CIAniggers have grown hilariously desperate trying to find recruits, as literally everyone hates them for being pony loving glowfaggots.

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Langley is in a recruiting death spiral. the more CIA virtue signals and the more trannies and blue hair otherkin McMuffin freaks they hire, the stupider, blinder and incompetent the CIA becomes. i can see a point in the next 5-15 years when CIA is so jam packed full of illiterate innumerate incurious Bolsheviks that the CIA will cease to be the most malevolent and destructive Mafia in history, and instead the CIA will become a defanged self-LARPing TV spy trope who only looks to its own past glory days.

also, for historical accuracy, this CIA faggot should not have asked capefag potentials how they would recruit Einstein. instead, he should have asked how they would have assassinated Einstein. like when the OSS (the CIA before it became CIA) recruited the baseball player (((Moe Berg))) to go to a Physicist Conference in Austria with a pistol in his pocket and ask Werner Heisenberg, the father of Quantum Mechanics, a few detailed questions to glean whether Heisenberg knew about the Atomic Bomb, and then if Heisenberg knew, Moe Berg was to shoot Heisenberg dead.

that's how evil the CIA has always been. no doubt, any future math/physics geniuses who might invent the Quantum Computer or prove P=NP or crack Hard AI–they better watch out–the CIA will assassinate them too, because scientific breakthroughs that will transform the whole world and knock down the (((American Empire))) from being #1 forever are threats to the CIA and the CIA will kill anyone it takes to make sure Nobody But Us is the global law.

i also love the revisionist self-glorifying narrative of trying to recruit Einstein. it's pathetic how ignorant of history the CIA has become. they could be a fuck ton more effective at their Mission if they hired history nerds instead of comic book dweebs.

when Einstein mailed Roosevelt with the first suggestion that the Atom Bomb was even possible, Einstein himself was blacklisted and not allowed to work on the Manhattan Project. J Edgar Hoover had personally forbidden giving Einstein the top secret ULTRA clearance to be allowed to work on Manhattan, because Einstein was a rat kike, and Hoover was /ourguy/–he hated kikes and his favorite golf club had a sign on the front baring Jews from entering.

i am not surprised the CIA revises history and ignores the inconvenient truth of what really happened to make itself look like the Good Guys. it's as laughable as the FBI faggots tweeting out "Happy MLK Day", when they were the one's responsible for wiretapping him and attempting to blackmail him into suicide and then playing a direct role in assassinating him.

Semi-glow in the dark user here, nobody likes the CIA. SF guys resent working with them and intel stays the fuck away if they are in the shop.

Martin Luther King stole Lutheranism, and that's why they call him da kang nigga.

Suffer not the Glownigger to live.

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Exactly what Purple said. He said they are a bunch of criminal ivy league wastrels with milling IQs and retarded philosophies in their heads from college in the ivory tower.

They should just rename the CIA and FBI the Mossad.

Sad thing is the "rank and file" CIA and FBI agents have no idea they're actually working for Israel and not the United States. They think they are patriots but they are actually Zionists.

Honk honk.

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needs more ponies

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This has been known for a while. It's not just the CIA though, the FBI and NSA are struggling too. The best and smartest university students would rather work in the private sector than work at a government agency. More money to be earned.

Police agencies across the nation is struggling as well. We are seeing USA on the way out and will die during our lifetime.

Nuke America Israel Russia Europe Africa Canada Mexico Brazil China Japan Australia and Iraq

It's to the point they are resorting to recruiting and radicalizing the mentally ill, I think we can safely say they're fucking desperate.

Waste of digits.

ITT NSA/Other agency mock the CIA

Which is different to when? What do you think shows like "Mr Robot" are for? They are recruitment tools for unstable children with daddy issues to have the agency become their parent. It is similar to how other cartels/gangs recruit. After helping the recruit out of a problematic situation the recruit is indebted to the agency.

If it becomes a problem, the agency will merely recruit more from elsewhere military. Clubs are very selective.
I know user, there are many butterflies in the air during this time of year ;^)


I do not understand how they are still patriots to the dying USA. The symptoms of dying USA is there and it is clear as cloudless blue sky. Many soldiers saw this and didn’t extend their contracts to the US military and joined in state defense force or local militias.

History is written by the victors!

