Traps Taking Over R9K

I'm aware that Cuckchan is pretty goddamn pozzed and is filled with glowies, but /r9k/ being the pile of social rejects it is, is primetime fertile soil for planting the seeds of future solider. Self-Improvement is a thing. So when Discord Shills are going in there, and taking the land for themselves, we gotta start shooting down these Kikes before we lose /r9k/.

Another reason why I say this is that many /r9k/ users also happen to be Zig Forums users. If these users end up leaving 4Chan Cold-Turkey due to the trap shit, they'll end up immigrating here. That'll lower the quality of posts and generally be dogshit for the future of 8/pol/.

Zig Forums also seems to have like one fucking nigger who keeps making low-quality shit.

So what do we do? Shilling Operation? Raid? Some Psyops shit with Discord Harems? Nothing and let hell break loose and fuck us over?

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/r9k/ is still a thing?


kek wills it.

But why?

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but honestly, I really can chalk it up to

There are degrees of social reject. There are the useful kind, like combat veterans who never were able to reintegrate into society, and there are the useless kind, like the 56-year old meth head stomping up and down your nearest 4 way intersection with a dixie cup in his hand. /r9k/ falls firmly under that second category.

It's been this way for a long time.
Heck, just the guy who commited sudoku by blowing his brains all over his room was due to all the faggotry promotion.

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It's not even that. now they're just trying to keep people in the cult.

who's not to say that methhead can't be given a gun and a head to shoot it at?

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These niggers will have their throats cut for what they have done to my beautiful fem boys. I give all of my strength and energy to insure that all these nigger loving pedo cronie kike faggots burn in a fiery torment, artistically speaking.
I mean fuck jews.

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Because a methhead is more likely to shoot the next person walking past them to steal their wallet for his fix than kill a rich and important jew. Politcal fanatics who will partake in violence are a critical part of any movement, but that takes a special breed of person. You can't turn an eye of round into a filet mignon.

Why do we give a shit.

No, sweetie. The causation of social rejection overlaps heavily with that of homosexuality. Combined with a porn addiction, the current result was almost inevitable.

let's euthanize them then.
anyone wanna start probing for discord links?

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Cuckchan as a whole is shit, and their /r9k/ isn't the only board that was overrun with trannies and other assorted trash.
Our /r9k/, on the other hand, is decent, and will remain so unless niggers like you namedrop it everywhere you can to draw as many newfags as possible.
Fuck off.

I fucking hate that faggot Reiko, but go after that (((nutmegnigger))) Tsuki for telling him it was a good idea. He wasn't such a blatant faggot early in SysS, but something Tsuki said changed that. I don't remember what, but I remember him leaving after talking about fulfilling his fantasies on the site's /meta/ board IIRC.

Self harm pic posted on Tsukichan too by the way, he got banned from the discord for it temporarily but that giganigger Snoop let him back in.

He used this to hijack mod position in SysS discord and to spam around in CivClassic nation servers (particularly MtA). Ooooh, he's gonna go Blaze Bernstein at this rate. Thanks for the dox. Any more? Plox.

At least it was painless.

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You Never Know.

I had a choice 5 months ago to be a newfag on here or halfchan…

Thank kek it was the infinity.

Ahh well, whatever shit reason he had, it twas a reason none the less.

Wouldn't advise to blow your head off unless you eat kosher or Halal foods…