What happened to national syndicalism ?

what happened to national syndicalism ?

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ended up where it belongs: the dustbin of history

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It was never any more than a fringe movement.

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National-Syndicalism can refer to a variety of things. The Sorelians and Italian national-syndicalists probably come the closest to a true national syndicalism. The Spanish Falangists were mostly of the Rivera sort, who were more Catholic corporatists (or wanting a half-way syndicalism where workers have around 50% of the means of production) than bona fide syndicalists. Ramiros Ramos definitely was a genuine syndicalist though.

The Sorelians initially joined with the Maurassian integralist 'nationalists' due to ironically the French Third Republic being too much of a centralizing force due to its brand of civic nationalism from the French Revolution. Associating the Third Republic with democracy and thus both with centralization, the Sorelians became anti-democrats.

Italian National-Syndicalism was a parallel and similar trend among Italian intellectuals, though the dynamic was less being against a centralized liberal democracy and more seeing Italy's nationalist struggle against Austria as revolutionary. They were also called 'fascists' pretty early on, and it was the Fasci of Revolutionary Action that held their ranks. The more conservative corporatist nationalists were among the ranks of the ANI, though D'Annunzio, a hero to both, was among the ranks of the latter.

Not really, Fiume was practically a state founded by them, and they held it in a sort of Kronstadt-esque revolt.Interestingly, the constitution was pretty progressive for the time, and the Soviet Union was the sole country that recognized the state.

Fascism used to refer exclusively to the national-syndicalists before the Squadstri jumped in.

So, what happened to national-syndicalism? Well, basically, the French version kind of faded away with the rest of syndicalism in France. The Italian national-syndicalists were the original Fascists before the Squadstri took over, effectively turning the Fascist movement into the ANI. Edmondo Rossini did start a very influential movement of Fascist syndicates which actually numbered in the millions and terrified the Italian business class, but Mussolini struck that down in his various attempts to make compromises with the Italian elites. During WW2, Mussolini's Italian Social Republic attempted to recreate early Fascist syndicalism, but that was more Mussolini being forced to run what was essentially a German puppet state. Writing really nice sounding laws was the only power he had left at this point. That and he probably regretted all of his life decisions leading up to that point. Some national-syndicalists turned against the fascist movement, like OP's picture. There's a really good book on the history of that. I really like to shill the Google Books preview of it, since it's really detailed and unbiased.

For the Spanish national-syndicalists, Ramiro left the movement very early on, opposing the Falange. The Falange's leader died, and the movement was absorbed by Franco afterwards. The Spanish national-syndicalists, even the Riveraistas, had little value besides propaganda ultimately.

And, just because something is fringe before does not mean it will be forever. Sometimes, ideas are just too ahead of their time. Or, some other factor happened. For most of the 20th century, the Soviet Union dominated 'leftist' discourse, and most 'leftist' organizations were controlled by it. Before 1920, there was no universal 'left'. Instead, every nation had their own variants of leftism, some of which would slay the sacred cows of today's 'left'.

I guess our modern equivalent would be the SJW intelligentsia and media, but I presume that most of the people here reject those anyhow. Honestly, it's better to rid yourself of labels and false binaries and define yourself by your platform.

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It is literally just another word for 'corporatism'. Outside of Sorel's early writings, national syndicalism never really was 'syndicalism' to begin with; only that later fascists adopted superficial aspects of syndicalist ideas.

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