Give me sources on why abortion is good and cool

My state just passed a law that basically bans abortion. My friends are all varying degrees of white nationalist, but all of them seem to be on board with the ban. One of them even said abortion is white genocide. How do I combat this?

Abortion kills niggers ffs.

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Abortion has served as a negro-control tool for decades. Muh Christianity cucks fail to realize this.
At the same time, abortion absolutely is a tool of white genocide because white women use it as a lifestyle choice.
It's complex.
When will people fucking cope with the fact life's important issues are complex?
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I really don't care about abortion. I do care that a woman has all the power to decide to have the kid however, which leaves men on the hook for child support. I would argue the laws need to change such that a woman who decides to keep a child must have a contract with the father agreeing to child support and whatever else, otherwise he is 100% free of any obligation if the woman unilaterally decides to have the kid anyway.

worry more about racemudding propaganda and jimmygration

the same way cancer patients use chemotherapy as a lifestyle choice, user

Abortion is also very dysgenic.

Under this bill one cannot kill a baby with serious genetic physical/mental impairments.

Imagine being saddled with a crippled/retarded child whose time/financial costs will prevent you from being able to have other non-impaired children. Instead you will spend your life caring for a dead end. I am scared of this and would only have kids in a state that allowed abortion, so I could abort a retard baby.

Was aborting defects like downies banned as well? I just know it omitted rape and incest.

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How many black lives is a white life worth? Yeah, abortion keeps their numbers somewhat under control; but at what cost? One great white could change the future of the planet, could invent something that changes the course of history. Is it worth potentially sacrificing him for thirty niggers? What about a hundred?

I'd rather take my chances with a few more whites against a lot more nogs, especially if it means protecting the souls of our people. This ideology of yours that is okay with sacrificing our own will wreak havoc on our collective psyche.

as far as i know, the only exception is health of the mother. rape and incest exceptions got taken out. i haven't found the text of the actual bill posted anywhere, though.

Because you can always get niggers to drive to (((Florida))) and stay there.

It's Alabama, of course it was taken out.

kek. our population will explode any day now

I support all forms of abortion. Anything that takes future enemy combatants off the battlefield is good in my book
More abortions for all

I dream of this every night

Illegal abortion, sterilized blacks.

Niggers will leave to get an abortion if they want one so bad. Only roasties and kikes hate this bill

Abortion is the tool of the jew to make sacrifices to Moloch.
Niggers are the equivalent of a flu, jews are the equivalent of the plague: you fight the plague before the flu.

Your friends are not white nationalists if they support banning abortion for nigs. Alabama Christcucks are making fools of themselves. Abortion ban is not the answer. Instead find out the reasons why women are aborting and focus on creating a culture and economy that reduces those reasons. Main reasons are usually they can’t afford it. Provide universal maternal healthcare and that alone would reduce white abortion by a large amount.

Abortion bans are not the answer!!’

Support sterilisation the way the way the jews forcefully sterilise their blacks.

You're not white if you call people christcucks, you're a jew

The abortions keep the nigger population under the control but if the abortion is banned entirely then the chimpout problems will blow up on their face unless they fund the free one way tickets to the state that don’t ban the abortions. I don’t think they realise this. Do they?

I'd be totally on board if they banned abortions but funded planned parenthood to give one-way tickets to California for pregnant niggers.

Shit tier whites are the ones who get abortions.

Abortion must be allowed for all races, otherwise the white race gets destroyed by dysgenics.

Using Christianity as justification to support niggers breeding exponentially is cuckoldry. It doesn’t have to be that way. You can be Christian and allow non human “beasts of the field” to practice their species custom of infanticide. Nigs die, god laughs. Whites die, god cries. So address the root of the problem instead of cucking for niggers.

Kill yourself you semite rabbi worshipper
Pro tip the jesus sacrament rituals are spirit cooking and ritual cannibalism

Most abortions are of black and Mexican kids? Abortion should be banned for Whites only…

The wild thing is, only one of my buddies is religious. I totally agree with making it easier for white women to raise more children. Make it possible to raise kids on just the man's income again so women don't have to get jobs.

Niggers are lazy, so no, they won't leave the state for an abortion. Their population is going to explode cause of this law.


Hey man just FYI your infographic sucks big time. Lots of good stuff with mixed in Jew shit

It is a lot cheaper to reduce the nigger population than to fund the niggers for life. How do you know how much they spent on the niggers? A lot.

