(((Q Research))) Kikery General

Hey niggers just thought you should know the old Board Owner of /qresearch/ is a global volunteer. 8bit aka JazzEx aka SneakoSupremo is the fresh new face among the retards that are running this shitshow into the ground. Hope you goyim appreciate the update. I'll be shocked if thread isn't shoaed by some global trying to cover it up.

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Good to know. Screenshot for posterity.

Explains entirely why Q-LARP is not only allowed but protected here. Got a hard source for that, though? Screenshots or the like?

it's protected and hosted on the 8/2ch servers in san jose
do a traceroute on qanon.news and 8ch.et

Are you doing anything to help fight the mafia running our governments (call them the kikes, call them the cabal, it's the same shit) or are you just going to bitch and discourage two boards with aligned interests from helping each other out?

Trusting the "plan" isn't fighting ZOG, you brainless nigger.

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der boomer has entered this thread

Where's all the habbenings?

I note that you are here whining about other people doing research and aren't out killing kikes.

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Doing research into things based in reality is fine, LARPing isn't. You're a boomer retard and the mass arrests are never, ever coming.

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Eat shit faggot
You are not from here

Nice one you kike faggot, did you screencap that just to show how much of a nigger you are to the rest of the class?

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Qanon followers aren’t even supposed to be using Zig Forums anymore because Zig Forums has been compromised…

Either the NSA data base is going to be used to purge America of treasonous pigs, or it will be used for the Communists agenda.
>It isn’t going to be the ladder unless there is an communist (((Coup d'état))) like the one that is being attempted against Trump.

What are they supposed to be using?

Traceroute does return
for both sites. interesting.

All these fucking boomers need a pillow to the face. Muh Nazis are evil, muh Democrats are the real fascists. Fucking Qtards need to die.

I thought they all migrated to Voat?

bump. any info on this?

4chan also hops through equinix-sanjose.as13335.net

explain OP?


Fucking ladder, though. U r faggot.