Iran Hate Thread

Iran is a shitskin country and the US should bomb them
Iran is a shitskin country with an average IQ of 84. They believe in Islamic extremism and export terror all over the world. You cannot even go outside as a woman without a towel on your head in Iran.
What's more, their religious fundamentalism means that they reject reason and believe in ridiculous things: transgender rates are second highest in the world but fags get stoned.
(((Iran))) is a kike country and NATO should bomb them for attacking the UAE.

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Fuckin diversity hires amirite?

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Hello jew

mildly amusing

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Wait for it.
Cold war..
Test test…
All Muslims are jew want to be.

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user, I am not a diversity hire. I am a pure German blood NatSoc who is angry at the fact that Iran blew up our ally UAE's ships.

meh what we need are targeted biological weapons which destroy all semites and subhumans.

Do a better job of hiding your nose next time.

We learning??
Fucking clown world..

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Do you know where you are?

My nose is an aquiline Aryan nose, user.
The real question we should be asking is whether or not to bomb Iran for its transgressions in the Middle East. Given that Iran is an 84 IQ mudslime country, the answer is yes.

Op is most likely a kike and a manlet

That meme is a crime against nature.

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Iran is just whites with beards and turbans. They are the only country that reliably opposes Jew evil.

Every race should have their own nation. Kikes should stop trying to bait the world into their warcrimes.

I am not a kike. Kikes want mudslimes to flood the great US of A. I want to bomb the mudslimes in Iran for their hostile presence in the Mideast region. See the difference, fellow anonymous?

You mad you little bitch.
Fuck Muhammad the child rapist.

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Fuck off, kike! Iranians are mudslimes!

Fuck of boomer scum

If I convert to islam can I fuck your sister?

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Wow super original.
The jews are going to actually get shoahed this time. Everyone already knows the jews are responsible and wants them dead, you can't stop it this time.

It is a clown world mother fucker.

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Completely false and foolish, jews and iranians/arabs share a common ancestry and are genetically similar in plenty of ways, that's why both of them are classified as semites. White iranians exist but they are a minority, just like White indians and White afghans or White pakistanis exist, you wouldn't say those shitskins are white just because they have a white minority and oppose kikes, dumbass

how about this then

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Correct sir
All abrahmic filth is , well filth. Fuck adam the proto jew nigger ape thing
My people were in caves in Germany many tens of thousands of years before his ilk. My ancestors used tools and mastered fire and language and art and music. adamites no thanks I’ll pass

Why do you namefag your memes you dumb fucking jew?

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Get gone you despicable sower of discord. No more stupid wars. No more destruction for greater Israel.

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Kill your mother and then kill yourself. Film it and upload it here so I can watch
I hope you develop stomach cancer

So you know who to hate.
You mad?

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you know who's fault is it? It's the Iranians

butthurt turknigger spotted

I will film me fucking your sister for a slurpee.

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OP is a Kike-lover.

To think that somebody isn't our enemy just because we share a common rival is completely retarded, are muslim terrorists and commie shitskins our comrades just because they also hate jews?

If I hadn't met as many dumb fucking jews as I have after so many years on the internet, I would think that you were just LARPing as a 80 IQ schlomo to troll and not actually the real thing.

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Nice. Hope she makes it coke flavored at least.

I love you too…

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Kebabs can eat shit right along with the rest of various mudshitism
Fuck them ALL dude

OP confirmed for 84 IQ kike

Iran has many native english speakers working for its propaganda agencies. They have entire TV channels (e.g. PressTV) dedicated to broadcasting anti-America (read:anti-White) propaganda in English.
Fellow NatSocs, we must follow in Trump's footsteps and invade Iran to spread White power.

You mad?

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Why do all you jews come across as mentally deficient? Do you know that you're stupid? Do you know that there's a reason you get shoahed all across time, all over the world? Do you know your own God hates you? Or are you so blitheringly ignorant that you don't even realize you're digging your own graves with a backhoe. It's a mystery I don't actually care about solving because killing the jews is its own reward.

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This is whats killing the movement
Tarrant was right

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But so are the Saudisraelis so shouldn't we bomb them first?

Name calling. If I make fun of Islam I must be a jew.
How stupid are you?

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Saudi and Israel are allies in the region. We need them to keep this great country safe.

Amen to that, mudniggers and jews are just as bad because they are actually the same

So they can kill white people.

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Suadi Arabians are a mudslim country retard

occam’s razor says you’re a jew

Hey gramps, we know you're a shill.
Maybe retire and let the younger guys take over?

No, you act like a jew; argue like one; I'm sure you even look like one. Nobody cares about Iran. Actually, I have an overall favorable opinion of Iran, because they're killing jews and their wahhabi puppets every day. I hope Hezbollah makes good on their threat to invade Israel and put every heeb they meet to the scimitar. I'd rather see one dead jew than a thousand dead Iranians. Saudis are just cryptojews so they can burn on the same pyre as the zionist entity. Death to all jews.

