Was the Holocaust real?

Can you actually prove the Holocaust was a hoax?
I've seen you guys call it the holohoax and for some strange reason I believe you but is there any actual solid hard evidence? Or any evidence at all?
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It was real in their minds


Welcome. To find the information you are looking for click on [Catalog] and ctrl f "holo".

Peruse the results at your leisure.

Can you prove that I DON'T have a pet dragon?

No. But it should have happened, and it will.

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Can you prove it was real?

No, unfortunately.

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Have you done any actual research of your own before making this thread?? If not fuck off you stupid subhuman retard, proof of it never happening is Leucther report, Lüftl report, and institute of Warsaw report, and a bunch of other evidence that you can find if you actually do research of your own instead of making unnecessary threads you sedentary shit for brains

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Obvious slide thread. There's already a thread with basically the same question that seems to have been posted by the same OP.

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it happened but Israel was involved. the soviets also needed to justify the war after numerous atempts.


also, a tribute was predicted by the zionists way before it happened. there's a very low chance that Hitler was aware of it. the soviets also took some time to make up the 'crime scene' and report victims.

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Spreading obscure versions of the big lies huh?


They were being deported out of Europe, genius. That was the plan and that was what was enacted.

Krakow Institute not warsaw, my bad, they were hired by the aushwitz museum but got the same results but played it off as weathering since there was no cyanide traces on the walls, but only one of the gas chambers had the ceiling fallen in, yet the others were still intact so they obviously were liars, also the newest report is the Rudolf report which revises the Leuchter report and pretty much answers all the refutes against the Leucther report that you may have doubts about, so the Holohoax is pretty much a case closed when it comes to whether kikes were systematically gassed or not, also there's plenty of evidence in newspapers since the number 6 million has been used multiple times in news papers to state that 6 million jews were murdered from the start of the 20th century, yet there can only be a certain amount of "6 million deaths" among jews until there's none left, so a lot of shit that goes unnoticed by these faggots that defend the holoshit hope it helps

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It happened, not all claims happened.

they also needed victims to bury (as recently found in Belarus) and dispose their shoes and other stuff they found the convenient way to support the reports and forge the 'holocaust narrative'. mossad was also infiltrated in the SS

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