Based. No wonder why (((they))) talk shit about him today. Say that he was a crossdressing faggot and other such bullshit.

Never forget about the HUGE JewSSR kike spy rings who were successfully allowed to steal nuclear blueprints and other research from america. The rosenbergs were just the tip of the iceberg.

The jews even organized protests against the trial and execution of the rats. "Across the world, especially in Western European capitals, there were numerous protests with picketing and demonstrations in favor of the Rosenbergs"

In the rosenberg incident (((Albert Einstein))) and (((Harold Urey))) pleaded with President Truman to pardon the Rosenbergs treason.

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For some years now all these agencies have had the greatest difficulty finding recruits that haven't used cocaine or for that matter pot, ice, lsd, e, and even heroin. Paradoxically it's their own fault as the CIA was responsible for flying in tons of cocaine and US Naval Intelligence was responsible for all the free LSD in the sixties.

The result is that they're forced to get almost all their recruits from the Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses which is pretty creepy if you stop and think about what assholes they tend to be.

One other problem they have is that they don't even know themselves what is psyop information and what is not. It's a total fuckupetry there.

J Edgar Hoover's parents were officially designated as niggers. They were bureaucrats in the DC post office and he grew up worming his way into that dung heap like the ugly twisted nigger maggot he was. The mafia was able to blackmail him into denying that there was a Mafia or Cosa Nostra for his entire reign as queen of the FBI.

He's got the same bug eyes as that nigger Jesse Jackass.

Fucking half nigger and his fuck buddy faggot Tolson

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Mormons? That is not good for CIA. Lol.

I can't wait till they start recruiting Chinamen en masse.

Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses are the only young males that haven't even smoked a joint left in the USA. The kids are so depraved, particularly among the upper classes they used to recruit from at Andover and Choat etc that they're all having drug orgies with cocaine and all by the time they're in grade 6. It's been like that for at least the last 2 or 3 decades.

What is it for Mormons and Witnesses?

I know it's hard for you to accept that Hoover and Tolson were massive faggots back in the 1930's but the 30's seems to have been replete with faggotry. As bad as Tolson and Hoover were, there was also Cary Grant and Randolph Scott.

Two massive faggots. It's particularly disgusting with them when you think about the fantastic trim they had at their disposal on a whim.

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While everyone else is out partying it up they're doing 2 years of strict missionary work. Not only do they not use any drugs, they don't smoke, drink, use coffee or tea, soda pop or sugar.

Plus because they've been on a mission they're probably the only males left in all N. America that have learned a second language. Americans are so fucking intellectually lazy they can scarcely speak one language passably let alone two.

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It amounts to the same thing. If you're not a Zionist, you're not a patriot. And on the other side, if you're anti-Zionist, you're generally also anti-United States, and anti-White. Then there's us, who are anti-Zionist, pro-United States, pro-White, and anti-Jew. But we're a small minority. We're stuck in this eternal catch-22.

And yet, they seem far less faggy than today's masculine non-soyboy. No faggot man-bun to be seen in any of these photos.

Mormons are pretty based, though, they're getting (((whittled))) away slowly as everything else. They're not the same organization that quietly supported the NSDAP back in the 30s.


For some years now all these agencies have had the greatest difficulty finding recruits that haven't used cocaine or for that matter pot, ice, lsd, e, and even heroin. Paradoxically it's their own fault as the CIA was responsible for flying in tons of cocaine and US Naval Intelligence was responsible for all the free LSD in the sixties.

The result is that they're forced to get almost all their recruits from the Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses which is pretty creepy if you stop and think about what assholes they tend to be.>>13282230

Faggotry is faggotry, as sure as Colonel Mandel House ass packing Woodrow Wilson

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Historically they're murderous assholes and traitors. Go and read about the Mountain Meadows Massacre and their desire to cover up that act of pitiless treachery.

On topic, this is a good thing, the CIA and other alphabet agency niggers are weakening. It's not the same organization that flawlessly pulled off coups, and trained Bolivians to assassinate Che Guevara. This (post)modern age has degenerated pretty much everything, and that includes our rulers.

I know that they did some dirty shit in the past. I'm talking more modern day. They're one of the few groups producing replacement level White births, and I can't think of any other group besides the Amish that are doing the same.