That is not possible in USA so how about eugenics based abortion? Defects would be aborted under the eugenical abortion law.

Why do you want to keep those white genetics around? What benefit do they provide us?

They're either leftist scum or shit tier trailer trash. Lets change whites for the better and allow the bad ones to remove themselves from our genepool

hail moloch, spook lover
sorry i haven't read the entire board before. guess it's summer


If you like your cuck god so much why don't you throw yourself in a pyre an join him, faggot?

Just show them some stats one of the main reasons why white women abort is worry they can’t afford it. So they should support free maternal healthcare instead.

Let's kill white people so that niggers can die too.

Why not just kill niggers? Why do the round-about?

And niggers aren't even the most pressing matter in the USA, the spics are, and abortion ain't going to stop them.

You don’t understand, if the abortion is banned then the chimpouts will become bigger and more dangerous.

Do something about it then.

i don't disagree, but the way i see it, abortion is one of the things keeping niggers from growing in population like spics


You can decrease the population of both by manually removing them.

I cannot do it because I am from Australia. You need to be sensible towards the issues. Being tard won’t help you.

I agree. USA is dying so one day it will die and the nigger population implodes because there is no government to look after them like toddlers.

This is the same issue you are facing in Australia, except with the chinks.
Yes, unless americucks stand up and fight, abortion alone isn't going to do jackshit.

Many spics and nogs will rather kill the unwanted child or throw in a dumpster

Sacrifices to Moloch.

It's because of ranting loonies like you that people refuse to notice the real influence jews have.

The democracy is dying and will be dead in 2025.

They will fight eventually.

Kill yourself kike.

Thats the exception?

more white children are aborted than niggers,niggers have em for ebt ,sect 8,hud and incometax reasons

Yes, abortion is an easy way to deal with overpop, and it also targets some ethnic segments of the pop more than others.
However, if a baby has a heartbeat, it's murder.
That's just a fact.

OP here is what you need to know. (This argument is for America only, I haven't done abortion research for other nations)
White women are still "technically" the majority of women in the US, spics are the unofficial majority. Abortion by race rates are recorded at 33% for white women, 33% for niggers, and 33% for spic and others. This means that white women actually have abortions at the lowest rate proportionally to total population.
Next, let's talk niggers. Abortion was legalized in 1973. Nogs have the HIGHEST rate of abortion proportionally, with nearly 1,000 niglets aborted each and every day. If we do the math, this means that we have averted over 16.5 MILLION NIGGER BIRTHS since the onset of abortion. Spic numbers are too obfuscated to do the math on them, but considering their high pop we have averted a HOLY FUCK TON of spic births as well.
Finally, let's discuss white women. Just WHO are the kind of whores who have abortions? Degenerates, potential single mothers, and racemixers. Degenerates create white traitors, which are far more dangerous than spics and nigs. Single mothers produce criminals and degenerates on the scale of a factory. And finally, the most important factor that nobody EVER mentions, only the RACE OF THE WOMAN IS RECORDED. MANY OF THESE WHITE WOMEN ARE ABORTING MIXED ABOMINATIONS!!!
The way I see it abortion is all positives. People who argue against it would also tell you to turn the other cheek while the mud hordes rape your family.

sheboons throw their niglets in dumpsters and flush their fetuses down toilets all the time you stupid motherfucker

The only anticonceptional method that should exist is exterillization.
And castration is also ok.

even if there are retarded christcuck boomer laws like what you described, the number of malformed babies (that are probably infertile anyway) that are not being aborted is overwhelmed by the number of trash babies (niggers, spics, etc.) that are aborted. so I wouldn't say abortion is dysgenic, overall
there are organizations designed for adopting away unwanted disabled babies- well, for downs syndrome at least, I don't know about other defects. abortion can damage the woman's reproductive system and psychological well-being, I think it is healthier and more natural to give birth to the defective baby and adopt it away then to get an abortion. of course, that still leaves the burden of the defective baby on society at large, and therefore post-birth abortion and organ harvesting would be the most prudent solution.

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We're not the kikes, you jew-worshiping christcuck! Now go say another prayer to your jewish god you cuck!

Fewer niggers and white trash

Easy. Take your file full of anti-white reddit memes and hang yourself in front of your friends' house. Done.

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Typical jew replies. The jew fears superior Christian cock

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