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So if anyone makes fun of Islam they are Jews?
Chan is so corrupt with liberal intentions.
Chan is controlled by Islam. They are the ones posting Nazi shit to help their agenda.

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Dear CIA please die and remain dead.
There is zero popular support for another middle eastern war.

Sieg Heil
You are correct sir

Muzzy found.
We know.
Clown world known..

Fuck off. Your memes are shit and you will never ever be white you cuck faggot
Kill yourself mudshit

Hang in there, Persian user. Frens will try to stop the war.

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If you were really here to talk about islam you'd be talking about the presence of islamic invaders in white nations. Funny that you're fixated on Iran, which nobody else has a reason to even think about instead of a stinking resentful yid.

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you mad?

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We're not allowed to hate Muds or we're Jews?
I can see where you'd think hating them is too extreme and we should just feel apathy at best but c'mon now

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There is a large difference between supporting Arab Nations over the Judaeo-American International System and supporting Islam itself.
You're a fucking faggot and a disingenuous leftist, go back to your containment board.

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Zig Forums is controlled by islam.
You got clowned.
Fucking clown world.

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Nope. War has been on for some time now. The orchestra has warmed up. Can you hear the strings?? Ah yes the cellos have begun to play
We don’t get out of this none of us do.
Survive it if you can pussy faggot

OP is a fucking rabbi

Not in the slightest bit. Are you?

White Americans will also soon be a minority. If I listed all the world's countries, only one is actively fighting evil Jewry, and that country is Iran.

op is testing…

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Look at this shit. You can tell he made them all himself.

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Am I funny?>

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kike OP failed in delivering a simple shill post. Got caught and IP hopped, then called everyone shitskins. Amazing

Please gramps, your posts only make us laugh.
You are going senile and it's pitiful - just retire, let the better shills take over who don't post Facebook memes.

Maybe he's sick of the Mud sympathizers on here. I'm not exactly for war myself but its funny how backwards this place has become

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Not even a little bit
Also totally kike or other mudshit. Post your name and email address

Nice try (((Kushner))), your pet roach is gone.

Iran is literally minding its own business. Its only crime is going against Greater Israel.
I don't care if they're "muh evil brown ppl", every people has its place, an ethnic home for every race.

Not saging because I want everyone to see this embarrassing thread.

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People here sympathize with Iran because they are one of the few non ZOG nations remaining, together with North Korea and possibly Venezuela.

Hitler didn't hate Muslims, he tried helping them fight kikes.
National Socialism isn't really about exterminating every non white race, it's about a separate place for every race.
That's why Hitler wanted all Jews deported rather than exterminated.
In the end he made a mistake, the Holocaust should have happened.

0.10$ has ‘’not’’ been deposited into your account.

OP is a 70 something year old dementia stricken boomer sitting in some CIA front company shill office.
Very pitiful, send in people who aren't senile next time.

You're contradicting yourself
Why? Why can't I hate both them and kikes? Or what if I'm just apathetic and don't give a fuck. Fuck Muds

All Muslim and Arab countries should be blown of the face of the earth. Just my personal opinion though.

>(((Iran))) is a kike country and NATO should bomb them for attacking the UAE.

Interesting reverse psychology about the (((UAE))) Moyshe but you need to try deeper game with your memes.

Fellow anonymous, I am not a government spook and you can trust me. I'll even sell you things to prove it to you as long as you identify yourself.
I cannot be from the CIA because CIA is not responsible for domestic operations.

Hitler helped the Free Arabian Legion fight them because he wanted all Jews sent to Madagascar or some other place, not Israel.
Also if he wanted them exterminated, why didn't he do it?

Here is a question.
If you want Iran bombed, why not bomb Israel first?
Why are you defending the official neoconservative Greater Israel ZOG position?
Why not just let Iran and Israel fight it out without US intervention, hopefully annihilating both countries?

If our boys are sent over their involuntarily we simply need to start killing all the semites we see, men women and children. Kill them all and leave no one alive. Iranian and kike…all the semites must be exterminated.

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Bronies get the rope too faggot

kys James Kushner

why you mentio bronies? also see mlpol

Bronies always get the rope.

Nigger MLP is a good franchise as long as it's children watching it and not creepy neckbeards.

Bomb (((Iran)))! Bomb (((Syria)))! Aid )))Israel(((! Race war now!

you will always be jewish


really low effort memeing by the jidf

is this fucking 4kike??? mods pls=

I don't hate Iran at all.
Iran was a beautiful place for Iranians before israel told the US to go destroy it.
There's a before/after picture of Iran, along with a few other places israel told the US to go destroy.

sigh forgot to sage. plz no bully

It's okay to be Jewish
Remember the mudslimes did 9/11