Who was Helmuth Hubener?

Now see it from the jewish perspective of warfare and you have the top defense institutions destabilized from within, including the racial division inside the military and the female positioning into local law enforcement and management positions. It's all orchestrated to fail so that you have no line of defense once the outside attack happens.

A traitorous individual. Yet thousands of Mormons joined the Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS and fought on Hitler's side against Bolshevism.

Also their womenfolk tend to be really good looking in the old fashioned way (pre 1970's America) and they're very polite and sweet and make good wives, at least better than the average Canadian or American foul sow beast.




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They were Germans. We don't owe any particular church thanks for when their men commit to their own nation.

That's true. Also, don't forget that you had based men like J. Reuben Clark who never once let up against (((them))), and supported the NSDAP and Germany.

Let's just all sign up to work for ZOG glow agencies and military. Not only can you work for one of the most corrupt governments in the world, you can also work against good people in the country to destroy their lives for the kikes. If you're real lucky, you might even get a chance to sacrifice your life for the good of Israel. How the fuck are they having problems recruiting anyone with that list of positives? Boggles the mind really.

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Based negro kid. If I was there and saw that, I would be clapping and shouting "great job, kid!"

Men were men? You don't say.

Shoot up your office and then yourself.

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I was laying in bed thinking about the kikes and their evil and incompetence. It is hard to feel sorry for a nation that thinks that people with an 84 IQ should direct security and 'intelligence', this is just a natural outgrowth of 'jewish leadership' and should be the shot across the bow that teaches everyone that the reason they are not 'god's chosen people' is because they are borderline retarded and completely incompetent.

If only 14 IQ point seperate THE JEWS from Koko the gorilla it is difficult to understand WHAT YOU WERE EXPECTING WHEN YOU PUT THEM IN CHARGE OF A GLOBAL SUPERPOWER…know what I mean?

I mean you all basically put Koko the gorilla in charge of our nation…how EXACTLY did you think that was going to 'play out'? I would be that you all think jews are being obstinate when they argue a point into the ground…they aren't THEY ARE JUST THAT RETARDED. I have an idea, let's put Corky in charge of the White House and see how things play out.

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Yes, they aren't citizens of the USA but when the average IQ of the people running the national agency is 84, IT DOESN'T REALLY MATTER!!!

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This right here, its why I celebrate every time I hear about some diversity hire for the local/state PD's and how the military pushes sexual equality and integration while making sure even the slightest competent subhuman (other than asians) whom can follow directions gets promoted fast as fuck in combat arms while white soldiers are shit on enough to just walk out.

The more they push this the better it is when we have to have our happening. I would much rather face an incompetent gaggle of idiots and fools than an lean mean white led fighting machine. All the different types of corruption that have now become standard sop is glorious. The US .gov across all departments and levels is already only barely above some third world shitskinn nation tier in its ability and only its media coverage allows that elephant in the room to stay hidden unless you are in the middle of it and pay attention. Most of the west goes along with this because most western nations are utterly captured by the yids as well and are falling into the same morass. Without US support most western nations cannot even organize even the simplest of military operations now, and its only getting worse.

Pretty sure even without us ever doing anything, this horse is a dead mongrel walking. But of course, no user should pass up chances to undermine it more.

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The CIA, like most entities that are intelligence based, like the police and insurance companies, are a gang. Once you start to see them like a gang, you then refer to ancient Chinese history as China itself is a more mature vision of this. You see the end result (shifty bugmen who are the jews of the east) so you decide on what do to.

Consolidation. See Trumps day one speech at Langley about columns. No more freelancing, we all work together now and, well, as the Trump Organization has been itself an intelligence agency and gang since its early days, well…

Putting Colombia into NATO crippled them financially, for example. Let the drugs come in with the military like it's supposed to be.


Royal Arse Masonry hoodwink. Ignore.

They're both fraternal organizations (you have to be a mason to join) so more correctly Prince Philp and Queen Elizabeth are their bosses.

Freemasonry is to keep the (((Windsors))) on the throne, that's it. Stuarts have a better claim, and don't get me started on France.

This user gets it. For every one of dem programs for at-risk youth there are (((gangs))) like these manufacturing consent.

