Great career advice

In this thread, help others decide a future in which they are neither slaves to the banks or low wage servants in the rungs of society.

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maybe try to learn the difference between career and work. but then again, i guess you are in highschool still so. maybe try living in the real world for a while first

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I am living in the real world, I'm sick of working for $14 an hour and barely making enough to pay my necessities and save, like, $200 a month. And the only other option is to take a loan and spend years being indoctrinated so you can be taught your job on site. The other option is a trade, and I know you'll all's at get a trade. But that says nothing about specifics in correlation to the benefits and detriments.

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Once we have an all white globe then we can become prosperous in business enterprises.
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As it stands? Careers don't exist anymore.
Not for younger generations at least.

Bitcoin or gold or other hard money

if you had actually read my post you would notice my remark about words and their meaning. try working towards something instead of focusing on lower tier thoughts like numbers and titles. if you are working towards a paycheck that is what you get.

So there are all these old shut in gold mines throughout the west that can be purchased and worked. I feel that it would be moral and non usurious to mine refine and smelt your own gold from your own mine. It would be sound and with modern detection equipment could be darn lucrative

The mines are often still owned by active mining concerns or are so tapped out you won't find anything.
The only exceptions are those which are too unstable for continued excavation

Where should my investment budget be going?

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US arms companies.

You've gotta start somewhere. The trick is getting out.

Checked. Yeah those would be the ones I’m talking about. Some real high grade shit like up in Oregon or Nevada or az or Montana or South Dakota. They all have high grade ore deposits. Yeah you’re going to have to shore up the underground workings but hard work should pay off. I’m not seeing why it would be impossible

Were it feasible then commercial mining companies would already be doing so.
They have the resources, equipment, skilled personnel and institutional knowledge to do it.
That they don't should tell you everything you need to know about these mines.

Why is that

Comes down to time management and spending habits. If you stock pile not perishables when they are on a good sale, toilet paper and cling wrap etc, it is the equivalent of giving yourself a higher wage. If you buy coffee for a dollar or more when you can make your own for ten cents– these small things add up.

I got a degree in a useless humanties course before I realized just what a grave error it was. What the fuck do I do from here?

Read “Set For Life” by Scott Trench. I’ve read a lot of personal finance books and IMO it’s the most comprehensive while also being very easy for beginners.
The career I advocate the most is sales because it’s not hard to get into it and quickly move up.
I also recommend trade jobs because you can start work in a specialized field without much technical training and therefore you will earn a relatively high wage early on and without debt.

Having money is great but what happens when you finally get it? Most people buy dumb shit like a car or a watch, etc. Don’t do that.
Your goal should be putting your money to work for you so that your money is generating more money. The easiest and most powerful asset class to start with in real estate.

My personal goal is to have enough passive where I can ditch the city life and go somewhere more remote and homestead very small scale. I got lucky and had a great investment opportunity swing my way. You know what they say about luck though, the harder you work the luckier you get.

Once Trump is out of office you can bet the USA will go on a war spree as the political class compensate the military industrial complex for the lost years.
War means boosted profits for these companies.

Boeing would be a good pick right now. Its suffering internationally because of the 737 MAX and losses it will incur because of that.
So its share price is deflated. But Boeing will never be allowed to collapse/die/suffer too much. So its share prices will bounce back.

That depends on information that could be used by data miners.


Cody says it can be done

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Either go to a trade school, or become an apprentice to learn a trade and make money at the same time.

Utilize investments only if you have no plan for the money. It is better to establish income sources if you can, but realize that an income source is something that actually generates income. Retirement is a meme. There are plenty of life events that will clean you out. Being moderately wealthy won't save you from being thrown in a nursing home.

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Still that mine looks pretty safe by the standards of disused mines.
In most cases when a gold mine is abandoned when theres a decent amount still to be had then the chances of being able to safely extract it are slim.

There's a few smaller mining firms who work small scale mines. When its not profitable to reopen a mine fully. Either working as contractors for the owning firm or buying a mine off them.

But it raises another issue which is profitability.
This Cody guys mine seems to be more a hobby/youtube thing than an actual working mine.

