David Duke is to the left of Zig Forums

You're living in a world where David Duke is more leftist than CNN, MSNBC, Huffington Post and the Democratic Party.








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David Duke got plastic surgery to look more white but he just looks like he's 1/4 alien

David Duke is a cianigger shill, and likely a faggot. Go on his website and you'll see a bunch of pictures of him in tight shirts trying to show off that he works out, and dispensing advice about diet and nutrition and all that while also sporting plastic surgery. Dude is a fuckin weirdo and a phony.

It's a q-nigger. They don't know about the third position, and they never will because they're all fucking boomers.

He's not. His split with John de Nugent was over JdN sending him to some donor's house, who turned out to be a sodomite that apparently wanted to cornhole him.


I'm praying for mass Qcumber suicide when they realize the mass arrests are never coming. If they ever realize it, I mean.

David Duke is normally right about most topics. Yes, I dislike that he's taken a picture with Communist Aleksandr Dugin, but I respect Dr. David Duke more than any altkike.


Invasive wars of aggression are neocohenism, not conservatism. It's leftwing. Duke is based and redpilled on foreign policy.

He says he has a lot of disagreements with Dugin because he's a National Bolshevik.


this is real? these american jews are censoring history like this? seriously

I guess we have to go in riksarkivet then…

it's a 20 minutes speech, and what they … fascist will fascist… it ends with this, he goes on on
"in the north fight finland(who he earlerier deemed as subhumans), a heroic people"
and then he goes
"I can no longer stand idle by while an overpowerful state abuses a small one.."
"make notice at this point he has invaded norway, denmark, belgium, the nthe netherlands….

but oy vey we're the thought criminals right?

this historical speech they removed it ofc…

too drunk this so disgusting… thye are trying to remove russia from the equation.. my hate grows stronger and stronger

america… piss off

hello everyone großbritattien here, and israel, how about we sensore entire hisotry?


if you are norwegian """intelligence""" this was the last time I raped you and made you cry. if you are not norwegian intelligence you won't understand

(they tried to put words in my mouth

ookay but how about you can go back down to your cell again…. I am recording all you say now, if you a…. I only come to bring a message…

… and that is!?!

I love dr david duke

dude is 60 and trying to stay fit. That is the opposite of being a lazy faggot. When i am 60 i'm going to do the same thing- shoot test and work out and spread white nationalist ideas.

so.. what did you say?

I think he is older man and he fit as fug, he says "I am blessed with good genes", and he is. he never didn't work out that much. I c ame across while working out actually

same with me, I got very good genes I am blessed, but him? omg, that's divin user

my god if he had a daughter my age or younger, but then all I can picture is his face.. I had this dream here .. no nooo! it's not a diss it actually happened..if I could or if his daugthers were avaliable I would havecontributed and given him big strong norwegian sons, proper jotuns

but right now… user is drunk again.. this has to stop…

three girls so far, you should just see my "little brother", we need a boy now

Nothing against staying fit, but when combined with narcissistic plastic surgery for cosmetic purposes, and posting idealized pictures of himself wearing tight clothes, etc. it creates the image of a dude who is of questionable sexuality. Also never said he was lazy, just strikes me as potential queer, similar to Richard Spencer. I just suspect he is a phony, controlled opposition type, though hopefully he has done some good out there. I just think it's weird he's allowed to persist while so many similar people get bullshit accusations thrown at them to silence and deplatform them. Also 5d2296 you are drunken shitposting, need to go pass out dude.

my cousin has european shoe size 56… yes not s yypo, no noy 46. 56…

do the rest of the math, he hower doesn't like it when I stand beside him and go.
he doesn't like that at all, so I try to stop

56 gentlemen

he is probably like 2 meters and 30 or something

he got kids too ofc, but two daughters, where are my boys that will piss everyone off, just like me and him nah was never bad

but my god that oldest daughter of his is big, it's like siv ffs

Shill always scream he's CIA with zero proof, it's like when kikes scream about the Holocaust

seems pretty national socialist to me

e216d0 is so obviously trying to be Jewish I am thinking this thread may be an exercise in irony/sarcasm?

Health care as a human right might work if we ousted the impure non-whites. I don't think semi-communist principles have ever been tested in a Jew-free white society. So long as it doesn't extend to places outside wealth our desire for material resource would motivate us to work.


Sounds like the Jews might be scared of her. Her non-committal comment about firing on unarmed protesters is somehow a lack of love for the Gaza border. Of course even if Americans fired on ARMED invaders, they would be condemned as genocidal human rights invaders, but if you dare point out how Israelis kill unarmed people, you don't love their (((borders))).

Mixed tho…

E.Michael Jones tried to convert David Duke to Catholicism.


He's a vain, condescending prick. The bitch boy never did anything but gamble away donated money and get plastic surgery. I would wager he's into trannies and on the fbi payroll as a snitch.

Bro, we're National Socialists here. Third Position or gtfo of my face.

The plastic surgery is there because he got punched in the nose multiple times back when he would dress up as Hitler on his campus.

You sure its not just because he's an ugly fuck?

I advocate fitness too, though my focus is primarily to avoid the lethal jew medical costs.