It's so bad in my part of the country I've had to learn signs and signals for a half-dozen gangs and appropriate bumper stickers, etc.

I disagree, while there might be some naive guys in there thinking they're working for the better of the country, most of them as part of their political ideology will tell you how Israel is our greatest ally and we must protect Israel at all costs in the Middle East, which, quite frankly, is a standard position even among normalfags in the Republican and Democratic parties. They might not know the extent of jewish control over the system, or jewish engagement in world events, but they do know that their government is overwhelmingly Zionist, the State Department especially is, overwhelmingly, zionist, they, themselves, are zionist, and that part of their duty as a patriot is to serve said zionist cause.

Close. LDS is York Rite masonry, Joseph Smith ripped off all the degrees and rites. JWs are junior wardens.

It all leads back to the (((G))).

I bet the guys with the sane minds from CIA S.A.C are retiring now. The Americans are getting less and less patriotic.

Marlon Brando bragged about fucking Paul Newman on his motorcycle. Yes, Don Corleone is a poofter. Put kikes near bikes, there always seem to be faggotry.

That's what they tell their mothers too. I knew of one woman who did her missionary work mostly on her back. (But it was just anal, user, she was technically a virgin!)

Fucking wow.

Would you prefer the story of Mitt Romney's roof dog, or the fact he was paying Ann Coulter to talk him up?


Nigger, I lived in SoCal for like 2 years in early 2000's, sold copious amounts of ganja, and guess who my #1 "clients" were?
If you guess "Mormon guys on missionary" you guessed right, and it wasn't until one of them offered to sell ME cocaine that I realized what a joke the Church of Latterday Kike Fantasies truly was.

Because there's less and less of the country to be proud of the more you dig and you more degenerate the nation becomes. This is the organization that overthrew democracy in Iran and have their goons cry about Iran not being a democracy and that's why we need to bomb them. Clown world.

Fact is, this country doesn't even have or believe in its basic core values it claims to represent and be founded upon no matter what political prostitutes whoring for office say so it might as well not exist, patriotism included. It doesn't help the (((media))) has attacked patriotism at every angle for years either.

Also, patriotism is trash. It never had any real teeth to it, its civnat statist garbage. And everyone could maintain that shit, while the state was serving them… But now its not. Now its a giant shitsmear full of kikes desperately trying to keep control of narratives which they've totally lost control over.
This shit is spinning out of control and its getting worse and worse with each passing month.

Its even worse - they say shit that makes no sense.
The Founders of the country were blatantly racist towards non-Whites and you might even argue they didn't view them as human.
Yet Democrats will cite the Founders values as though they have any connection to Black single-mothers getting welfare or illegal Hispanics being given citizenship.
Its gotten to the point where its impossible to overcome the cognitive dissonance, this country is a mess and everyone knows it.

And we all know whats going to happen, we're all just waiting tentatively for the first shots to be fired.

With everyone they try to recruit growing up only knowing the interwebs they be fucked nao.

The USA is done for.

2020 is the beginning of the year America will never recover from.

The bronyfags in the CIA might as well sell all the US secrets they can to China like the Israelis have done for years and maybe they'll get a nice job in a toy pony factory after the collapse.

As if the reddit spacing wasn't a dead giveaway, it seems like the 2 yuan crew are back in their shackled workstations.

动态网自由门 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Free Tibet 六四天安門事件 The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 天安門大屠殺 The Tiananmen Square Massacre 反右派鬥爭 The Anti-Rightist Struggle 大躍進政策 The Great Leap Forward 文化大革命 The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution 人權 Human Rights 民運 Democratization 自由 Freedom 獨立 Independence 多黨制 Multi-party system 台灣 臺灣 Taiwan Formosa 中華民國 Republic of China 西藏 土伯特 唐古特 Tibet 達賴喇嘛 Dalai Lama 法輪功 Falun Dafa 新疆維吾爾自治區 The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region 諾貝爾和平獎 Nobel Peace Prize 劉暁波 Liu Xiaobo 民主 言論 思想 反共 反革命 抗議 運動 騷亂 暴亂 騷擾 擾亂 抗暴 平反 維權 示威游行 李洪志 法輪大法 大法弟子 強制斷種 強制堕胎 民族淨化 人體實驗 肅清 胡耀邦 趙紫陽 魏京生 王丹 還政於民 和平演變 激流中國 北京之春 大紀元時報 九評論共産黨 獨裁 專制 壓制 統一 監視 鎮壓 迫害 侵略 掠奪 破壞 拷問 屠殺 活摘器官 誘拐 買賣人口 遊進 走私 毒品 賣淫 春畫 賭博 六合彩 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Winnie the Pooh 劉曉波动态网自由门