That’s true. The young man has a degree in chemistry but does make some money from his YouTube for sure

General Mining Act of 1872
The General Mining Act of 1872 is a United States federal law that authorizes and governs prospecting and mining for economic minerals on federal public lands. This law, approved on May 10, 1872, codified the informal system of acquiring and protecting mining claims on public land, formed by prospectors in California and Nevada from the late 1840s through the 1860s, such as during the California Gold Rush. All citizens of the United States of America 18 years or older have the right under the 1872 mining law to locate a lode (hard rock) or placer (gravel) mining claim on federal lands open to mineral entry. These claims may be located once a discovery of a locatable mineral is made. Locatable minerals include but are not limited to platinum, gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc, uranium, and tungsten.

The 1872 act also granted extralateral rights to lode claims, and fixed the maximum size of lode claims as 1500 feet (457m) long and 600 feet (183m) wide and set the price for land assumed under the mining act:

It set the price of the land claim to range $2.50 to $5.00 per acre. This price set by law has remained the same since 1872.

All mining claims are initially unpatented claims, which give the right only for those activities necessary to exploration and mining, and last only as long as the claim is worked every year. For instance, the failure to prosecute the work on the tunnel for six months is considered the abandonment of rights to all the undiscovered veins on the line of the tunnels. In addition, at least $100 worth of labor shall be performed or improvements made annually. If this does not occur, the claim or mine upon which such failure occurred shall be made to relocation in the same manner as if no location of the same had ever been made. The original mining law gave miners the opportunity to obtain patents (deeds from the government), much as farmers could obtain title under the Homestead Act. The owner of a patented claim can put it to any legal use. The process of patenting claims has been perhaps the most controversial part of the mining law. Because of is under a Congress-imposed moratorium, the federal government has not accepted any new applications for mining claim patents since October 1, 1994.

Anons can buy 40 acres of mining land for ~$200.
You can live on it for most of the year if you got a tiny house or something.

Pray, Dave Ramsey will get you out debt. Next, Homesteading, Traditionalism, Grow your Own, DIY, Red Pills, Pray ..repeat

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I can go to a top Uni for free. What should I take if I don't have the willpower for STEM?

Be a wagecuck like the rest of us, don't get rich goyim.

Currently in an apprenticeship program. Decent pay, lots of hours, good benefits. Big bump in pay after 5-year program ends and receive journeyman license.

Every time I get discouraged or feel overwhelmed with the work, schooling, etc. I remind myself of the end goal. You’re learning a trade and constantly widening your skill set so you’ll be employable anywhere in the future. I recommend the trades.

Move to the south and get a job as an HVAC technician. Boom. Instant money.

Become an Industrial Designer.
You can work in tech or build furniture or do both.

What country are you in ?

Engineer here
Apply everywhere
Getting the first job in any weird niche or even shitty job is the one year cost of getting good employment
Most jobs are really easy, it's interviewing that sucks
To skip interviewing, tell your friends or family where you work and have them recommend you to someone they know
Then the interview process will be skipped and you're homefree
I did a 4 year school but you really only need an associate's to start doing technical work and eventually work as a midlevel engineer (if that's what you're going for)

Start your blueberry farm in Washington County, Main.

Get a trade skill. Once you have that under your belt, if you want to do something else, go for it. But you will always have your trade to fall back on.

Advice for students about to drop out…

Your doctor, pharmacist, bus driver, police, lawyers, judges, and local store owners all have careers… What shit country are you from?

I follow the secondcitycop blog about da popo in Chicago. It's quite popular and i find the comments fascinating. One of the posts talks about how some cop that everyone thinks is lazy makes 250k/year by maxing our his overtime hours. Maybe that's something to think about.

Bus drivers here in Canada are a similar gravy train. I know a boomer making 250 by maxing out his over time. He loves the job and has a nice young (early 20s) girlfriend.

Stay at home while trying to get on with fire department, police, bus driver, gravy train gov job, or anything else that you can get into with just a degree.

Don't think you're too good to take advantage of any government funded programmes. See what is out there. I got a grant to start my plant business. In my spare time I travel and build boats. Got government loan to attend university and never had to pay it back because I never had a job. Now I research psychoactive and medicinal plant compounds in a country where most native species remain undocumented and native knowledge long lost. And sell 'em for cash and claim the dole. Fuck work, fuck money, but do aspire to own land. Land which you can lock down like Fort Knox.