Its a fantasy of getting rid of LARPers, I know thats not actually how it works.