Marxist larpers replying to each other to shit up the board ain't happy about the Duke.

he's a notorious womanizer, he's fucked a lot of women

My uber driver was a Qtard. He picked me up from my house, and was listening to classical music. (He was like late 50's, white, ""conservative"" type, basically a "boomer") I was like, hey, do you always listen to classical music? (its sort of uncommon, but not out of the ordinary) And he was like "yeah, i hate modern music." cool i said I like richard wagner, Haydn, Gluck…. and then he said some shit like, modern music sucks, such degeneracy, and I was like fuck yeah your a smart guy, and then I went on about how plastic music is today yaddah yaddah yaddah. And because it was a 20min drive, our convo ended up being about politics (go figure) and he said "Well user, you know that Q and trump are trying to kill the deepstate and bitcoin is going to be the means in which it is done" He looked me in the eyes through the rear view mirror to see how I would take it. I was like WTF. I said Q is kushner and is a fucking pied piper. I said the god damn juden are the ones fucking us over and trump is Israels lapdog. He was like "well you know, the jews are gods chosen people….." and I was like Jesus wasn't even a Jew, He was an Israelite… He stopped me and was like well you know the tribes are like an olive branch dot dot dot (whatever fag) Anyways I told him that the jews are fucking us over, Kushner is a POS, Proudly owns a building with the address 666, The jewish star is that of remphan, Hitler was nearly correct about everything, and that he needs to listen/read E Michael Jones (only recommendation I could of think of, I was so taken aback by what the fuck this guy was going on about, mother fucker thought that Jeff Sessions was Q lol, He's as out of touch as Mike Pence lol, I was like that guy went after pot in 2017 and could likely not even work a computer) and that the only way to win the game is not play; ie remove the juden, remove the problem. Last few minutes was silence. I didn't go off, I didn't sperg, I could just tell that he was sort of surprised that I had an indepth knowledge of the topics he was talking about and couldn't formulate the questions to ask me at that moment. I seriously half expected to get a random text from him an hour later to talk more; of which I would of happily met with him and discussed the above mentioned shit, I just was headed to the bars and had pussy on my mind. (the folly of man, I hate the bitches, but I love the ass) The night was awesome, got black out drunk, didn't bang the bitch i was shooting for, but did lay her down the next night. Is she the one? idk. She's Hella Cute, but her sister legally changed her name, and became an escort and her dad is a CFO with a coke problem and she has a brother that was on heroin (fuck you Sassoon family) She's smart as fuck and knows that her family around her is fucked up, but she likes to drink to cope…. Which regardless of how good her qualities are, that ALWAYS becomes a problem in the long run (there is an age gap between us, I have seen it before) Anywayz anons, party on. God Bless!

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is this a copypasta?

Thanks for the blog! Why the fuck did I read all of that. Seriosuly, wtf is wrong with me.


They will never realise it. They are completely delusional, completely brainwashed.
They will just let themselves be lead down a new path, 'the mass arrests aren't meant to come, Trump is making everyone wait, its 5D chess' etc

No you fucking nigger. This was my actual experience with my uber driver. Screen cap it if u want. lose it on your hard drive, idc

Nothing, this is a website dedicated to discussion and debate. You are a loser for hanging out here and not learning sweet welding skills like ChuckE or Kebab removal liek St. Tarrant

get fucked, nutsack. Some of us anons have actual social skills and can, (get ready for this), Talk to actual girls!! omgee! exdee! And can hold, and steer a conversation in the direction that they like! omgee! exdee!
back to the basement with you, lurch

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Being against more gay foreign wars for Israel to cause 6 million more refugees is not being a leftist you insufferable faggot it's called common sense.

Then why do all the BASED pedes support war with Iran? Checkmate, shariablue.

I saw a twitter thread about how Iran actually founded the Bilderberg Group, do you think it's just a coincidence that there was a coup there to re-instate the shah in 1953, then Bilderberg was founded in 1954? I think not.


I really wish I would have screencapped the twatter thing, it's probably the dumbest thing I've ever seen out of MIGApedos and Qcumbers, which is saying a lot.

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Well when it comes to politics, a lot of you morons are as far left as communism. National socialism isn't right-wing. It most certainly is left. Right and left and judged on the basis of social views, they're judged purely on political views in regards to government power. On that scale, communism/marxist socialism and national socialism are equal. Ethno-nationalism =/= national socialism, as so many on here seem to think. Ethno-nationalism can be right-left, or center. It's a social center and a historic norm. But politically, it can be adapted to any system. Right and left in politics is about government power. National socialism is far-left.


I don't really see how any of that shit is a "leftist" stance, except maybe the "healthcare is a human right" bit. Unless of course, you're a neocon faggot and think that being right wing means being a war hawk who invades countries for no reason.

At his age how does sexuality even factor in. He's too old to even use his dick and probably rarely has sexual thoughts.

David Duke is a White Brahmin, he deserves respect.

But the question is, why are you using your social skills to help continue powering the cock carousel with your semen instead of actually finding a long-term relationship of some kind?

You realize he was unironically a Democrat back before they became so completely and openly anti-White?

OP is a kike who wants us to die for Israel in a war.

Duke is a great man.

Yeah and i was a left leaning lolberg before i found Zig Forums and went full natsoc, so what?

The guy has been championing for our cause his entire life, and this is how zoomertards say him thank you.

Everyone who disagrees with my fragile white feelings is Mossad

He's also COINTELPRO but faggots around here still suck his dick like their lives depend on it.