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I don't think that's the problem, there's too many soyboys now raised on traitor media. They've been bashing America for years now and it finally sunk in. The CIA had control over numerous media outlets but still they lacked the foresight to see what would happen if they allowed bashing red blooded Americans.

Unfortunately, that has never worked. Not even once.

It's funny how those faggots never seems to learn.
I mean, if they want to recruit guys they could well recruit guys here for some nice sandnigger, nigger and kikes action in Africa and Middle East because we're more than happy to fuck with them. They really became dumb.

At least we learned CIA is full of hipster SJWs so we will not join those retards.

Attached: 30519-xmk68e.png (346x346, 291.82K)

not to mention that their types of intellignce is all for jewing, and nothing for looking at reality objectivly and deciding rational courses of action

I would work there.

Then you will have to deal with the shitty sjws. I don’t think you will like it anyway.

Could turn it into an experiment where I role play as an SJW.

To gather the information on sjws?

the ones with children will abandon their posts instantly. considering how many women work in the rear of supply and logistics lines, it will be a matter of days if not hours.

Huh. If the CIA are really recruiting like that, maybe I should forgive them a lot of things. Assuming they’ve been honest. I don’t put other things above integrity.

This honestly puts my attitude towards the CIA into the positive. I’ve said for years that intel services need to protect the fringes. Traditionalists and loyalists completely suck.

It would be a research operation on their programming it seems. I'm curious? My secret clearance data is still probably in their system.

What do you mean?

What about France? I've been thinking about learning French, but am unsure if I should just pursue Spanish instead.

On the off chance there is a good CIAnigger,


Well if you have any brilliant plans other than LARPing as a shabbos goy for the rest of your goddamn life, now would be a great time to put them into motion.

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you'll be monitored 24/7 for any sign of dissent. not worth it imo

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Which one is most likely to invade you?

Attached: amazing.jpg (704x528, 32.76K)



You jest but the reality is the kid ain’t based. He doesn’t understand the difference between a Jew and a whiteman he just attacks people based on how light their complexion is and if they are “privileged”/wealthy. Jews just happen to fall in the category 9 times out of 10.

A good idea would be redpilling the blacks on the true “white” devil. The devil that pretends to be white but is actually not and against us all.

Isn’t Zig Forums full of idealists who thought they wanted to join the CIA before learning the history of the institution?

Staying off the radar means not joining the CIA and generally being hostile toward the established government

Actually it was /ourguys/ in the CIA that were responsible for passing out the LSD… I can't say that everybody serrano agreed with that, but it should be telling that all of /ourguys/ left the CIA around the time that was shut down, and then suddenly the grateful dead were passing it out everywhere.

Attached: e4f4d45c98b6939d5adc039b909565db883e908388ea50bb0b2c0c0ab62bca70.png (600x420, 553.2K)

All agencies are bleeding and thirsty for qualified candidates, even the military. They dug their own graves.

Nice dubs. But no. It was the NSA since I am genius tier at code cracking and decryption in addition to having friends there who like star trek too much, thankfully wasting tax dollars on dumb star trek shit in the NSA. The problem is Snowden's revelations really demoralized me. I always knew you did some less than morally objectionable things in these agencies hopefully for the greater good but never like this and on our own. What's the point? When this country goes under history is just going to remember us as the evil empire full of really fat people.

Higher laws against the lower laws, user
Just as Rome was saved by sacrificing first the kingdom and then the republic, America can be saved by sacrificing the republic.
We won’t be remembered as the villains of history because, like Rome, we will write a solid millennium of history.

FUCKING KIKE…the republic was sold off 100+ years ago, you are just parasitic dead weight until you get done huffing the fumes of a once great nation.

If the US republic is already dead, then aren’t we free to do with the US whatever we like?
We can kill that-which-is to make room for that-which-we-will.

(((You))) can try.