Hey guys its chink here

im a ching chong who immigrated with my parents to the US when I was 1.
I started getting into politics around the 2016 election. I pushed the trump message, and back then i was a boomer neocon "LIBTARDS REKT BEN SHAPIRO" kind of guy.Around 2017, I started lurking around instagram pages with redpilling content that my boomer neocon shekel shill brain couldn't handle. It was a change from "LIKE FOR TRUMP IGNORE FOR OBAMA" to things about foreign policy, israel, the jews, race, and immigration. It was very conflicting for me, so I decided to go back to my campus conservative ben shapiro mode. After the Kiwi Incident (you know what im talking about,) I started going back to these pages and lurking on 4chan. Got redpilled again, started watching shit like Nick Fuentes. I realized that I myself was part of the problem that I now subscribed to. I heard out all these arguments against immigration and for white America. I started respecting European culture and civilization, and started opposing mass towelhead migration into Europe. I basically became a banana, subscribing to all these white and nationalist beliefs. I see the figures on demographic change, and god, as an East Asian, will I miss white America. Since I went to an elementary school with a load of Hispanics and Blacks, I've never really liked those people. All my friends were white, and I looked down upon blacks. I thought them as vile, cruel beings. I also didn't like the club of rich Jewish kids, either. That was in my subconscious, but i think it's reached the boiling point that now I realize. I try to comfort myself from the fact that I am part of the problem, and that people on here won't accept me in all likelihood. That's fine, but I'll do everything I can to help you out. Know that even if I may not be one of you and some of you may dislike me, I'll be out there spreading the message about all these topics. I'll be out there spreading the word about degenerate filth that #they# are pushing to teens on Netflix and Snapchat News, and I'll try me hardest to redpill my friends on these issues.One day, maybe, I'll go on to the minecraft server and pull a Mario Bowser character, Bit Torrent, or a John. You know who I'm talking about. On the minecraft server, of course.

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This is either a LARP or a low effort post.
滚回中国you chink nigger

You are a symbol of Chink inferiority. You can't even separate your writing into paragraphs. Your race is so inferior that Chinks are begging to enter the US and other non-shit countries. Your skin is shit and we hate you. Don't log into minecraft because you will only give us a bad name.
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whos we you schizo fag

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We means White people. Asiatic chinkniggers need not apply.

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oh okay, and who are you to represent "white people"?
come back to me when a white country bans hiphop and islam


Are the chinkbug shills operating at full throttle today?
>Oy vey goyim 哎呀whitey remember the 200 gorillion who died in Nanking




What kind of gross faggot weirdo would download an image like this to his hard drive? Does your name happen to end with Berg, Stein. Blatt, Baum, or Witz?

They're fifty cent army shills.
Their name is Wongstein.

Honorary Aryans are welcome in the war against the jew-puppets

Chinks are not honorary aryans. Chinks are scum who are taking over our country. Chinks get the rope too.
It's the based nips who are honorary aryans. Chinks are the enemy.

I have tried to read this four times and I still don't understand a single fucking thing about what you're trying to say. Half of what you typed are barely even words, like 'boomer'. What fucking meds are you on? Christ, I haven't been this utterly baffled by a word salad since I accidentally got into an argument with a communist about the gospel of Job.

Indeed, obvious shill is obvious. I am against chinks with a passion, they are nothing more than livestock. They can all fuck off to their ant hill called China. They are no threat to the white man, the chink government would send their army of angry virgins at us like cannon fodder and we would just mow them down one by one like shooting fish in a barrel. Only Asians I have any respect for are the Japanese, and they also need to stay out of Western lands unless they're on a business trip or just tourists.


I have no problem with gooks in their own land, problem is they don't stay there. They have spread out all over the globe like a virus (especially Chinese) silently sitting in the background while other more "noisy races" like niggers and muslims take the attention away from from them. But make no mistake about it, they are a serious threat to white existence.

doge is japanese.

The real threat to white existence is how effectively the propagandists have convinced many to become gay, many to not have kids, or to wait too long to have kids because of career, or to not have more than 1 or 2 kids. Meanwhile every third world immigrant is shitting out 15 kids. Zerg rush tactics work, and the spawning pools are in full production.

Turquoise eyed Aryan here, At the very least, I respect you. If you respect my history and culture, and will fight with me to protect them, you have earned my respect. You are not the enemy as far as I'm concerned.