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This thread is for new users referred by Vox to get on Zig Forums.

First and foremost, I would like to begin with Vox. Vox references Zig Forums far more than any online publication. Vox’s purpose in doing so is to bring all the paid BBC porn spam from 4/pol/ onto 8/pol/. Little Vox knows, Zig Forums is moderated and isn’t full of hentai ads. It’s truly sickening to believe that Vox believes spamming Zig Forums on every article will spawn a satanic exodus. They even have a whole article where they talk about the “history of Zig Forums” which is mostly just talking trash about Zig Forums’s influence on Gamergate. Vox can put a link to 8/pol/ on their front page yet it won’t change the fact they brought you here to this thread.

TL;DR #1: Vox does not like it that Zig Forums isn't owned by Google™, Vox doesn't like )))NT technology((( or the Philippines and will send shills by any means.

Secondly, I would like to state that Zig Forums is the site of opportunities. The ascension of newfags is unprecedented anywhere else on the internet. Most ponyfags from Tumblr and Reddit started off on /pony/ and A S C E N D E D into /mlpol/. /mlpol/’s rule 34 at this point in time is like spicy chicken Ramen noodle, it’s still chicken but the spiciness takes away from the artificial taste. There isn’t any better source than Zig Forums when it comes to citing the ideologies of the right. 8/pol/ seeks new ideas from threads like how Crossfit communities seek protein from RXBAR and ClifBars. 8/pol/ does not fall for memes like Donald Trump, 8/pol/ makes new memes for Facebook users to use years into irrelevancy.

TLDR #2: Zig Forums is a great place to transform and get redpilled.

Finally, 8/pol/ exposes angles of fascism that cannot be viewed on any other part of the internet. We have incredible primary resources from people like Brenton Tarrant and John T. Earnest that have posted their manifesto on our 8/pol/. Brenton Tarrant and John Earnest chose us because of our exceptional board quality. 4/pol/, on the other hand, has so many Google™ employees and CIA agents that if Tarrant did what he did today, Google™ would send CIA agents to shoot out his tires and then shoot him before he walks out the house for the last time.
If John Earnest posted his manifesto on 4chan, he would probably get shot by a Google™ agent while hitting the enter key. No wonder 4chan gets your personal information when you purchase a (((4chan Pass))). It doesn’t matter if you use Bitcoin. 4chan has means of getting your personal information for it is compromised in the eyes of true followers.
TLDR #3: Welcome to 8/pol/, you’re one of us now

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and remember kids, don't post "ahem" threads unless if you plan to do a real life event worth thousands of taxpayer dollars to investigate!

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No shit.

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8/pol/ didn't fall for Trump. They fell for Yang.

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8/pol/ fell for neither.
(((Democracy))) is a scam.

To be fair, Yang is the only Democrat I've heard that doesn't sound unhinged. If there's a clip out there of him screeching about 'muh white privilege LGBT homo rights rape culture' nonsense, I haven't heard it yet.

It's right there on his website, like every other fucking politician. Fuck Yang.

congratulations dumfuck you've made a whole thread that is inexplicable and forgettable to any Normie coming here seeking Truth
stupid shits.

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These newfags were sent like Crusades to our board.
Time will tell whether they stay with the left and right or combine the two to create Fascism.

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Why would you want to teach newfags to make useless posts that distract from the cause? Lurk more

Yang is a chinese beta male who thinks everyone can just get along with yangbux. He is undoubtedly bisexual, afraid of niggers, and loves White men the way Andrew Anglin loves Flip girls.

What about Yix? Yangbux is just a converted form of normal currency.
You can get 1,000 Yangbux or you could get 10 Yix everyday for free.

Hello newfriends, you should lurk for two years before posting.

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I just want my goddamn cyberpunk megacorp shit

Those 2 years will go by sooner than you think. Don't worry.

Puppet-king kampfy's dictatorship of hotpocketry.

What do you think ImKampfy would do if Brenton Tarrant and John Earnest posted their manifestos?
Would he accept a payment from the CIA and FBI to take down information about every poster on their threads?

Also, shoutout to Codemonkey for not being a Michael Cohen when the threads were posted here. Really helps knowing the mods are on our side.

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I still like him.

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Funny they still talk about Gamergate even though the ZoeQuinn skeptics were quickly proven right thanks to Hotwheels' IP logs, a foreshadowing of the more recent streak of the MSM falling for other hatehoaxes, and Russiagate. But there will never be an apology for slandering wizardchan, ever.


Lurk two years or leave
and read some fucking books

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